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 *Theory by Fawzi Stun
Everyone knows how badass is this Yonkou , the guy have the Ideals of the Marines and the power of an Admiral , he rules the New world in equal positions with the most 3 strongest pirates of the One Piece world.
But truly what do we actually know about this guy , yes he was in Gol D Roger crew , now he is an Emperor , he got some fine crew members , he can take a blow from White-beard with one hand , he got the respect of the Marines and everyone fears him.
But that is it , we clearly know nothing about his past , and where the story is now we do not have much data to even start a theory about that.
Then what about his crew? How did they meet? How strong they are (except from showing them in badass postures threatening admirals and marines)? What is their real strength? I have been re-reading One Piece again (i do it when bored) and i noticed something strange , not really strange but kept me thinking :
When i see the other 3 Emperors , they all have a great number of companions and i mean a great number (to a point where they have to divide them into numerous Division to better manage them and because no boat can gather them all).
WhiteBeard is the best example as are Big Mom (when kid destroyed some of her ships) and also Kaido (the guy has 500 devil fruit users so…)
Then, what about Shanks? An emperor with a single ship? Really?
It is known and shown he is neither stupid nor is he weak , on the contrary , besides  he is the one who best know that you need to swim with the flow for a time , play with their rules because if they really want to , don’t tell me they can’t get him (these Emperors if he was truly a single ship Emperor)
So my guess is all the major crew members that are shown with him are actually Division Captains
Besides all these captain were at a point in time independent Captains of their own.
indipendent image
What made me think of that is when you look at them in chapter (580) the guys are really distinct and their stand doesn’t  look like a subordinate stand but more of an independent captain and one more not so strong an argument is the fact that they all are wearing capes (you can check for yourself it is almost Captains trademark and  exclusivity)
Another factor is in One Piece world crew members wear the tattoo of their captains  (White Beard , Arlong , Sun Pirates) and the alternative would be to not wear any tattoo at all but as we can see different members of Shanks Crew have different tattoos and not any tattoos , they are really distinctive and more of a Crew Symbol than a drunk_on_rum pirate getting pranked by his fellow crew mates.
 immagine capitolo 580tatuaggio 1 tatuaggio 2 tatuaggio 3 tatuaggio 4
So this is only a theory nothing to get excited about  🙂
The last one is just Oda being a smartass putting spoilers and stuff 🙂 Joker Oda
SPOILER alla fine dell'articolo
What do you guys think?


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There’s a possibility that Burgess is still on the island and he probably didn’t have enough time to leave before DD put the birdcage on. We haven’t seen him since the conclusion of the fights in the Colosseum, and while reading the discussions it seems that many people think that he could go after the factory and that he could be interested in smiles.
Now I really doubt he or BB would be interested in the artificial fruits to eat them, mostly because of how BB seems to be only after the more rare fruits like the Mera Mera no mi.Seeing how Burgess wasn’t able to retrieve the fruit, it’s more logical that he would seek another fruit of that caliber. Maybe not as powerful as the Mera Mera, but maybe another logia type.So I really doubt that artificial Zoan type of fruits would do the trick for him. So which fruit should he look for? I was thinking about…the Yuki Yuki no mi.
While not being as powerful as the Mera Mera no mi, it’s still has some pretty interesting abilities. Now in order for this theory to work, obviously Monet needs to be dead which I think she is, and DD must have been able to retrieve it from Punk Hazard. But we saw that it’s filled with the poisonous gas, so he shouldn’t be able to get it himself…but he could send a clone made of strings to retrieve it. The clones work like Robin’s hands, they’re just made of strings so they shouldn’t need to breath.
What do you guys think? Could Burgess be interested in the Yuki Yuki no mi, If not will there be other fruits he can be interested in? Someone could mention the Ope Ope, but we pretty much know it’s going to be useless on someone who doesn’t have medical knowledge.

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My theory is that Mihawk has a technique, perhaps a variant of Colour of Observation, wherein you affect the enemy’s premonition and make them “feel” or “see” what is going to happen to them. It’s like a reverse CoO. Normal CoO allows you to see what the enemy is going to do. This CoO version allows you to make the opponent realize what’s going to happen to them if they go through with their attack.
Hope that makes sense. Now, where does this link back to Zoro? Look at this panel here:


Luffy “saw” what was going to happen to him before it did. And Mihawk even notes that he was “clearheaded” enough to take a step back and not go through with his attack. Take note of the focus on Mihawk’s eye and the artwork. Because, it’s very similar to this:


Too similar to Zoro’s face. And Monet’s reaction mirror’s Luffy’s in the sense that she knew what was going to happen to her. Unlike Luffy, who didn’t fall for the intimidation, she was frozen by it, completely.
My guess is that Zoro, while training with Mihawk, developed this technique and also developed a defense against it. If Mihawk is gonna repeatedly bombard you with this, you are going to develop a defense for it. And that defense is his closed eye.

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What do you think about?

Blackbeard Multiple Devil’s Fruit Theory

*Theory by Levin David

This theory is based on two pure facts that was seen in the anime.

  1. Formation of Devil’s Fruit after the death of the user. We have seen that the DF gets reformed somewhere in the world after the death of its previous user. Its also possible for the DF to be formed near the previous user if the fruit resembling to it is near it. We have seen this when the Smile dies in the Punk Hazard arc and the apple in the vehicle near it turns to a DF.
  2. The Ability of Yami-Yami Fruit to suppress other DF powers. Blackbeard has demonstrated this in the fight with Ace and Luffy. He can suppress or nullify the power of other DF’s when in direct contact.

Blackbeard has memorised the shapes of all the DF’s.


So he must have known how the Gura-Gura Fruit Looked like and he must have brought the fruit similar to the Gura-Gura Fruit along with him during the death of Whitebeard. The Fruit must have changed to Gura-Gura Fruit when Whitebeard died.(According to Fact 1)

After that Blackbeard ate the Gura-Gura Fruit. Now if a person eats two DF’s, both the Devil’s will clash each other and the user dies. In case of Blackbeard, he may have been able to suppress the devil of Gura-Gura Fruit when he ate it and is able to wield it and not die. This is with reference to the DF nullifying power of The Yami-Yami Fruit. Yami-Yami fruit is probably a superior DF than others and unlike any other Logia Type, the user cannot dodge non-haki attacks as it is clear from Ace’s fire and Luffy’s punch and he even made it clear.Instead it has the power to suppress the DF’s power.

It maybe according to (1) that he is able to take the DF powers of other users after killing them. We know that he is hunting down pirates and marines with DF powers.

It may be due to this specialty of Yami-Yami Fruit that he is able to control two DF fruits. Also as he is suppresses the other fruit, he has not yet mastered the true powers of Gura-Gura Fruit like Whitebeard had.

This is what I think about his Multiple Devil’s Fruit Ability.

What Do You Guys Think?

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(you can send your theory about  everything related to OnePiece via email at

Since her appearance, we’ve all wondered and theorized regarding Big Mom’s devil fruit, what kind of a character she is, etc. We saw her drool and eat her own subordinate, yep she’s a confirmed cannibal! Many people theorize that her devil fruit has something to do with “acid”, well, I am here to give input regarding another aspect… Big Mom is a Witch, her abilities is related to magic/witches and her character holds a lot of similarities to a witch. I’ll explain why below!


The Jolly Roger
We all know that the Jolly Roger of any pirate crew is mostly inspired by the characteristics of the Captain of the crew. Shanks Jolly Roger has three scars running down the left eye (and the scars are also colored red). Whitebeard’s Jolly Roger had his symbolic beard, I can keep going on with examples. Big Mom’s Jolly Roger as we know it is:


It has this elemental thing going on, I’m not sure of the whole Jolly Roger but what I’m going to speak about here is the tree, and especially the shape of the tree as illustrated

*from Wikipedia: A witch’s broom or witches’ broom is a disease or deformity in a woody plant, typically a tree, where the natural structure of the plant is changed. A dense mass of shoots grows from a single point, with the resulting structure resembling a broom or a bird’s nest.

Now, let’s rotate the tree in the Jolly Roger and what do we get…


Charlotte Linlin AKA Big Mom
Big Mom’s real name, Charlotte Linlin, I have a explanation behind her name;

Charlotte: Most characters connected with the name “Charlotte” carry concepts of magic/are witches. I can’t find a list of all characters name Charlotte, but one of the most noticeable I found (along with similarities to Big Mom) was Charlotte from Puella Magi.

*The dessert witch, with a tenacious nature. She desires everything. She will never give up

Linlin: “Lin” as a acronym means “laughing internally”, it’s when you find something interesting but don’t laugh out loud but just a giggle inside. Now, this is a bit far fetched but “Lin Lin Torido” is considered an “ultimate” form of Lin, so lets take a example of this in English. Lin = Lol while Lin Lin Torido = ROFL.

Lin Lin Torido also known to make people go “berserk” internally with laughter. Now, this is just my interpretation of the name, but what if Big Mom can use her powers and make people go “berserk internally”? Make them go crazy from the inside that leads them to die. Using magic or any other way to do this.

Big Mom’s appearance as described by One Piece Wikia: “Big Mom has only been seen partially from the shadows, but it is clear that she is an incredibly large and obese woman whose face appears to be larger than her body. She also has a very wide grin, long curly hair, large bulging eyes, and a round nose and cheeks.”

Witches often have long curly hair, bulging eyes and a noticeable nose. Even Disney depicts witches this way.


The Witch Of Hansel and Gretel
Hansel and Gretel is a famous fairy tale of German origins, Hansel and Gretel are a young brother and sister threatened by a cannibalistic witch living deep in the forest in a house constructed of cake and confectionery.
We know Oda does get “inspired” by tales, and we know Big Mom is a cannibal, at least she did eat some of her underlings. And lets see, what does her island look like?


Big Mom’s Ship and it’s Uniqueness
Big Mom’s flagship was revealed in One Piece Chapter 730, we saw a very unique aspect of this ship, the head of the ship was singing and moving! How can a ship be capable of singing and moving on its own will? Yes, we’ve seen Merry “speak” and move on its own will, but that was due to the love Strawhats showed to the ship.

I believe Big Mom used her powers and/or abilities to animate and bring life to an inanimate object. Because the ship sang and looked at the Sunny Go on its own will, as if it were alive.

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Gear Forth Theory

*Theory by Fawzi Stun

As the one piece story keeps advancing many things of significant importance have been introduced to the story gradually from least to most important.
As Luffy’s crew keeps advancing in Grandline, they have been facing enemies of equivalent to slightly higher power and strength thus contributing to the crew’s development and improvement.
Luffy in particular as the protagonist of the story is the one which his development was the most apparent of all the crew members.

Gear 1 :It started with his basic devil fruit fighting phase which only requires brute force and his members extension.
Gear 2: where he activated his brain for the first time ever (by accident ) and activated the second phase of his devil fruit abilities which introduce speed + accuracy + brute force
Now after that some “serious contenders” came to surface where the above was not sufficient to take them down ( Large opponents , numerous opponents ) so Luffy thought a new ability to take down both Large and Numerous opponents ( Giants , Marines when they attack , and very upsetting people who just he can’t stand ) take them down once and for all as fast as it gets.
Gear 3: this technique i believe he developed from the Gomu Gomu no Fusen ( i can make my body large, great maybe with some concentration i can make an arm or a leg big enough to fight with ) so this technique was mainly aimed to take down strong opponents so what it developed was brute strength
At start it was difficult to keep it more than 2 or 3 times in a fight and could only make his arm big then his leg then both arms.
The development is clear and as i said aparent
Now in the New World he learnt the Haki and combined it with his devil fruit ability even if it is not fully developed he is significantly strong but i doubt he could take down an admiral or even one of Black Beard commanders without reaching the brink of death , and with the Yonko level of power he has no chance

So where is this going , what are the prospect to win against the upcoming monsters ( Big Mom , kaido , Black Beard , Marine Admiral and even the Gorosei )?

Gear 4: this phase Luffy will integrate all what he have learnt up far and combine it to make himself a GIANT
Yes Gear 4 will be luffy fully getting his body to a giant mode improving thus his Brute Force tremendously and with use of Haki ( infinite number of Elephant Gun )

Why a Giant? I think Oda made a mistake when he introduced Gear 2 without any previous information and for me it looked like he just came up with it on the moment when he realized that he couldn’t beat CP9 without a power up
What did Oda do next? He never made the same mistake again each member new technique had a ” prologue ”
For those who saw the episodes after they came out of Fish Island he met a person who could change her body’s from very small to Giant big and she went in Luffy and since he is rubber she made him a Giant so he could fight difficult opponents.


I said this because a form like that is needed because he will for sure meet a giant who uses Haki , forget admirals he could not even scratch him even if Luffy had stronger Haki.

What do you think about?

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Rayleigh’s disciple

*Theory by Oz

I have a theory regarding Mihawk being Rayleigh’s disciple.13RayleighMihawk-1

Both being very good swordsmen (one of them even the best in the world) is kind of a hint for me. And it would explain two still unknown things:
1. How the friendship between Shanks and Mihawk developed (Shanks, too, being a swordsman) maybe they were both his disciples at the same time.
2. Zoro’s scar on his eye. We know that Zoro’s and Rayleigh’s scar might have the same reason, which would be the training of observation haki. And after the War of the Best at Marineford, Zoro became Mihawk’s disciple. Mihawk knew of that technique to train the haki of observation because he saw it from Rayleigh. Mihawk having the hawkeyes did not have to train his observation haki but he showed that technique to Zoro.
It’s just a theory though, I don’t have any kind of proof. But I would like to read your comments about it. ^ ^

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(you can send your argumented theory about  everything related to OnePiece via email at

We would assume they both have a similar scar because they are swordsmen and therefore a situation where you eye is likely to get slashed is presented to them more frequently.

It might be that they ‘voluntarily’ have a scar on their eye as a way to purposely hinder themselves in order to train better (as stated by Celestial D. Dragon in many theories that zoro is training his CoO & hence his left eye is closed)

Also it is most likely just another sort of parallel between Luffy and Roger’s crews. Either that or Oda thought they would look cool as fuck with scars on their eyes.

But now look at this below pic of Rayleigh.


Rayleigh unleashes Conqueror’s haki from eye with scar.

Could it be another parallel thing between Rayleigh & Zoro.That they are both prominent CoC user & their eye with scar is dominant in using CoC.


It is almost certain that Zoro might awaken Conqueror’s haki in future.So I’m guessing like Rayleigh ,will eye with scar of Zoro play imp role in CoC.


Oda just showed Rayleigh using scarred eye for CoC, to make it look badass .

Please note eyes play important role in Conqueror’s haki. Almost all character have been unleashing CoC from eyes. Kings use expression of dominance dictated through their eyes to rule over weak willed.

What do you think about?

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Doflamingo’s Eyes Theory

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We already know that Oda for some reason not showing Doflamingo without his shades. We recently got a glimpse of Doflamingo’s right eye but Oda again covered his left eye with shade.


My theory is that Doflamingo is born with a medical condition which caused blindness in his left eye and for some reason cannot be fixed.
Above is a Doflamingo’s jolly roger which have a line across its left eye which can be thought as a eye patch covering his blind eye. Until now every pirate group’s jolly roger has attributes of that group’s captain and i think it proves that he is indeed blind in his left eye.
Doflamingo’s father intend to get away from mariejois for good reasons but there may be more to it. Since Celestial Dragons see themselves as gods, they do not want to have anyone who have physical disabilities from birth to be a CD, because that contradict their belief of them being gods (since gods have no weakness) and there may a unspoken rule to kill them at the time of birth.
But Doflamingo’s father cannot kill (because of his own ideals) his son and hid his son blindness from other CD’s using shades. Doflamingo’s family for some reason (Doflamingo’s father thought he may fail to hide his son weakness because Doflamingo is growing and it’s time to start to go to school!!?) intend to get away from mariejois to save Doflamingo.
(Naturally Doflamingo is unaware of all this)
After that we all know the history. Up until now we haven’t seen doflamingo showing any weakness except his cockiness (even luffy had to follow a plan to just punch him). So, him being blind can attribute to some weakness in his battle and can contribute to his defeat.

*theory made by RAN

What do you think about this theory? ^ ^

How dangerous are Enel’s electrical attacks?

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Let’s examine Enel’s goro goro no mi attacks and the nature of electricity.


The Physics:
To really understand how Enel’s electric attacks affected the Straw Hats, we’ll have to start with a mini lesson on the nature of electricity. Now, Enel’s attacks which hit you with millions of volts may sound absurdly crazy. After all, your standard AA batteries only supply a measly 1.5 volts. But then again, a tabletop Van-DeGraff generator can hit you with 100,000 volts. Hell, even a well placed socks-on-carpet induced static shock can carry around 40,000V. These can definitely hurt a bit (or a lot), but they certainly won’t kill you. Why is that?

The most common answer you’ll hear is “It’s not the voltage that kills you, it’s the current!”. I don’t want to say this answer is wrong, because there is some truth to it….kind of….. At best, it’s partially right, at worst it’s horribly misleading. Okay, okay, let me back up for a second. It’s true, static shocks come with a huge voltage, and a tiny current. But here’s the thing, current and voltage are inexorably linked together by this thing called Ohm’s law. Ohm’s law says that voltage is equal to the current times the resistance of the system. V=I*R. Rearranged, the current is equal to the Voltage divided by the resistance. I=V/R. But humans have a pretty consistent resistance which means the only way you can deliver a shock with a bigger current is to raise the voltage. Put more simply, since I=V/R and R must stay constant, the only way to make I bigger is to make V bigger. Conversely, if you deliver a shock with a bigger current, you must have upped the voltage as well! so if the current kills you doesn’t the voltage kill you too??? See, it’s misleading. But I’m here to clear this all up.

When people bring up the “It’s not the voltage, it’s the current” thing they usually refer to something like a wall outlet, which can kill you under the right circumstances, but only has about 120 volts. Given the large resistance of the human body (around 1000 Ohms), outlets can only deliver a current of around .12Amps. Going back to our previous case with static electricity, you’re getting a peak shock of 10,000/1000=10A which is way more than our wall socket. What gives!!??

Okay , here’s the secret: TIME. You see, current is a description of electric current flowing per second. When discussing lethality, quoting a current is basically useless without also including HOW LONG THE CURRENT WAS APPLIED. Looking back to our static shock example, that huge current of 10A was applied for a little less than a millionth of a second. That’s less than 1 micro second in science terms. On the other hand, something like a wall socket will supply a current for as long as you’re in contact with it. Furthermore, given the nature of our nervous systems, you’re likely to clamp down on whatever is shocking you: maintaining contact. So this relatively small current is applied for a much longer time which leads to a much higher volume of electric charge transferred through your body.

To sum this up in a nice little package, we can look at the total ENERGY transferred from the shocking source to you. To do this, we just look at the power (V * I) which gives us watts, and multiply that by the total time the shock was applied. For our static shock this gives us a total energy of about (100,000V) * 10A * (10-7 S)= .1 Joule. On the other hand, if you’re shocked by your wall outlet for about 1 second, you’re getting hit by about (120V) * .12 * 1 = 14.4. Typical sources cite about 5 Joules as the requirement to kill you which illustrates why a static shock probably won’t kill you but an outlet certainly could. Now, these are absurdly simplified calculations for discussing resultant current, discharge times, and overall lethality of an electric shock. Simply take this as a basic conceptual guideline.

So the next time you hear from someone that “it’s not the voltage that kills you, it’s the current!” you can (politely of course) let them know that it really comes down to the total energy delivered in the shock which often has more to do with the duration than voltage or amperage.

One Piece:
Okay, so how does this apply to the world of One Piece? As I discussed above the key to determining the lethally of Enel’s shocks lies the duration of each attack. The problem here is that the original source material, the manga, gives little clue to the passage of time and the anime is notorious for being very liberal with time. Enel’s goro goro no mi, the thunder fruit, gives Enel’s power a connection to lightning. Not just electricity, but specifically with lightning. Since this would technically make all of his attacks some form of lighting, I’m going to use lighting as the basis for his attack duration.

Lighting isn’t composed of a single strike but rather a series of strokes and return strokes as the clouds and ground reach electrostatic equilibrium. However, the bulk of the energy is transferred in a single stroke of about 30 microseconds. In one of his first attacks that he names a voltage, Enel hits Gan Fall with 30,000 Volts. Using 1000 Ohms as a standard human resistance, we get a total energy transfer of V * I * T= V * V * T / R = (30,000,0002 ) * 3 * 10-5 / 1000 = 2.7 * 107 Joules. This is a pretty monstrous transfer of energy. At this point I could try to rationalize this some more; discussing the lower air pressure on skypeia, path the charge took, clothing, ect. but in reality I don’t think I can explain this one away. Put simply, by real world terms, Enel’s attacks would kill just about anyone. But what about Luffy?

As we all know Luffy is a rubber man. That means in assigning a resistance value we have to treat him as rubber. The resistance coefficient of rubber is about 1013 ; about a billion times larger than water. However to assign it a resistance value in Ohms, we have to take into account the volume of substance the current is flowing through. To make things simple I’ll just say the path the current wooed take is through 2/3 the total volume of a human body worth of rubber. This gives .07 * (2/3) * 1013 = 4.6 * 1011 Ohms. This is about 100 million times the resistance of a normal human. Doing the same calculations with Enel’s “200 Million volt Vari” attack, we get (200,000,0002 ) * 3 * 10-5 / 4.6 * 1011 = 2.6 Joules which is definitely less lethal dose of 5 Joules.

I’m pretty happy with this. Sure, Enel’s attacks should have killed every non-rubber human, but keeping in line with some very simplified physics calculations, it looks like Luffy really would be immune to even Enel’s strongest attacks! That’s awesome!!!

TL;DR In the real world, Enel’s attacks would kill everyone except for Luffy. Luffy would actually be fine.

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