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800 years has passed, a pirate named Gol D. Roger successfully reached Raftel and discovered the true history

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This is what Gol D. Roger discovered in Raftel!


Once there was a Kingdom on the moon that had advance science technology and its name was Beerka. The people of Beerka could make robots and dials (the things that they use in skypia). However, they migrate to the blue planet because they ran out of resources (the blue planet is earth, and if you see the comic cuts with ”Enel” in it when he goes to the moon, you can see writings that say people of Beerka migrated to the blue planet because of lack of resources). The ship schematic that the people of Beerka used to migrate is probably the one that Tom (Franky’s dad) had. When the people from the moon (Beerka) came down to earth, they accepted everyone to join and use their technology in peace and soon developed into a huge Kingdom. However, a secret organization wanted to take the power and authority of the Beerka for themselves and started a war. The Beerka developed three ancient weapons to win the war. The weapons are named the ”Pluton”, ”Poseidon” and ”Uranus”. Pluton runs underneath the ocean floor to change the tides of the sea to make a shied against enemy ships. ”Poseidon” ”Princess Shirahoshi” her ability to summon ”Sea Kings”. Finally Uranus is a dangerous weapon which can be used to rule the world or, in the wrong hands, destroy it. But as of yet, absolutely nothing else is known about it. It was first mentioned during Nico Robin’s conversation with King Neptune, when she says there are three ancient weapons that bear the names of ‘gods’. Later on traces of Pluton’s drilling underground builds up due to undersea volcano eruptions and becomes the “Red Line”. Furthermore, The ”Calm Belt” and the ”Grand Line are formed which divided the ocean into four. Poseidon is a cannon made from fairy bass (sand from the moon). The sand from the moon has a tendency of coagulating sea water and the solid form of sea water made from the moon sand was used as the cannon ball. Later on, the cannon balls that were used during the war sank into the ocean floor and became ores called ”Sea stones” (the stones that devil fruit users are weak against). Even with these extraordinary weapons, the people from the moon lost the war after 100 years of fighting. They conceal the three weapons (Pluton, Poseidon and Uranus) so the secret organization couldn’t use it for themselves. The survivors of the people of the moon hide away from the secret organization and take the shape of the half moon ”D” to use as their middle name. (this explains people with ”D” named) The secret organization that betrayed and destroyed the people of the moon name themselves “World Government” and started a project to hide their wrongdoings.

1. they erase the 100 years of history of the war (the 100 years of history (the void century) that Robin wants to find)

2. They send 20 soldiers to the moon to erase any trace or evidence of the people of the moon. (the 20 soldiers that were sent to the moon are later called world nobles and their offspring are treated like kings. this also explains why world nobles always wear space suits.

The survivors of the people of the moon make a small Island called ”Raftel” which Gol D. Roger reveals it to Edward Newgate while they drink. The survivors hide in Raftel so that the secret organization won’t find them. One Piece is in this island and ”Gol D. Roger” was the only person to find the island. The reason that the ”D” people are not on the island, is because the people of the moon wanted the world to know the evil deeds done by the government. They made poneglyphs (bits and parts of the 100 years of history) and placed it all around the world and sent out a selected number of their own people (D’s) to find it and let the world know the truth. They call it ”The Will Of D”The people of Ohara were the last people who could read the ”poneglyphs”, but they were all killed by the world government. There were only one child who survived, her name was ”Nico Robin”. – The Beerka’s (people of the moon) make one final secret weapon while they are on the island of Raftel. This ancient weapon’s ability is to take the four seperate seas that were divided by Pluton, and turn it back in to one huge ocean (AKA ALL BLUE (the ocean sanji always dreams of). because of its ability to turn the world upside down, which will bring the four sea’s in to one, that weapon is called “ONE PIECE”. 800 years has passed, a pirate named Roger successfully reached Raftel and discovered the true history. He knows exactly what to do, but unfortunately his body didn’t allow him to… he had this incurable disease, remember? whereas the project needs a lot of power and time to complete, 2 things that Roger didn’t have time. Therefore, he decided to create The Golden Age of Piracy instead, hoping that there will appear someone who is strong and righteous enough to complete the massage in his place. Who will be that ‘someone’? I think we all know the answer.

I dont know if this is the actual truth but nonetheless it has intrigued my imagination.

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Haki Theory

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This is a theory about haki. I believe that there are more than three kinds of haki. It feels fairly obvious really, it seems so strange that a “natural” force like haki would be so tightly divided into three neat categories. No, I believe the three forms of haki we know now are just the most common, and the most predictable. The other forms are, I believe, so rare that any person with a rare haki type is basically unique, the chance of two people with the same rare haki type appearing is really low. This makes rare hakis much more unpredictable than other forces (like normal haki, devil fruits, rokushiki etc) and thus we should be seeing more of them in the New World. And I believe we have.

My theory is based on the idea that those rare versions of haki are somewhat variations of the main three ones. The reason I think that is because of the two most obvious examples of rare haki we’ve seen in the series: Jango’s hypnosis and Miss Goldenweek’s drawings. Both of these seem related to Conqueror’s haki, as they’re about affecting the minds of others, but in more precise and “weaker” ways than conqueror’s haki that just makes people faint. Note that none of these people have real Conqueror’s haki, nor are very powerful fighters, but I don’t see how that’s a problem; Aisa’s a good example of character who was simply born with excellent haki without any exceptional other skills. I see no reason these rarer haki types should be any different.

One of the reasons I think these skills are a kind of haki is because of one of Oda’s SBS, where he was asked if Miss Goldenweek’s power came from a devil fruit. He stated that that wasn’t the case, but refused to go into further detail. This seems to imply that it’s a kind of power that hasn’t been described yet, but will probably get explained at some point.

I believe there’s another good example of a rare haki we’ve seen quite recently: Doffy’s “pace”. Again, this seems like a variation of conqueror’s haki and a very subtle yet effective one. Since we’ve already seen it being very effective against Luffy, I believe it will play a critical role in their fight. My guess is that a chapter will end with Luffy being almost controlled by Doffy’s pace, only for the next chapter to contain a Rayleigh flashback of him explaining about rarer haki types and how to counter them. If they exist, it would be nuts of Rayleigh not to prepare Luffy for them, especially if they’re more common in the New World.

Speaking of Rayleigh: Another example of a rare haki type candidate is Roger, whose ability to “hear the voice of all things” sounds a lot like a variation of observation haki to me. Also, I believe there’s a good candidate for a variation on armament haki: Zoro’s Asura. This creates a nice parallell with how Zoro’s observation and armament haki was initially shown in Alabasta but not fully explained, only to get very well explained a long time later.

TLDR: There are many rare kinds of haki, including Doffy’s “pace” and it’ll be important in Luffy’s fight.

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Reason behind the “D”

*Theory by Fylx

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The “D” in for example Monkey D Luffy stands for the will of D but why D? The celestial dragons said that they were gods because of they created the world. They also said the one with the letter “D” in the name are devils and pure evil. Why? The word Devil makes me think of something else, Devil fruit. When you eat a Devil fruit you gain the power of the Devil and if someone with the will of D is a devil? What does that mean? It’s now the real Theory begins. No one knows what happend during the void century and how the will of D started. Perhaps it was a man during the void century that started everything? A man that was so evil and mean that everyone called him Devil. Just like people call Luffy now for Monkey “Strawhat” Luffy people perhaps called this man for Lastname “Devil” Firstname or even Lastname “D” Firstname to make his nickname shorter. He had the strongest devilfruit in the world. The power of all devilfruit and therefore the name devilfruit was born. If you eat a devilfruit you had the same power as that man, “the devil”. He was so evil that even his children and children’s children were called Devil. Even everyone that was somehow related to this man was called Devil or D for short. After a while This man died and his Devilfruit was “Reborn”. I think that Devilfuit is OnePiece. That devilfruit is what Gol D Roger found. The Devilfruit of the first man with the will of D.
Perhaps the D kingdom is where everyone that was related had to move to because they were not welcome anywhere else.

What do you think of this theory? Do you support it?

Sanji’s Diable Jambe (Theory)

*Theory by Rei Sasuke

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Dials are strange, mysterious devices made from the remains of particular shellfish, which have the ability to store energy and matter. Though they originate from Skypiea. There are many types of Dials that store various things depending on their type.


Dials store energy and matter itself, usually by that particular type of energy or matter being absorbed by a tiny hole or holes on one side of the Dial and content can be released by pressing the apex on the other side of the Dial. Dials are capable of letting the energy out in different amounts. Some use their contents all in one blast, such as Impact Dials, Axe Dials etc., while others are capable of storing multiple uses within their contents until it runs out, such as the Flame Dial, which then has to be refilled with that content for the dial to be used again. On sky islands,weapons are upgraded, or even combined, with Dials. This creates incredibly powerful weapons. We all know Ussopp created 2 types of weapons with dials, Kabuto his slinger, and Nami’s clima tact because her ability is to study weather changes. What if Ussopp or Sanji himself have modified two type of dials within his indestructible shoes by combining flame dial with heat dial to create “diable jambe”?! Think about it, no one has the ability to spin so fast to make leg burn on fire, neither other cooks. Sabo is nr 2 revolutionary chief and couldn’t do that, but he is much stronger than Sanji. Why? Because only the strawhats knew about dials and saw them and used them. One question, did we ever see sanji use diable jame without the shoes? No because they absorb the shock by Sanji’s powerfull kicks and release the energy in pure flame. Sanji used the diable jambe at the Ennies lobby arc, after the skypie arc was finished. and he being a chief is used to contact with fire so he by the time passed managed to use the diable jame properly and to level up the technique. Think about it…



Theory on the most possible “Power-Ups” Straw Hat Crew can get..

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SH crew might have reached their DF power limits but, there’s a set of Techniques which will make them more Powerful and also Aid their DF Abilities.
I think you all know it already.. it’s Rokushiki!
With Sanji and Luffy having already mastered a few of them, it’s most plausible most of the SH crew will learn them and Master them.
Here’s who will master in what [Note: Luffy and Sanji have already mastered..]:

Luffy: Soru.
Sanji: Geppo and Rankyaku.
Zoro: Tekkai.
Robin: Shigan [Just think about it, she could literally pop out two hands on her opponents and perform shigan out of no-where.. too OP].
Nami and Ussop: Kami-e. Why? They are the ones who try avoiding the Fight. This technique specializes in dodging and running away.
Chopper: Maybe Tekkai/Kami-e.. don’t know.. Rankyaku/Geppo is also a strong possiblity with Jump Point and all..

Rokuogan: Don’t think anyone would be actually able to pull this one off as it requires a lot of Practice[Maybe Robin after she learned all of the Techniques, highly unlikely though..]

I think Soru can be learned by all of them(except Franky as he is heavy and all..)

I am betting on them learning the Rokushiki sooner or later. It’s the only Type of “Power-Up” besides Haki and DFs.

What do you think, possible or not?

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One Piece Theory

*Theory by Anirudh Srivatsaa
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 I Think that One Piece is a collection of information about what happened in the void century and a weapon to destroy the world government(which will also involve destruction of Marie Jois, Red Line, automatically Fishman Island).
This is because the world government destroyed the D Kingdom(which was previously mentioned in the anime).

Revenge of the D’s :
So the D’s left a weapon for its successors to destroy the world government. Hence after learning that the world government destroyed the D kingdom the remaining D’s could go and attack the government with the weapon’s left by their ancestors.
Origins of its name:
The Name One Piece could mean that the last remaining piece of the D kingdom. That one power packed piece which contains everything that a D must know. A piece which tells the D’s about their past. A piece which would help the D’s avenge their past and create a peaceful future.
So that’s why Roger said that only a true D can find one piece.
The fortune teller at Fishman Island:
So the fortune teller at Fishman Island could be correct when she said Luffy would destroy Fishman Island,because destruction of the red line(which is a part of destruction of MarieJois) will lead to the destruction of Fishman Island.
What the Weapon could be:
The weapon could probably be the strongest Devil Fruit(or A piece,’One Piece’ of the Strongest ever devil fruit) which will help Luffy destroy the world government.
What do you think of this theory? Do you support it?

Will oF D Theory And How to reach Raftel

*Theory By Aditya Ukey

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Before writing this theory I always have a doubt about why none of the emperor till now is able to reach Raftel (Only Whitebeard knows its existence as the pirate king told him).
Now as in the manga about Law’s past he was told that there was a kingdom, a place, where a clan used to live called D. And, I think it is the same place that is mentioned in the Robin’s story in OHARA(A kingdom which is destroyed by the world government).
So will of D is the fate passed down to generation to generation from the first pirate king (then Luffy) and both of them are destined to go their to Raftel where all the D came from. The pirate king had discovered it, but as he was suffering from disease he knew that he doesn’t have time to do all by himself so he surrendered himself to the world government. This leads to the execution of the pirate king that takes this opportunity to tell everyone that onepiece is real to keep that will to meet its destin(Raftel). And about why none of the emperor is able to reach Raftel 
1)I guess there must be some force opposing or protecting that place from the pirates/navy.That force allow the person to enter Raftel only of if he posses the same fate or will like pirate king.
2)or it is the place which can only be found by voice just like pirate king can hear voice of almost everything. I guess Luffy posses that ability too(do you remember that episode when Luffy said to Zoro that he heard some voice before entering to Fishman Island?)

What do you think of this theory? Do you support it?


Blackbeard’s Multiple Devil Fruits: Cerberus Theory

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As of now, we know that Blackbeard has two Devil Fruits within him, the Yami Yami no Mi and the Gura Gura no Mi. One of the most popular theories about how BB could have multiple Devil Fruits is the Cerberus theory. The idea is that prior to eating either two of the previously mention devil fruits, BB consumed a Zoan type DF, which has an inept ability to allow the user to consume and use the power or two other Devil Fruits, making three in total. A possible name for the could be: Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Cerberus.

So if this DF exists the most appropriate type of Zoan for the Cerberus fruit would be the Mythical Zoan type. For one, it is considered to be a rare type of creature and its power is immense.

There are certain instances that support this theory being possible. The Blackbeard Pirates’ Jolly Roger, Shanks’ wound, and a Cerberus’ appearance in the One Piece world already.

Jolly Roger:

The Jolly Roger, or the Pirate Flag, help determine who belong to whose crew. The designs usually reflect the interest of the captain. At other times it may be physical resemblance or the symbols behind them. In some sense, there is a reason or story for every Jolly Roger design.

For some reason, the design of the flag of the Blackbeard Pirates show three (3) skulls side by side. There hasn’t been any explicit reasons for this but it might be revealed.


Due to this, some think that the flag resembles the skull structure of a Cerberus.

Shanks’ Wound:

One other instance that aids the Cerberus claim, it is the wound on the left eye of Shanks. It consists of three diagonal scratch marks.

In Chapter 434, Shanks speaks with Whitebeard about Ace and eventually about Blackbeard as well. Shanks tells him that it was Blackbeard that caused the wound.

And the fact that a Cerberus has appeared in the series before and was recognized as a Cerberus by the strawhats shows that they do exist in their world, even if only in mythology.

What do you think of this theory? Do you support it?

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Historical references: François L’Olonnais & Roronoa Zoro

“If is the famous pirate François L’Ollonais the source of Zoro’s name? You got it. I took the name from François L’Ollonais, who was the cruelest of all the Caribbean Pirates” (Oda)



Jean David Nau, better known as François L’Olonnais, was a French buccaneer, pirate and privateer. He was known as one of the cruelest pirates in the Caribbean Sea. He treated the region’s Spanish and native inhabitants with such savagery that many historians believe he was insane.
With over 600 buccaneers and 8 ships he attacked the cities Maracaibo and Gibraltar in the Gulf of Venezuela. The city of Maracaibo was conquered easily and that left region wide open, easy for a devastation. When the buccaneers came to Maracaibo , they realized that a lot of townsfolk escaped, so they chased the fugitives throughout woods and brought them back. L’Ollonais was abominably torturing almost every citizen until they betray their friends and reveal hidden treasures . Some of them died in pain.
After that, they landed near Gibraltar. The Citizens met same fate as the ones in Maracaibo . They were raped, tortured, murdered , and no one was spared. Some of them died without any particular reason, just for personal satisfaction. Almost whole town was burned.
L’Ollonais conducted many treasure raids against Spanish possessions and was killed while attempting a raid, captured by the Indians who were on the Spanish side. His life finished like he perhaps deserved. He was cut into pieces and burned. Some rumor goes that he was eaten by cannibals.

Historical references: Anne Bonny & Jewelry Bonney


Anne Bonny (Cormac, 1702 – 1743) is the main ispiration of the character Jewelry Bonney in One Piece. She was an Irish woman who became a famous pirate, operating in the Caribbean. Launching her own career as a pirate, along with Mary and Rackham, she raised a small crew and escaped the island in August 1720, intending to execute a series of swift robberies before retiring with enough gold to live off.
Anne was a capable fighter, adept at wielding swords and firearms. She also had advanced freerunning skills, allowing her to keep up with Edward as he navigated Long Bay’s jungles. As well as this, Anne possessed great nautical knowledge, which served her well in her role as quartermaster.
The dates of birth and death are uncertain and the few biographical you have about her are due to the tales of Captain Charles Johnson (perhaps he is a fictional character due to Daniel Defoe), contained in “A General History of the Pyrates”.