OK I know it sounds kinda ludicrous at first, but after quite a research I came to the realization that the 7th Shichibukai is none other than Rob Lucci.

But before bringing you the reasons why I think so, let’s see where we have seen him last time:
In the mini-arc “CP9’s Independent Report” Rob Lucci’s wounds were treated, however when they went back to their homeland they were attacked by the marines- they are now outlaws because Spandam put all of the responsibility for the huge blunder that happened for the WG on Enies Lobby solely on them.


The CP9 easily defeated the marines and left with a marine ship.

So, why would I think that it would be Lucci that is the 7th Shichibukai?
First of all, let’s see the introduction of the new Shichibukais:


Now, he mentions the 7th Shichibukai as “The Person I mentioned earlier”, that means that it wasn’t just a small introduction that there was for the rest of them, he actually needed to talk quite about him- perhaps because he is controversial he must legitimize the WG’s decision.

Now, there is only a single reason why the 7th Shichibukai won’t be mentioned by name- because we already know him.

Now we must see what are the criteria for being a Shichibukai:
1. You are an outlaw according to the WG
2. You are very powerful
3. You are needed by the WG to fill a spot

And then I saw that:

The man in the middle- I am certain he is Rob Lucci, they look practically the same:


Same hair, same hat, and the fact that he became an outlaw (Whether or not a Pirate), it makes the most sense.

It makes the most sense that Lucci would be indeed seen again, considering the fact that his story ended with a cliffhanger- we don’t officially know what happened to him since, so it makes a lot of sense that he would return as a Shichibukai.

So, why would he become a Shichibukai? Obviously following the battle at Marineford the WG needed new Shichibukai.
Now the WG very much feels sorry for losing a fighter of his level, and also he and Sakazuki share a similar sense of justice, making it quite possible that Sakazuki would prefer him over any other pirate.

This might also explain the fact that before presenting the other Shichibukai, in his lecture the Marine had to explain quite a lot about Lucci, because he is officially considered as the guy who is responsible for one of the worst blunders of the WG ever.

So, in conclusion:
*Because his name wasn’t even mentioned that means we already know the 7th Shichibukai
*The New Shichibukai is controversial
*Shichibukai are powerful, and prior becoming a Shichibukai were outlaws
*Rob Lucci’s story ended in a cliffhanger, meaning that we’ll meet him again
*Rob Lucci became an outlaw, he is also powerful, and controversial due to his responsibility over what happened in Enies Lobby
*He was seen as one of the brokers of the underworld, maybe as a spy or maybe he actually started to be against the WG, changing his ideals, therefore we know he’s alive and have a high possibility of meeting him sometime, maybe even soon
*Sakazuki and the high ranking WG officials are likely to pick him as a Shichibukai over other pirates, due to similar ideals and actions

So, what are your opinions?

*all rights go to Jewish Kaizoku


  1. its the same theory, I been wondering for ages but theres also a high chance that it was Enel who is controlling the thunder island in the new world. Only Luffy who could actually beat him, especially if he was able to obtain the armament Haki, he could do so much damage to Luffy. bringing back Enel as one of 7 warlord would be ideals, as his DF could be argue to be top 1-4 of the strongest devil fruits in the series so far, alongside to Gura-Gura fruit & Lava-Lava fruit & Dark-Dark fruit. but i hope Lucci is the 7th shichibukai.

  2. Hi cool theory!
    But I think you forgot to mention the fact that the 7th once was a pirate and also cut off Z’s arm.
    So, since we know the past of Lucci in my opinion it’s almost impossible that he once was a pirate, cut off an admirals arm and then return as one of the WG top agents.
    What about that, is there any way Lucci would fit in that story?
    I think the possibility of Enel beeing the 7th Shichibukai is way bigger than that of Lucci.
    Still cool theory!

  3. why does everybody keep always bringing Z? his appearance in the anime is filler, and movies are never considered in the main story, forget about z, he doesn’t exist in the manga, thus can’t influence anything in there

  4. I think its ridiculous that people think someone with a god complex like Enel would work for the World Government. One of the most powerful guys in the whole series who could only be beaten thanks to Luffy’s unique abilities now a shichibukai? get real people.

  5. nice one.

  6. Lol.. Its not rob lucci. Lucci cant even cut luffy. If tjere is someone that can cut with a hat.. Its vista

  7. Its a cool theory, I would also like seeing Rob Lucci back in the series and better as one of the shichibukai but there is one problem with the theory of Lucci/Enel being a shichibukai, even if they are damn powerful it does not matter much because they are not infamous, and if you remember the most important rule to become a shichibukai even more than being powerful is being infamous so other pirates will fear the shichibukai, and they both are not, Rob lucci was an assasin working in the darkness, doing whatever he wanted without exposing his name, and enel was ruling in skypia for 6 years and we know not many pirates made it up there, plus he has the god complex

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