Hello everyone! I’m here today with a theory on Blackbeard’s Body Structure, his DF and so on and so forth. Let’s get started!

  • The first point I would like to start off with is of Blackbeard as a kid, it might be far fetched but here goes. I think Teach might have suffered from a mental disorder, basically split personalities which confused him at a young age since he couldn’t comprehend it and left him depressed as we see above. He might have been born with split personalities or may have retained it through severe trauma as a child. This could also explain why he can wield 2 or more DF’s. His split personality counts as multiple people which acts as a loophole for being able to use more than 1 DF. He may switch to his other personality to use the Gura Gura No Mi, and go back to original mindset when using the Yami Yami No Mi.


  • Another character I’d like to mention is Shinobu Sensui from Yu Yu Hakusho. His mental disorder is later mentioned later on but basically he has 7 split personalities with different abilities. His Red personality in general is the more aggressive one and he forms a machine gun of some sort around his hand when this personality takes over. How does this relate to Blackbeard you might ask? Well what if he uses 2 DF in a way similar to how Sensui gains alternate skills with each personality. Lets say Blackbeard’s main personality wields the Yami Yami No Mi and on the other hand, one of his split personalities is counted as another person in whole and controls the Gura Gura No Mi. In accord to his body structure, this might also explain why he can take hits so well and has different reactions to pain on certain occasions. For example lets say one personality when getting attacked tanks the hit and doesn’t think much of it. While another one of his personalities overreacts when hit and flails around for a slight moment.


  • Now this next point is for the people who are skeptical on my second point of how one personality holds the Yami & the other wields the Gura. Maybe Blackbeard learned how to control his multi personalities in a way similar to Sensui? Sensui could communicate with his other personalities without them taking over at any point in time unless the main personality gave the others his approval. Maybe Blackbeard can switch between personalities at will or keep a certain level of balance/synchronization between the 2 to dual wield both of them at once in certain instances?


  • Another theory is solely based on the Yami Yami No Mi alone and the nature of black holes in general. We know that Black Holes absorb matter, even light particles can’t escape dark matter. What if instead of Blackbeard eating the Gura Gura No Mi after taking it out of Whitebeard’s body, the Yami Yami No Mi absorbed it and was still somehow able to fully use it’s powers but as a trade off he can only use it with his left hand and can no longer use the Yami Yami No Mi in that hand. We know the Yami nullifies the abilities of all DF’s, it would make sense that it can nullify it to a point where it wouldn’t be a threat on the body of the wielder if they have already eaten a DF but can still take control of it’s powers to a certain extent.

I don’t know how Luffy & Zoro were able to detect that, I hope we get a flashback on this when the time comes for more BB in the future.

Then we have BB’s Jolly Roger with 3 skulls on it, in my opinion this foreshadows his multiple personalities along with his plan to get a 3rd DF in the future.

That’s the end of my theory, I hope you enjoyed it since it’s my first!

*Theory by Ace D. Sosa


We all have been reading so much theories surrounding the letter D in names of important characters in OP. And mostly they say it stands for DEVIL, the ones who oppose Gods or should we say now Royalties. What i think is a bit different. The letter D stand for Death. The reason behind this is that so far we’ve got to know 9 different characters who have letter D the in their names.
You can see in the picture that i uploaded, 4 of 9 characters are already dead. So my theory is that the D or should i say curse brings violent death to them or to people whom they love if they don’t sacrifice themselves instead. Maybe that’s what Roger knew (hearing the poneglyphs) and that is the reason why Gol D. Roger surrendered himself to Marines, because he didn’t want that curse to affect his kid – Portgas D. Ace. Perhaps they are destined to die while protecting others and there is no other way to escape death and that’s why Roger died by the hands of Marines, to protect his son. And the reason why he entrusted Ace to Garp because he Roger knew the secret behind the name and was sure that the Garp was the best choice to protect Ace considering D in his name and what it stands for. Maybe the D has a double meaning – Death and Defending (the ones you love). Garp eventually didn’t sacrifice himself to protect Ace, and Ace died – and we all now how important and loved Ace and Luffy were by Garp, even if he didn’t show it. Perhaps in future Luffy will be in mortal danger and Garp or Dragon will  die to protect him.
Now if we look upon other characters who also died in OP, we can see that they died while protecting others. So Roger and Portgas D. Rogue died protecting their son, Jaguar D. Saul died protecting Nico Robin and finally Ace died while protecting Luffy. Trafalgar D. Law was a kid and couldn’t save the ones he loved. that is the curse considering D or should i say Death of the name bearers.
*Theory by Irbas Škrinjarić


This is going to be a short theory based on what we saw on chapter 787,when Zoro uses Busoshouku Haki on his swords.


As you all can see,when he activates his Haki,it gets out of the sword a little.What does that have to do with Rayleigh?

Well,he is called Dark King so I guess that like Zoro’s Haki was showm out of his sword when it was covering his sword I think Rayleigh was able to create an aura of Busoshouku around him,covering the air,the ground and what’s beneath it,thus the name Dark King.

Thanks for reading

*Theory by Pedro5822



I’m here to post my own theory on our newest Emperor, Blackbeard. Now I know there are tons of content and ideas about this guy, ranging from Cerberus to split personality to the ceremonial dagger. So I just wanted to throw my hat into the ring and see how it goes. Warning, this might be a pretty long post. Hang in there with me guys.

So the first thing I wanted to address is how BB is in fact a genius. I think he is the mascot for people who are super smart but act super dumb. The sheer number of things he was able to predict/manipulate is staggering. And I think he would be the the kind of person who would actively lie about his own abilities to get an advantage. (ie Trebol)

The core of the theory then is that Blackbeard’s power does not function the way he tells us it does. He tells us exactly what he needs to for us to hang ourselves in assumptions. What do I mean? Let’s take a look at his powers and our assumption about them.

1. BB is able to suck in anything into what appears to be an alternate dimension and can push it out of said dimension.
2. BB does not have normal Logia functions like regeneration or intangibility.
3. BB suffers more pain than a normal human being, yet can survive some serious damage.
4. BB can cancel out the effects of other fruits.
5. We assume that all of these effects belong to the Yami Yami no Mi.

We assume this, because that’s what Blackbeard tells us. But what if he is lying? What if the Yami Yami no Mi is not solely responsible for all these exceptional powers? What if number 3 and 4 is a separate ability all together?

I know this is a pretty bold claim; I’ll admit, it’s pretty far out there. But here’s a few hints that led me to this conclusion.

When BB fought Ace, he said a few interesting remarks. Chief among them are “This power chose me.” and “My body absorbs much more pain than a normal human’s.” and “This power is the most evil.” Now we automatically attributes the extra damage anomaly to the Yami Yami no Mi, but I no longer think it is the case. And why would BB say that this specific fruit chose him? And why is the Yami Yami no Mi so evil? I believe he said all these things because he is hiding the fact that the Yami Yami no Mi is his 2nd fruit, not the first one.

So here’s a little scenario I constructed. I think that BB ate a very useless fruit as a young child like Luffy. I know, I know, we all love the Gumo Gumo no Mi. But comon, stretching like rubber is pretty tame in comparison to some of the overpowered fruits we have come across. But instead of embracing the power as Luffy have, BB’s fruit made him extremely sad and depressed. Which is why he was crying as a kid.

What is this useless fruit? I think that it is similar to Urouge’s fruit. It would have the effect of amplifying pain in exchange for toughness and the ability to cancel out other fruits like a powered up sea stone. As a kid, pain amplification might have been the only effect that BB knew and it overwhelmed BB, which is why he set out to find the Book on Devil Fruits, hoping that it might help his situation.

Instead of a cure, he found information on the Yami Yami no Mi. I think that this book held the true information on what his fruit and the Yami Yami no Mi does, and one of Dark traits is that its power is self-destructive. I think that this fruit is so evil, because it kills its own user with its power. But then there might be a footnote on the page where it states that the Author (assumed to be Vegapunk) theorize that another fruit might be out there which could allow the user to use and control the Yami Yami no Mi. And this here is why BB thinks this power chose him. Because it just so happens that his first fruit can handle the power of absorbing another fruit and the Yami Yami no Mi.

Then with this new information, he came under Whitebeard and begun his search for the Yami Yami no Mi.

So then how does this work? And why does it matter? Well I think it matters for a few different reasons.

Thematically, this would bring BB one step closer to Luffy. Both ate a ‘bad’ fruit early in life, but one rejected it and one embraced it. It could bring out more character development for Luffy by setting up BB as a foil.

Story wise, I think it’d be a pretty killer plot twist. It would explain BB’s pirate flag and set up Vegapunk to be a critical element in bringing down BB. Because Luffy and crew need to know this final trump card up BB’s sleeve to defeat him. It would be essential come up with a plan to deal with his insane endurance.

It would also explain a couple of BB’s tendencies. Ever notice how he is really slow in battle and talk alot, specifically to provoke his opponents? And I think he almost always get hit first. I think he needs to feel pain in order to evoke his first fruit’s power to control his 2nd and 3rd fruit. And in the case where his opponents don’t fight first, he could grind his missing teeth to generate pain to fuel his powers.

So there it is, that’s roughly my idea on how BB’s powers works. I know it’s really out there, but it does connect a few dots for me personally.

What do you guys think?

*Theory by Cloudastic


We know that Sabo is the General Officer of the Revolutionary Army. He’s famous as No.2 of the Revo Army .
Now, in many Organizations the ranking order goes by numbers. The smaller the number, the higher the rank that member has. Baroque works had similar system ,where the agents were number given code names. (for eg., Mr.1, Mr.2 )
I dont think that Revo army gives number code names to their officers. But it is common practice to call the top officers of a Organisation by numbers. And that is the reason, Sabo is famous as NO.2. It certainly shows that he is one of the top officers of Revo Army, which is supported by the kind of strength he has shown.

But does being called as No.2 mean that Sabo is most powerful officer in charge after Monkey D Dragon.
I dont think so.
I think that Sabo is the 3rd ranked officer of Revo Army, with Dragon being the leader or better said the No.Zero. And there is another person/officer who is above Sabo & below Dragon. That unknown person might be the No.1 of Revo Army.
We have seen, Crocodile himself being the of Baroque Works. Since zero is the smallest whole number, it is safe to consider that Dragon might too be the of Revo army.

Similarly, Sabo has been compared to Ace, due various incients & facts like :
1.Ace fought with marine captain to save luffy & Sabo fought fujitora to save luffy.
2.Both theirs fight ended in a tie.
3.Ace was the 2nd division commander of WB pirates & Sabo is the No.2 of Revo Army.

Now, if we look the last point, we can consider Ace as No.2 of WB pirates. With Marco being the No.1 & WB the leader or

Here’s the Hiearchy of 3 different Organizations.

Considering all above facts i think that there is an Officer who is above Sabo. Probably Sabo is under him because he is still in-experienced & still has a long way to go .And it would be too soon to reveal the person who is under the Dragon according to me, so we might have to wait for some period before it is revealed.

So who do you think is the No.1 of the Revo Army ??
Here are few of my possibilities.
1.former No.1 could be Kuma.
2.Ivankov seems to be working with Dragon ,since very beginning, but doesnt seem that strong to be No.1
3.If Aokiji is a Revo now, he can be the No.1 of Revo army.Since he does seems strong enought to hold that position.
4.Unknown person, who is still to be introduced.

Thank you for reading, give your thoughts on it

*Theory by blaze


We all know that Roger Crew was disbanded and everyone was free of follow the way they want.
I put my eyes on the two apprentices of Roger; Buggy the Clown and [Akagami]Redhaired Shanks.


At the start when Roger was about to set sail he doesn’t have ship and convince Rayleigh to join in his trip.


This reveals one thing Roger and Reyleigh are from the East Blue.
This is an important fact since the East Blue is the weakest sea of the 4, and probably Roger knew something that only those who are “weak knows how is being weak” [I’ll explain this later] Roger was from Loguetown that means probably Roger go way back for all the East blue, searching for crewmates and set sail to Reverse Mountain.

At the start Roger and their crewmates navigate around the Four seas, Grand Line and New World for along 15 years and somehow they get out from the Grand Line and Return to the East Blue maybe for Roger Ilness, and enter from Reverse Mountain again, my reference is Crocus joins to the band and stay with Roger’s Crew for 3 or 4 years before they were disbanded.

In this point we know that Shanks and Buggy are apprentices in the Oro Jackson maybe they had at least 5 years or even more in the Ship that means they could be from the East Blue or from the New World or The Grand Line, I say these cause the look a little bit older than in other flashback.

Shanks and Buggy in the past


Ups! wrong image sorry :hides:

Backstory why Buggy hates Shanks


The proof maybe is in Chapter Zero were Crocus, Buggy, and Shanks are in the Ship during the war with Shiki.


They look more mature, that means they could join 2 years before Crocus


During The Battle of Edd War Buggy was crying but we can see that all the crew trust in Roger and his strengh [also in his Will]

This make me think that Buggy was kinda noble and he just worried for Roger and the crew; he also had fear for all the ship’s in front him.

After this Roger has become the King of Pirates.

Tears for the Pirate King


At this Point Buggy and Shanks were Back in East Blue [They had pass through Raftel].

Buggy was so affected by Roger dead, as the weakest and “noble” pirate he was, he probably stay in East Blue as a sign of respect for Roger and whatever he do for him in the Past;
So he took the name Buggy the Clown because one of the things that Roger likes of him were his Clown appearance, so Buggy respect and love for Roger led him to live as the Pirate Clown and stay in the East Blue.

In the other side we have Shanks, even as a Yonkou he pass so much time in the East Blue, because this was the sea in wich Roger born; we know that Roger gave his Strawhat to Shanks, and maybe that’s the reason why Shanks had the desire of being in the East Blue; just to remind his Captain; and maybe someday found someone weak enough to lead the next generation.

Whatever Roger do for Buggy and Shanks left a mark in their hearts and they show their devoution and respect for his memory, those actions gave them will to face their respective life.

So the East Blue the weakest sea of all, this is too important because only those who know “what is being weak” knows how is “being hopeless” and they have the will to become stronger and not get blinded by his own powers; this means compassion.
Probably this is why Shanks gave Luffy his Strawhat.

*Theory by Vivi Ornitier



Crocodile has a number of references to Captain Hook as a part of his character; Besides his name and hook hand, there is also his bomb he set in Alabasta (which was set on a clock timer), and his weakness to blood (Blood clumps together his sand, while Captain Hook was afraid of his own blood).

One thing about Hook that was also fairly consistent was his skill as a swordsman. Now, what does the symbol of Baroque Works have as its “crossbones”? A pair of sabers.

This same symbol is also seen in a drawing of Crocodile’s former dream to be King of the Pirates, on the hat beside him. This means it was more than likely his own Jolly Roger as a pirate.

Jolly Rogers typically include some feature of the crew’s captain that reflects their appearence or abilities; Luffy’s straw hat, Whitebeard’s moustache, the snakes around the Kuja’s skull mark, etc.

So why would Crocodile’s Jolly Roger have a pair of swords?

My theory is that once upon a time, Crocodile was a swordsman who took great pride in his skills; enough so that he branded his crew with his signature weapon.

If that is the case, then why doesn’t he still use one? I have two propositions:

1: Crocodile was left-handed, and unlike Shanks, was unable to adapt his skills to his weaker arm after losing his dominant hand.
2: Crocodile wielded two swords, and couldn’t get used to only wielding one.

Now, despite Crocodile’s defeat at the hands of Luffy, which condemned him to Impel Down as punishment, he showed no ill will towards Luffy when they met again in Level Six. Considering that Luffy ruined a plan that Crocodile had dedicated several years to, this suggests that he isn’t the type to hold grudges.

This is also shown to a lesser extent when he releases Daz Bones; Crocodile saw his skills and loyalty as valuable, even though he had lost to Zoro. This, despite having tried to kill Mr. 3 for his own failures. And also, perhaps he could see the value of someone who could easily deal with the average swordsman.

Considering these things, and Crocodile’s own self-admittance to not trusting anyone, one may wonder why he has such a venomous grudge against Whitebeard?

The idea that Whitebeard is responsible for Crocodile’s missing hand is a very common theory. I believe that Crocodile’s grudge stems from the fact that Whitebeard robbed him of his ability to wield a sword.

Another potential hint is his brief clash with Mihawk in Marineford. Mihawk is so powerful that he was able to clash with Vista of the Whitebeard pirates without even looking at him (though neither of them were likely taking the fight seriously).

Despite Mihawk’s reputation as the world’s greatest swordsman, Crocodile went so far as to talk down to him, warning him that he was “having a bad day”.

Considering the gap in power between the Warlords of the Sea and Whitebeard, I believe that when he was still a swordsman, if this indeed true, he was one of the greatest in the world. Someone capable of holding his own against Mihawk, and maybe even give him some trouble, but still far from Whitebeard’s level.

And even if he was not that skilled, he would likely at least have enough knowledge about swordplay to pose a decent obstacle, considering Jimbei was struck down by Mihawk in a single strike (anime only).

So in summary, my theory is that Crocodile was once a swordsman very proud of his skills, and lost his ability to use them in his conflict with Whitebeard in the past.

*Theory by Beast of Rendall


Ever since Crocodile first mentioned the ancient weapon Pluton way back in the Alabasta arc, many fans have wondered at the true nature of the three Ancient Weapons; Pluton, Poseidon, and Uranus. As the series has gone on, we have learned a bit about the former two, but not the last.

Pluton has long since been revealed to be a battleship of extraordinary power; the Poneglyph hidden beneath Alabasta contained information about its location, while the blueprints for it were eventually handed down to Franky, who destroyed them to keep them out of the government’s hands.

Poseidon was first mentioned on Skypeia, and it wasn’t until Fishman Island that we learned exactly what (or rather, who) it was; a mermaid princess, born with the ability to communicate and command the titanic Sea Kings that populate the world’s most dangerous waters.

All that is currently known about Uranus, however, is that it is another weapon similar in strength to the previous two.

These three weapons are all named after gods in mythology, and the two we have learned about so far have both had some connection to their name.

Poseidon was named after the Greek god of the sea, child of Cronus and brother to Zeus and Hades. This is fitting, as Poseidon is often depicted as having full control over all of the sea’s creatures.

Pluton is a bit trickier, but still feasibly connected; It is named after Pluto, the Greek god of the Underworld, also known as Hades. Having been made to select his domain last, after Zeus (Jupiter) chose the sky and Poseidon (Neptune) chose the sea, Hades was made to rule the Underworld. While Hades himself is not typically associated with boats, someone in the Underworld is; Charon the ferryman, who transports newly deceased souls across the rivers Styx and Acheron that separate the world of the living and the world of the dead. Thus, Pluton could be seen as a subtle nod to Charon’s ferry, delivering people to death.

Uranus, as noted above, is not representative of Zeus; Jupiter is Zeus’ counterpart. Uranus was a god even older than they, husband and son of Gaia and personification of the sky. It was he who sired the first generation of Titans, including Cronus, the father of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, among others.

A common theory for Uranus’ role as a weapon is that it is some form of weather control machine; I have seen a number of fans who believe it may be in the possession of the Revolutionary Army, or possibly even Dragon himself, given that Poseidon is also a living being.

My theory, however, is that we have already seen Uranus. Or at the very least, a prototype of sorts. Where, you may ask?


The Ark Maxim!

The Ark Maxim, Enel’s ultimate weapon, was quite the impressive piece of work. A large vessel that, by combining chemicals with Enel’s own incredible powers, was able to destroy an entire island by producing a gigantic thundercloud.
It is stated that Enel directed Gan Fall’s men to construct the ark after he usurped his role as “God”, but I find this somewhat strange. While Enel does not seem to be particularly stupid, neither does he seem especially intelligent. While it is certainly possible that he could have designed the Ark Maxim on his own, I have yet to find evidence that he was knowledgeable to create such a devastating weapon. I believe that Enel, at some point in time, discovered the blueprints to Uranus and, unable to recreate its advanced technology with what was available to him or with his own knowledge, he modified its design so that he could reproduce its power to a smaller, though still impressive scale by using his own powers.

While this part is pure speculation, I believe that the Ancient Weapons may have each been entrusted to a certain people for safekeeping by whoever designed them.
The power of Poseidon was entrusted to the Mermaids, rulers of the sea.The battleship Pluton was given to shipwrights, who live on land.And Uranus was entrusted to Enel’s people, the Birkans, who reside in the sky.This may have been as a measure of balance; An airship like the Ark Maxim would be safe from Sea Kings, but could be vulnerable to a battleship of Pluton’s caliber. Likewise, Pluton would be vulnerable to Sea Kings. A sort of rock-paper-scissors relationship, if you will.

Enel likely incorporated large amounts of gold and dials in order to make up for the technological deficiencies he may have encountered, seeing as the former’s high conductivity would make for a good material thanks to his electrical powers.

Usopp was able to use gas from a Breath Dial during his battle with Luffy to create an enormous explosion using only a small flaming projectile to ignite the gas. Enel did something similar with his lightning.

Considering that the ancient civilization(s) who built the ancient weapons were advanced enough to create a battleship that even now is feared by the World Government, it is reasonable to assume that they had a means of producing similar destructive forces without the aid of a Devil Fruit like Enel’s.

It is also possible that the ancient weapons were invented by aliens, such as those Enel encountered when he reached the moon. It is stated in the translation of the cover story below that the Birkans descended to the “Blue Planet” because their home was low on resources; perhaps they brought the blueprints to Uranus to the sky islands, but lacked the technology or power output to create it until Enel came along with his lightning powers?


In conclusion:

1. I believe the Ark Maxim is a prototype version of the Ancient Weapon Uranus.
2. I believe Enel discovered the blueprints of Uranus and modified it so that he could use its power for himself.
3. I think that Uranus may have been developed, or perhaps entrusted, to the Birkans, who were unable to recreate it when their resources ran out.

*Theory by Beast of Rendall


I made a couple conclusions after thinking about last chapter:

– Unless Oda is being a massive troll, we can assume Sanji got captured in some way.

– It’s confirmed that Jack is no longer on Zou.
– The Mink (other than the guards) seemed rather relaxed. That leaves me to believe that there is no IMENENT threat to them as of right now. Also meaning there is no major antagonist on the island at this very moment.
– Chopper was dressed up as a King and the Strawhats were welcomed like royalty with banquet and all.

Following these conclusions i started thinking about what is left to do on Zou. Zou seems like too unique of an island to just hop on, find out about Sanji, and then hop off to go find him. Even if Nami presumes Sanji is dead instead of just captured, Luffy and Zoro (we all know Zoro and Sanji secretly have a bromance) would leave for revenge immediately imo.

So there’s no threat or antagonist right now and when everyone is filled in about Sanji next chapter the Strawhats won’t have time to celebrate with the Mink for too long. Is that all there will be to Zou?

My answer is no and here is why i think why:

I think Zou, or Zunisha, is a living poneglyph. Not like any other poneglyph where text is inscribed into a special rock/stone. The “poneglyph” im talking about is Zunisha’s memory. Zunisha is a ancient elephant that lived over a thousand years. As everyone concluded by now, Zunisha was around during the void century 800 years ago. It experienced what happened during that time. Specifically what happened to the Minkmen during this age.

One of the characteristics of elephants is that they have an amazing memory. I’d say this is needed if u want to recall something that happened 800 years ago. Is it a coincedence that the ancient creature who was around during the void century, also has this characteristic unique to it’s species? It might be, but i’d like to think not.

So poneglyphs are normally Robin’s specialty, but in this case it’s time for Chopper to shine. Chopper hasn’t really had much spotlight in the New World. The only thing of importance he has done in the NW is taking care of the kids on Punk Hazard. I think it’s about time for him to get a moment of great significance.

As we all know, Chopper can talk to animals. Correct me if i’m wrong here, but i believe Chopper is the only creature in the One Piece world that can communicate with ALL other living creatures. That also means he is the only one who could translate between animals and humans or translate from Zunisha to Robin and the rest. Is it a coincedence that the only one who could possibly translate Zunisha’s memories is a Strawhat? Maybe, but the coincedences are stacking up.

I even believe it’s possible that Chopper has already spoken to or translated for Zunisha and that’s the reason why Chopper is dressed as a King.

*Theory by Arasys


The above manga cover below, shows Oda sensei foreshadowed Ace’s death. We can see Luffy is crying while holding skull card in his left hand — symbolizing death, and ace spade – symbolizing Ace at his right hand.


Now, let us discuss the manga cover of  chapter 784. This cover contains many information like the gear 4th of Luffy was linked to the appearance of Nightmare Luffy in Thriller Bark arc, its chapters are flipped — Nightmare Luffy first appeared in chapter 487 and in chapter 784, Luffy’s gear 4th shows. Plus, the picnic of Strawhat Pirates with the zombies directed us to the thriller bark, the only arc where zombies appeared.

Now let us discuss the other thing on this cover. I think that, same as he foreshadowed Ace’s death, Odachi is foreshadowing Mihawk’s death. Yeah, I don’t think that Zoro is the subject of this foreshadowing scheme but I strongly believe that it was a man or person that is a relative to him or we can say his inspiration. In 2 year time-skip, I believe that they developed a relation like master and student or whatever it is, Zoro wants to beat Mihawk at one time for the reason to be the world’s greatest swordsman but this will not happen due to Mihawk will be killed by a specific person, it’s Shiliew of the rain, the former warden of Impel down and a current member of Blackbeard Pirates.
Zoro’s shirt have a skull (red cirle) on it that symbolizing death and with the word “ULTIMO” (final) above the skull and “MEJOR” below it (good/best)(yellow circle) and beside him a grave cross with December 20 944 (green circle) printed on it. At the left side of this portrait.
And also you can see there a treasure chest with gold cross at the right side of the cover. We have now “final”, “best” and “cross”. Now if we try to think about this, the only best with a cross is Mihawk since his signature is a cross and he’s the best swordsman of the world (Honestly, I can’t get a thought about the word “final/last”).

Mihawk will be killed by Shiliew at chapter 944 and because of this, Zoro will direct his anger to Shiliew and their battle will be the battle of swordsman who will fight for the title of “World’s Greatest Swordsman” and Zoro will avenge the death of his master and will kill Shiliew, and I don’t know what chapter that is.. Dahahahaha!

So, what are your thoughts about this?

*Theory by Christopher Solon