We all know that D’s are the enemies of the God by what Corazon said


From this,many people say that “D” stands for Devil…well,Devil is not God’s enemy,he is just opposite of him.
Devil was supposed to be the first angel,the one who will resemble the God,but he was too selfish and wanted to be God and later he was banished…it doesn’t fit D characters to be the Devil.

Just like Shicibukai(warlords),yonkou (4 emperors),”D” will be a word on JAPANESE !!
DEVIL is read in Japaneses AS AKUMA… :arghh:/=A
Meanwhile DAEMON is read as Dēmon :arghh:D – read the rest

Real enemy of the Gods are Demons(Daemon – is just good version,turned bad,demons were always bad)…but there is more to it

“Daemons were created by the will of Zeus,from the people of Golden Age,to serve mortals as guardian spirits,they remain low in number,invisible,but only known for their acts.They offer good fortune to those who respect them”… – this sounds like what D is…
Let me explain
Golden age is the period where the humans didn’t have to work or do anything..they were the first humans ever..this will be mentioned later in this theory…

D’s are known to be very low in number,they also are very lucky,which brings them good fortune,but only those who are with them..enemies better run.

Daimons/Daimonic – as a literary term, it can mean the dynamic unrest that exists in us all that forces us into the unknown,be it tragic or discovery path.

This also sounds like D…they don’t know what is up ahead of’s unknown..
But D’s always had a tragic past,which would lead them to some kind of journey they would go on – discovery
Self destruction –>>> Self discovery

You know – D’s are natural enemies of the God..but why ?
Daemon has another meaning


I believe the current World Government that call themselves Gods..aren’t real Gods,they took the throne from D’ know how i said about Golden Age – where people lived peacefully,no one ever worked..but Daemons had to serve people…well,this is where it all went to hell…

It’s said that Daemons are very similar(again sounds like D’s)..but different..there are Evil and Good ones

But Daemons are supposed to be protectors of mortals..well
Deity’s started calling Daemons evil,dangerous and lesser spirits..
This sounds like something WG and Celestial Dragons would do..they would take throne from Gods and they would pronounce themselves gods..and others who were helping “lower” kind and those who know what kind of people D’s are,would be called evil and dangerous.

This is what was wrong..after this,D’s were the bad guys and CD and WG were good world needed to get rid of D’s..but their will still lives on

“A special being watches over each individual, a daimon who has obtained the person at his birth”
This sounds like D’s will is being passed on..Roger’s will to Luffy..and Ace’s to Sabo – when he ate DF,it’s like he was reborn,he ate Ace’s soul – this sounds stupid,but he took over his will

As i said,there are good and evil Daemons – Luffy/Blackbeard…let’s see characteristics of Good and Evil D
Good-good, brave, noble, moral, lucky, useful – sounds like Luffy,he is good,brave,always lucky and useful when he wants to be
Evil-malevolent,bad,evil – nothing much,but this pretty much sums up Blackbeard

Daemon comes from the word DAIO which means “To share destiny”..
Almost every “D” shares same destiny – tragic past(as mentioned),adventure,dream.

As written,Daemon’s are very similar in everything,except there are good and evil.

Daemon has another meaning except’s FATE..which again is similar to D’s..they all have same fate..

Now for those who said,that D will be something on Japanese,just like yonkou(4 emperors)…

Daemon in Japanese is read as Dēmon,while Devil is read as Akuma..
Will of Daemons lives on..or the Will of Fate,Destiny and Gods

*Theory by Doctor Room


Hello once again everybody and welcome back to another theory for your entertainment and my Ebola. This time we shall dive into the origins of Monkey D. Dragon and the creation of the Revolutionary Army. This will talk about how Dragon meet Kuma, Ivankov and Dr. Vegapunk.

Before I start, I would first like to say that Monkey D. Dragon was NEVER an admiral. If he was, why is Dragon so mysterious and unknown even among the marines? Who could say that the Gorosei blacklisted him and erased his existence, but that still wouldn’t make sense becausepeople do not forget so easily. The existence of Avalo Pizzaro, Catarina Devon, Vasco Shot and San Juan Wolf were erased for years and what happened when they showed up in Marineford? Random fodder marines with one glance knew their names, epithets and the crimes they commented.

Alright. Obviously Dragon is apart of the Monkey D family, but he seems so different from his son and grandfather(still think he is a “moron” though).

All three of them are from Goa country, which consist of Goa kingdom, Foosha Village and the Grey Terminal mountains. Like Luffy, Garp was raised in the mountains.
Dragon however, was raised in the Goa kingdom with the nobles. Garp was poor so he lived in the mountains, but since he was a marine, he had the funds to get a house in Goa kingdom where Dragon was born, to ensure that his son and wife would have a good life.

Garp of course, regularly took Dragon to the mountains to train him to be a marine, and Dragon developed a sense of justice very early in life. Dragon periodically went to Grey Terminal trash heap, where he became friends with the commoners and learned the value of human life.

Seeing the difference between the nobles and commoners made Dragon upset. He believed that everyone should be equal and was disgusted with how the nobles treat the commoners like trash and kills them off without batting an eye.


Dragon wanted to change Goa kingdom, but he didn’t have the power to do so. He didn’t want to become a marine because his father was a famous Vice Admiral who had little pull with the WG. Monkey D. Dragon joined the World Government itself or more specifically, Cipher Pol.

Dragon was “special” because he was the son of Garp and because was already very intelligent and strong(due to Garp’s training), he moved up the Cipher Pol’s like wildfire.

Dragon has always been curious about his D lineage, as even Garp has no idea what it meant. Dragon got really curious and confused because of this:
The rivalry between Gol D. Roger and Monkey D. Garp.
Both men had ‘D’ in their name but according to Garp, they apparently come from different families and have no relation to each other.

While a member of Cipher Pol however, Dragon meet two people: Jaguar D. Saul and Dr. Vegapunk, who is also a ‘D’. Like Dragon, Saul was curious about his D lineage but he didn’t think too much about it. Vegapunk however, was very curius like Dragon. They became friends and Dragon was shocked to learn of the terrible experiments the WG make Vegapunk do. Despite that, two secretly worked together to find out more about their lineage.

Dragon always believed in moral justice, but his justice is very extreme just like Saul, who easily defected from the marines to do what he felt was right. Dragon time in Cipher Pol revealed quite a bit about the lies of the WG, but that is expected with a government system. Dragon’s disgust with the WG hit a boiling point when he was promoted to the same position as these guys:
Cipher Pol Aegis 0.

As a member of CP0, Dragon worked directly under the Tenryubitto and Gorosei. CP0 specializes in cover ups, blackmail, lies and murder and Dragon had a front row seat to the Gorosei and Tenryubitto’s corruption. He thought Goa kingdom was bad, but nothing compared to the Tenryubittos and they controlled the world. Dragon knew that freedom wouldn’t be realized as long as the current WG exist, but he still tried to change the WG from the inside.

Dragon came to loguetown 24 years ago to witness the death of a follow D that he questioned whether he was good or bad. The WG obviously says he’s a bad guy but from Garp’s stories, Gol D. Roger was a good man.

2 years after Roger was executed(22 years ago), Dragon was 100% convinced that he had no chance of changing the WG from the inside. The reason for that was because of the Ohara Massacre.

In this massacre, he learned from Kuzan that his friend Jaguar D. Saul was killed and that innocent refuges were slaughtered.

CP9 was tasked with making sure that the massacre was a success. If CP9 was informed, so was CP0 and….

Dragon overheard Clover’s speech. He knew that the WG was hiding something and it had to be destroyed. As long as the WG exist, there will be no freedom. Dragon defected from the WG but for the WG, he simply disappeared.

Dragon informed 2 people of his defection: Vegapunk and Kuzan. Vegapunk agreed with Dragon that a revolution was necessary and decided to remain in the WG as Dragon’s inside man, while Dragon carefully creates and expands his organization. Kuzan however, turned down the offer as he thought a revolution was too extreme and thought he could change the WG as a marine. Dragon never told his father because he’d knew Garp would try to stop him.
Now then over the past 22 years, Dragon has created the most dangerous organization that the WG has ever seen.

Vegapunk is a revolutionary spy in the WG.

And Dragon’s left and right hand is Emperio Ivankov and Bartholomew Kuma.
[​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

They were with Dragon 12 years ago at Grey Terminal.
So in the timespan of 10 years, Dragon recruited Kuma and Ivankov. Lets into more detail with Kuma and Ivankov’s recruitment.

Ivankov was Dragon’s first revolutionary recruit. Reason I say this is because Ivankov seems to be the revolutionary who knows Dragon the best.

They even love watering snails together.

Now the question is, why did Ivankov join the revolutionaries? Well we need to recap on some things about Ivankov first.

Ivankov is the queen of Kamabakka Kingdom which translates to “Kingdom of Transvestites.”

I really don’t think transvestites are treated equally in the OP world as many men reacted indifferently to them(much like in real life). In Impel Down, the guards shouted “Look at what they are wearing!”, “What the heck are they wearing!?” and “They are dressed to kill!”

Kamabakka Kingdom is a place for freedom; where people can be what they want to be without being judged. Dragon meet Ivankov on Kamabakka island and treated him and everyone else on the island like an equal. Not only that, Dragon probably saved saved Kamabakka kingdom from WG agents who tried to destroy it. Kamabakka kingdom is just as well known as Amazon Lily, and they are famous for their body enchancing cuisine. Ivankov most likely turned down an offer to become allies with the WG, so the agents tried to back at them.

Anyways that’s just pure speculation but bottomline is that Dragon promised Ivankov to bring a world where everyone is free and Ivankov followed behind.


Here is where things get interesting. Unlike Ivankov, it wasn’t easy for Dragon to get Kuma to join.

What Ivankov said in Marineford implies that he and Kuma had a SERIOUS fight before. Not only that, Kuma also had a serious fight with Monkey D. Dragon.

Before I get into the fight between Kuma and Dragon, we must first understand Kuma. Obviously Kuma is a bear so lets look at what bears represent.

Bear is spirit keeper of the West, the place of darkness, maturity and good harvest. From this place, Grandfather Bear gives strength, introspection and knowledge.

Bears are active during the night and day. This symbolizes its connection with solar energy, that of strength and power, and lunar energy, that of intuition. It enhances and teaches those with this totem how to develop both within themselves.

Grandfather Bear is a solitary dweller and master of his domain. This teaches us the importance of independent thinking and to seek peace in quite meditation.

Bears are sensitive to Mother Nature’s cycles. They sleep long hours in the winter living on fat stored in their bodies. It teaches us how to go within and find the resources for survival and how to remain balanced amid change. This medicine is a reminder of the great circle of life and rebirth, renewal and fresh beginnings.

Bear is the embodiment of strength and is fierce to a threat on its lair. It is not wise to come between the mother bear and her cubs, teaching us ways to always protect those we love.

In Native American mythology, bears are known as the guardian spirits of the forest.

Smokey the Bear anyone?

Also, take a look at Kuma as a kid and that book he has. It says “Ninokin.”

It refers to Ninomiya Sontoku.
Ninomiya was a prominent agricultural leader, moralist and economist.

Bartholomew Kuma HATED the WG.

And that’s because the WG burned down Kuma’s village in the forest and it was no accident. Helping his people rebuild, Kuma was enraged and decided to become his people’s protector with his Paw Paw Fruit. Any trespasser would get blown away by Kuma.

Of course, Dragon and Ivankov came to the burned down forest and Kuma attacked. Dragon, who wanted to help the poor villagers, thought Kuma was responsible so he ordered Ivankov to hold off Kuma while he tended to the people. Dragon learned the truth from the citizens but before he could go anything, Kuma once again attacked him but he was able of emerge victorious.

Dragon told Kuma of his dream to destroy the WG and bring freedom to the world, but Kuma didn’t believe Dragon as he was a former WG agent. In order to be sure that Dragon was sincere, Kuma had a suggestion: when his village and forest was being burned down, Kuma repelled the pain of all the suffering villagers into a gigantic air bubble, and if Dragon can shoulder the pain of his people, Kuma will join the revolution.

Ivankov of course thought it as outrageous, but Dragon went for it. Much to the shock of Kuma and Ivankov, Dragon survived. This is where Ivankov witnessed Dragon’s inhuman vitality.


Dragon surviving that much pain was a miracle.

With hope that true freedom can be achieved for his people, Kuma joined the revolutionaries and became Dragon’s most loyal friend.
8 years ago, Dragon’s face became known to the world as revolutionary.

It was 12 years ago that Dragon saved the commoners of Goa kingdom.

12 years ago, the Revolutionary Army became active, targeting kingdoms to recruit suffering citizens who wanted freedom. However, during one of his expeditions, there was a big incident involving the marines.


I’m speculating, but I say Dragon had a run-in with the marines(with Doberman and Akainu present) and showcased his Conqueror’s Haki to escape a kingdom with new revolutionaries in hand. Dragon’s unnatural CoC brought forth a storm and blew away a marine fleet.

The Gorosei feared this man as they recognized his description. Monkey D. Dragon became the most wanted man in the world do to him knowing about the WG corruption from being CP0 agent, being Garp’s son, being a D, him looking for the poneglyhs and leading an organization that directly opposes the WG and it will continue to grow until the WG falls.

In the future, Dragon will recruit…

Koshiro. He is not a full-fledge Rev yet, but he is an ally. He gave the revs food after their time in Goa kingdom.

X. Drake. A marine turned pirate to pursue his own justice. Drake joined Kaidou because he wants to severe the WGs weapon shipment with the yonkou and take the said yonkou down.

CP9. They are in an alliance with Drake and believe that pirates will continue to run amok as long as the current WG exist.

Jewelry Bonney
. Bonney hates the WG and all of her reasons for becoming a pirate will soon be gone.

Crocodile. The Croc will lose all ambition to find ancient weapons and will want to exact revenge on the WG for what they did to him.

Kuzan. Kuzan is not a revolutionary yet but he will join once Akainu and WG executes the WG Takeover.

*Theory by Vandenreich


Ok here we go time for another long crazy one, as I attempt to predict the events of the Void Century

Part 1: Descent –

It’s a common theory that the supposed 4th moon race went on to become one of the founding members of the World Government, but how exactly did this all take place?

In the beginning, there were 6 moons –


I believe there is a single inconsistency in this model of the world, created simply through the Oharans lacking information. That being, the presence of the Red Line. Following the destruction of 5 moons, the One Piece world looked like this


Note the absence of the Red Line. Now, that thing circling it, is not a moon track like on the Oharan globe, but a planetary ring of debris from the destruction, similar to that around several planets in our own Solar system. This is how the Red Line was formed. The entirety of this planetary ring fell to the Earth, maintaining it’s shape, forming the Red Line. It was highlighted regularly during Skypiea the importance the moon races place on solid ground, and seeing the vast blue expanse beneath them, they may have felt it necessary to bring more land with them when they eventually migrated due to lack of resources

They inevitably settled in what would eventually become Mariejois

Part 2: Alliance –

Now of course, to the primitive peoples of Earth, the descent of a highly advanced race from the sky could only mean one thing – That they were Gods. The moon people intended to be benevolent Gods, and proposed an alliance of various kingdoms from across the globe to work for the benefit and prosperity of all the world’s inhabitants. What they observed however, was that humanity are a cruel and selfish race who care only for their own greed. The 20 kingdoms that they allied with developed a God complex, and viewing those remaining on the blue sea as inferior, they began to treat them with cruelty. This went doubly so for non-human species

“Wait, the 20 kingdoms they allied with?” I hear you ask. That’s right, I believe that the 4th moon race, the Ancient Kingdom and the 21st member of the alliance are all in fact the same. It was said that the AK had advanced technology, and this would explain that as it is known that the moon people were also ahead of the surface dwellers technologically. I also believe that the reason their back isn’t shown in the panel from Eneru’s cover story is because their defining characteristic (as the other 3 races also possess one) is that they don’t have wings


Part 3: Genocide –

Has it ever seemed strange to anyone that non-human races seem to dwell exclusively within the Grand Line? Most people from the 4 blues consider things like giants to be mere myths. Luffy hadn’t even heard of Fishmen before setting off for Arlong Park. Why is this?

Owing to the fact that they were viewed as disgusting and inferior by the people of the World Government, the non-human races were eliminated in all 4 blues during the void century. The reason that the remainder of these species are unaware of these atrocities is simple – Because they are separated from them by the calm belts, they were unable to witness any of it, and likewise no one was able to bring them the information from outside

Those remaining in the Grand Line were spared for one unpleasant reason – Their usefulness as slaves. Kill enough that they have no chance at fighting back, leave enough to exploit

The purpose of Noah (which I also believe to either be or to contain Pluton) was not only to bring Fishmen to the surface but, as with Noah’s arc, to take in all of the species and protect them from “God”‘s wrath, until the end of the upcoming war

Part 4: War –

Seeing the disgusting acts committed by those who they viewed as allies, the people of the Ancient Kingdom separated themselves from the 21 kingdoms, and declared a war. With their advanced technology, they had at their disposal an immense military might – The ancient weapons. With these, they came very close to winning the war, until at some point the Devil Fruits were created from the fruit of life

With their new army of ability users, the 20 kingdoms quickly turned the tide of the war and overwhelmed the Ancient Kingdom, driving them back until they only had one island left as a base of operations


At this time they had realised that their defeat was inevitable, and so, to ensure that these events would eventually be uncovered, they forged the Poneglyphs. Many of them were then distributed to the territories of the non-human races, as seen throughout the series, as well as one to the only member nation of the 20 kingdoms who refused to take part in their actions – Alabasta. With the Ancient Weapons hidden and the knowledge of them detailed on indestructible stone tablets, preparations were complete and they resigned themselves to their fate

Part 5: Erasure –

In the closing days of the Void Century, after the Ancient Kingdom had already been defeated, the World Government went about the task of ensuring that all records of their existence, as well as the events that ended it, were destroyed. This included book burning and killing all witnesses

It is also at this time that Joyboy is imprisoned in the newly constructed Impel Down, as detailed in a previous theory

With this, the world was led to believe that all is as it has always been. There was always a Red Line. Non-human species were always in such dwindling numbers, and confined to so few places. There were only ever 20 kingdoms in the alliance. The world has always had a single moon

Theory by Go D. Usopp


It’s a long read but hopefully it’s convincing enough and worth the time. Enjoy.

I’ll split this theory in 3 main parts:-
1) Introduction and purpose of the theory
2) Comparisons and similarities between Zoro and Ryuma
3) Foreshadowings and other evidences
So let’s begin.
Disclaimer:- Most of the references in this theory are made to the Monsters one shot by Oda-sensei on Ryuma so in case you haven’t gone through it, I’d suggest you do so as it would be far easier to understand this theory then.

1) Introduction and Purpose
Haven’t you found it intriguing that the first time we saw Zoro was a young determined kid who could already use swords and was training at a dojo, lifting weights and stuff rather than a helpless baby like Nami or a child with known parents like Usopp? Isn’t it quite fascinating that only he and Sanji have absolutely no known Origins and are the 2 people without Devil Fruits with the most mysterious of powers. Regarding Sanji we barely have any hints and all is just speculation but I have some references about Zoro and that is why I chose to make this theory. The purpose is that Zoro’s origins open a wide number of horizons to explore. The reality behind his powers, future arcs and predictions in One Piece etc. can all be discovered sooner or later if we know his origins. (Regarding his powers, Coby when describing Zoro to Luffy said he is a demon incarnated in human form in one of the early episodes in one piece.)
Now with the evidence in hand, I tried to figure out his origins albeit not the immediate parentage exactly. More like an ancestor or someone at least 2 to 3 generations earlier. That person is Ryuma. How? Let’s get onto that.

2) Comparisons and similarities
Comparisons and similarities can be the best of proofs sometimes since we all know genes pass down the generations and some similarities are retained even between some distant generations (Hold your thoughts on me being a lunatic for a while :p)
So let’s see. First and foremost the appearance.
Isn’t the appearance of Ryuma in this colored image pretty similar to pre time-skip Zoro? Oda hasn’t drawn many male characters with similar apperances and usually they are from same lineage eg. A younger Garp and luffy look a little bit similar.

Next up is their behaviour:-
-Both are swordsman and very skilled and honorable ones too. There is no need to explain this as we all have seen Zoro’s fight with Mihawk and in Thriller Bark, Ryuma’s zombie claiming to bring dishonor to the great Samurai’s body. In Monsters, Ryuma mentions something called ‘Warrior’s soul’ during his interaction with the restaurant owner.

I think this also refers to the honor of a swordsman as much as it refers to a swordsman’s skill. All across the Monsters chapter, we have seen Ryuma to be very honourable. Zoro talking about a cut on the back to be a disgrace to a swordsman and his final words to Ryuma’s zombie suggest he is a man of honor and not just his own but a swordsman’s honor in general.


-Zoro dreams of being the World’s greatest swordsman. In the above panel, you saw The King to be the strongest swordsman in the world and if you’ve read the last panel, the king is none other than ‘Ryuma, the King’. (Though he himself is unaware of it). Zoro’s dream collides with Ryuma’s reality. Just a mere co-incidence? No problem. Let’s go further.

The above 3 were the main big factors but there are tons of smaller similarities too:-
-Zoro’s tendency to be flat broke at the beginning of the series and also initially he and Luffy starving. Similar is the case with Ryuma in the above mentioned chapter.

-Zoro possesses some level of arrogance and so does Ryuma especially when the towns people accuse him and later on when he sees Shirano and DR steal the belongings of people.

-Zoro also can be some one concerned for other’s well being even if they are not related or strangers perhaps. Eg. Zoro picking up the man shot by a Celestial Dragon to the hospital simply because he is injured. Ryuma also was very concerned for Flare’s well being and though not showing it, perhaps the town as well.

-Zoro and Ryuma are both very indebted and dedicated to the person who saved their life. Zoro to Luffy and Ryuma to Flare albeit in much different circumstances. They are concerned for both for their physical and mental well being. Eg. Ryuma when he sees Shirano stealing realises it would break Flare’s heart to know the truth and Zoro’s reaction and concern when he realises Ace died.

-Both aren’t exactly behind fame.

Zoro simply wants to achieve his dream while Ryuma is a wandering samurai who protects people. Zoro also has a deep streak to protect as seen throught the series especially for his nakama.

-Zoro though initially reckless later becomes very protective and attached to his swords. This is evident when in Thriller Bark, when zombie Ryuma asks him why he needs the Shusui when he already has 3 swords and was fighting with 2, Zoro replied he felt uncomfortable without the 3rd and we saw him give Yubashiri a funeral if it could be said. Ryuma in monsters said that a sword is a swordsman’s life.

-If you go through Monsters, there are still many other smaller behavioural and characteristic parallel’s which signify similar personalities for most parts. So many similarities are there that there can only be a few conclusions.

Moving on

3) Foreshadowings
Unlike the similarities and comparisons, these aren’t based on personal character but events throught the series which provide concrete evidence to support the theory. I have 5 evidences here in total.

1) The most obvious being Zoro fighting Ryuma’s zombie for the meitou Shuusui. Brook couldn’t defeat him and Zoro stepped in simply because he heard of Ryuma’s legendary reputation and his urge to fight a great swordsman. You might feel this to be vague but hold on a second. Rewind back to the 2nd image of this theory which i asked you to remember carefully. Ryuma when he hears about the King (not knowing it’s himself), has a desire to cross blades with the strongest swordsman believing him to have a great ‘Warrior’s Soul’. Another behavioural similarity too but more so an event marking a foreshadowing to the future.

2) I will post 2 images here which will explain everything without the need of much words.

A sword chooses its owner and the Shuusui’s will for Zoro to be its master. It is a sword wielded by a former ‘World’s Greatest Swordsman’. Definitely there would be far too few people it could chose as its masters. And it chose Zoro. It couldn’t just be because of the dream would it? Wouldn’t there be a sense of belonging when it is wielded by someone from the same lineage with equal or higher potential?

3) During Punk Hazard, we saw Zoro slay a dragon. (Hold it not just yet). Remember the technique? He didn’t use his trademark Santoryuu but rather the One Sword Style Ittoryu with the sword used being Shuusui. Ryuma also slayed a dragon with the same sword (He was only a 1 sword user). Not just that, they both slay it with a single mightly slash on the neck. I don’t suppose co incidences are this frequent after all I mentioned above.

4) Another set of images about their cutting capabilities.

Ryuma cuts copper which others believed couldn’t be cut with a sword. Remember Zoro beating Daz Bones and cutting steel? Both these men have feats which not ordinary swordsman would do and Zoro’s journey is leading him to his ancestor’s path of the World’s Greatest swordsman. (Getting more believable? :p Don’t worry, there’s one more)

5) In the anime, Brook noted both swordsmen to be strength relying swordsman and had this to say :-

Both possess inhuman strength to supplement their swordsmanship.

All the above led me to believe that Zoro would be Ryuma’s descendant but definitely not an immediate one as Zoro commented in the end to having wished to have fought Ryuma in his ‘era’ signifying a bigger gap in time periods. Also if Ryuma was a close ascendant, Zoro probably would have known so they must have been around atleast 3 generations apart perhaps.
Also Ryuma was a samurai from Wano but he wandered around so it wouldn’t also be neccesary for Zoro to be born in Wano and hence he hasn’t also inherited a samurai’s lifestyle. This just removes the doubt why Zoro was in East Blue as a child and not somewhere on the Grandline as they were generations apart and Ryuma being a wandering samurai.
Now a little bit of believable speculation. Who would have been Ryuma’s mate?
This lovely lady. (Yes I am a Sanji fan minus the pervertedness :p Just love her character is all)
[IMG] Flare :p (It just fits. Wait a minute… I am a theorist not a matchmaker.. Damn)

Well, I thank you for the patience to read such a long theory. It was so long that by the end i forgot how i even started it :p I covered all major points but may have forgotten some minor ones. Will gladly appreciate all feedback. Whether it actually comes true or not is upto Oda-sensei so don’t flare me if it doesn’t :p Just tried my best as always and I hope you liked it (Tried to add little bit of humour so you don’t get bored)

*Theory by Portgas D. Shanks

Enel and the Celestial Peoples, A Possible Past, A Hypothetical Future Theory

This theory is divided into three parties : Enel and the Celestial Peoples (I), A Possible Past (II), A Hypothetical Future (III).

I : Enel and the Celestial Peoples
A : The established facts

So, what do we know about the Celestial Peoples ? Firstly, they came from the Moon at some point in the past which predate the Void Century. We can assume that they had the technology to make such a travel possible, and their ruins of the Moon seems to go in this direction. Secondly, the city on the Moon was named Bilca… just like Enel’s birthplace, we will return to this soon. Lastly, the Celestial Peoples were divided into three casts : the would-be Skypieans, Bilcans and Shandia. All of them are easily identifiable on this drawing, with their wings and hair-styles :


It appears that, once they settled on the One Piece world, those people separated to each go their own ways. Some settled in Skypiea, others in Bilca (which they renamed after their lost City on the Moon) in the Western Skies (as said by Captain McKinley in the chapter 279), and others on the Blue Sea, at Shandora. It must be noted that only the Bilcans appear to have kept at least some lore about their origins.
Concerning Enel, we know next to nothing concerning his pasts, just like many enemies of Luffy in the first half of One Piece. At the very least, we know from where his prelates, his Holy Guard and himself came : Bilca, a Sky Island Ener supposedly destroyed 6 years before Luffy’s arrival at Skypiea.
With Gan Forr, he is one of the two descendants of Celestial People who don’t have wings (since the inhabitants of Waetheria don’t strike me as being from this offshoot of the human race in One Piece, but that’s my personal feeling on that matter). Finally, Ener posses the most advanced Mantra seen so far, at least in term of space covered, a powerful Logia and an army of little robots from the Moon.

B : My hypothesis
Concerning the Celestial Peoples, I think that their society on the Moon was divided into strict castes, and members of each castes couldn’t marry members of another. The future Skypieans were probably the merchants and everyday people of their civilization, since their culture as nothing special which could denote some ancient specialization, except perhaps priests. To the contrary, the ancestors of the Shandia were probably warriors and engineers, tasked to defend the City of Bilca. Finally, the ancestors of the Bilcan were probably the nobles of the Moon.

This idea is at the core of my reasoning, so I’ll explain it in detail. The basic idea is quite simple : the city on the Moon was called Bilca, and a Sky Island was named after it. For me, it is the sign that the inhabitants of this Sky Island didn’t want their ancient fame and glory to fade, but instead tried to recreate it on the One Piece world. The fact that the Legend of Fairy Vearth seems to be exclusive to Bilca would go in this direction.

I think that the Celestial Peoples separated because they couldn’t agree to the future of their civilization. It is my belief that the Bilcans wanted to preserve their position of authority and power as nobles, but that the other castes refused, wishing to start anew on this new world. This sort of things happened in our History, after all. It must be said that the Shandia’s emphasis of preserving their past and traditions from Shandora could be an ironic twist of fate compared to the aspirations of their ancestors who founded Shandora.

Anyway, the Bilcan probably turned to their past, hence why they have ancient dials and strange powers, like the one of Urouge.

II : A Possible Past
Here, there is no true evidence, and so it is only my speculation that I’ll put here. I think that on Bilca, the origins of one person were of utmost importance. That’s why I think that Enel was either a bastard, born from a Blue-Sea Father and a Bilcan mother (which is possible, since Bilca seems to be less isolated than Skypiea), or an abnormally weak descendant of an ancient lineage, especially compared to the “strong men of Bilca”. He was perhaps even an adopted orphan from the Blue Sea. This would explain the vast knowledge of Enel when it comes to technology : he compensated his lack of strength by delving into books. I also think that he had to endure bullying and a difficult childhood because of his differences. Another of my belief is that Enel was instructed into a Bilcan temple or monestary, under the tutelage of non other than Urouge. Finally, he probably took refuge in madness (as per his faces during the whole arc of Skypiea) to protect himself from some trauma.


So, here is how I envision Enel’s past : he was weak and mocked because of this, being deemed unworthy of his lineage by most of the inhabitants of his native Bilca. He had then formed a gang with other peoples treated just like him, his future prelates. His mother tried to put him back on the right path, and because of his love for her, he obeyed her and entered into a temple under Urouge guidance. Sometimes before his arrival at Skypiea, he ate the Goro Goro no Mi, and it is there that drama occurred.

Unable to control his own powers, Enel accidentally killed his (possibly adoptive) mother, one of the very few persons he actually cared for in this world. This action gnawed at him and, just like Smeagol in the Lord of the Rings, he used the legend of Fairy Vearth, the land where the Gods live, to try to accomodate his newfound power with the death of his mother by his hands. He then destroyed Bilca and came to Skypiea to put his plan into motion.
III : A Hypothetical Future
Oda has said that we will see Enel again in the New World. But what will be his role in this final sea ? I don’t see him being an antagonist again, since he was already defeated by Luffy once. At first, I believe that he would be a temporary ally during an arc, but now I believe he will either become a permanent Ally, or even a Commander in the Straw Hat Fleet. I don’t really see him joining the main crew (although I would like that) because his power is too similar to Nami’s.

From left to right :
1 “In the end… This moronic rubber was saying the truth…”
2 “In this world…There is a whole lot of guys…”
3 “On the Blue Sea ! There is a whole lot of guys stronger than you !”
4 “So… This is the true face of the Blue Sea…”
5 “My army…destroyed…”
6 “It is… over”

So, in the future, I see Enel losing against a character who will be an enemy of the Mugiwara who would spare his life, just to show him that there is warriors far stronger than him. Then Luffy and his crew will stumble upon him and ask him why he is here, while they themselves are here to crush the one who defeated Enel. There, the Go of Lightning will tell them to shut up because he is the one who must defeat the enemy, because otherwise… [Enel’s Flashback] !

Then, during the arc, Enel will be an ally and at the end of it, Franky will repair the small robots. Being grateful and finally able to truly live with his past (including the death of his mother), he will then become a full-fledged Ally of the Strawhat or even one of their Commanders.

As I said at the beginning of this theory, I don’t see Enel joining the main crew. However, outside of the battles, he could have so importance for something which I hope will indeed happen : a Sunny-Go upgrade. Indeed, I feel that the Sunny itself has to be made stronger and more deadly to rule over all the seas. I believe that the wood of Eve will be combined with the wood of Adam to “birth” a new, more powerful type of wood, and that the Sunny will be remodelled at this moment. And here, Enel, with his knowledge, could be a boon, especially if the Sunny was repurposed to be fueled by both Cola and Lightning. But that’s a pet peeve of me.

So, for the brave hearts having read the whole length of my theory… is it plausible, possible or insane whopping?

*Theory by Sakura no Hiluluk


“Calico” John “Jack” Rackham is probably my favorite pirate, and one of those historical figure I know a lot about, from readings.

So I’ll be making a lot of speculation (none of it might be true), but I see, in Red Hair Shanks, a lot of Calico Jack.


First thing first, the Name!

The Name, and the color red.

The Nickname “Calico” comes from the pieces of clothing Jack Rackham was wearing. It was made out of roughly worked coton, called Calico Coth. However, many pirates wore these pieces of clothes, so why would this one get the nickname? Well, it was because of the colors. Jack Rackham wore colorful clothes, which marked the imagination. Many books, states he wore red calico coats and shirts. In even one the sources I found, the pirate legend saying the “capitain” wore red cloth to hide his wound to keep the men’s spirit came from him (though I doubt that). Still; Calico Jack inspired Tintin Rackham the Red, for his red clothing and his extravagant ways.

So Calico Jack, wore red, which would implement the first thought on “RED HAIR” Shanks.

The Character

Like stated above, Rackham was an Extravagant pirate, with ways different of other, and a feeling for justice. Still, like many pirates, he was greedy (which is probably what led him to his execution…). Neverthless, he was different. He was renown for his confidence, his speaking manners (which was more refined than many pirates), and his sens of justice. At first, he worked for a very famous pirate (Known has Charles Vane), which acted has a mentor. But eventually, Rackham became Capitain of his own crew. Legend says, he never killed anyone without any motives. He made duels, with capitains, and was always caring for his crew. When attacking a ship, he would ask: “You might join me if you’d like”. He would not respond to provocation, and, was a charming man. Moreover, he was not active in piracy for a long time, but he still became one of the most NOTORIOUS and famous pirate in the whole history of piracy. Back in the days, he was a very influent pirate.
Sounds a bit like Shanks to me.

The Flag


Rackham’s Flag was famous for the crossed swords under the skull, instead of the two classic crossbones (Used in many pirate movies… and many books). I won’t go back on the symbolism of the skull (See Chris Condent thread…), which meant death and fear. I will stop on the crossed swords. Two swords, crossing each other may mean 3 things. I do not know which one it is, but… here are the 2 probabilities I consider.
1. The duel of Honor. Two swords crossing each other means HONORABLE ways. Honor was often, back in Renaissance, used to deal with justice manners (and unfortunatly vengeance sometimes). Honor was also attributed to the passion of family.
2. War or immnent battle. Two swords crossing might have meant war. War to injustice? The meaning of a battle. Under the skull would fit though… Two swords crossin and point to the sky = ready to kill /fight/ battle
3. With the skull, it might mean the beheading, or the grave of a proud warrior… but this one doesn’t fit at all :p

So if you look at all the flags seen so far in One Piece, none of them is seen with crossed swords, except one…


Yup… Shank’s flag…
Only flag with crossing swords.

Still, It might not be true at all, but I see Rackham in Shanks

*Theory by -H-


Hello once again everybody and welcome back to another theory for your entertainment. This time I shall be talking about the past of everyone’s favorite ginger, Red Hair Shanks.

However, despite how simple-minded he appears at first, Shanks is a complex person with some rather difficult to understand views; for example, he believes if two people share very different views, it is better they go their separate ways

Here is a simple timeline to help you all get the jest of this topic:

“28 Years Ago- Roger is diagnosed with a terminal disease, Crocus joins Roger’s crew, Shanks is 11 years old,

27 Years Ago- The Battle of Edd War, Teach joins WB crew at age 13, Shanks is 12 years old

25 Years Ago- Roger solves the history, the world dubs Roger the Pirate King, The Roger Pirates are disbanded, Shanks is 14 years old

24 Years Ago- Roger turns himself in and is executed, Shanks is 15 years old

13 Years Ago- Shanks makes Fushia Village his base in East Blue, Shanks is 26 years old

12 Years Ago- Shanks loses his arm and gives Luffy his hat, Shanks is 27 years old

2 Years Ago- Shanks stop the War of Marinford and saves the WB pirate alliance, Shanks is 37 years old

The Present- Shanks is currently 39 years old”

Gol D. Roger was diagnosed with a incurable disease 28 years ago and this is around the time Shanks joined his crew. One year after Roger went on his last voyage, he was attacked by Shiki’s fleet and we saw a young Shanks with Roger’s hat.

Roger was solving the lost history of the Void Century and he knew he’d never fulfill the promise of his predecessors because of his disease. Surely Roger world pass down his will to a younger generation right? He didn’t know how long he had left after all. In West Blue(where Shanks is from). Roger meet a young Shanks and saw himself in the young lad. Not knowing if he himself will be able to fully discover the history and fulfill an ancient promise, Roger passed his will(straw hat) onto Shanks believing he was “The One.”(borrowing this line from ramenboy). I take the fact that Roger gave his hat to Shanks as a big red( no pun intended) flag that Shanks is a ‘D’.

Now this is things get interesting. As I said earlier, Roger gave his hat to Shanks believing that he was the one to solve the history and fulfill the promise, because he himself was going to die soon. As you know, Roger lasted longer than he thought and actually solved the history which means Shanks knows about the Void Century and Raftel’s location. Roger didn’t have enough time to wage war on the WG but shouldn’t Shanks who knows everything and is good at making friends try to fulfill the promise by now? Instead, he made no such attempt and passed the straw hat on to Luffy. Don’t you find that strange?

Simply put, Shanks believes that he has no such right to fulfill his captain’s dream. Why is that you ask? Because of Marshall D. Teach.


We know that Teach gave Shanks that scar on his eye but the question is when he do it? 25 years ago, the Roger pirates disbanded and an entire year later, Roger gave himself up to the marines. It was during that year of absence that Shanks got the scar. At Roger’s execution 24 years ago, we couldn’t see Shanks’ eyes.


Why did Roger disband his crew for a year? To say goodbye.


Roger was willing to tell WB how tog et to Raftel and told him the history. Why? Because obviously trusted him and they were good friends. The Roger and WB pirates probably got along with each other during that year as well.


During this year of absence, Shanks meet Marshall D. Teach(probably didn’t know he was a BB pirate) and they became good friends or even best friends. From what we’ve seen in OP, guys can become best friends in just a month(Norland and Ginger Shandian).

Know how Teach is synonymous with the number 3? 3 skulls on his jolly roger, 3 possible DFs, 3 names of the real life Blackbeard etc..? I think Shanks and Teach were a trio; there was a third person in Shanks and Teach’s group and it was the third person that was killed by Teach.

Roger was someone who would kill a man’s entire crew for insulting his friends and we know how Luffy is. Shanks is just like when it comes to friends.


Marshall D. Teach is very ambitious and has a “join my crew or die” personality. Teach probably asked the 3rd person to become apart of his plans but he refused. Upset. Teach tried to kill the 3rd person but Shanks intervened. However, the 3rd person was killed anyways and it caused Shanks to unlock the Conqueror’s Haki. Shanks tried to avenge the 3rd person but was instead scarred by Teach and he escaped.

Shanks was unable to protect his friend and was betrayed by another. The event had a major effect on the mind of Shanks. How bad was it?
When Shanks was thinking about Luffy’s lost, it seemed like he was speaking from experience.


Shanks is supposed to be “The One” when he couldn’t protect a single friend? Shanks thought he was unworthy for such a task. This caused Roger’s plan to change. The original plan was for Roger to die peacefully and Shanks will inherit Roger’s will and fulfill the promise but because Shanks felt he didn’t deserve such a task, Roger decided to give himself up and start the Great Pirate Age.

Shanks then made a new promise to Roger: He will find “The One” who will inherit Roger’s will and fulfill the promise and Shanks was 27 years old, the promise was kept.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

Now lets fast forward to Shanks’ conversation with WB.

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Both men were discussing how Blackbeard should be dealt with but it ended with both men exchanging blows. Obviously its because they both felt that dealing with Teach was their sole responsibility but that’s not the only reason.

Both men were trying to fulfill Roger’s will in their own way.

-Knew the history of the Void Century
-Wanted to make Ace, Roger’s son, the pirate king
-Believed Teach’s actions was his fault since he lived under his nose for 25 years

-Knows the history of the Void Century
-Wanted to make Luffy, Ace’s “Brother”, the pirate king
-Believed Teach’s actions was his fault since he failed to stop Teach 20+ years ago
-Shanks knew that if Teach attacked Ace, Luffy would go after BB as well and Shanks didn’t want that.

As you know, WB died but his “sons” were saved by Shanks who now protects the remaining WB pirates.


Shanks DOES NOT want Luffy and BB to fight each other. Shanks strongly believes that dealing with the traitor Teach is his responsibility and the promise to his captain can only be fully realized when Luffy becomes the pirate king. Shanks knows that Luffy chooses his own path and fights his own battles but Marshall D. Teach is the sole person that Shanks will make sure Luffy never encounters.


*Theory by Vandenreich


Hello once again everyone and welcome back to yet another theory for your entertainment. This time I shall talking about something every has been thing about, Dragon’s Tattoo and something other things I found like the Revolutionary Zodiac. Like always people, I’ll get straight to the point.

Dragon reminds me of a Native American.

Dragon has a widow’s peak and those are extremely common in native Americans. So common that widow’s peaks are refereed to as primary native gene.

So yeah…..Dragon’s tattoo is a native tribal tattoo. A variation of a feather tattoo at that.


The Native Americans fought against North America for centuries to liberate and take back their land. Dragon is trying to liberate the world from centuries of oppression by the WG.

Bartholomew Kuma is similar to a native as well.

Bears are viewed as guardian spirits of the forest. In the link above, I said Kuma was apart of a forest tribe that was burned down(along with the surrounding area) by the WG. Dragon showed up later and took the pain of all of the natives(via Kuma’s pain bubble) and lived, prompting Kuma to join the revs.

Another thing that is common with tribes are totems. In the burning island where Bonney was captured by BB, there are totems everywhere.


Bonney somehow escaped from Akainu and she was probably saved by Dragon(it was probably this encounter between Akainu and Dragon that prompted the WG to push Akainu so much for the Fleet Admiral seat).

A little off topic, but have you noticed that Dragon mostly shows up where there is fire? He saved the citizens of Gray Terminal from a fire and later saved Sabo from one.

Back on topic, the most well known tribal totem is the Thunderbird.


The thunderbird is considered a supernatural bird of power and strength. The thunderbird’s name comes from the common belief that the beating of its enormous wings causes thunder and stirs the wind. Across many North American indigenous cultures, the thunderbird carries many of the same characteristics. It is described as a large bird, capable of creating storms and thundering while it flies. Clouds are pulled together by its wingbeats, the sound of thunder made by its wings clapping, sheet lightning the light flashing from its eyes when it blinks, and individual lightning bolts made by the glowing snakes that it carries around with it. In masks, it is depicted as multi-colored, with two curling horns, and, often, teeth within its beak.

Hmm….I wonder if anything like this happened…..


Still doubt Dragon has a DF. Some believe that Dragon was flying when he saved Sabo, but in Enies Lobby, it was shown that Geppou can be used to glide across sea water and “levitating”, Oda doesn’t draw any motion lines around any part of the body except the feet, and we couldn’t see Dragon’s feet.

HOWEVAH!!!….feathers? birds? Could Dragon be a mythical thunderbird zoan?

Guess what? Native also believe in Dragons. It is called the Piasa.


Also known as the Piasa BIRD, it is a Native American dragon depicted in one of two murals painted by Native Americans on bluffs (cliffsides) above the Mississippi River.

Now lets move on to the Native zodiac.

Month: January

Sign: Aquarius
Animal: Otter, MagpieOtters are playful, prophetic animals. Otter people are creative, and logical. They have high ideals and tend to seek more from others than is reasonable. They seek the truth above all elseMonth: February
Sign: Pisces
Animal: Wolf, Cougar, WhaleThe wolf is graceful, has initiative, and loves freedom. Wolf people are generally very trusting, and generous with deep feelings towards their loved ones. Their ultimate goal is to find and keep love in their life.


Month: March
Sign: Aries
Animal: Hawk, Falcon, Wolf

The hawk is a messenger of insight, adaptability and openness. Hawk people aim to initiate and lead, and may be impulsive from time to time. They want to establish individuality while still being accepted by the group.

Month: April
Sign: Taurus
Animal: Elk, Beaver

The elk is a strong, handsome and proud animal who can be aggressive if challenged. The beaver is an industrious builder with unlimited patience. Elk people are very industrious and find security through possession. They are eager to discover and possess something which has lasting value.

Month: May
Sign: Gemini
Animal: Eagle, Deer

The eagle can see extraordinarily well, is very strong willed, and graceful. Eagle people are great observers, have great intuition and creativity. They try to bring things together and better them through creative actions.

Month: June
Sign: Cancer
Animal: Salmon, Woodpecker, Flicker

Salmon strive to return home after a long journey. Salmon people are home-loving, giving and sensitive. They are also very imaginative and sometimes moody. Their goal in life is to live in harmony with the environment.

Month: July
Sign: Leo
Animal: Cougar, Salmon, Sturgeon

The cougar is swift, graceful, spontaneous, and determined. Cougar people make great leaders and are courageous, ambitious and determined to succeed. They want to find purpose in life and to dominate what they do best.

Month: August
Sign: Virgo
Animal: Owl, Bear

Owls are very observant and sensible. Owl people are intelligent, well spoken and discreet. Their eye for detail often makes them perfectionist. They must cultivate tolerance and optimism.


: September
Sign: Raven, Crow, Dove
Animal: Libra

The raven is intelligent, cleaver and mystical. Raven people are peace loving, idealistic and charming. They long for harmony in the community and must stay away from uncertainty and inconsistency.

That crow zoan that carried Sabo in Dressrosa? It was probably a raven and a woman.

Month: October
Sign: Scorpio
Animal: Snake, Eel

The snake is mysterious, intuitive and is the epitome of transformation. Snake people aim for satisfaction and thrive on praise. They require great self-discipline and will power to control their harsh natures.

Hancock and her sisters?

Month: November
Sign: Sagittarius
Animal: Horse, Owl, Elk

The horse is a wise and strong animal which possesses great stamina. Horse people are determined, sincere and understanding. They are also inquisitive, generous and trustworthy.

Month: December
Sign: Capricorn
Animal: Bear, Goose

Bears are quiet, swift and very protective of their family. Bear people are cautious, independent and hardworking. They adapt well to new situations and value tradition over technology.

Kuma duh. Kind of ironic that Kuma became technology for the rev’s cause…

*Theory by Vandenreich


I think a lot of people underrate Kid when they say he has absolutely no chance against Shanks; i personally believe that Kid is one of the strongest(if not the strongest) supernovas, and the only supernova who is currently qualified to beat Shanks.

I think Kid has the magnet magnet fruit; this gives him the power to create and manipulate electromagnetic fields. This may not seem very impressive, but i believe it is one of the strongest paramecias in OP. Let me explain

Objects attracted to magnets are known as paramagnetic. Objects that are not attracted by magnets are called diamagnetic. Diamagnetic objects are actually repelled by magnetic fields. If a magnetic field is strong enough, it can actually be used to levitate objects. Here are some powers Kid could use by creating powerful magnetic fields

  • flight, repels the ground by creating a powerful magnetic field
  • he could even coat his fists with a magnetic field. If Kid did a “magnet punch” by coating his fist with a magnetic field; it would repel the person hit, as organic matter is daimagnetic, however the iron in blood is paramagnetic and would be attracted to Kid’s fist. The result? Kid would be able to send enemies flying with just one punch, the magnetic field would attract the enemy’s blood, this means that they would be sent flying while their blood would go in the exact opposite direction, thereby causing them to bleed out
  • he could create massive, powerful fields; this would allow him to possibly levitate islands, then smash them into opponents. He could even manipulate water, as water is diamagnetic; this means kid would be a huge threat to DF users
  • he could even cover his body with a powerful magnetic field; this would basically be like a force-field which would repel any diamagnetic attack, so basically everything but metal would be repelled. However Kid can control metal as well, so even metal wouldn’t be effective. He could also cover other people’s bodies with magnetic fields, this would basically crush them

Now when a lot of people say that Kid doesn’t have a chance against Shanks, they seem to forget that KID IS A FRICKIN GENIUS

  • when he was a child, he was shown to know how to build robots
  • he even turned himself into a cyborg
  • Kid’s power requires knowledge of magnetic fields in order to be used at it’s full potential, Oda wouldn’t give Kid this power unless Kid had the knowledge to use it

So if Kid is as smart as he appears, then it’s likely that he has a plan; but what could that plan be?

I think it could revolve around pacifistas

Kid can completely manipulate metal, so a pacifista would stand no chance against him; that’s why i believe that kid has or is planning to steal a pacifista. Once Kid steals one, he can take it apart and learn how to make some of the pacifista’s technology

With Kid’s knowledge and power, i believe he could create a robot army to help defeat Shanks. With pacifista technology, Kid could equip his robots with lasers and durable metals for more power and durability. Kid could also use pacifista technology to enhance the bodies of him and his crew. What if Kid became like Franky? Under his skin he would have a coat of armor for better defense, he could replace his eye for a robot eye, and even equip his arm with lasers and possibly even sea stone.

Some of Kid’s crew already appear to be cyborgs, so having pacifista technology would be a big boost to their overall strength.

Now i know this is a big what if, but what if Kid figured out how to weaponize zoans? We know that Kid is well informed about underground deals, so what if Kid already made a deal for smiles? Kid could give a smile to his cyborg body parts to enhance them even further, i mean what if kid’s arm could turn into a dragon? I know it’s kinda unlikely as Kid didn’t even seem mad when he learned that doffy fell, but it would still be a cool power to see


Even though Kid may not necessarily defeat Shanks, due to his devil fruit and his intelligence, it is possible that Kid will have a chance to defeat Shanks.

*Theory by Monkey D Theories


To be honest, I’m still quite unsure about this, mainly because I am not sure I even want this to happen that way, however thinking about it made me come up with actually several reasons why the nakama we have now is all we’ll have ’till the end of the series.
I thought about this possibility for 2 reasons, the first is the Pirate Alliance, the second, well, is the concept of “Early One Piece”, most notably this:

Which brings us to the first reason. Already from the beginning of the series Oda has planned all the nakama he’ll have throughout the series, I must also note that unlike many other shonen, One Piece is actually planned (Though it turned out far longer than Oda assumed), but the fact is, Oda already know what’ll happen and the ending, he knew that from the beginning.
So here lies the first argument, if he didn’t plan more than 9 nakama (including Luffy), will he add more despite the fact that he already planned this much nakama from the beginning? Those 9 Strawhats have dreams which will all come to a conclusion in about the same time, and having another nakama, in a way, would require Oda to create an entire new plotline alongside the rest, however he didn’t plan this specific plotline from the beginning.
Now, but here you’ll say: “Except for Zoro, Luffy, Nami and Sanji who have relatively minor changes, the rest are not like the nakama we have now”, and that’s true, however the Strawhats we have now are not different people, only had an artistic evolution and ended up differently, for example, Usopp was supposed to be more like his father, Brook doesn’t have an Afro, Chopper looks more like realistic reindeer.
The ones with the most massive difference are Franky and Robin, Robin replaced a male character that was supposed to be a plant lover rather than history lover, and Franky replaced a midget carpenter, however, though different it’s clear they were still supposed to have a somewhat similar role despite the differences.

Now, here comes another element I thought about, if new nakamas will join in the New World they won’t be able to develop like the previous nakamas, while the current Strawhats, who joined before the timeskip, clearly had time to develop and become stronger, if someone joins now he/she will barely have the time to actually become stronger and develop as a character, I mean, think about it, because if I remember correctly one of the editors claimed that One Piece is about 70% done, only leaving 30%? And that’s after it doesn’t seem like anyone’s joining this arc? So it’s even less than 30% of the progress of the story?

And here comes another one, because it’s the New World, if one is a good warrior or helpful in any type of way, he/she is already in a group/crew, because unlike Paradise or East Blue this is already the top of the top of the One Piece World, and usually already features characters in their peak, and inside groups, which would make it more unlikely for them to join as individuals to the Strawhat crew and more likely joining as their entire group/crew the Strawhat Pirate Alliance.

So yeah, the fact that the is a Strawhat Pirate Alliance makes more nakama irrelevant in a way, because if someone will join, so is his/her entire group, and will lend their strength to Luffy.

Also, just making sure, that means that both we’ll have new characters and their entire group as “underling crews”, by the way, it’s not the “Strawhat crew”, in the way those are not divisions but separate crews who ally themselves with Luffy similarly to the way crews ally themselves with Yonkos.
Roger had an apparently small crew only in 1 ship, Oro Jackson, as seen in Edd War.

Anyway, now for people saying that Luffy will decline, you are both right and wrong in my opinion, I think he’ll decline the concept of “being their father” but not their alliance, he’ll see them as equals, as allies while in reality they’ll serve him out of their own will.

Also, the Pirate Alliance also explains what happens with Jinbe, in his cover story, Wadatsumi joins him:

So, now people though to themselves: Then both of them will join the Strawhats? And the answer is no. Don’t forget the fact that on top of that, Jinbe is also the captain of the Sun Pirates (Whose whereabout are currently unknown, but that’s his title anyway), so now it makes sense why Oda made him decline in the first place, so that he’ll join the alliance, and not the core crew, in Fishman Island the was no alliance so Oda had him to have “unfinished business” before joining.

Also, about the boy with the number 10:

I think it’s foreshadowing the number of allied crews Luffy has, also let’s not forget Usopp’s Lieshadowing of 8000 underlings, so far we have 5600. So far we have 7, plus Jinbe it’s 8, I also believe Hancock will join after the Shichibukai system will be abolished, for the last one I’m still unsure, so let me hear who you think will join the alliance, I believe it might be Buggy, because both the Kuja and the Sun Pirates (About them I assume) don’t have a lot of people in them, and eventually we need to have 8000 so I believe Buggy, who has an entire organization under him will be the last one to join the alliance.

*Theory by Jewish Kaizoku