Here’s another one for ya guys: Big Mom could have the Spider Spider Fruit.


This whole Idea started from the fact that CHARLOTTE’S Web is about a spider that has the same name as BIG MOM. Then I started thinking and researching on spiders more and found some interesting connections. Let me show you them:

Spiders can lay more than 500 eggs.
-good reason why Big Mom has 35 daughters

Spiders eat insects but do not eat plants
-Big Mom, since she has massive power as a Yonko, might see humans as “insects”. And she doesnt eat “vegetables(plants)”, only sweets.

Interesting enough, i found out that female spiders eat their mates even while mating.
-It Explains why she eats her own kind. Humans.

Spiders can use VENOM
-Big Mom’s nasty ass saliva could be mixed with the venom and acid in her body. So that stuff is probably DEADLY. Watch out for the big mom. All she has to do is drool on you and you’re dead. A YONKO’s power.

Now I didnt say anything about “webs”. I just said that she has the “spider” fruit because I really don’t want her to be another doflamingo.

I don’t know much about card games, but everyone that has owned a windows xp should know the game, Spider Solitaire.
-Oda seems to be using card games in the story now. Maybe Big Mom could’ve came from this. Who knows?

Anyways, thanks for reading. Please tell me what you think down below.

*Theory by Icecream001


  1. she looks like a frog.. frog can lay eggs a hundred times.. some frogs are poisonous as well..

  2. Very interesting !!! I’ve never thought about that !!

  3. There are many other animals that can lay more than 100 egs and are poisonous

  4. Monkey D. Hancock

    Fair theory. However, I can’t imagine a spider that can’t produce web. Like you, I can’t also imagine a second Doffy here. The probability of this event to happen seems to be less than 1% to me. It’s not very likely for a Yonko to have such a lousy ability. If your theory will be going to be the reality, how lousy of Oda to create a Yonko with a not so cool ability. It is more believable for me if she has a paramecia ability that can turn people into a cookie or anything sweet by touching them, which could explain why the person she ate sounded to be crunchy.

  5. Buggy the Great

    Remember, one of the Marine’s Vice Admiral, Onigumo ate the zoan-type spider DF. He utilized his “arms” to enchance his swordmanship. I’ve never seen or read him using the spidery “true power”.
    Yes, as you wrote the theory above, BM’s personality looks like a spider, the reproduction, food (eat living things) and acid things.
    I still believe that she ate a paramecia-type DF (I will be suprised if she got the zoan or logia-type DF). There are theories about her DF that she ate the witchcraft DF or acid DF. Witchcraft showed that she could turn her subordinate into sweets, and there was acid came out from her mouth.
    Overall, it’s a nice theory.

  6. if she ate Zoan typeq she is propably some kind of mythical zoan which have the form of a pig.

    • Buta Buta no Mi

      • More like Mesubuta/Mebuta no Mi (Mebuta meaning “Sow” basically. Mesubuta comes from Mesui, which basically means bitch. Both words are insults calling someone a female pig.

  7. Kristoffer09

    I do think this as well, Black Widow type.
    She’s a widow she ate or kill his husband.
    Real-life pirate Charlotte decapitated her husband and kill a suitor

  8. BrysoOPjunkie!

    You make points that are reasonable but I don’t think Oda would do 2 yonkos in a row with zoan type DF. Even if not in a row not 2 yonko with similar fruit. Shanks, no fruit just haki. Kaidou has a zoan. New yonko black beard has logia type DF the Darkness. So that only leaves out paramecia to cover all superhuman ability categories

  9. this theory is already expired. big mom ate soro soro no mi( and it’s freakin me out even more than blackbeard’s fruit). another thing is there are three kind of devil fruits and each one of the yonkos have eaten an individual one. except shank that didn’t eat one. kaido is a zoan type, blackbeard is a logia, therefore big mom must be a pramishia.

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