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Jewelry Bonney and Big Mom

Many people think that Bonney may be Big Mom’s daughter and I agree. Like Lola and Purin, being named similarly to sweet foods: Lolly and Pudding, Bonney is also named similarly to a sweet food. Jewelry Bonney’s name can actually be phonetically pronounced by Japanese people as:
‘Jujubes Bonney’. Jujubes are French Candy/Sweets , fitting the French theme of the Big Mom Pirates. Also, another French sweet food, Bonbon – is similar to her name. Her name clearly fits.

Bonney has bright red lips similar to Lola and Big Mom, whom are likely her relatives. They all have pink hair and all of them can eat excessive amounts of food as well as ALL THREE of them having the same heart shaped lips! She has also been shown on a Cake Island/Ship, likely associating her with Big Mom.

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Sabo trained under Monkey D. Dragon!

Sabo was 10 years old when Dragon took him under his wing. When he joined the Revolutionary Army, he had already accepted their ideals. So Hack, who was the training instructor for orphans, decided to teach Sabo as well. But unfortunately Sabo was already so strong, that there wasn’t anything Hack could teach him.. Finally, Sabo ended up taking the training from Dragon himself, and kept on becoming stronger and stronger along the years.

When Sabo was 13 years old, Koala (age 14) joined the Revolutionary Army. Hack and Koala took good care of Sabo and they often undertook missions as a team.

Source: SBS Volume 80


Which is the best fight on Dressrosa?

A.Sai vs Lao G
B.Hakuba vs Dellinger
C.Franky vs Senior Pink
D.Bartolomeo vs Gladius
E.Zoro vs Pica
F.Hajrudin vs Machvise
G.Leo vs Jora
H.Kyros vs Diamante
I.Nico Robin vs Trebol



Hello once again everyone and welcome back to yet another theory for your entertainment. This time I shall be discussing Smoker’s possible clash/confrontation with Jack.


Let me off on how this theory came to be. Its obvious that a bunch Oda’s characters has designs based off real people.


With this in mind, which real life person does Smoker look like? I originally thought Ben Beckman resembled this person but he more so resembles Steven Seagal like in the picture above but enough stalling.


Clint Eastwood or more specifically, his role in the movie White Hunter Black Hear that aired in 1990.


Notice the elephant in the picture? That fact that the movie has Smoker’s epithet of ‘White Hunter’? In this movie, Clint Eastwood plays a white hunter who becomes obsessed with hunting elephants and his friends tries to convince him to stop. Eastwood finally gets over his addiction by letting ONE elephant go, only for it to come back and kill his best friend. Does this sounds similar to Smoker hunting down every pirate that comes his way, Luffy being the ONE and only pirate to escape him and showing obsession by chasing Luffy throughout that Grand Line and New World simply because of pride?

Now then, a White Hunter is a professional hunter of European and American backgrounds(Smoker seems German and yes there are German White Hunters). White hunters derived their income from organizing and leading safaris for paying clients, or from the sale of ivory, which are the tusks and teeth of mammals and most notably, elephant and mammoth tusks(the most valuable kind). In fact, even the wordivory derives from the Egyptian word abu which means “elephant”.

Need more? Ivory is VERY valuable to the Chinese. White Hunters would collect ivory and sell it to the Chinese via the Silk Road, a trading route made famous by the Mongol Empire.

Now for Smoker to go for Jack, that means Smoker(and Tashigi) shall be returning in Zou or Wano right?…..right? Smoker and Tashigi were off to deliver the PH kids to Vegapunk and since it has been 12 days so far, surely they’ve already delivered the kids. Not only that, Smoker has a debt to repay.


It is essentially Smoker’s fault that Fujitora got banned from all marine bases.


1. Smoker believes in an eye for an eye and repaying his debts(he let Luffy go for saving his life)
2. Smoker believes the SH pirates are is to capture
3. Since Fujitora got revenge for Smoker and that it was the SH pirates that Fuji needs to get unbanned, the rebellious stray dog Smoker will kill two birds with one stone by finally capturing Luffy and helping Fujitora.

There is a chance that Smoker will arrive in Zou because as I said earlier, white hunters hunt mammals and Zou flourishes with them.

If its Wano instead, its good to know that Smoker draws direct references from the Japanese police of the Edo period. The main weapon of the Japanese police was the jitte.


For icing on the cake, Smoker resembles an Enenra, which is a japanese smoke demon(yokai) that can only be seen by the pure of heart.

I’ll end it with something interesting. Smoker’s DF is called the Moku Moku no mi but that has always bothered me. The literal translation of Smoke to Japanese is Kemuri. The literal translation of moku to English is wood, timber or trees and “Moku Moku” means many trees. I ound this interesting becuase the name of Smoker’s best friend Hina means sunshine and Tashigi’s sword Shigure means drizzle(literal translation).

So we have trees(Smoker), sunshine(Hina) and rain(Tashigi)…..trees need both sunshine and rain to grow but there will be no growing if there is a drought.

*Theory by Vandenreich

One Piece「AMV」- Awakening Doflamingo Vs. Gear 4th Luffy [Episode 726 & Episode 727]

What is the Calm Belt?

The Calm Belts are two areas that are just north and south of the Grand Line.

These areas almost never have ocean currents or winds blowing, and are also nesting grounds for Sea Kings. They are very effective barriers for those trying to enter the Grand Line. The Straw Hat Pirates encountered the Sea Kings and were caught on top of one of their heads after the crew inadvertently entered one of the Calm Belts. The crew and their ship were sneezed away by a larger Sea King, which implies that the Sea Kings do not stay in the Calm Belts consistently.

It was revealed that the Marines cross the Calm Belts by using Seastone lining at the bottom of their ships so Sea Kings will not notice a ship above them.


The island of Amazon Lily is one of the few locations which is known to be within one of the Calm Belts. Its location within a Calm Belt has historically guarded the island from intruders. However, this protection has degraded somewhat due to the Marines’ newly invented technique of shielding their boats from Sea Kings with Seastone. Silvers Rayleigh is the only known person so far to have reached Amazon Lily by swimming and without much hindrance by the Sea Kings.

Another natural island in the Calm Belt is the island of Rusukaina, which is located northwest of Amazon Lily.

The Great Gaol, Impel Down, is built in the middle of the Calm Belt, upon the seafloor. Because of the heavy security and Sea Kings, it is almost impossible to break in or out of it. However, Shiki the Golden Lion managed to escape by cutting off his shackled legs, and more recently, Monkey D. Luffy slipped into Impel Down and managed to escape with 241 prisoners.

Captain “Calico” Yorki of the Rumbar Pirates is said to have attempted to flee the Grand Line via one of the Calm Belts after he and several other crewmates contracted a deadly disease. Their fate is unknown but it is said that they perished before escaping that Calm Belt.

Who’s the Strongest?


Doflamingo’s Awakening!

Hope Oda gives us the history of this upgrade power of Devil Fruits soon..Doflamingo's AWAKENING


We all know that Sanji’s from North Blue, though he met the crew while working at Baratie Restaurant in East Blue. We also know that Red Line divides the world in two parts, with three seas each:
1. East Blue + Grand Line (Paradise) + South Blue.
2. North Blue + Grand Line (New World) + West Blue.

From that, we can assume that there’s only 2 ways of getting to East Blue from North Blue:

1. Reverse Mountain and Calm Belt. This means, entering Grand Line from North Blue through Reverse Mountain and then exiting Grand Line through Calm Belt to East Blue. This is the “easiest” way, though there’s a high probability of dying in Reverse Mountain and even more in Calm Belt.

2. Mariejois. I don’t really have any idea on how to enter Mariejois except from scaling the Red Line at the end of Paradise or at the beggining of New World, but there must be some way to do so, reserved only to nobles or tenryuubitos and their staff (we saw Tenryuubitos and some of his servants back at Sabaody).

From my point of view, the first option is impossible. Why? Well, when the Strawhats were about to enter Grand Line, Sanji didn’t have any idea of what Reverse Mountain was, so it’s quite obvious that he hadn’t travelled through it as a kid.

The only possibility would be Mariejois then. So this gives more credibility to the theory that says that Sanji is a noble of some kind. He could have been to Mariejois as a kid with his noble family and he took advantage of the situation to escape from them, later being able to get in a cook’s ship that would bring him to East Blue. But then again, Oda always surprises, so we don’t know what he’s got prepared (could it be about to be revealed, could it have something to do with Sanji’s current “disappearance”?

There might also be a third way of getting to East Blue from North Blue, though I find it highly anticlimatic. The thing would be that one could cross Red Line in some parts of the Blues, meaning that not the whole Red Line would be a cliff as in Grand Line, but that it would rather have some places similar to beaches where ships could dock, thus being able to cross from one side to another. If this was true, though, I think One Piece would lose his characteristic “divided world” theme, which I think is the main point of the series (there’s a world divided in four pieces waiting to be reunited in one single piece).

Anyways, this is it, guys. I guess it’s not much of a theory, but instead it’s more of a punctualization that gives credibility to the theory of Sanji being a noble. Hope you liked it!

Feel free to share your thoughts on how Sanji could’ve got to East Blue as a kid.

*Theory by Jinbe

One Piece AMV | “Get to another level” [Gear 4]