Jerma 66, or Warmonger, is an evil ‘mythical’ army lead by Sanji’s family, the Vinsmokes, with Sanji’s father being the head. They are most likely very powerful, seeing Nami’s reaction. She viewed it as ‘a load of crap’, meaning that Jerma 66 was so crazy it almost seemed like the organization was sculpted out of a tall tale.


Notice their choice of words. She says ‘make believe’, with Pekoms telling her it does indeed exist. It most be widely known, and to assuage normal people’s fears, someone has been telling them it is make believe and a myth.
The influence that they have is massive. They can easily get the WG to give/change bounties. This in my opinion can only mean two things.
1. They have something the WG wants.
2. The WG acknowledges them as a threat and gives them what they want before they lash out against them.
What I am trying to make out of this is that Jerma 66 is a crazy strong organization that is feared by the WG and is powerful enough to be considered a myth.
Now, to Capone. Capone has been in Big Mom’s ranks for an unknown amount of time. He is the leader of the Fire Tank Pirates, as well as a Mafia Boss. I have previously theorized about him betraying Big Mom, and I’ve been starting to think about a few things. What does Big Mom want that Capone have, or what she may have that Capone will want in the future? I think Jerma 66 may possibly hold the key to that.
Right now we do not know much about Jerma 66 other than what we have already been presented in earlier chapters. But, I am leaning towards Jerma 66 having something the WG wants, since they would have to be absurdly powerful to rival them. I started thinking about the wedding/tea party. We don’t know much about the tea party, but I am assuming that they would be lavish parties that took a long amount of time to plan. Capone may have join once he heard that Jerma 66 may soon be affiliated with Big Mom.
What does Capone want from Jerma? He may want to take over and use it to ascend to a higher ranking in the pirate world, or they may have something they have.

*Theory by Fishman Ibra

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