Zoro vs Sanji

D: Zoro and Sanji are always fighting! I was reading One Piece and thought it was odd that Zoro never seems to refer Sanji by his name, so I went back and checked!  I counted them up from Volume 5 to 66! Here are the results, ranked by frequency!!!

How Zoro Has Referred to Sanji How Sanji Has Referred to Zoro
(16 times)
  • “You bastard” (てめェ Temee?)

SBS73 5 Zoro 1st
(33 times)
  • “You bastard” (てめェ Temee?)

SBS73 5 Sanji
(11 times)
  • “You” (Rude) (お前 Omae?)

(9 times)
  • “You” (Rude) (お前 Omae?)

(6 times)
  • “Cook” (コック Kokku?)

(7 times)
  • “You” (Slurred) (おめェ Omee?)、
  • “Marimo” (マリモ Marimo?)

(3 times)
  • “Stupid” (バカ Baka?)

(6 times)
  • “Zoro” (ゾロ?)、
  • “Shitty bastard” (クソ野郎 Kuso Yarō?)

(2 times)
  • “Hey” (おい Oi?)、
  • “That guy” (あいつ Aitsu?)、
  • “That bastard” (あの野郎 Ano Yarō?)、
  • “You” (slurred) (おめェ Omee?)、
  • “Stupid cook” (バカコック Baka Kokku?)

(4 times)
  • “That bastard” (あの野郎 Ano Yarō?)

(3 times)
  • “This guy” (こいつ Koitsu?)

(1 time)
  • “This guy” (こいつ Koitsu?)、
  • “Idiot cook” (アホコック Aho Kokku?)、
  • “Stupid bastard” (バカ野郎 Baka Yarō?)、
  • “Shitty cook” (クソコック Kuso Kokku?)、
  • “Amazing eyebrows” (素敵マユゲ Suteki Mayuge?)、
  • “That” (あれ Are?)、
  • “Ero-kappa” (エロガッパ Ero-gappa?)、
  • “Idiot” (アホ Aho?)、
  • “Stupid eyebrows” (バカマユゲ Baka Mayuge?)、
  • “Darts” (ダーツ Dātsu?)、
  • “Darts Eyebrow” (ダーツまゆげ Dātsu Mayuge?)、
  • “Swirly swirly” (ぐるぐる Guru guru?)、
  • “Hoge-” (「ほげー」 Hogē?)、
  • “Mr. Nosebleed” (Mr.鼻血 Misutā Hanaji?)、
  • “Clumsy cook” (ヘボコック Hebo Kokku?)、
  • “Nosebleed-kun” (鼻血くん Hanadi-kun?)
(2 times)
  • “Hey” (オイ Oi?)、
  • “Stupid” (バカ Baka?)、
  • “Idiot swordsman” (アホ剣士 Aho Kenshi?)

(1 time)
  • “Pseudo swordsman” (どっかの剣士 Dokka no Kenshi?)、
  • “Roronoa Zoro” (ロロノア・ゾロ Roronoa Zoro?)、
  • “Shitty swordsman” (クソ剣士 Kuso Kenshi?)、
  • “Marimo-kun” (マリモ君 Marimo-kun?)、
  • “Stupid swordsman” (バカ剣士 Baka Kenshi?)、
  • “Shitty lost child bastard” (クソ迷子野郎 Kuso Maigo Yarō?)、
  • “That guy” (あいつ Aitsu?)、
  • “Cactus-kun” (サボテン君 Saboten-kun?)、
  • “Stupid musclehead” (体力バカ Tairyoku Baka?)、
  • “Marimo Head” (まりもヘッド Marimo Heddo?)、
  • “That idiot” (あのバカ Ano Baka?)、
  • “Marimo Man” (マリモマン Marimo Man?)、
  • “Idiot marimo” (バカマリモ Baka Marimo?)、
  • “Oaf” (マヌケ Manuke?)、
  • “Algae” ( Mo?)、
  • “Marimo Swordsman” (マリモ剣士 Marimo Kenshi?)、
  • “Zoro-kun” (ゾロ君 Zoro-kun?)、
  • “That” (アレ Are?)、
  • “Lost child marimo” (迷子マリモ Maigo Marimo?)、
  • “Greenie” ( Midori?)

In conclusion, Sanji does in fact refer to Zoro by name, but Zoro does not return the favor! P.N. Little Marron

O: …Okay. Thank you very much, Little Marron! So you counted them all… This was very fun to read! Some of these terms made me wonder when they’d said these things. Indeed, I have trouble imagining Zoro calling him “Sanji” by name. Not once, eh? Wow. Well, they might not get along well, but they’re both valuable, trustworthy men who have Luffy’s back. So let’s forgive them their squabbles (laughs).

One Piece Mythological Connections


Raijin: Raijin was created by the divine pair Izanami and Izanagi after the creation of Japan. There is a legend which says the eight lightning gods were charged with protection of the Dharma by the Buddha. Depicted as a muscled man carrying a series of drums, which he uses to make the rumbling sound of thunder.

Davy Jones: Davy Jones is not a pirate legend, it is a sailor’s legend. It’s important to note that in legend Davy Jones is not the Captain of the Flying Dutchman. The name is best known in the expression ‘Davy Jones’s locker,’ meaning the bottom of the sea, to which drowned sailors go. And that he would Perch among the rigging on the eve of hurricanes:, ship-wrecks, and other disasters to which sea-faring life is exposed, warning the devoted wretch of death and woe. The story of Davy Jones is a combination of many different legends that were blended together from various different cultures. Some say he was a pub owner in London and others say in Wales, who would pull out drugged rum from a locker and give it to unsuspecting sailors who would then pass out and wake up on a pirate ship. It is also said that Davy is a compromise of the word “duppy” which is a West Indian term for a malevolent spirit that would cause harm.

The Flying Dutchman: The true legend of the Flying Dutchman takes place off the coast of Cape Town. A captain named Van Der Deckon set sail after unloading all of his cargo, though his crew begged him not to. He sailed straight into a hurricane; the weather was so horrible that he had to leash himself to the helm to prevent him from being swept over board. In the midst of the storm he called out “God cannot even make me change my mind!” and swore that he would sail on until he reached the end of the earth. Shortly after he said these words a ghost appeared on the ship, and the crew dropped dead and when the captain tried to shoot this figure his arm withered. The ship went red in color and disappeared. It is said that it still sails the waters.
In the 14th century,  the chance of salvation was introduced through a woman’s devotion and the opportunity to set foot on land every seven years to seek a faithful wife.


Neptune: Roman god of the sea. Jupiter took the sky, Neptune the sea and Pluto the underworld. One day Neptune saw the water nymph Amphitrite dancing in the island of Naxos and fell in love with her. Had many sons, one named Triton. Tempests and earthquakes were a reflection of his furious rage. Neptune was considered to be the bad-tempered, moody god. Once insulted, he would revenge himself.

Euryale: She is the second eldest of the three Gorgon sisters, her and her sisters possess brass hands, sharp fangs, and hair of living, venomous snakes. She and Stheno are immortal  In some versions of mythology, Euryale also had the ability to turn anyone to stone with her gaze Euryale is noted for her bellowing cries. She is known for her eyes that hold such beauty, that a mortal man caught who looked into them would be caught in their beauty and trapped forever.

Triton: A mythological Greek God, the messenger of the sea. He is the son of Poseidon (Neptune)and Amphitrite God and goddess of the sea respectively, and is herald for his father. He is usually represented as a merman, having the upper body of a human and the tail of a fish. Like his father, he carries a trident. Triton’s special attribute was a twisted conch shell, on which he blew like a trumpet to calm or raise the waves.

Stheno: The eldest of the three Gorgon sister, she killed more men than both her others sisters combined. The sisters are
the daughter of Phorcys and Ceto they were born in the caverns beneath Mt. Olympus. She is known to be the most independent and ferocious, having killed more men than both of her sisters combined. Transformed into a Gorgon because of standing with her sister Medusa. Stheno tends to be depicted as a thin gorgon monster with red snakes curling around her head instead of hair. She had a temper that was said to be extremely violent

Medusa: The youngest and only mortal of the three sisters. A once beautiful woman who was either raped or seduced by the sea god Posiedon in the Temple of Athena. Athena was furious with Medusa. As a punishment, Medusa was changed into a terrible monster, along with her sisters Stheno and Euryale. Gazing directly into her eyes would turn onlookers to stone. Seeing herself thus transformed into so repulsive an object, Medusa fled from her home, never to return. Wandering about, abhorred, dreaded, and shunned by all the world, she now developed into a character, worthy of her outward appearance. Her name translates to “ruler”

Toyotama-hime: Her name mean “luminous jewel” also known as Otohime. She is the Japanese goddess of the sea daughter of Ryujin. She helped a hunter find his hook, and he found love with Toyotama-hime and they were married. Her husband began to long to return to the surface world. She was pregnant with his child and consented, so long as he would promise not to watch when she gave birth. He agreed and built a house for them to live in, and at the time of the birth, his curiosity got the better of him and he looked. He saw a huge black dragon holding a tiny baby. Toyotama-hime, who had changed to her dragon form of to give birth, was ashamed, and she left him and the baby and returned to the sea.

*By elizabethober

Oda revealed the inspirations on which Dressrosa is based

D: Hello, Mr. Oda! I noticed that Dressrosa was based on our home in Spain, so I decided to send you this letter as the speaker of our group. Why did you choose Spain? If you ever have reason to visit Spain, I hope you visit Barcelona’s Saló del Manga (a Catalan manga/anime convention). Nothing to be afraid of! Our women don’t stab you! P.N. Voice of the Pirate King


O: This is a condensed version of a letter I received from Spain. The Japanese was strange in a few places, so I think that must have come from one of those auto-translation sites. Thanks for the letter. You’re right about Dressrosa. It’s based on Spain, and Ancient Greece for the Colosseum parts.

SBS72 5 Doflamingo

When I took a close look at Doflamingo and tried to think of what country is suited him. I arrived at the conclusion of Spain. I’ve mentioned the lands of One Piece being inspired by real-life countries in the SBS before, but it’s the first time I got feedback from the residents of the country. I can’t be irresponsible in the way I draw, but if you do see anything that seems like a half-baked version of your culture or buildings, please forgive me. Remember, it’s just a manga.

Weird Ways One Piece Has Been Censored

They took out all of the blood, all of the girls cleavage, all the cigarettes (Sanji has lollipops instead!) and even the beer and wine! XD

I wonder how the story can even make sense without all of those stuff…

Here are some edits by 4kids:


Immagine Immagine



Tontattas: Names and Positions

D: It’s nice to make your acquaintance, Oda-sensei. First of all, “You’re not a naughty, big person!” Secondly, those little Tontattas are so goddamn cute! I want to know as many names and positions as possible. Please tell me.

If you don’t, I godda rip all yoh clothes! P.N. Beautiful Lady Swordsman Carrying Meat

O: Huh? But I’m already naked… Okay! Here you go!

SBS73 6 Dwarf Profiles


Top Row: Gancho (Tonta-Chief); Leo (Tonta-Troop Leader); Bomba and Rampo (Vice-Chiefs); Kabu and Bian(Aviation Squad).

Middle Row: Flapper; Bobomba (Bomba’s younger brother); Maujii; Nubon; Pellini.

Bottom Row: Grabar (Leo’s grandmother); Inhel, Cotton, Wicca, Baxcon and Daikon (Reconnaissance Squad).

Oda revealed which scene made him cry the most!

D: Oda-sensei, as you were drawing this series, which scene made you cry the most so far? Please tell us.             P.N. ca- 100

O: Woah. Splendid… This. These are the kinds of serious questions I look for. 

Personally, there really are lots of scenes that made me tear up as I drew them. There are even times where the drawing becomes so tough for me from all the feelings, that I have to leave my desk for a breather. As for the scene that made me cry the most, or rather, the scene that was especially tough for me to draw, I do remember that the scene from the Alabasta arc where Vivi keeps screaming “Please…!!! Stop fighting!!!” (Volume 23) was so hard to draw that I had to put my pen down. Though there are countless instances like this the more I try to recall. I guess it would have to be this one—.


Would Buggy be able to get past the “Bird Cage”?

D: Oda-sensei–!! Buggy would be able to get past the “Bird Cage”, wouldn’t he!!!         P.N. Mr. DoMyChores

O: You’re right, he would–.

Even if you put him in the bird cage with his crewmates, he’d still escape by himself!

This is a nice picture (→) badly hand-drawn illustration of buggy split in half by reader provided

SBS78 4 Buggy

Meaning of Law’s name


Law’s full name, Trafalgar D. Water Law, consists of two great battles, The Battle of Trafalgar and Waterloo, which cost Napoleon his emperorship. One of the mentioned battles destroyed his coalition with Spain.

The Battle of Trafalgar and Waterloo  ≈ Trafalgar Law

Napoleon ≈ Doflamingo

Spain ≈ Kaido

Zoro’s Santoryu Ogi: Ichidai Sanzen Daisen Sekai

It’s an enhanced version of “Sanzen Sekai”. Zoro delivers massive slashes to his opponent one after another. This technique can be done airbone and is capable of cutting through a large amount of solid stone with ease. This was first used against Pica, slashing several times his giant stone body to lure him out and defeat him with the final slash of the move. When Zoro used this technique he used Haki on his swords to make them more durable and the attack even stronger. Three Thousand Great Thousand Worlds, often shortened to simply Three Thousand Worlds or Great Thousand Worlds, refers to Buddhist cosmology.


Straw Hat Pirates’ Dreams

Monkey D. Luffy
– Luffy`s dream is to become the Pirate King like Gol D Roger. He started dreaming when he was a child in the East Blue which is his home town. His idol is pirate Shanks which eventually became one of the pirate’s Emperor.
Roronoa Zoro
– Zoro’s dream is to become the world’s greatest swordsman. His dream started when he was a child where he can’t beat his childhood rival opponent. In order to achieve it he needs to compete to all swordsman in the world and beat them all. He is also dreaming to defeat the Swordsman king Dracule Mihawk in order to become the world’s greatest swordsman. 
Black Leg Sanji
– Sanji’s dream is to find the legendary place All Blue. In this place all the fishes and ocean creatures have gathered. His dream started when he was a child and trapped in a huge stone in the middle of the ocean.
Cat Burglar Nami
– Nami’s dream is to create the map of the whole world. In order to fulfill her dream she needs to travel in the whole world with his nakama(friends).
Sniper King Sogeking (Ussop)
– Ussop’s dream is to become a brave warrior of the sea like his father and to become the Sniper King of the world in order to help his captain to achieve his dream. 
Devil Child Nico Robin
– Robin’s dream is to find the Rio Poneglyph which tells the true history of the One Piece world including the void century(900 years from now). She is also continuing the research of her teacher Clover from his hometown.
Tony Tony Chopper
– Chopper’s dream is to become a great doctor that can cure and heal any diseases in the world and to travel with his friend around the world.
Cyborg Franky
-Franky’s dream is to build his dream ship and travel until the end of the Grand Line. His dream ship can overcome any battles and adventure where ever they are. 
Humming Brook
-Brooks ambition is to help his captain achieve his dream and to return in his hometown to meet his pet Laboon which is a whale. 
Credits : TWG