Another foreshadowing of Oda?

Chapter 124 Page 1. Sanji carrying a suitcase having the words “The Secret” and number 1830 while pointing to a sign board with the name Tsuru, who could be Vice Admiral Tsuru who was stationed at North Blue 13 years ago, where Sanji is born. Could this mean Tsuru know about Sanji’s past and Vinsmoke family? Oh, and the chapter name “This Tea is Really Delicious”




  1. Could be a foreshadowing, but the title is a line Luffy says on page 16. He is drinking tea while he is in a colour trap and Zoro, Nami and Vivi are covered in wax.

  2. W.S.scumfuck

    I agree, this tea line could be a camouflaged hint für big mom, camouflaged because it was a line said in a chapter before and is a commen sentence because tea is very common ^^
    I guess you’re eyes were right, maybe someone will ask this in the sbs at some time

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