Inspiration for Sabo

Sabo is based on something Oda-sensei likes : The character Artful Dodger from Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, who is a part of a gang of child thieves and uses a trademark – a top hat was the main inspiration for making Sabo.

olivertwist1922 sabo 1 sabo 2


Crocodile printed on the paper Cora-san was reading

D: I have a question for Odacchi. In “The White City”, chapter 762 of volume 76, during the scene where Law stabs Cora-san, I found Crocodile printed on the paper Cora-san was reading.

So what was that article about?          P.N. Yamamoto・Sugiyama・Hori

SBS78 3 Crocodile

O: Yes. I’m quite impressed you found this one~. As you’ve pointed out, if you look really closely, you can find Crocodile there.

This was from the time when Law was 10 and Doflamingo was 25; 16 years ago from now. Crocodile was 30 at the time.

Similar to Luffy, back when he was young, Crocodile’s name spread across the seas with incredible momentum, but soon after he was admitted into the Shichibukai in his mid-20’s, he tried to fight Whitebeard and was completely and utterly crushed by him.

Though he seemingly calmed down at this point, his eyes became set on the kingdom of Alabasta, and it happened to be precisely during this time period that he was being featured in the papers as a hero who hunted down pirates. In other words, that was an article reporting the acts of heroism by Crocodile at the time!

Where the name Megalo came from

D: Question! About Megalo-chan, his model… rather, where his name came from; is he named after a large shark called “Megalodon” that was thought to have existed way back when? I also heard that they may still exist? P.N. Miha


O: Yes. Right on spot. Megalodon indeed. They are said to be the ancestors of the Great White Shark, and when a fossil of it’s tooth that was found, its estimated size was about 13m~20m or so. Well, it probably was a horrifying monster. I am drawing Megalo as this “Megalodon”.

When Chopper turns down Nami’s invitation to join her in the bath

D: In chapter 654, Chopper turns down Nami’s invitation to join her in the bath, saying “I wiped myself down the day before yesterday”, right? Is it because he’s a boy? Or a fruit user? Or maybe… because he’s an animal? I’m also interested in the bathing information for the rest of the Strawhat crew. Penname- Katana Roman

SBS67 6 Chopper

O: Well, in Chopper’s case, I have a strong feeling that perhaps it’s because he’s an animal. Wiping his body down pretty much counts as a bath for him. Sometimes, the men of the crew have a Great Bath Party together and get really rowdy. Chopper gets invited to bathe with the ladies a lot, but he prefers the men’s parties.

If the members of the Shichibukai were genderswapped with the Horu Horu no Mi ability, what would happen?

D: If the members of the Shichibukai were genderswapped with the Horu Horu no Mi ability, what would happen?             P.N. YMEK

O: You all really love this stuff, don’t you. It’s starting to get kinda weird, y’know??

Shichibukai Genders Swapped

Crocodile: “Kuhaha <3 I won’t trust a single soul, but I totally believe in divination”

Moriah: “Y’all better do your shit <3”

Hancock: “I’ll be forgiven. That’s right, ’cause I’m hot”

Teach: “Huh? Black beard? I don’t grow one”

Doflamingo: “It begins… the cake buffet”

Jinbe: “I can’t thank you en…ice body!!”

Mihawk: “You must surpass my beauty”

Kuma: “Hey heeeey, if you could go on vacay, where’d you wanna gooo?”

How many people can Nami’s Happiness Punch take out?

D: Luffy’s Haoshoku Haki can take out 50,000 people, but how many people can Nami’s Happiness Punch take out?          P.N. Captain Nobuo


O: Oho–. I see. This is tough showdown, isn’t it. Well let’s see, if we were to talk about these two using their techniques with their own bodies alone, Nami’s Happiness Punch would only work among “visible range”, so it would probably not be able to compete against Luffy’s haki. However, if we are allowed to take the usage of Visual Den Den Mushi into consideration, Luffy’s Haki will not be able to convert into willpower-radio waves, but Nami will be able to attack various locations around the world at once, and thus victory would become Nami’s. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the “Happiness Punch” also deals a great amount damage to one’s wallet as it requires the payment of 100,000 belis per person, and in this way, it can be confirmed that this attack is a great deal nastier than Haki in general.

Did You Know?


Straw Hats Trivia

D: Oda-sensei! Please tell me the order in which the members of the Straw Hat Pirates joined the crew! I’m really grateful! P.N. Yoshikawa

O: New readers!! Yep, that’s right. I didn’t realize. One Piece has been going for 15 years already. P.N. Maaa-kun is 10 years old. Then I’ll tell you. When you grow up, try reading about the origins of the Straw Hat Pirates. The inset numbers are the order in which the crew members joined. This is the first time that the heights of the crew members two years later have been released in the volumes. By the way, before the Thousand Sunny, the ship they sailed in was the Going Merry .


When Rob Lucci killed 500 hostages and took the captain’s head

D: In Chapter 422, it said that Rob Lucci killed 500 hostages and took the captain’s head. Why did he have to kill the 500 hostages? by Wiper is the Coolest!!


ODA: I know, why? It’s terrible. Why couldn’t he just kill the bad guys? However, I had to shorten some things to make the pace move quicker. Lucci is a man who believes that “weakness is a sin”. Therefore, if these soldiers were weak enough to be captured and expose the country to danger, they could do the same thing again in the future. So he arrived at the answer that these weak soldiers did not have the right to live, and took action accordingly. It’s a hair-raising philosophy. Thanks for beating him, Luffy!!

Straw Hats & Oda’s favorite food

D: Sorry this is so sudden, Oda-sensei. Luffy’s favorite food is meat. What about everyone else on the crew? And you yourself, Oda-sensei???? Chapapapapaa! P.N. I Like Cup Ramen!!!


O: These are their favorites!!

  • Zoro: White rice, sea monster meat, stuff that goes with ale
  • Nami: Oranges, all fruit
  • Usopp: Pike from autumn islands, fish of the season
  • Sanji: Spicy seafood pasta, stuff that goes with black tea
  • Chopper: Cotton candy, chocolate, sweet stuff
  • Robin: Sandwiches, cakes that aren’t too sweet, stuff that goes with coffee
  • Franky: Hamburgers, french fries, stuff that goes with cola
  • Oda: Often changes. Currently, qing jiao rou si.