Hi guys, this is my first theory/speculation, so please bear with me!

As we all know that Luffy because his devil fruit powers can withstand large amount of distress and pain caused to his body and his internal organs – Second Gear and so on…

Who else in the past have we seen withstanding very critical pain and doing stuff not possible for a normal human being even in One Piece?

The answer would be Portgas D. Rouge, yes lover of the Pirate King and mother of our late beloved Ace!

She held Ace inside her for nearly 20 months, which a normal woman’s body cannot withstand, but because of the powers of the Gomu Gomu no Mi she could withstand the presence of her baby inside her for nearly 2 years!

But eventually even with the Gomu Gomu no Mi ‘s power the 20 months was little out its capabilities and she lost her life!

And to see many theories relating Shanks and Rouge which lead to Shanks being apprentice of the Roger pirates ship, it would seem possible for Shanks having fight for the Gomu Gomu no Mi from an enemy!

Thanks for reading it! All of your thoughts are welcomed!

*Theory by Atul D Mittal


There had been a lot of mystery surrounding Crocodile, the former leader of Baroque Works who tried to over Alabasta.


And even though Luffy beat him, it’s almost as if, the story is implying that Crocodile got a bigger role than what he played as the main villain of Alabasta.

Crocodile was first introduced as a Shichibukai, who had the powers of the Suna-Suna No Mi or the Sand Fruit, during Nico Robin’s teenage years, Crocodile sheltered her and took her under his wing in order to uncover the location of a certain weapon:


The Ancient Weapon, Pluton.


Now, this raises a question:

Where exactly did Crocodile learned about the Ancient Weapon Pluton, and more importantly, the knowledge of Nico Robin?

We could assume Nico Robin and Pluton are well known, but the answer Sir Crocodile gave to Nefertari Cobra is damn suspicious on what he would do with such weapon:


Unfortunately, Crocodile failed in his goal in Alabasta, in which resulted in him being captured by the marines and detained in the level 6 of the infamous government prison, Impel Down.

Until he found a reason to bust out: to go to Marineford War and get his revenge from Whitebeard.


Also, do you guys remember what Crocodile said to Luffy while Luffy is unconscious after failing to save Ace?


I think this is a big hint that Crocodile lost a loved one in which he, like Luffy, failed to protect that person.

Another point: Why the hell does Emporio Ivankov knew Crocodile? and what secret does he know about Crocodile?


With this, our guessing game will start:

I believe that Crocodile, in his early years, was one of the members of the Revolutionary Army, and the secret he and Ivankov shares is that, he actually had an affair with Ivankov for quite a while, because Ivankov posing as a female reminded him of his partneras a rookie partner who he secretly had affection for.

This is also the reason why Baroque Works work in pairs, because Crocodile had a partner he trusted back when he was a rookie.


Crocodile, in his rookie days, was just a normal kid who dreamt of being the Pirate King, like Luffy, by going on adventure and having the most freedom along with his most trusted people.

One of Crocodile’s goal was to beat the world’s strongest man, Whitebeard, in which he did tried many times and failed, (Whitebeard gave the facial scar of Crocodile) and eventhough Crocodile’s men is losing trust in him, his partner, always encourages him to fulfill his dreams.

With this, Crocodile promised to himself that he would reveal his hidden feelings to his partner after he beats Whitebeard, making him the man worthy of her praises.


But unfortunately, while her partner had been trusting her to the end, his other crewmates started to turn against him in which resulted to him and her partner being set-up for a World Government ambush.


This resulted in Crocodile losing his hand and his partner, along with his promises and unrequited love.

Filled with scars, Crocodile’s perspective on the world completely changed, he wants to create his own world where his partner would want, and his drive to beat Whitebeard was changed into a thirst for vengeance.


Crocodile joined the Revolutionary Army with a skewed view of world change.

Crocodile and Dragon went separate ways sometime after the execution of Gol D. Roger.

Because while Dragon was a patient, calculating man who wants to acquire the Ancient Weapon to end the world government and the government itself, Crocodile was the impatient one that wants the Ancient Weapon to create his own ideal world.


*Theory by beck26


In this theory I will try to explain everything considering Laffite’s feats and express my opinion on his possible fighting style.

So Lafitte has shown plenty of impressive feats that gave me a variety of information in order to make this theory. First of all , I will start with his past (not any connection with the theory) for those who do not know it.It is said that he was a policeman long ago , but due to his extremely brutal methods he was fired. That’s why he is nicknamed “Demon Sheriff”.

I do believe Lafitte’s character and feats are based on the widely known fairy tale “Pied Piper of Hamelin”, that is about a guy who was hired by the citizens of a town to hypnotize and send the mice away. However the villagers didn’t pay him for his services and the guy hypnotizes their children and made them follow him out of the town.
Just like the guy with the flute in the picture , Lafitte masters in hypnotizing people as it was mentioned that he hypnotized the Impel Down guards to open the Gates of Justice. But how is Lafitte able to hypnotize? I really think that the answer lies in his weapon and most specifically his cane.
I think that it opens just like Brook’s but instead of becoming a sword it turns into a Flute – similiar to that of the fairy tale enabling him to hypnotize people. I also believe that his Tap-Dancing shoes help him play Rhythms whose purposes aren’t only hypnotizing but for example making illusions or a very irritating noise , abilities that are definitely dangerous in a fight.
However there is another thing that bothers me. At Marineford Lafitte appeared with 2 large wings.
At first I thought that they were proof that he is a Birkan and then I read theories about him being a Siren Zoan (please don’t mention the Siren Zoan in the comments because my previous theory was filled with such comments ). However , I think that the wings are a result of another Zoan Devil Fruit. The Devil Fruit I think he consumed is the Owl Devil Fruit. This could not only explain his wings , but also his Owl-like legs as seen in this picture.

Here we got a White Owl.

Owl’s mastery isn’t only extreme vision but also stealthiness. This way , we can explain how nobody noticed him during the Shichibukai meeting.
So I think that in general his fighting style is composed of extreme speed , abilities to hypnotize and manipulate , flight and of course extreme stealthiness making it very hard for his opponent to locate him.

So guys I hope you enjoyed this theory !

*Theory by Usopp Haoshoku Haki

Oda Foreshadowed Sabo Theory

We know that Oda like to foreshadow things and has done so a lot of times, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this was also the case.

In One Piece chapters 98 and 99, we can notice a figure similar to Sabo in the crowd. Oda is very careful while drawing crowd-scenes and likes to add different kinds of characters (like joke characters and characters we already had in the story like Mr.3). Could this really be Sabo in the crowd?


Looking back at the chapter, it’s not impossible since that was the first time Dragon appeared and we can suppose that Sabo was with Dragon. Also, regarding his appearance (clothes and height), it’s also possible since it didn’t happen that long ago so he surely didn’t change much just like Luffy and Ace.

And another thing for those who may believe that it was too early for foreshadowing and that Oda didn’t even plan to make this character at that time: I believe that Oda already had something in his head at that time. He even introduced Dragon at that time, so he may have had a faint idea or concept for Luffy’s story. Therefore, I think that there is a possibility of this character being Sabo.

So what are your thoughts?


This theory is based on the possibility that the character Donquixote Doflamingo was inspired by/based on the ancient Roman Emperor Commodus. This can perhaps shed some light on Doflamingo’s character in the near future, or just make for an interesting comparison (I hope :lmao:). There are parallels between Dressrossa and Ancient Rome too that can perhaps explain why Commodus may have been an inspiration for Doffy, but I placed that section at the very end. I will try my best to condense/expand it in the coming few days, any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Commodus & Doflamingo
Emperor Commodus was notorious for his behaviour and government decisions. Ancient Roman historians credit him for transforming Rome “from a kingdom of gold to one of iron and rust” (Cassius Dio).

Similarly Doflamingo’s rise to power in Dressrosa brought about a lot of tragedy. Commodus, unlike most of his predecessors was born into the imperial family, the son of Marcus Aurelius, he viewed the throne as his birthright and did not bother to justify his actions. Sounds familiar?

Like Doflamingo being a Celestial Dragon and not understanding why he should be deprived of his birthright. Similarly Marcus Aurelius was known for his humanity, a bit like Donquixote Homing. Commodus was unpopular with the ruling elite (Donquixote and Riku family) but was very popular with the Army and the common people (in large part thanks to his elaborate gladiatorial games).

Commodus had a twin brother who died in his youth and numerous sisters. He executed both of his brother-in-laws, cousin for conspiring against him and there are rumours that he killed his father (this rumour was adopted into the movie “The Gladiator”). Thus like Doflamingo, he committed patricide and to a certain extent, fratricide as well.

Early on in his life Commodus was supposedly led astray by his companions and “through them that he at first, out of ignorance, missed the better life and then was led on into lustful and cruel habits, which soon became second nature.” (Cassius Dio). This is similar to how Trebol gifted Doffy the gun who then used to kill his own father and of course his younger brother (not sure if the gun was the same).

Commodus suffered from megalomania, strongly believing in his own god-like status, physical strength and superiority to everyone else. He possessed immense physical strength and often participated in the gladiatorial fights and hunts he staged for the people. It was more of a sport for him. Something we see in Doflamingo who takes on hits like nobody’s business, mostly fearless, immensely strong as well. Similarly the people closest to Commodus attempted to assassinate him, most notably his sisters and his mistress. The people closest to Doflamingo attempt to do the same, Rocinante, Baby 5, Law. Other assassination plots failed too, as Commodus survives and seeks revenge. Similar to how Doflamingo survives the murder attempt(s) from Mariejois and seeks vengeance on the Celestial Dragons.
In the end, Commodus is strangled by his wrestling partner and after his death he is declared as a public enemy by the government who destroy all his statues.

What could this mean for Doflamingo?

I think Doflamingo will probably not end up in Impel Down, he will either be killed on the way there (CP0? Kaido?Blackbeard?) or somehow escapes before his arrival there and will meet his end elsewhere in the New World.
His death would cause chaos in the underground network and will end an era of the stable rule of the Yonkos. Just how Commodus’ death marked the end of an entire dynasty. I added Blackbeard as one of the potential killers because we all know how he likes to take advantage of someone’s weakened position and is on the hunt for powerful devil fruits and he String-String fruit is definitely an unusual one.

It will act as a trigger for supernovas to take action (as some of them have begun already) against the Yonkou and WG. A war between various pirate factions will be a possibility too. A point of no return of sorts for the “old powers” in the New World, the beginning of their decline. Just how Commodus’ reign and death was said to begin the end of the Roman Empire.

Dressrosa & Ancient Rome

I know most people say that Dressrosa is meant to be Spain, but to me it seemed encompass a general Mediterranean theme and Spain was part of the Roman empire and thus still has various monuments in the Greco-Roman style. The vibrant colours, climate, passion (regional stereotype) architectural elements and so on reflect that pretty well.
But the moment I saw the aerial view of Dressrosa it really reminded me of the models of ancient Rome.
Corrida Colosseum is a given of course, it even ends up mimicking the damage of the real Colosseum after Pica goes berserk. Interestingly, the real Colosseum was damaged by an earthquake (earth damage/shifts parallels Pica’s power in a way).
The underground part of Corrida Colosseum with all its corridors and cages is inspired by the underground network of its real-life counterpart and both can get filled with water.
But the Corrida Colosseum in Dressrosa is a perfect example of the classic Roman political tool: Bread and Games. A tool used by every self-respecting, ambitious Roman politician since way back when. Similarly Doflamingo, keeps the people in Dressrosa happy with grand architecture and spectacles on the arena, distracting them from the dark side of the reality. Perhaps it is not a coincidence for this arc to have so many parallels with ancient Roman history and some of its historical figures. That’s about it. Let me know your thoughts and thank you for reading it! :>

*Theory by laconicstrawhat



When we were introduced to Artificial Devil Fruits I didn’t really think about what this actually meant. It wasn’t until recently when I saw Sheepshead using horns for arms that I thought, how’s he doing that?! Then I thought, well Vegapunk and Caesar must have some scientific knowledge of how Devil Fruits work, but that must mean Devil Fruits are made logically and scientifically, and aren’t supernatural. This got me thinking, how can all these crazy ass Devil Fruits not be supernatural?! It was from this question that I started this theory, I undertook a scientific approach as to how Devil Fruits are made and how they work.
It’s a LONG theory as I wanted to be as thorough as possible, taking a step by step approach. From this I drew a number of conclusions, ones which made me want to analyse Blackbeard through new eyes. After doing so, I now believe I know how Blackbeard can use more than 1 Devil Fruit. Let’s begin!

Let me start with a few propositions that I’ll explain fully throughout the theory:
1) All Devil Fruits are made from a specific aspect or aspects of the One Piece universe.
2) Devil Fruits are created by a Devil Tree, the fruits are created through a scientific process with scientific components.
3) Devil Fruits need a Soul and Body to fuse/conjoin with for the Fruit to come to life.

I imagine some of you will be wondering why I’m explaining Devil Fruits as ‘aspects of the One Piece universe’. The main reason is because all Devil Fruit abilities can be explained by our understanding of the One Piece universe, both scientifically and creatively. I’ll explain this further by labelling 6 aspects of the this universe which are used to create Devil Fruits:

1 Biology (life forms)

A Devil Fruit that’s formed using the biology of a specific life form, basically DNA and other biological aspects that make a particular existence. This means Zoans and Ancient Zoans, i.e. Lucci’s Leopard Fruit.

2) Chemistry (chemical compounds/elements etc)

A Devil Fruit that’s formed using atomic structures and other aspects of chemistry that account for the inanimate matter of the One Piece universe, i.e. Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Mi, how he can stretch etc.

3) Physics (natural laws/physical occurences of the universe)

This aspect is abour matter and it’s motion in relation to the OP universe. This being phenomena like electricity/gravity/light, i.e. Issho’s Fuwa Fuwa no Mi, being able to attract mass to mass.

Until now, the aspects I’ve mentioned can all be attributed scientifically to real life, the next two aspects will be in relation to human creation. However, I will explain how all Devil Fruits the next two aspects can be explained by biology, chemistry and physics.

4) Artificial Life Forms (mythical creatures)

This aspect basically explains how Mythical Zoans are created, by using myths humans of One Piece have created and scientific components to create them. I will now break down Marco’s Phoenix Fruit. A Pheonix takes its biological attributes from birds. The creation of wings, birds feet, a beak etc, and how they function. His blue flames have the properties of actual flames. The regenerative aspect will be based on human’s ability to heal wounds, essentially the idea of restoration is restoring that which already existed. Another example is Sengoku’s Daibutsu Fruit using shockwaves, this is an example of the physics aspect.
One question you may ask though, how do you create flames that don’t burn? I will answer this when I explain how the Devil Tree works.

5) Artificial abilities/actions

This aspect will draw upon the first 3 aspects once more, but the question ‘how is it possible’ will be asked again, therefore the ablilities here are those which could artificially work in theory (again this will be clear when I explain how the Devil Tree works).
First example, Wapol’s Baku Baku no Mi, this is an interesting fruit because I believe it mirrors a function of the Devil Tree. Wapol can take any physical objects/beings in the world, eat them, conjoin/fuse them, and create artificial objects, be them weapons or toys. A unique Fruit indeed! It’s this type of fusion that I believe the Devil Tree is capable of when creating fruits.
Another example is Kanjuro’s Devil Fruit, again I think it’s based on an aspect of the Devil Tree. Kanjuro can bring drawings to life, artificial creation. Be it a bird flying or food to eat, Kanjuro can create life forms or matter with real physical functions. The Devil Tree is similar because once a person eats a Devil Fruit the Fruit has life through the person, and therefore has physical functions, i.e. Luffy being able to stretch.

The last aspect is vitally important, because it’s not something, as of yet, we can scientifically confirm as existing. Philosophers have theorised for hundreds of years on this subject and it’s hard to believe we’ll ever be able to know. What I’m talking about is Souls. However, Oda has confirmed through a few different characters that Souls exist, but actually shows us how they work. In other words, in the universe of One Piece, Souls work scientifically.

6) Spirituality (Souls)

I’m going to analyse 3 characters who will shed some light on how Souls function in One Piece. They are Brook, Gecko Moria and Trafalgar D. Law.

I’m going to start with Brook and the Yomi Yomi no Mi, beginning with a quote from the One Piece wikia:

‘(The Yomi Yomi no Mi) enhances the users Soul to the point where they can come back after dying once, remaining alive until sufficiently damaged, and to use several other soul-based attributes’.

Brook’s body clearly has no brain (mind), so he definitely has a Soul. One could attempt to counter this by saying Brook’s Fruit has an ‘Artificial Life Form’ as humans have created the myth of humans having Souls. I’d counter by saying you can’t
scientifically create something that doesn’t physically exist (in terms of biology, chemistry and physics). We know Brook has a physical version of his Soul because we’ve seen it leave his body, to our knowledge we don’t know the make-up of Brook’s soul, but we do know it exists. Therefore, I believe spirituality is a branch of science in One Piece. I guess you could say his Devil Fruit is magical but in the next two examples I’ll explain why I don think this is the case.

Secondly, I’ll explain Moria’s ability, again with a quote from One Piece wikia:

‘(Kage Kage no Mi) gives the user the ability to manifest and control shadows, as a tangible physical form… the shadow follows the soul of it’s owner’s movement’

The word to focus on here is ‘physical’. Assuming their is no such thing as a Soul in One Piece, why would Oda allow shadows to mirror a human’s mind? I think it must have to do with how Souls scientifically exist in One Piece. Usually a shadow ‘follows the soul of its owners movements’. Let’s assume ‘soul’ is the wrong term here and a shadow is actually just your your body blocking out the light, why would Oda allow a person’s shadow to be a second personality of that person? I think this has to be beacuse in the world of One Piece shadows hold a conjoined physical relationship with a person’s Soul and Body.

And lastly I’ll explain Law’s Devil Fruit, again with a quote from One Piece wikia :grin::

‘In the case of switched souls Devil Fruit powers are maintained within the original physical body’

This is in relation to Law using his Ope Ope no Mi to switch either Souls or minds between two different people. The Soul notion is backed up when Sanji used Kenbunshoku Haki in Nami’s body. This Haki has been described as ‘spiritual energy’ and I think it can be scientifically explained in the field of spirituality. I also think Busoshoku Haki and Haoshoku Haki can be explained using the Soul. In some kind of scientific way people with strong fighting Souls can harden their body via the Body and Soul connection and those with Haoshoku Haki can use their Soul to intimidate etc.
In relation to the quote, the fact that Law cannot operate on Devil Fruits when switching bodies implies that once a Devil Fruit has fused with a Body it cannot leave it until the Body has no Soul. Chopper didn’t lose his Devil Fruit when his Soul was swapped with Franky’s because Franky’s Soul kept it connected to Chopper’s Body.

The Devil Tree

I believe Devil Fruit’s come from a Devil Tree for the same reason that has been proposed in numerous other theories. It’s because biblical named Trees exist or have existed in One Piece and it just seems logical a Devil Tree will exist.
From my research I’ve come to the conclusion that the Devil Tree is God-like, I think it’s a omnipotent and omniscient Life Form that is connected to everything in the One Piece universe. I believe the Devil Tree functions like nothing else in One Piece and is capable of using all aspects of the One Piece universe like ingredients to operate with when creating Devil Fruits (similar to how Law can operate in a sphere, in fact I believe Law’s Ope Ope no Mi is scientifically linked to this process). I then believe it scientifically fuses/conjoins the aspects of the One Piece universe together to create the Devil Fruits (I’ve already mentioned how this is similar to Wapol’s Baku Baku no Mi, again I believe this Fruit is a specific aspect of this scientific process). Finally, the Devil Fruit will be eaten and will fuse/conjoin with a Soul and Body (I’ve already mentioned how Kanjuro’s Devil Fruit is similar to this phenomenon, I believe Kanjuro’s ability is to bind a type of Soul to his drawings and that’s why come to life. I think Kanjuro’s Fruit is an aspect of this scientific process.
Just to be clear, when I’m saying every Devil Fruit is a scientific process of scientific components, it’s true of what is scientifically possible in the world of One Piece. I think Vegapunk has some knowledge of the Devil Tree, that’s why Momonosuke can create clouds he can walk on and is a type of dragon, Vegapunk will have been able to replicate the process by using components of the clouds in a Sky Island with the biology of some kind of dragon.

Why Blackbeard can use more than 1 Fruit

I’m going to show a quote by Blackbeard which I think holds a deeper meaning than what’s shown on the surface:

Darkness is gravity! The power to pull everything in… and space not even a ray of light!… Infinite gravity!

We all know Blackbeard has a unique Logia in the Yami Yami no Mi. He can use his ‘infinite gravity’ to gravitate all living things/objects toward him. His darkness can suck all this in like a vortex where he can store them, and he can nullify all Devil Fruit users when touches them.
As you’ll know I already believe that for a Devil Fruit to work it has to be fused/conjoined to a Body and Soul, I also mentioned how Law couldn’t separate a Devil Fruit from a body, this is because the Soul must die first.
If we accept what I’ve said about Souls and how they scientifically work in One Piece, and we focus on the Blackbeard quote, ‘the power to pulleverything in… not even a ray of light!‘. I believe Blackbeard has the ability to suck in Souls! What?! Well, from a dead body. I also believe he can separate the three way relationship between the Body, Soul and Devil Fruit. Blackbeard can suck Devil Fruits toward him when he touches a Devil Fruit user, if he wasn’t touching the user he would be sucking the Body toward his darkness because, as I’ve said, he cannot separate Devil Fruit from an alive person as the Body and Fruit will be fused together. So what he can do is separate the Soul and Devil Fruit connection when he touches them, that is why their abilities are nullified. If a Fruit user is alive the Body and Soul won’t be separated, it works exactly like the Body and Devil Fruit connection. Even if Blackbeard could somehow suck in somebody’s Devil Fruit, he would die. Then, you may ask, how can Blackbeard use at least 2 Devil Fruits?
I’m now going to elaborate on how the Yami Yami no Mi works differently on someone who is alive and someone who is dead.
Now, if the person is dead, for example when Whitebeard died, Blackbeard would be able to suck in both Whitebeard’s Devil Fruit and Soul as they wouldn’t be fused together with the Body. Blackbeard would be able to store Whitebeard’s Soul and Gura Gura no Mi while attatching both to his body! That’s why Blackbeard doesn’t die, and that’s why it’s the most evil Devil Fruit. In this scenario Blackbeard would have 2 Souls for 2 Devil Fruits, but I believe he has 3 Souls!

This is obvious but I’ll say it anyway, Blackbeard is based on the real life pirate Blackbeard. What’s interesting though is that the real life pirate was known as Edward Teach, and also went by the name Thatch. The 2 people Blackbeard has killed are called Thatch, Edward Newgate, and of course Blackbeard himself is known as Marshall D. Teach. They all make up Blackbeard because Blackbeard has control over all 3 Souls!
I’ll end the theory by saying that no matter how many Souls Blackbeard can suck in I don’t think he can have more than 1 Devil Fruit from each class, meaning I believe Blackbeard will add a Zoan to attach to Thatch’s Soul. The Blackbeard Pirates are known to sneak in and take advantage of situations (like cowards!), such as at Impel Down and Marineford. Even Burgess attempted to take Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Mi when he was exhausted against Doffy. So I believe Blackbeard will kill Monkey D. Dragon and steal his Devil Fruit or will sneak in once Luffy defeats Kaido, kill Kaido and take his Zoan.

*Theory by Timshel



After reading the recent chapter 809 and getting a closer look at the “Gifters” and their abilities I had this thought. To me it’s seems as if the ability to turn your hand or part of your body into a creature like the Gifters can seems likely to be the work of smile, aka artificial devil fruits. Instead of a full animal transformation where you become the animal, the smile animal “becomes you”, or part of you.

This is when I got the idea, does that mean you can eat more then one artificial devil fruit? Since when you eat a normal Zoan you become the animal, and obviously you can’t become two different animals at once which is why the fruits fight inside and it kills you. But since smile fruits only turn part of you into an animal it might be possible to eat multiple, depending on if you have the will (Haki) to control multiple. So here’s my theory, kaido didn’t eat a mythical Zoan fruit, he ait 100 smile! This is very reminiscent of the time luffy absorbed 100 of moriahs shadows and became nightmare luffy. They said you can only fit a couple shadows in at a time, but since luffys will power (Haki) was so high he was able to absorb 100 shadows! This could be forshadowing to Kaido. Kaido is known as the “100 beast Kaido” and I don’t think that’s due to some mythical Zoan he has, but the 100 beasts in the smiles he ait.
Imagine if Kaido could turn his arms into 100 different beasts, all because of his massive Haki.
Kaido also has a tattoo on his arm much like all the “Gifters” do, who can turn their arms into beasts which hints Kaido has a similar ability and and artificial fruit instead of a real one. I think it would fit his character quite well and would be pretty epic. Being able to control and eat 100 smiles sounds like something he would do and would completely explain his epithet “one hundred beast” Kaido.
Just an idea and would love to hear yalls thoughts!

*Theory by Gambia’s Grandma


So theres a lot of theories to what kind of power does Dragon have, but they all fail for me and then i saw this. A Philippine Mythology about a dragon called “Bakunawa” first lets see what wiki says about it.


It appears as a giant sea serpent with a mouth the size of a lake, a red tongue, whiskers, gills, small wires at its sides, and two sets of wings, one is large and ash-gray while the other is small and is found further down its body.

Tales about the Bakunawa say that it is the cause of eclipses. During ancient times, Filipinos believe that there are seven moons created by Bathala (Gods) to light up the sky. The Bakunawa, amazed by their beauty, would rise from the ocean and swallow the moons whole, angering Bathala and causing them to be mortal enemies.

To keep the moons from completely being swallowed by the Bakunawa, ancient Filipinos would go out of their homes with pans and pots, and would make noise in order to scare the Bakunawa into spitting out the moon back into the sky. Some of the people in the villages would play soothing sounds with their musical instruments, in hopes that the dragon would fall into a deep sleep. Thus, the brave men of the village hoped that while the dragon was hypnotized by the musical sounds they could somehow slay the dragon. Although the dragon was known as a “moon eater” it was also known as a “man eater”.

Other tales tell that the Bakunawa has a sister in the form of a sea turtle. The sea turtle would visit a certain island in the Philippines in order to lay its eggs. However, locals soon discovered that every time the sea turtle went to shore, the water seemed to follow her, thus reducing the island’s size. Worried that their island would eventually disappear, the locals killed the sea turtle.

When the Bakunawa found out about this, it arose from the sea and ate the moon. The people were afraid so they prayed to Bathala to punish the creature. Bathala refused but instead told them to bang some pots and pans in order to disturb the serpent. The moon is then regurgitated while the Bakunawa disappeared, never to be seen again.

The island where the sea turtle lays its eggs is said to exist today. Some sources say that the island might just be one of the Turtle Islands.


Others tell how the Bakunawa fell in love with a human girl in one of the native tribes. The head of the tribe found out about their affair and had their house burned to ashes. The Bakunawa, finding out about this, became immersed in anger and tried to take revenge by eating all the 7 moons. When the Bakunawa was about to eat the last one, Bathala took action and punished the Bakunawa by banishing it from its home away from the sea. It also tells that the reason of the eclipses is how the Bakunawa is trying to come back to its home and deceased family.

Some Filipino elders Bakunawa is a moving isle with communities mounted at the back, it is said to believe that has 2 classification the flying Bakunawa and the land Bakunawa.

My thoughts to what connection the bakunawa had to do with dragon and the onepiece world#

“Tales about the Bakunawa say that it is the cause of eclipses. During ancient times, Filipinos believe that there are seven moons created by Bathala (Gods) to light up the sky. The Bakunawa, amazed by their beauty, would rise from the ocean and swallow the moons whole, angering Bathala (Gods)and causing them to be mortal enemies.”

1. In Onepiece world it was showed that there are actually only 6 planets in Onepiece but even though it was only 6 its still closed to the myth.

2.What if Oda didnt really connected it to the planets? What if its actually representing the 7 Warlords- Seven Moons? And Monkey D. Dragon is the chosen one to overthrew the warlord treaty not just that the whole world goverment.

3. “Bathala” which means Gods in english is actualy referring to the Gorosei?

“Other tales tell that the Bakunawa has a sister in the form of a sea turtle. The sea turtle would visit a certain island in the Philippines in order to lay its eggs. However, locals soon discovered that every time the sea turtle went to shore, the water seemed to follow her, thus reducing the island’s size. Worried that their island would eventually disappear, the locals killed the sea turtle.
When the Bakunawa found out about this, it arose from the sea and ate the moon. The people were afraid so they prayed to Bathala to punish the creature. Bathala refused but instead told them to bang some pots and pans in order to disturb the serpent. The moon is then regurgitated while the Bakunawa disappeared, never to be seen again.”

1. What if for some reason how the locals killed the sea turtle (which is bakunawa’s sister) in Onepiece World Monkey D.Dragon sister… Was with the help of Gorosei? Because how can the locals kill a huge island turtle? Unless they had a devine protection from the gods.

2. The reason why Monkey D. Dragon probably wants to overthrow the world goverment is because of her sister?


“Others tell how the Bakunawa fell in love with a human girl in one of the native tribes. The head of the tribe found out about their affair and had their house burned to ashes. The Bakunawa, finding out about this, became immersed in anger and tried to take revenge by eating all the 7 moons. When the Bakunawa was about to eat the last one, Bathala took action and punished the Bakunawa by banishing it from its home away from the sea. It also tells that the reason of the eclipses is how the Bakunawa is trying to come back to its home and deceased family.

Some Filipino elders Bakunawa is a moving isle with communities mounted at the back, it is said to believe that has 2 classification the flying Bakunawa and the land bakunawa”

[Others tell how the Bakunawa fell in love with a human girl in one of the native tribes. The head of the tribe found out about their affair and had their house burned to ashes. The Bakunawa, finding out about this, became immersed in anger and tried to take revenge by eating all the 7 moons. When the Bakunawa was about to eat the last one] 1. What if Dragon fell in love to luffy’s mom but for some reasons was killed by the World Goverment for some reason. Which made Dragon awakened and declared war to the world goverment head on.

[The Bakunawa, finding out about this, became immersed in anger and tried to take revenge by eating all the 7 moons. When the Bakunawa was about to eat the last one, Bathala took action and punished the Bakunawa by banishing it from its home away from the sea. It also tells that the reason of the eclipses is how the Bakunawa is trying to come back to its home and deceased family.] 2. Dragon will eventually weakens the world goverment but in the end when the Gorosei starts to move themselves to fight Dragon, he will eventually gets defeated?

[Some Filipino elders Bakunawa is a moving isle with communities mounted at the back, it is said to believe that has 2 classification the flying Bakunawa and the land bakunawa” ] 3. Monkey D. Dragon actually have 2 or more forms when he uses his df? Air type, land type, or both

*Theory by -Xavier-

Kaido has a Dragon Devil Fruit

Shortly after the Straw Hats’ arrival in Dressrosa, Luffy had tried to fly Momonosuke because of the flying ability that Momonosuke had displayed and used unconsciously to save both Luffy and himself from remaining in the pit wherein Luffy first stumbled upon him

, but Momonosuke dreadfully and loudly rejected the idea of flying ‘again’ through the ‘skies’ despite having no memory of the time when he had flown out of the pit together with Luffy, wherein there was no ‘sky’.

While he was about to shout his rejection of such idea, Momonosuke was recalling somebody’s hand reaching out to grab him.

That event from his memory appears to be the cause of his aviophobia(fear of flying). The person from his flashback is suggested to have a flying ability, and the Dragon Devil Fruit possesses a flying ability.

When Momo was loudly rejecting the idea of flying again, his father was composedly listening to what was happening with no sign of surprise. This indicates that his father is aware of the misfortune that befell Momo. This further suggests that this had happened long before both Momo’s consumption of an artificial Dragon Devil Fruit and their separate arrivals in PH.

At Punk Hazard, Kinemon both exhibited great abhorrence of ‘dragons’ and confirmed to Brook that he has a ‘personal vendetta’ against them. I do not think that such hatred and vendetta could develop from having his ‘lower third’ attached to a dragon (the first dragon that greeted Luffy, Zoro, Usopp and Robin when they first set foot on the blazing half of Punk Hazard) since it is normally IMPOSSIBLE for one to confirm by only his lower third the nature of the being or thing to which it (his lower third) was attached.

Kinemon also showed great detestation of ‘pirates’ when sanji had first introduced himself and the rest of his group to him as pirates.

After Momo had consumed Vegapunk’s artificial Dragon Devil Fruit and successfully managed to escape his pursuers at Punk Hazard, he found himself facing a mirror. Upon looking at the reflection of his dragon form on the mirror, he paled and shouted a loud scream. This appears to be a phobic reaction to dragons.

When Luffy and Momo were stranded in that pit, Luffy introduced himself to Momo as the man who will become the pirate king. Upon hearing that, Momo had become fidgety and nervous and gave a description of ‘pirates’ that matches Kaido’s description. This could suggest that Momo met Kaido in person, and his nervousness could be due to the fear he harbours about Kaido due to a certain event/ events.

When Kaido’s underling was trying to update kaido with the news of Joker’s defeat, he was looking toward the sky, which means that he believed that Kaido was in the sky, if not on the apex of some mountain.

In that very chapter, Kaido reached sky island with neither the company nor the knowledge of his crew members.

It was shown to us that Drake and several other crew members of Kaido were talking about the news whereas Kaido himself was on the sky island.

It was therefore evident that such method of attaining sky island is strictly related to his abilities.

In this week’s chapter it was revealed to us, along with his identity, that Kaido has the strongest body structure you could find in all the living things that swim, crawl and fly this earth. Dragons are known to possess such attributes as robust scales that could withstand blades and spears that aim to penetrate their skin as well as wings that allow them to fly and reach such altitudes. Since Kaido’s body was described to be immune to blades and spears that aimed to penetrate it, from this aspect his attributes strongly support the idea that he possesses the Dragon Devil Fruit.

After Caesar’s downfall at Luffy’s hands, Kinemon told his son, in the middle of their meal, to trust that ‘they’ are all right.

My theory is that ‘they’ refers to the people from Wa. To be worried about their safety means that they are going through some kind of crisis. A crisis of this level that affects an entire nation whose citizens are so strong inasmuch as not even the marines can go near them can only be caused by one of the four emperors.

When the Straw Hats, Law and the samurai had left Punk Hazard and were heading to Dressrosa, Law revealed Kaido’s epithet. Upon hearing that, Momo and Kinemon both showed expressions fear and shock. When asked by Zoro what was wrong, Kinemon untruthfully replied that nothing was wrong.

Right after Kinemon had untruthfully answered Zoro that nothing was wrong, he reacted frightfully to the dragon form of his own child and started nervously asking about his (Momo’s) whereabouts. Kinemon’s mind should have been preoccupied by the dragon next to him, but the very sight of that dragon triggered feelings of worry about his son’s whereabouts.

Afterwards, when everyone was gathered and having dinner, Kinemon revealed to them that they were ‘chased’ by people whose identity he wished not to reveal(probably for the safety of the people who aided him recover both his body portions and his son – the Straw Hats).

In both instances Kinemon concealed matters connected to kaido. In this week’s chapter we discover that Kaido’s goons were ‘chasing’ the ‘samurai’.

This establishes another strong connection between Kaido and the people of Wa. My theory is that Kinemon’s group was chased by Kaido’s goons when they were trying to go to Zo. And the crisis that befell Wa had been caused by Kaido.

Kaido is the only one that could have breached the strong security of Wa and did what was done to Momo by his flying abilities. This explains Momo’s accurate description of Kaido, his phobic reaction to dragons, and the fear he harbours about him from the event that caused him aviophobia. This also explains Kinemon’s ‘personal vendetta’ against ‘dragons’, his feelings of worry about the whereabouts of his child that surfaced at the sight of a dragon, and his strong dislike of ‘pirates’ because it is only natural for one to develop such feelings after having his son exposed to such traumatic experience and his country exposed to such crisis (conquest of Wa).

Let’s also not dismiss that Gear 4 was conceived to combat celestial/ flying enemies too.

These are my thoughts for why Kaido must possess the dragon ability.

Thank you for reading.

*Theory by Australopithecus




There is a reason I started with this one and it’s because it is the easiest to justify. Luffy’s awakening will be simple. It will be the ability to make the environment elastic to match his body. I will even go a step further and say initially he will be only able to turn a small area around where he is touching rubber at any one time. Eventually developing that to  Doflamingo’s level of turning an entire town.​

And there are many reasons why I went with such a simple awakening idea for the Gomu Gomu no Mi.

  1. Luffy’s powers have always been on the surface, underwhelming. It has never been a power that grants the user automatic strength, like a powerful logia or something like Law’s fruit. In many ways, it’s close to Doflamingo, in that the power itself isn’t inherently amazing, but with a creative user, it can be terrifying. So it stands to reason that its awakening will also be on the surface, very simple, but again it will be how Luffy uses it in combat that makes the big difference.
  2. Oda has said Luffy’s powers will always revolve around stretching and contracting. He has said several times it’s why he gave his protagonist those type of powers, because he could have fun with changing his shape all the time. So I don’t expect the awakening to suddenly give him skills and abilities that don’t relate to stretching, such as producing random electricity or super saiyan like transformations and other, frankly imho, ridiculous ideas.​
  3. Luffy has always been about physical combat. Punching and kicking. It would make more sense that his awakening would somehow facilitate his chosen fighting style, not over power it and give him an all new fighting style. He will always be punching and kicking. So the awakening on its own, shouldn’t be the central focus.​



First of all, and most importantly, this picture of Robin is sexy as FUCK! Now, onto the awakening.

Robin’s fruit is really fun to speculate with. There are so many ways you can build it and still fall within current knowledge on awakening, yet still create a completely viable fighting style. My favourite,  and the one I’m using here is that Robin will eventually use her awakening to use plants.

Like Luffy, and by Doflamingo’s explanation, Robin will learn to duplicate or bloom objects other than herself. Because this has so many viable possibilities one could focus on, it was fun to speculate but I settled on plants as her awakened usage of choice because it fits her theme and the fruit name.

Oda stretched her fruit’s name to include “Blooming like a flower” into its theme. This was intentional because I believe he always intended for Robin to use plants as her eventual weapon
First let’s look at Robin’s Personal Jolly Roger than Oda created.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

Note that the one on the right is as it is Post timeskip. And we know this is significant  because of how Oda addressed this in the SBS.


He makes it clear that each Jolly Roger had to be done a particular way. So I think there is meaning behind this choice. And what he adds to the Jolly roger is a flower backdrop and some seeds. I think Robin will awaken her fruit and eventually build her fighting style around using plants. A further foreshadowing of this maybe from Dressrosa with her Hanagasa move.


But more so than regular plants, which have very little offensive prowess, I believe Robin will learn and assimilate Usopp’s current skill of Pop Greens and use it for herself. Being able to use an army of carnivirous plants and unlike Usopp, use her power to duplicate each individual plant.

This ties into the Jolly Roger depicting seeds and a flower as Robin’s new backdrop. Whereas Usopp has to use a seed for each plant, her awakening will give her a freedom and potential with Pop Greens that Usopp could never reach with them. She could bloom them on any surface, even at a distance from where she blooms the first plant.

And maybe even take handful of seeds and duplicate the seeds in another hand further away and grow them there.  A potentially limitless supply of Pop Greens at her fingertips.

I do not believe that Usopp’s current fighting style will be what he uses until the end of the series because he has very little room for growth in it. Imagine him trying to use Pop Greens against people like Van Augur or Yassop. Plants with no haki or superspeed. They would laugh it off.

So in this theory Robin becomes the wielder of the Pop Greens and she could eventually work poisonous and gigantic growth plants into her powers. This is the most fun to me, so I personally love it.
Although duplicating weapons would be cool too. ​


HITO HITO NO MI: THE MONSTER WITHIN Monster Point!! FREAKING MONSTER POINT!!!! Bigger than he currently achieves with Rumble Balls, bigger than the average Giant as well. Just an all around massive form. Tremendous power, durability and resilience. And before you say a Giant is not a human so it can’t be the awakening, please draw your attention to the other Human Fruit in the series, Sengoku’s Buddah:

If Sengoku can get a Giant form then so can freaking Chopper dammit. And based on the wiki’s description of an awakened zoan, the transformations are usually bigger than the normal zoan transformations to correspond with the increased power. Therefore, I see no reasonwhy not.Chopper can get a giant version of a human for his awakening. Hell, Giants are essentially human in the series, just bigger. Awakened Chopper will be a bigger, giant sized version of Monster Point that’s larger and more powerful and gets all the perks of an awakening. And by EoS he will be San Juan Wolf size.

Turning into a human being, is BORING!!!! Come on, admit it. So for me, Awakened Monster Point is the pinnacle transformation for Chopper. Would be amazing. And finally,


Kind of a misnomer, but the name is so damn cool, so who cares?!! No I don’t think his awakening will be Death while his power is Life or some kind of two sided Yin and Yang thing that he is unaware of. But when I was making this I had to ask myself what is Brooke’s power? It’s so undefined what its true capabilities are. I mean who expected what he has shown with it so far Post-timeskip?
So to start, let me build on what his abilities are.


So expanding upon that, I believe Brooke’s fruit imbues his soul with a powerful energy, that he is only now learning to manipulate. This energy has the ability to sustain life itself, as well as a freezing effect, when applied to other things through attacks. Making the assumption that this energy is like an “life” energy, then we can theorize that all living things in One Piece have some of this energy, althought likekly not as strong as Brooke’s, within them.

Thus, Brooke has been given the gift to control it and use its power. But currently, he is limited to himself only. Expanding this again, based on Doflamingo’s explanation, Brooke will extend his control of this energy to everything around him during awakening. Granting the ability to bestow upon and take this energy from other living things and the environment. As a restriction, he probably won’t be able to take it from living beings unless willingly.

The two fold power of this will influence both skills of fighting Brooke currently uses. His swordsmanship and his music. By bestowing this energy upon other things that are dead, he may be able to cause a temporary revival and be able to control these revived beings outright. But also he may be able to connect to the soul of someone that he is fighting and have an even greater control of their will through music.

And for his physical abilities, he could take this energy from the area around him, basically increasing the speed, power and level of freezing effect from his swordsmanship. Also granting him reconstructive abilities far beyond where he currently is and what he can maintain with his own soul energy.

Basically Brooke’s awakening could unlock a tremendous amount of skills he doesn’t currently have.


A very tricky question. Technically speaking, they don’t ALL have to awaken, but to me, will they or won’t they, depends how much further you think their fruit can develop and how much other skills in the One Piece world can benefit them overall, that the need for awakening may not even be necessary.

For Luffy, it’s almost a given he will awaken at some point. He is the protagonist and he has to be the strongest he possibly can be in the crew. So it makes sense for his awakening to at least be considered almost guaranteed.

For Robin, she is SO RELIANT on her DF, and after coming back from time with Revolutionaries with only knowledge of haki and not having awakened it herself, you begin to wonder if she is even destined to have it. More than even Luffy, I think Robin is the one out of the four that REALLY needs to awaken and is probably the most likely one at the moment.

For Chopper, even though I believe Monster Point is him using an imperfect form of his awakening, and he has mastered his fruit through drugs to a high level, there could still be loads of room in all his points as they currently are. Furthermore, with Electro being a possible future powerup for him, he may not even need to be in the discussion ofr awakening just yet. His is the most flexible. It probably relies most of all on when the strawhats may be faced with a situation of fighting against a bunch of giant enemies at once with no chance to team up on the giants. Chopper could awaken around then.

And finally Brooke I believe is a LONG way from this. His mastery over his fruit is pretty poor, only now learning in the last 2 years after having it for 50+, that he could leave his body and that it could freeze things. I feel he has not mastered his fruit enough to expect an awakening any time soon, but it could be useful if it plays out how I described it.

So as of right now, I think Robin is most likekly to awaken first. She has the level of mastery over her fruit currently, that suggest she is approaching its pinnacle before awakening as she has so much feats of ingenuity with its usage. As well as power with her Giant limbs that she unlocked. There doesn’t seem much mroe to explore unless Oda literally turns it into a “Numbers” game,
and just gives her more and more limbs for her limit.

Luffy has more to explore with haki and Gear 4 before awakening becomes the next thing to learn. He likely won’t awaken until after mastering Gear 4 which won’t be for awhile. Chopper, like I said, can explore more drugs and Electro, if he gets it, for awhile as a powerup. Awakening is not entirely necessary at this juncture. Brooke, however, I think will be last, just because of how much more he needs to develop his DF, Music and Swordsmanship skills before we get to that point. And yes, I think they will all awaken, but it will be spread out significantly over time.

Well, thank you for reading.

*Theory by TheConqueror