In this theory I will be discussing the possible events of Sanji’s solo arc, the whole deal with Big Mom and these weird thing called “Tea Party”
So first, let’s start with this line:


And this one too:


If you guys, noticed, Akainu and Brook both mentioned they had “a chill run down their spine”, i’ll just be straightforward about it.

I believe Akainu is referring to Bonney being Big Mom’s daughter. (Akainu have no idea about the wedding) and this indicates that Bonney seemed to have already been caught by the Marines before.

While Brook was referring to his familiarity to the Vinsmoke Family, a famous Mafia group.

And this Vinsmoke Family, I believe is led by the blonde guy, from the Gorosei.

Remember that Brook is around 90 years old, so this means that whoever this Vinsmoke is should be around for quite a few decades in power.

Which by logical assumption is the Gorosei.

And both of them (Sanji and Bonney), had been wanted all along by both the World Government and the Charlotte Family for one and one thing only.

A Marriage.

Sanji and Bonney are “supposed” to be wed by the Vinsmoke and Charlotte Family, it’s the reason why Bonney currently hiding right now.

So reason why I said “supposedly” is because right now, Bonney is not gonna marry Sanji, but the 35th daughter of Big Mom.

Pudding, which I suppose is this girl.

It’s probably safe to assume that Big Mom’s “daughters” aren’t biological. come on.

Well, I assume the “Mafia” identity of the Gorosei is most probably a secret to marines, so they wouldn’t know it, I believe this marriage would start a “secret” alliance between the Charlotte Family and the Gorosei.

As I said before in my previous theories, I said that Kaido is actually “secretly” affiliated with the World Government as well, and I think the Gorosei are trying to do the same thing with Big Mom.

The World Government using Doflamingo and Caesar to ally with Kaido, while they are using “Marriage” to ally with Big Mom.

I’ll just stop here coz this is not my main theory.


Anyway, I’ll assume that Bonney probably ran away from Big Mom after she was forced to marry someone (probably a Tenryuubito) because it’s Ace’s “D” (if you know what I mean) who Bonney really likes to get.

So after Bonney ran away, Pudding was next in line.

Now some backstory speculation, the Mafia Gorosei impregnated a woman in North Blue (Roger did that, so its open season) and of course their son turned out to be Sanji.

In order to keep them separated (because he is a douchebag who dont care about having a son) the Mafia Gorosei sent Sanji to East Blue , while her mom stayed in Marijoies (or North Blue)

Obviously by crossing over Red Line, a feat only someone like a resident of Marijoies could perform.


Probably Capone just joined Big Mom Pirates in order to find Sanji because he is actually either a subordinate or an ally group of the Vinsmoke Family.

Personally, I believe Capone and Crocodile are the real partners and Capone is just tasked in finding Sanji and Crocodile in finding Bonney.

Of course i’m inclined to think that them two got their own Mafia Group apart from Vinsmokes.


Alright, so let’s now discuss what I think would happen in Sanji’s Arc. (Assuming he gets one)

Firstly, I dont believe Sanji would get saved by the Strawhats (that’s so Robin) and secondly, Luffy and Zoro already expressed their full trust in Sanji.


What I think would happen, is that these 2 arcs (Sanji’s Arc and Zou Arc) would be told interchangeably at the same time, in which both parties would lead to Wano-Kuni Arc.

And ultimately to the fall of Kaido.

There’s no doubt in my mind now that Big Mom’s pirate crew, will end up being an ally of the Strawhat Grand Fleet after the Sanji Arc.

And this same Sanji Arc would bring back and introduce some big time players, as well as the Zou Arc.

Rather than going rounds in circles, i’ll just provide you on who I think would be the characters that would comprise of Sanji’s team:

1. Black Leg Sanji
2. Smoker
3. Tashigi
4. Absalom
5. Gecko Moriah
6. Jewelrey Bonney
7. X-Drake
8. Jinbe
9. Pekoms
10. Pudding
11. Crocodile

These are people who would get introduced and re-introduced in Sanji’s Arc:
1. Dr. Vegapunk
2. Sentoumaru
3. Big Mom (obviously)
4. Pudding (obviously too)
5. Admiral Kizaru
6. Capone Bege
7. Crocodile
8. The Blonde Gorosei

Caesar would be taken away by Admiral Kizaru, while Vegapunk will reveal himself as one of the Revolutionary Leaders and leave the World Government.

The end of this arc would be Big Mom ending up as an ally of Sanji and the Strawhat Pirates.

Sanji’s team would come with him in Wano and merge with Luffy’s team.

While in Wano, Fujitora, Sengoku and Tsuru would also be involved. Ryukogyu would be introduced.

I actually have a scenario in mind but I know Oda-sensei would think of something better so I just left things like this.

*Theory by beck


  1. I don’t think the Gorosei and thus the World Goverment got any plans of allying with the Yonkos…they need them to keep a balance in the world but the Marines can’t destroy them anyway and they won’t as long as they are under their command. About Sanji being the son of a Gorosei… i really don’t know, the fact that he is also blonde can be just a coinsidence, i guess we will just have to wait and see what Oda will give us because when Sanji dissapeared there were like theorys everywhere saying many many things and at the end none of them happened. Some theorys are cool to read but we shouldn’t give them too much attention because the most important thing is what Oda does, it doesn’t matter if there was a “cooler” way for the story to unfold because Oda has written everything in an amazingly “cool” way so far.

  2. Sanji not hitting with his hand in fight. i thinks its something relate to his mother (must be late) also same way he is not hitting any women due to oath made wit her mother.

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