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Since her appearance, we’ve all wondered and theorized regarding Big Mom’s devil fruit, what kind of a character she is, etc. We saw her drool and eat her own subordinate, yep she’s a confirmed cannibal! Many people theorize that her devil fruit has something to do with “acid”, well, I am here to give input regarding another aspect… Big Mom is a Witch, her abilities is related to magic/witches and her character holds a lot of similarities to a witch. I’ll explain why below!


The Jolly Roger
We all know that the Jolly Roger of any pirate crew is mostly inspired by the characteristics of the Captain of the crew. Shanks Jolly Roger has three scars running down the left eye (and the scars are also colored red). Whitebeard’s Jolly Roger had his symbolic beard, I can keep going on with examples. Big Mom’s Jolly Roger as we know it is:


It has this elemental thing going on, I’m not sure of the whole Jolly Roger but what I’m going to speak about here is the tree, and especially the shape of the tree as illustrated

*from Wikipedia: A witch’s broom or witches’ broom is a disease or deformity in a woody plant, typically a tree, where the natural structure of the plant is changed. A dense mass of shoots grows from a single point, with the resulting structure resembling a broom or a bird’s nest.

Now, let’s rotate the tree in the Jolly Roger and what do we get…


Charlotte Linlin AKA Big Mom
Big Mom’s real name, Charlotte Linlin, I have a explanation behind her name;

Charlotte: Most characters connected with the name “Charlotte” carry concepts of magic/are witches. I can’t find a list of all characters name Charlotte, but one of the most noticeable I found (along with similarities to Big Mom) was Charlotte from Puella Magi.

*The dessert witch, with a tenacious nature. She desires everything. She will never give up

Linlin: “Lin” as a acronym means “laughing internally”, it’s when you find something interesting but don’t laugh out loud but just a giggle inside. Now, this is a bit far fetched but “Lin Lin Torido” is considered an “ultimate” form of Lin, so lets take a example of this in English. Lin = Lol while Lin Lin Torido = ROFL.

Lin Lin Torido also known to make people go “berserk” internally with laughter. Now, this is just my interpretation of the name, but what if Big Mom can use her powers and make people go “berserk internally”? Make them go crazy from the inside that leads them to die. Using magic or any other way to do this.

Big Mom’s appearance as described by One Piece Wikia: “Big Mom has only been seen partially from the shadows, but it is clear that she is an incredibly large and obese woman whose face appears to be larger than her body. She also has a very wide grin, long curly hair, large bulging eyes, and a round nose and cheeks.”

Witches often have long curly hair, bulging eyes and a noticeable nose. Even Disney depicts witches this way.


The Witch Of Hansel and Gretel
Hansel and Gretel is a famous fairy tale of German origins, Hansel and Gretel are a young brother and sister threatened by a cannibalistic witch living deep in the forest in a house constructed of cake and confectionery.
We know Oda does get “inspired” by tales, and we know Big Mom is a cannibal, at least she did eat some of her underlings. And lets see, what does her island look like?


Big Mom’s Ship and it’s Uniqueness
Big Mom’s flagship was revealed in One Piece Chapter 730, we saw a very unique aspect of this ship, the head of the ship was singing and moving! How can a ship be capable of singing and moving on its own will? Yes, we’ve seen Merry “speak” and move on its own will, but that was due to the love Strawhats showed to the ship.

I believe Big Mom used her powers and/or abilities to animate and bring life to an inanimate object. Because the ship sang and looked at the Sunny Go on its own will, as if it were alive.

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  1. Man you can be right. She also loves candies and the Hansel and Gretel witchs house was a candy house. She can really be a bitch!! Sorry, I mean, witch…

  2. I hope we can make the hat became alive

  3. Abdo Elhawary

    respectable theory ,sir

  4. in connection with this xD Big Mom is Lola’s mother. remember at the end of thriller bark? lola gave something to nami stating that if you got trouble in new world try to ask help from my mom. because she is a great and strong pirate 🙂 just theory though

  5. No, I think she’s a logia type – simply Acid Woman. Because the 4 yonkos now are complete: 1 logia (Big Mam), 1 Zoan(Kaido), 1 paramecia(Blackbeard) and 1 non-DF-Haki user(Shanks) to prove that any type of DF user can become strong special figure..

    • You have a point… But the…. Can’t his^^ theory cant be wrong either…
      But you do have a good point…


    Watch this video, it will undeniably prove that Big Mom is a witch – or at least a very powerful user of magic.

  7. Rendy jimenez valleja

    I hope she can revived ace sama someday..i really hope so.

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