What happened to Sanji?

At the end of the last manga chapter, Chopper and Nami were shown and they appeared to be safe and in good hands. The fate of Sanji, Brook, Momonosuke and Caesar are still unknown but Nami seems to have grave news. He hugged Luffy as soon as he saw him and she was crying. Zoro was shown to notice something on Nami before all of this happened but the chapter ended at that moment.


A lot of people seem to agree that something bad has happened to Sanji and that whatever happened involved a fight against Jack of some sort. Some of the theories predict that Sanji was captured by Jack and subsequently the Marines or that after a tough battle his life is now so close to death that not even Chopper can save him. What do you think? What happened to Sanji? And where are Brook, Momonosuke and Caesar?

Oda was asked what is Luffy’s mother like? Here is the answer.

John Irons: What is Luffy’s mother like? Was she beautiful? What happened to her? Did she die when Luffy was a baby?

Oda: I think she’s alive. I’m still thinking hard about this. [Laughs] But if she does appear in the story, then she’ll be a very tough-looking woman. And strict. There’s no way that she’s a beautiful mother. She’s got this typical middle-aged woman’s permed hair.

Oda was asked what is Luffy’s mother like Here is the answer


D: Hello for the first time, Oda-sensei. I’ve read all the previous 57 volumes, and I was thinking, I don’t quite understand how “Phoenix Marco”‘s Zoan fruit of the “legendary beast” kind is different from Ace’s “Meramera” fruit. P.N. CNYfed978d9410c31127c34a70d89847506

O: Yeah, I know… I’ve omitted the explanation from this war arc, because I focused on the pacing and wanted to move the story forward. To explain Marco’s ability just a little bit: he’s Zoan, so he does have a body. But since he’s got “the blue fire of revival” – the Phoenix’s ability – wounds will regenerate, so attacks will not damage him (though there’s a limit to the regeneration). In other words, the flames are for regeneration. These blue flames don’t have the characteristics of actual fire – they don’t spread and burn things, and they aren’t hot. They’re completely different from Ace’s flames. I might touch on this in the main story at some point, so I’ll leave it at this fo

What’s Your Favorite One Piece Arc?

Dressrosa is finally over. So far One Piece has had 28 story arcs (and counting). Some so very long spanning across a year and others so short that it’s barely few months.b188f9bca12b41e1a9f84e0956c72a5b11f75ff9_hq

By length:

1. Dressrosa Arc: 101 chapters
2. Skypiea Arc: 66 chapters
3. Alabasta Arc: 63 chapters
4. Enies Lobby Arc: 56 chapters
5. Water 7 Arc: 53 chapters
6. Fishman Island Arc: 51 chapters
7. Thriller Bark Arc: 48 chapters
8. Punk Hazard Arc: 46 chapters
9. Marineford Arc: 31 chapters
10. Arlong Park Arc: 27 chapters
11. Baratie Arc: 27 chapters
12. Drum Island Arc: 25 chapters
13. Impel Down Arc: 25 chapters
14. Sabaody Archipelago Arc: 24 chapters
15. Syrup Village Arc: 20 chapters
16.Davy Back Fight Arc: 19 chapters
17. Jaya Arc: 19 chapters
18. Post-War Arc: 17 chapters
19. Little Garden Arc: 15 chapters
20. Buggy the Clown Arc: 14 chapters
21. Amazon Lily Arc: 11 chapters
22. Post-Enies Lobby Arc: 11 chapters
23. Whiskey Peak Arc: 9 chapters
24. Romance Dawn Arc: 7 chapters
25. Laboon Arc: 5 chapters
26. Logue Town Arc: 5 chapters
27. Return to Sabaody Arc: 5 chapters

Then, Wich is your favorite Story Arc?

Strawhats’ favorite dishes to cook

D: In the Straw Hat Crew, Sanji is obviously the one who is the best at cooking, but who else is good at cooking? What is everyone’s speciality dish?

P.N. I created the praying mantis rooster.

O: Well then, I’ll be presenting to you what each member is best at making.

SBS79 2 Straw Hat Cooking

(Luffy: Raw Meat on a Plate, Zoro: Sashimi, Nami: Roasted Duck with Orange Sauce, Usopp: Fish & Chips, Chopper: Mixed Juice, Robin: Boiled Paella, Franky: Barbecue, Brook: Churrasco)

Sanji is the best at cooking seafood, but he is overall good at making just about anything. Also, this has to do with how these characters grew up, but generally the ones other than Sanji who can actually do some decent cooking would be narrowed down to pretty much Nami, Usopp, and Robin.

Other members can pretty much just kind of slice, roast, and mix ingredients.

Oh, also, Nami’s cooking requires a premium fee even among crew members.


Benn Beckman

During one of the SBS Oda said that Benn Beckman has the highest IQ of all characters introduced in One Piece so far. By the time of the interview, One Piece was still in the East Blue saga. Later on, after a couple of arcs, the same question appeared and Oda replied that Benn Beckman is still the smartest character. He is a great crewmate, who posseses astonishing wisdom, strenght and advises Shanks.


Oda Revealed What the One Piece Isn’t. Here is what he said about it!

Upon asking Oda whether the ending of One Piece was already determined, Oda answered:

Eiichiro Oda: “Yes, I already decided on how it’s going to end. Should I tell you now?”

Momoko Sakura: “Well, I want to know, but I probably shouldn’t. But, the One Piece, it’s not something like “the growth your heart went through”, right?”

Eiichiro Oda: “Hahaha, no no, I won’t be pulling off some kind of Wizard of Oz thing like that. After having gone through an adventure like that, it wouldn’t be fair to not actually give them a reward.”

Then we could deduce that the One Piece ISN’T “a dream”, or “the bonds created among the straw hat crew” etc.


The Straw Hats’ wanted posters are updated with new Bounties and images from after the time skip.12064165_10206194258430159_1066278547_n

  • Luffy: Beli500,000,000
    • Luffy’s bounty is tied with Law’s for highest of The Worst Generation.
    • His new bounty image looks almost identical to his previous one.  Beli500,000,000 for defeating Ceasar Clown, for defeatingDonquixote Doflamingo of the Shichibukai and forming an alliance with theHeart Pirates
  • Zoro: Beli320,000,000
    • Zoro’s bounty is now tied with that of Basil Hawkins.  Beli320,000,000 for his involvement with helping take down ex-Shichibukai Donquixote Doflamingo and taking down elite officer Pica of theDonquixote Pirates
  • Robin: Beli130,000,000
    • Beli130,000,000 after helping take down ex-Shichibukai Donquixote Doflamingo and the Donquixote Pirates
  • Usopp: Beli200,000,000
    • After helping take down ex-Shichibukai Donquixote Doflamingo, sniping down officer Sugar of the Donquixote Pirates and for saving the enslaved people of Dressrosa, Usopp’s bounty has been increased to Beli200,000,000. . This poster shows Usopp’s name and face instead of Sogeking, and uses the nickname “God Usopp”.
  • Franky: Beli94,000,000
    • After helping take down ex-Shichibukai Donquixote Doflamingo, and for taking down officer Senor Pink of the Donquixote Pirates, Franky’s bounty has been increased to Beli94,000,000. The Franky Shogun is used for the photo.
  • Sanji: Beli177,000,000
    • After the events on Dressrosa, Sanji’s bounty has been increased to Beli177,000,000, and the picture on the poster has changed to display his real face, albeit with a perverted, lovestruck expression. However, with the bounty change came a change of capture. For an unknown reason, Sanji is now only wanted Alive, unlike the rest of the crew who is wanted Dead or Alive
  • Nami: Beli66,000,000
    • After the events on Dressrosa, Nami’s bounty has been increased to Beli66,000,000 with a new picture with a pose like her past one
  • Brook: Beli83,000,000
    • After the events on Dressrosa, Brook’s bounty has now been updated after fifty years, with his new bounty being increased to Beli83,000,000, and with the addition of one of his old concert posters being used as his bounty picture. Also, Brook’s new poster is now officially under the title of his stage name, “Soul King” Brook
  • Chopper: Beli100
    • After the events on Dressrosa, Chopper’s bounty has been increased to Beli100. Just like Nami’s new poster, Chopper’s new bounty picture is similar in appearance to his old one

Luffy made a cameo in DBZ before One Piece was even released :D


A Chinese net user uploaded a panel from what’s supposedly an old Dragon Ball manga. In it, you can see the back of a straw hat (kinda like Luffy’s) and a skinny character in a tank top (kinda like Luffy). This seems to be the only place that this character pops up.

Here’s the catch: the original Dragon Ball, where this was apparently discovered, ran until 1995. One Piece didn’t start until 1997.

So did this panel influence Oda? Not sure. Maybe. Or maybe it’s just a coincidence. 

Track the stylistic evolution of Eiichiro Oda’s most famous One Piece characters

One Piece’s stylistic evolution


A recent post by a Japanese internet forum user showed the evolution of series’ creator Eiichiro Oda’s artwork by comparing older pictures of the Straw Hat Pirates with more recent ones side-by-side. While most of the changes are fairly subtle, the slight differences were still enough to spark an online debate about which of the two drawing styles is better.Which is your personal preference?

In this writer’s humble opinion, Oda’s character designs have hardly changed at all (with the exception of Chopper), especially when compared with the drastic stylistic changes of other famous manga artists over time (in particular, I’m thinking of Akira Toriyama’s legendary Dragon Ball, Kosuke Fujishima’s Oh My Goddess!, or even my personal favorite, Rumiko Takahashi’s Inuyasha).

It’s only natural that an established artist’s style will evolve over time in response to personal preference or outside influences. Masashi Kishimoto, author of the recently concluded Naruto manga, has even stated that he adapted his drawing style to more closely resemble that of the anime series once it began airing. Of course, the fans themselves can have differing opinions about whether those changes are for the better or worse.