Pedro & his importance for the Zou Arc

Pedro is going to be very influential with this arc. This is a fact. Oda has pointed to this on several occasions already and he’s only made brief cameos.

There are several locations in Zou that label parts of Zunisha the elephant. The 806th chapter is titled “at the Fort on the Right Belly”. There are also locations on Zunisha including: Right Rump Forest, Right Flank Forest and Kurao City is on the Left Belly. Why is this significant? Well, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we must look at Kanjurou’s cat called Nekozaemon


The name translates to Guardian Cat. The popular names Jinzaemon and Mataemon mean Left Guardian and Right Guardian. Zou is geographically mapped with reference to the left and right sides of Zunisha. This clearly means Oda is referencing and linking the Forest Guardians to the geography of the Island. More specifically, the Guardian Cat. This Guardian Cat is none other than Pedro


Pedro is cleaarly one of the Guardians of the forest. He clearly also has authority over Blackback and Roddy, two of the other Forest Guardians, as we can see in chapter 805 as he commands the guardians to leave.


Therefore, he’s clearly an incredibly authoritative and likely powerful character and figure amongst the Mink tribe.

Nekomamushi is “the big boss” of the Island, as we learnt in the most recent chapter.


Due to the fact the name includes the word Neko, or “Cat”, Pedro and Nekomamushi are likely to be related. Of course, this isn’t the only instance where Oda has used animal characteristics in names. Wanda is a play on the onomatopoeia of a Dogs bark, Carrot is clearly associated with Rabbits, amongst other examples is Blackback being a play on the word of Silverback. Oh, and I must also note that Pedro means Rock.

This parallels with the Lion King story. Why? Well, we have Pedro, a Lion, who’s name means rock


and we have a father figure as well. The Dukedom of Zou has been overrun by Jack and completely razed to the ground by Jack. This lightly parallels at Scar, who fought with Simba, the plotline is to take back the Pride Rock for his own. Jack is likely heir to the throne the same way Simba was, based upon his relation with Nekomamushi. Jack fought Pedro and eventually captured him. This, we know, is because of all the claw marks and the scene in Wandas flashback from this chapter

[​IMG] [​IMG]

And yes, before anyone starts making strange remarks about him being a Tiger. A tiger has stripes, Pedro does not. Pedro shares several features with Lions. This includes the following:

  • Pedro’s long hair is basically a Lions mane
  • Pedro has long lower canines, as do Lions
  • They have the same mouth style and shaped ears

So in conclusion: Pedro is the heir to rule Zou, but he’s been deposed by someone, the likely arc villain. His father is Nekomamushi, the current King/the recently dethroned King. Pedro is the strongest Forest Guardian and the most authoritative of them all. He is inspired by Simba from the Lion King and has a tumultuous past. He’s incredibly important to the Zou arc.

*Theory by L o g i a


Hello once again everyone and welcome to yet another short theory for your entertainment. This time I shall be telling you the benefits of being a red head…..there are none……

Apparently, Kidd’s current yonkou target is Red-Hair Shanks.


Originally, I thought this was purely coincidental since Hawkins was there, who most likely calculated that their chances of success against a yonkou is highest when facing Shanks, but the similarities between Kidd and Shanks are too similar to ignore.

For starters, they both have red hair(duh), both has a scar on the left side of their face and both are missing a left arm.


Some of course would think that they are father & son or brothers but Kidd is 23 while Shanks is 39, so the age difference seems a bit too close. I say they are half-brothers.

Due to the high death toll and low life expectancy of woman in OP, I say Kidd and Shanks have the same father but different mothers…brothers from another mother hehehe…..eeeeee…….but if Kidd is Shanks’ brother, that means Kidd is a D.

Kidd is from South Blue which I personally dub, “the sea of the poor”.


Know who else it from South Blue? Ace, Rogue and Jewelry Bonney.


Eustass Kidd is also the opposite of Shanks in personality, but is so similar to Ace and Roger.Roger would kill anyone who insulted his friends, Ace would kill(try to) anyone who said he should be killed for being the son of Roger and Kidd killed anyone who laughed at him.

Eustace Kidd is based of two people: William Kidd and Eustace the Monk.

William Kidd was a pirate hunter who was tried and hanged under accusations of piracy, despite evidence of him just being a privateer, and his exploits being less destructive than any pirate or privateer. Till this day, it is unknown whether he was innocent or not.

Eustace the Monk(born Eustace Busket), also known as the Black Monk, was a pirate who served as a mercenary for England and France. A romance biography was once written about Eustace that gave his qualities that greatly resembled Robin Hood, a heroic outlaw who stole from the rich and gave it to the poor.

Eustace was born a younger son of a lord Baudoin Busket, a lord of the county of Boulogne. The county of Boulogne was run by the Eustace. Not only that, Eustass the Monk had brothers.

According to his biography, he went to Toledo, Spain, and studied black magic there. “No one would believe the marvels he accomplished, nor those which happened to him many times.” He later returned home to become a Benedictine monk at St Samer Abbey near Calais, and then left the monastery to avenge his murdered father. Other evidence, however, suggests that his father’s death occurred soon after 1190. That evidence proves that by 1202, Eustace was the seneschal and bailiff of the count of Boulogne, Renaud de Dammartin, and that in c. 1204, the two quarrelled and, accused of mishandling his stewardship, Eustace fled and was declared an outlaw. Renaud confiscated his lands and fields; Eustace burned two mills in retaliation.

All this talk about royalty sounds suspicious, especially since Kidd gave his opinion on the state of the world and the tenryubitto.


Those ties in well with my Pizarro theory if its true.

If Kidd’s backstory is similar to William Kidd and Eustace the Monk, then Kidd was done wrong by many people which could be the reason why Kidd has such a temper, doesn’t like relying in anyone and would kill anyone that laughed at him.

Could Shanks be one of the people who did Kidd wrong? Could Shanks have, like Luffy, inspired Kidd to be a pirate? I find these quite peculiar……


In the Tale of Sun Wukong, Kidd represents Red Boy, a character who refused all relation to Sun Wukong (Luffy)and fought him to the death. Sun Wukong fought Red Boy in order to retrieve his master Xuanzang(Shanks).

Everything points to Luffy vs Kidd; two men inspired by Red Hair Shanks; two men who inspire to become the pirate king; one who was wronged and the other who was done no wrong.

*Theory by Vandenreich


This is just a quick observation I had while rereading some old chapters, mainly 560. In that chapter Ivankov confronts Kuma, confused as to why Kuma is acting differently than he’s used to. Doflamingo then explains how Kuma voluntarily allowed Vegapunk to remodel his body into a cyborg, and then into a robot.

However, knowing that Kuma has a history with the RA, many question what was going on in his head.

Well I think it’s simple; he’s somewhat of a double agent. He did not defect from the RA, however he also is doing this of his own accord, not on anyone’s orders.

Now, what would he gain being a double agent that has his body turned into a robot?

Well I believe that Kuma wanted to get as deep as he could in the marines in order to find out their many secrets and report them to the RA. But if he regularly reported to a Revolutionary or was acting suspicious in any way, I do not believe he would have gained the trust of the WG. He knew he needed to go full throttle into this 100% in order to see the results he was hoping for.

But now, if he didn’t report to anyone, or act suspicious in any way, how is he benefitting the RA now as a robot with no mind?

The answer is simple. He would need to have a journal or some type of item to log all of his secrets that he discovered. But, where would he keep such a journal? The answer: with himself, at all times. That’s right;

His Bible.
You know, the one he’s always seen carrying? He’s locked away all of the secrets he’s discovered inside that book, and he knew that no one would think twice about it.

All it takes is for the WG to send him to attack the RA (what I assume he was modified for) and have him get destroyed by his former comrades. They would thencollect the book, thus learning the secrets Kuma sacrificed his life for.

What do you think?

*Theory by SurgeonOfDeath


Apart from the 2 things mentioned in the title I will talk about the relationship between water and Devil fruits.

I firmly believe that Devil Fruits originated from a tree.Why is this the case? Here are the reasons I believe this:

  • Oda has obviously been inspired by the bible and I believe that he was also inspired by the story of Adam and Eve eating the fruit of the forbidden tree.
  • I do believe that the fruit represents the Devil Fruits and what about the tree?
  • Trees hold great significance in the One Piece Universe and it actually shows how important Oda thinks they are.A Devil Fruit Tree would be ideal and it could be a great explanation on the Devil Fruits’ origins.


But why are those fruits supposed to be “bad”?Why are they called “Devil Fruits”?I think that these fruits have never been and are not bad at all.The World Government and the Gorosei invading and eventually taking over Mariejoa’s is the answer.The Devil Fruit Tree has been in Mariejoa’s since the Era of Joyboy.I don’t think that those Fruits have always been called Devil Fruits.I firmly believe that the Gorosei and the Government used it as a justification to invade in Mariejoa’s.The truth is that the tree was a blessing from above but the Gorosei wanted people to interpret it this way:The tree was not good but evil.

If the Gorosei had a great amount of people supporting them,invading and taking over Mariejoa’s would be very easy,and they would take advantage of the Tree.But if the Gorosei are controlling the tree how can there be Devil Fruit users today?It has always been the way it is today.When someone dies someone else can find and eat his Fruit.The fruits had been consumed by the warriors of the Ancient Kingdom resulting in victorious battles and peace.

Moving on to the third part of this theory which is about Devil Fruits and water.I found this picture of Kaku talking about a gravitational force he felt after consuming his Devil Fruit.
I believe that this gravitational force is the spirit of the Devil Fruit. Yeah I said that..
The spirit of the Devil Fruit wanting to return to the Holy Land of Mariejoa’s at the person to whom it originally belonged.
Now here is my thought on why Devil Fruit users’ weakness is sea water.It is known to all of us that we should not water plants with sea water as it is said to destroy them.The Devil Fruit users have the same weakness with the Tree of which their fruits originated from.

*Theory by Usopp Haoshoku Haki


This theory will be specifically be talking about Blackbeard and about what his position is in relation to the rest of those with the Will of the D.

Blackbeard throughout the story has been the ultimate contradiction and the exception to every rule. His logia devil fruit for some reason doesn’t give him intangibility and he has been able to extract devil fruits from dead bodies and eat multiple devil fruits. And the exceptions also apply to his status in the Will of the D., Blackbeard shares a lot of the same traits as others with the Will of the D. like a belief in fate and inexplicable inhuman durability but he is also unique cowardly, while the others with the Will of the D. have been brave in the face of death and openly accepted it with a smile, Blackbeard shows genuine fear of death and will try to avoid it at any cost. As a coward, Blackbeard also is the only one with the Will of the D. that seems to be an actual villain/evil person in the entire story and I think there is a specific reason for that.

Many people believe that people with the Will of the D. are descendants of the people from the Ancient Kingdom before/during the Void Century. There are many reasons for this assumption including how they are described as the natural enemy of the Celestial Dragons who descend from the 20 kings that allied to form the World Government and overthrew the Ancient Kingdom. The Will of the D. has been carried on over the generations with the same ideals that the Ancient Kingdom had and the way that Whitebeard described it in his dying speech it seems that specific people’s wills are passed down and inherited by others almost like a system of reincarnation.

Refer to this page as it is the basis of almost everything I say and the words here are mentioned alot.


Whitebeard seems to be clearly talking about the Will of the D. as the previous page was also specifically referencing it. Whitebeard talks about the Will of the D. being continually passed down time and time again and that eventually we will finally hear about those who came to fight for this world which I believe has a double meaning, one being the people who will fight the final war in the present to overthrow the World Government and also the people of the Ancient Kingdom in the past who fought what would become the World Government but failed. Whitebeard talks about Roger’s will being inherited and Oda shows a panel of Luffy obviously suggesting that Luffy has Roger’s will, and also Whitebeard says that Blackbeard is not one of the men that Roger waits for, probably meaning that among the Will of the D., Blackbeard does not have Roger’s will.

So if Luffy has Roger’s will then whose will does Blackbeard have? While I don’t think we will be introduced to a character in Roger’s era that Blackbeard follows after, there is somebody in the past whose will he has inherited. I believe that Luffy/Roger’s Will has also been inherited from Joy Boy, the man who made a promise to Fishman Island is believed by some in theories to be the King of the Ancient Kingdom. Blackbeard has the inherited the will of a man yet to be introduced but we will learn about in an eventual Void Century flashback, this man is a member of the Ancient Kingdom who used to be a close friend/relative of Joy Boy. When Luffy and Blackbeard first met they had a friendly fight over their similar personalities such as love of certain foods, being reckless and carefree and having great dreams and ambitions. Just like with Luffy and Blackbeard, the early days between Joy Boy and this man might have been friendly but eventually everything goes wrong and we see who this man truly is. This man was a unique case and in the end when the war broke out between the Ancient Kingdom and the future World Government, this man eventually betrayed his own people and sided with the World Government bringing about the downfall of the Ancient Kingdom.

There is a recurring consistent theme with Blackbeard about betrayal, he betrayed his own crew many times over by first killing Thatch to take the Yami Yami no mi and then betraying them again by capturing Ace and eventually killing his captain Whitebeard. Blackbeard also betrayed the Government/Marines by abusing his Shichibukai status to invade Impel Down and Marineford. Clearly this is a man without much true loyalty and very importantly seems to be very opportunistic as Blackbeard was willing to wait 20 years in Whitebeard’s crew just to find the Yami Yami no mi and bides his time slowly gaining power and taking positions such as Shichibukai and Yonko that are only steps on the way to eventually becoming Pirate King. The same man whose will that Blackbeard has inherited, who we will call the Traitor, had the same mindset and thus while the war was going on he believed that the future World Government was winning and the Traitor wanted to be on the victorious side so he deserted his own people and turned against them. His reasons for becoming a traitor was both because of ambition and opportunity, as he would gain power from being on the winning side, as well as pure fear that his side would lose and that he would be killed by the enemy thus showing the same fear of death that Blackbeard does.

In the same speech that Whitebeard states that Blackbeard is not one of the men that Roger waits for, he also mentions “those who came to fight for this world”. Blackbeard is not one of the men that Roger waits for because Roger has inherited Joy Boy’s will while Blackbeard has inherited the will of the Traitor who is Joy Boy’s nemesis as he ruined everything that Joy Boy worked for and is not included in the list of “those who came to fight for this world”. As the Traitor was a coward, he was not brave enough to fight and die smiling like the rest of the Ancient Kingdom who we knew eventually lost and were destroyed.

But what does this mean for the current story? Well obviously this would work to set the tone for the eventual Luffy vs. Blackbeard fight. We know there is already some history and hatred over the death of Ace, but that isn’t the only thing that will define what this fight is about. There is a reason that Oda introduced Blackbeard in his first appearance meeting Luffy instead of just being a random pirate that captured Ace, Oda has already established clear similarities and differences between the 2. A flashback revealing the old history between Joy Boy and the Traitor will provide more context to their personality and ideological differences even if the 2 characters themselves in the present are completely unaware of it.

But more then just a Luffy vs. Blackbeard fight I believe that Blackbeard may already be repeating history and following the Will of the Traitor. Blackbeard doesn’t seem to know that much about the Will of the D. and wouldn’t be aware about whose will he has inherited so in the present he may actually think he is following in the foot steps of Roger. Blackbeard looks kind of old but he only just turned 40 after the timeskip meaning that during Roger’s golden years before his death, Blackbeard was only a pre teen/early teen so still young and impressionable. Blackbeard has one of the most interesting drawings as a child that Oda drew as he is seen crying, probably hinting at some form of bad childhood. Maybe Roger’s freedom as the Pirate King was an outlet of inspiration for him? As Blackbeard desires to become Pirate King we know at least that he desires the same freedom that the position might hold and thus might admire Roger as the former Pirate King. Blackbeard at least seems surprised, asking “WHAT!?”, when Whitebeard suggests that Blackbeard is not one of the men that Roger waits for. But of course Blackbeard is not following Roger’s path and if you buy some of the earlier parts of the theory about the idea of the Traitor, Blackbeard is actually following the will of the Traitor by siding with the World Government.

We know that Blackbeard wants to become Pirate King more then anyone besides Luffy as he is his main rival for that title. But unlike Luffy and the others with Will of the D. he doesn’t have the same morals and wouldn’t have a problem doing certain things to reach his goal. Blackbeard is inherently ambitious and opportunistic, so if somebody offered him a clear advantage to reach his goal of becoming Pirate King then he would take it. But why would the World Government ever support a pirate especially one that wants to become Pirate King? Because they want a puppet to end the Great Age of Pirates. Roger’s death drove the World Government crazy as he talked about his treasure “One Piece” that inspired a whole new generation of pirates to search for it and become the next Pirate King. We have seen that the World Government has tried their best to subdue this Great Age by creating the Shichibukai system to intimidate weaker pirates and fight/keep balance with the Yonko.

But times are changing as the Worst Generation that Blackbeard is a part of, is working to disrupt the balance and the World Government must inevitably see that eventually things will collapse. But if the World Government has remained in power for so long surely they must have contingency plans to prevent this? That plan is Blackbeard. Knowing that things will collapse in one way or another, the Gorosei the heads of the World Government make a plan in secret to prop up one specific pirate to become the next Pirate King. He will fight and take down some of the other strong pirates like Yonko and the next generation will not be as crazy as their is no more One Piece to be found and 1 Pirate King would still be alive actively remaining in power and intimidating any potential pirates. Any atrocities committed in his name would not matter as the World Government has been known to be willing to play the long game and let innocent people die/kill them themselves and this time it would work perfectly as the new Pirate King’s actions would only make the Marines/World Government look better for opposing him.

Some people would say this wouldn’t fit Blackbeard as he does genuinely want to be free like the rest of those with the Will of the D., but under this system he would be free. The World Government would let him have free reign and do what he wants, occasionally sending some Marines to chase after him fully knowing that Blackbeard can easily kill them. They both get what they want, Blackbeard achieves his dream of becoming Pirate King and the Gorosei never lose any true power while the only losers are other pirates and the moral people of the world. In the end it comes full circle, with Blackbeard whether knowingly or unknowingly has inherited the will of the Traitor and repeats his predecessor’s betrayal by siding with the World Government for his own gain.

*Theory by Nicobade


Hello once again everyone and welcome back to yet another short theory for your entertainment. This time I shall be diving into reason Zoro has so many religious references and his connection to the number 13.

Zoro’s character is riddled with religious references or things pertaining to religion in general, more often being Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism. His attacks called Rashomon and Asura are examples of such.

Despite his character being “religious”, Zoro is actually an atheist, directly saying that he doesn’t pray to nor believe in god.


Guess what? Did any of you know that there is a religion called ZOROastrianism? It is one of the world’s oldest religions and its founder was the prophet Zoroaster.


Leading characteristics, such as messianism, the Golden Rule, heaven and hell, and free will influenced other religious systems, including Second Temple Judaism, Gnosticism, Christianity, and Islam. In Zoroastrianism, the purpose in life is to “be among those who renew the world…to make the world progress towards perfection”.
Its basic maxims include:

  • Humata, Hukhta, Huvarshta, which mean: Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds.
  • There is only one path and that is the path of Truth.
  • Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do, and then all beneficial rewards will come to you also.

The religion states that active participation in life through good deeds is necessary to ensure happiness and to keep chaos at bay. This active participation is a central element in Zoroaster’s concept of free will, and Zoroastrianism rejects all forms of monasticism(monkhood, a religious way of life in which one renounces worldly pursuits to devote oneself fully to spiritual work.).

In Zoroastrianism, the number 13 is very sinister and wicked. It is believed that in the 13th day of the year, evil’s power might cause difficulties for people. Therefore, people leave urban areas for one day and camp in the countryside.

The number 13 is considered a very unlucky number for multiple reason. One of the reasons is Jesus Christ’s Last Supper. At Jesus Christ’s last supper, there were thirteen people around the table, counting Christ and the twelve apostles. Some believe this is unlucky because one of those thirteen, Judas Iscariot, was the betrayer of Jesus Christ.


Being so unlucky and affiliating with the number 13, the most popular unlucky number today, but do you guys know that the number 17 is also unlucky?(9+4+4=17) In Italy, the number 13 is considered lucky(because it means “hit the jackpot”) and the number 17 is considered unlucky because in Roman, it can mean “VIXI” which is Italian for “I Live“. You are pretty much jinxing, playing with, gambling with or juggling with your life. Lets looks at chapters that correlate with the unlucky numbers 13 and 17(images are not in color as I’m copy n’ pasting from an old topic I’ve done called “944: The “Death” of Roronoa Zoro”).

Chapter 494

Zoro is clutching his heart

Chapter 449

In this chapter, we were introduced to Gekko Moriah.

Moriah said that the SHs will experience a Nightmare.[IMG]

And my favorite, the color page for 449.
The SHs are dressed formally and in black(like they are going to a funeral). There are sakura peddles and a DRAGON and Zoro is looking directly at it. This may be a clever foreshadowing to Wano and I’ve always thought Kaidou was a dragon zoan.

Chapter 481(4+8+1=13)

Moriah said that Luffy is going to lose his nakama

In the very next chapter, Moriah told Luffy to got to the NW for a real nightmare


Chapter 485(4+8+5=17) Titled “The Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro”

Pretty much, Zoro almost died sacrificing himself for Luffy

This is also the chapter Sanji tried to give himself up in Zoro’s place….and he also witnessed Zoro’s attempted sacrifice.[IMG]

Chapter 49(4+9=13)

Here is when he first see Dracule Mihawk and we know what happened afterwards

Chapter 373(3+7+3=13) Titled “Necessary Evil”

As the number 13 is synonymous with being unlucky, Lucci BETRAYED is fellow CP9 member by killing him and Sanji bore witness. This is also the chapter where Robin confronted Sanji and said that she has nothing to do with the SHs anymore.(“betrayal”)
[IMG][IMG]And my favorite, the color page.
Once again, a Feudal Japan color page that foreshadows Wano.

Chapter 544(5+4+4=13) Titled “The Lid to Hell Opens”

In this chapter we have BETRAYAL by a swordsman with a cursed sword(Murasame)

And the cover page shows Sanji’s time in “hell”[IMG]

Chapter 634(6+3+4=13)

A little foreshadowing by Zoro’s line

Chapter 647(6+4+7=17) Titled “Stop Noah” (stopping a holy relic)

After how demonic(Zoro) and devilish(Sanji) they’ve become, the are at it again.

Chapter 643(6+4+3=13) Titled “Phantom”

Here we learned the Brooke’s ability can actually control souls(I say this for a reason)

Chapter 333(half of 666)

Usopp and Luffy clash

Chapter 666

Caesar BETRAYS Brownbeard

Law BETRAYS Caesar


Many chapters adding up to 13 or 17 has something bad occurring(mostly betrayal and death), mostly involving Zoro. Its like Zoro is being cursed by the gods(he has the Sandai Kitetsu afterall). I believe Zoro’s curse and enlightenment will reach its peak in Wano-Kuni.

Many people think Zoro’s will acquire a flame sword in Wano but he already has a fire sword: Wado Ichimonji(I say this for a reason). In Thriller Bark, Zoro slayed Ryuuma with a technique called “Flying Dragon Blaze” and Ryuuma’s wound was set aflame.

Using the Wado Ichimonji, Zoro used blue flames. The blue flame is the hottest and most intense part of a fire, and the color blue is often a prophetic symbol of divine revelation, enlightenment, God’s love, and Heaven. Blue flames surrounds and adds strength to God’s white light and the blue flames came from the pure white sword Wado Ichimonji, which means Straight/Forward Path of Harmony.

In Wano, will Zoro become a demon or a god? A sinner or prophet? A rabbit or a dragon?

Will Zoro meet Mihawk’s expectations and fly? Or will he remain a rodent and be preyed on by the hawk?

Will Zoro overcome his curse? Or will he be consumed and become a real demon?
Zoro is the embodiment of free will.
*Theory by Vandenreich


This is something that has been on my mind for a vast expanse of time, and has bugged me and had me irate at times at how every one assumes that Luffy will fight Sakazuki (and that he may be the end villain, even when it’s obvious that is Blackbeard), Zoro will fight Fujitora and Sanji will fight Borsalino. This is wrong. This is a certainty, and I will explain why in this thread.

First, we have to consider two things:

  • The Logical Reasoning behind the final war, and how the Marines need to be able to stand up against tirades of Pirates and Revolutionaries, therefore meaning the Admirals will not be defeated until the Final War begins and they will be the opponents of some of the key players in the New World
  • The shortcomings of the arguments in favour of the Monster Trio fighting the Marine Admirals

Thereafter, I will provide more logical and more likely opponents whom will fight the Marine Admirals, keeping in mind that the Marine Admirals will have changed their roster by the time of the war. These strongly tie into and are supported by my theories on two future Admirals. Shiroryuu and Orekani. To understand the rest of this thread you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the following summaries of my previous theories.

Admiral Orekani ( or Orange Crab) is Coby. Sabo fights and is killed by Borsalino at some point in the future. Coby thereafter eats the Mera Mera no Mi and through eventual development of poor relations, Borsalino will abdicate his position and defect from the Marines. Coby will have the mission of inhibiting him from becoming a huge threat to the World Government and Marines, eventually, defeating him and having him imprisoned. Due to their past, Coby and Sakazuki will have a turtuous relationship. Coby will clash with Akainu about how the Marines operate and the code of justice that the Marines have to follow under Sakazuki’s orders (and the fact Akainu refuses to promote Coby to be an Admiral) , they will fight, the loser will have to leave the Marines. Coby wins in a Mera Mera vs Magu Magu Round II, he then becomes Orekani, leaving the Fleet Admiral position open for…..

Smoker. Smoker will become the Fleet Admiral. However, before that, he will become Admiral Shiroryuu aka White Dragon. Smoker will fill the spot left vacant by a defective Borsalino, leaving Coby as a parallel to Garp as a monstrously strong Vice Admiral, this is because of Sakazuki’s obstinate and stern attitude towards Coby. Smoker, through natural development will become the strongest Marine (until Coby comes along) and will become very popular amongst his subordinates and across the world. Smoker will therefore become the popular choice to be the heir to Sakazuki’s position. This suits Smokers goals of changing the world while being just in his cause. After Sakazuki is defeated and resigns as a result, Smoker, the White Admiral will be promoted to Fleet Admiral

Now that you’ve read the summaries, I will explain why this also makes sense in terms of colourschemes and mythology. As a result of Coby and Smoker filling in for Borsalino and Sakazuki: This fulfills the colourscheme Oda has been working towards. Notice that I say this as he has not completed his ultimate ‘Marine Project’. The pre timeskip Admirals (Red Dog- Akainu, Yellow Monkey- Kizaru and Blue Pheasant – Aokiji), have colours that can all be used to make the secondary colours, (Orange Crab- Orekani, Purple Tiger – Fujitora, Green Bull – Ryokugyu), all of these colours mixed together make White. Meaning that this entire time Oda has been working towards creating a pure Marine force. Keep in mind that in cultures across the world that white is seen as purity, and Smokers goal is no less than to purify the Marines and berid them of corruption. With a “White” Fleet Admiral and therefore Pure Marines, Oda will have completed his ‘Marine Project’. The Marine colours will be coherent to this as the Admirals, Orange, Purple and Green will mix and form a “white wash”, and serve under the White Dragon. The colours of Orange, Purple and Green all have greater connotations of passion, peace and purity than the primary colours, yet another symbolism. And keeping in mind we know two of these characters are incredibly moral figures – Issho and Coby, it’s unlikely that Ryokugyu will be corrupt.

The Animals are also coherent in the myth of Momotaro as I’m sure I’ve emphasised heavily in the theories I had shared. To summarise, the Marine Admirals have a colour relating to their behaviour and features as well as their powers. They also have Animals, forming the second half of their nicknames. These Animals have similar connotations to their colours with regards to their character. These serve as a zeugma to hint at what a character will be like. The Animals and the Admirals are perfectly aligned and have the same dynamic to the order of introduction and interactions of the Animals in Momotaro. To explain this more clearly, I will simply list them all below:

  • Luffy = Momotaro, the adventurer
  • Crab = Coby, Debuts in Chapter 2, the first to be introduced in Momotaro, albeit only making brief but regular appearances. The crab has fights with the Monkey and Dog (Kizaru and Akainu)
  • Dragon = Smoker, Debuts in Chapter 97, although never materialising fully until the end of the story, he is technically the second animal to make an appearance in the story. The Dragon is a popular simile or metaphor and comparison used in the story. The Dragon reigns over all other animals.
  • Pheasant = Kuzan, Debuts in Chapter 303, third to be introduced in Momotaro. The Pheasant had especially bad relations with the Dog (Akainu), this is seen in the Manga as they fought.
  • Dog = Sakazuki, Debuts in Chapter 397, fourth to be introduced in Momotaro, the Dog was particularly unpopular, having fought the Pheasant and Crab (Aokiji and Orekani), this was also Momotaro’s least favorite Animal companion in the story. The Dog also attacks the Oni disguised as a Tiger (Fujitora), this is seen in their argument during the Dressrosa arc.
  • Monkey = Borsalino, Debuts in Chapter 504, fifth to be introduced in Momotaro, the Monkey was aggressive towards the Crab (Orekani)
  • Tiger = Issho, Debuts in Chapter 701, sixth to be introduced into Momotaro, the Oni disguises itself as a Tiger and fights with the Dog (Akainu)
  • Bull = ?????, yet to Debut. The same Oni that pretended to be a Tiger also pretended to be a Bull, obviously, the Oni and therefore Ryokugyu will likely dislike the Dog (Akainu)

It’s impossible to rationally argue against two vivid and inextricable sources of evidence and information, and it’s clear to see that Oda has carefully and meticulously constructed the themes within the Marine Admirals. Thereafter it’s clear to me at least that Shiroryuu and Orekani will replace Akainu and Kizaru, and I am an extremely strong believer in this, it’s an attitude and no longer an opinion for me, and I hope this now makes sense, because the juicy part is yet to begin!

“Why do people think that the Monster Trio will fight the Marine Admirals and why is this idiot saying it makes no sense?” is probably something a lot of you are thinking right now, even if you agree about the changing roster of Admirals, I still haven’t given clarity on why they won’t fight Zoro and Sanji. Of course, the arguments are roughly defined as the following:

Zoro vs Fujitora:
– Both are Swordsmen
– They’ve already clashed before, possible foreshadowing from Oda

Sanji vs Kizaru:
– Both mostly fight with kicking
– Both are indefinitely the fastest in their respective groups

Luffy vs Akainu:
– Akainu killed Ace, so Luffy wants to get vengeance for that
– The strongest against the strongest

But there are inconsistencies. Many of them. Of course there are more points than just the two for each match up, but I can address any queries later, should you have any as I’m sure many will. Firstly, the fact both Zoro and Issho are swordsmen is not a credible reason, as there are many other swordsmen whom either could fight, also, the fact they previously clashed means very little. For instance, the entire crew clashed with Aokiji, it doesn’t mean they’re all going to fight him! Fujitora has far more and much stronger links to Trafalgar D. Water Law.

Sanji and Kizaru, although they both mainly kick, again, the fighting style doesn’t really mean anything. Especially in the case of Sanji who has only ever fought one opponent who mostly uses kicks, this being Bentham/Bon Kurei. Speed again means very little. The only speed based opponent Sanji has ever fought was… ah wait, nobody. Stealthy opponents are those Sanji fights, not necessarily the fastest. And shining like a beacon isn’t stealthy. It’s another mismatch and in actuality both X Drake and Eustas Kid have stronger links to Borsalino. Whichever one doesn’t fight Borsalino will be the one to fight Ryokugyu. This is entirely besides the point as Borsalino will not be around, making all arguments null and void. However, given how matchups will work out in this theory at least, Eustass Kid will fight Ryokugyu.

Luffy and Akainu, as I said before, will not happen. Regardless of the fact that everyone’s out to get him, including Kuzan, Garp, the Whitebeard Pirates to name just a few. So why should Luffy get vengeance? Especially when Aces will (i.e. Aces revenge) is passed on in his Mera Mera no Mi, as explicitly stated on multiple occasions during the earlier chapters in Dressrosa. It is the owner of the Mera Mera no Mi who defeats him and that is Coby, and prior to the events I am theorising. However, Monkey D. Luffy will fight the strongest Admiral, this being Coby (Orekani) himself. Some might question why Luffy as Pirate King wouldn’t fight Shiroryuu, which is a good point, however, due to reasons later explained and the fact that Shiroryuu’s opponent is in my opinion the leading cause against the World Government, Luffy, like his Worst Generation counterparts, will fight the regular Admirals.

1. Monkey D. Dragon vs White Dragon Smoker
2. Monkey D. Luffy vs Orange Crab Coby
3. Trafalgar D. Water Law vs Purple Tiger Issho
4. Eustass Kid vs Green Bull Ryokugyu

1. Why Monkey D. Dragon will fight Smoker:

  • Both of them are Dragons.
  • Both of them are the two leading figures in the war and the main reasons for the war. The Revolutionary Army against the Marines (and therefore World Government), represented by the two Dragons.
  • The symbolisms of the Red Dragon (impure in colour, a revolutionary, causer of chaos and destruction) and the White Dragon (pure, justified, protector of liberty and the face of government, the necessary evil) are reflected in several Asian mythological tales
  • The two of them have a history, and this was shown all the way back in Loguetown
  • Both Dragons, palinoding in colour and sides are coherent in their goals to make the world just and rid of corruption. Monkey D. wants to overthrow the World Government in a revolution and White wants to progressively change the system from the top down
  • The latter point parallels several real world political ideologies and thinkers or events:
    – The final Bolshevik and Menshevik Conference in Russia, where the Mensheviks dubbed Bolsheviks as bloodthirstly reds and themselves as pure and civil whites
    – The Cold War, a clash of ideologies, Communism (a belief in revolution and removing powers to create a egalitarian utopia i.e. Exactly what the Revolutionaries want) and Conservatism in conjunction with Capitalism (a belief in progressive change over time, upholding powers to secure the rights of the people, peaceful coexistence and allow meritocracy in economic form i.e. what the World Government and Smoker want)
    – The French and American Revolutions, in which the people overthrow the Monarchy and Imperialist rulers respectively corresponded and formed by the people themselves in an attempt to seek out a better societyNote: The fact these two are in higher positions doesn’t change the fact Luffy and Coby will be stronger than the Dragons by the end of the Manga

2. Why Monkey D. Luffy will fight Coby

  • These two figures parallel previous generation figures, Gol D. Roger and Monkey D. Garp. This is seen in Luffy’s hat, and has been acknowledged by Smoker, Rayleigh, Shakki and Whitebeard for his similarities with the Pirate King and embodied in the fact that Coby is under Garps direct tutelage and currently fights with the same style and vows to seek out and capture Luffy. Coby also has Helmeppo, a sidekick, likewise Garp had Bogart
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  • The symbolism behind the fight is immense. Luffy will be fighting against both a great friend, comrade and enemy all the while facing an opponent with the abilities of his late deceased brothers Ace and Sabo. Luffy however, will not mind Coby having the fruit due to their friendship and the just cause Coby fights for. And no guys… Coby will be strong enough to fight Luffy, he’s growing quicker and the Mera Mera no Mi will boost his strength exponentially
  • Luffy and Coby promised to fight at the summit of strength, and what better than the strongest Admiral and the Pirate King during the final war?
  • The fight is an amalgamation and a pleonasm to express the achievements of the two individuals and a great way to show how far they’ve come, both achieving their goals of becoming the Pirate King and a Marine Admiral. Both characters have been around since the very beginning and is a fitting way to conclude the very end
  • The fight has been clearly foreshadowed. Unlike those convinced by one sword slash between Zoro and Issho, there is far more to go by and a much stronger case here. Afterall, Luffy and Coby have fought in the Romance Dawn Arc, the Post Ennies Lobby Arc and the Marineford War Arc, it would be stupid to say they won’t fight again in the future
  • Similar personalities in a seek for freedom, friendly and obsessive, while being dedicated to their cause, both will, (as a result of the Mera Mera no Mi’s consumption) possess a similar will as well

3. Why Trafalgar D. Water Law will fight Issho

  • Fujitora means Whisteria Tiger (shade of purple). All Shichibukai have Animal themes and Law was no different. Being called Torao translates directly to ‘Tiger guy’. These two, in the same way Dragon and Smoker are Dragons, parallel as two Tigers. Their movesets also portray this as Issho used an attack called “ferocious tiger”. Laws “gamma knife” resembled claws due to the number of cuts across Trebols body
  • I will avoid the fact they are both swordsmen, although it’s true it’s not the most compelling reason as to why they will fight
  • Both of these characters have large scale Paramecia Devil Fruits that technically oppose eachother completely. Issho’s Devil Fruit controls forces, not just Gravity, as Gravity can only pull objects towards mass, yet Issho has shown he is capable of Levitating objects, using Thrust and Electromagnetism. These are the Four Fundamental Forces of the universe. Laws fruit on the otherhand, within his room allows him to defy Gravity, use Levitation, Thrust and Electromagnetism as well, albeit in the opposite fashion, this match up is too good to be true
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  • Issho wishes to remove the Shichibukai system, which Law has been a part of previously. Although only minor, it still reflects a clash of political views, although this reason too is unconvincing
  • To once and for all put the “Zoro already fought with him, foreshadowing!” argument to bed, while Zoro has clashed with Issho in one move, Law has in fact done the same. In conjunction and addition to the fact Law also fought against him in a full scale battle already and attacked his ship, meaning law is favoured three to one based upon those grounds
  • Both are calculating and strategising, and although reputed as monsters, are actually very good people with immense breadth in knowledge and wisdom

4. Why Eustass Kid will fight Ryokugyu

  • This was the most challenging section of the thread. Of course, we know little about Ryokugyu other than his name and what it symbolises. This being said, Green in Japan is seen as a sinister colour (albeit also representative of infectious intent and passion for justice). Therefore, we know Ryokugyu is passionate about killing Pirates and is a sinister enemy. This sounds like a very close relation with Kid
  • Bulls have sporadic tempers, stereotypically, so it’s likely that, again, similar to Kid, Ryokugyu will share the same personality trait of a short temper
  • Bulls also stereotypically rage when they see red (although this is only a myth and actually untrue), due to the Dogs fight with the Oni (which disguises itself as a tiger and a bull) in Momotaro, this likely remains true given the “Dog” has a red colourscheme. Eustass Kid also has a red based colourscheme i.e. Hair, Cloak, Scars all being vibrant red in colour, which is coherent to what Oda has inadvertedly told us so far
  • Besides this, given the convincing arguments of the other matches, this is the only logical option of whom Kid will fight in the Final War

So there we are, this is why I see the matches as this and not the traditional view of the majority of One Piece fans. Neither Sanji nor Zoro will fight a Marine Admiral. Lastly, a logical ploy which will throw the supports out of balance on the issue is the fact that, if the Marine Admirals are defeated, what is the point in them even attending the Final War? What I mean is; if they are recuperating from fights with the Strawhat crew, they will not be able to fight during the war and the World Government would be royally screwed as they would have the three most prominent figures in Piracy (excluding Blackbeard who will fight Commander-In-Chief Kong if he’s even still alive and kicking in the war, depending on whether the Strawhats fight his crew before or after) who would be way too strong for anyone other than the Admirals to contest in a fight. Also, if we saw the Admirals fight all guns blazing before the war, what reason is there for their involvement? Again, this is simple logic for a writer myself as the scale of the final war, the crux of the Manga itself and its potentially 1000+ chapter long story would simply be disappointing, there will be nothing new or exciting to discuss and the arc wouldn’t live up to the hype Oda has given it. The last enemies should be the most impressive, and losing to people who aren’t even Yonkou would completely undermine their purpose in the Manga, and would therefore undermine Odas project altogether in its entirety.

*Theory by L o g i a


So I’ve been thinking about this a lot ever since Issho mentioned that he wants to abolish the Shichibukai system altogether, and I know that if/when that happens there will be MAJOR twists in the storyline for the current members still intact (only 5 according to the OP Wikia as of this writing).

So far, the only former Shichibukai either resigned or were defeated to have their title become invalid (minus Law, whose status was revoked for his alliance with Luffy).

Jinbe – Resigned

Crocodile – Revoked (Defeated by Luffy)

Blackbeard – Resigned

Moria – Revoked (Defeated by Luffy)

Doflamingo – Revoked (#rekt by Luffy)

Law – Revoked (Made alliance with Luffy)

This leaves only 5 active members in the system:

Boa Hancock






So the only question now is, what is the fate of the current members if the system is abolished?

It’s obviously too soon to tell, and anything that could be predicted about this could be for nothing if the system stays in place, but something tells me it won’t be around forever, even if it isn’t abolished until after the Zou, Wano, Elbaf arcs, or even any arc after those. New members could be instated to bring the total back up to 7, which is likely if the system sticks around for a while, and current members could resign or have their titles revoked for whatever reason.

OR, dare I say, current members could DIE. I know Oda doesn’t like killing off characters, and only two characters in the current storyline (meaning not in flashbacks) have actually been confirmed dead (I still think Monet and Vergo are dead, but I digress), but anything is possible with Oda.

I want to now go through each current member of the Shichibukai system and talk about where I think their future is headed. I may sound batshit crazy, but that’s why this is a theory. I’m only speculating, so please be gentile with criticism. :unsure:


I’m starting with Weevil because he’s the newest character, and not much is really known about him yet. Actually, we know basically NOTHING about him except for he (probably under the advice of Miss Bucking) is the self-proclaimed son of Whitebeard and that he has a bounty of 480 Million Beli.

I believe Weevil is going to hunt down Marco like Miss Bucking ordered, but won’t end up killing him. I believe Marco was too close to Whitebeard (being his #1), and that his role moving forward is too important for Oda to kill him off, even if Oda does eventually have more characters die. I believe Marco will be the one Commander of Whitebeards crew that Weevil won’t be able to beat. Or, he’ll end up deciding that Miss Bucking is just a lying bitch and will leave her for dead or kill her himself. I could see Weevil ending up working under Marco or possibly in the Straw Hat fleet if Luffy is present during his clash with Marco (which is not very probable, but you never know). Either way, I believe he’ll resign from the Warlords before the system is shut down.


I feel like I don’t really need to say much about Mihawk, since it’s a well known fact that he’s a lone wolf badass who doesn’t really need much help from anyone, and can basically take on anyone who’s put in front of him (besides Buggy obviously). That being said, I think ol’ Hawkeye will stay with the Shichibukai until the system is abolished, but will be otherwise fine on his own after that happens. This does NOT however mean that I think he would continue to travel on his own, as he would no longer have the protection of the government. I think Hawkeye is smart enough to align with someone as equally strong, if not stronger, to at least have an ally. Shanks could be a possibility for this but who knows.


I REALLY don’t have a whole lot to say about Buggy. It’s obvious that the only reason he became a Warlord in the first place was because the Government is afraid of his connections with Gol D. Roger and Shanks. I think Buggy is the sort of person that would use the Shichibukai system to it’s fullest extent (because he is such a coward in the long run), and therefore it will be astronomically shitty for him if/when the system goes caput. He will stay in it for it’s entirety, barring his defeat, but will be rather screwed when it is over. He alone is the reason I think the system will be around for a little while longer, only because he and Weevil were just added recently.


Kuma is an interesting case. He no longer has his mind after being fully converted into a Pacifista, and is completely under the control of the WG. He will undoubtedly stay that way unless he is defeated or the Shichibukai system is abolished, but even with the latter, I feel that he will continue to be used by the WG for their purposes, unless for whatever reason he gets his mind back, which is a good possibility if he ends up on the Straw Hats’ ship. (read any of the One Piece Devil Fruit number theories for an explanation on that) If he does get his mind back, I believe it will be either Vegapunk or Franky that will be able to do that. Vegapunk because he’s a mad f***ing genius, and Franky because he’s a smart f*** that spent two years on one of Vegapunks old labs. I agree with most of the points in the Devil Fruit number theories, so I believe that even if Kuma ends up staying a WG puppet for a while, he (or his fruit) may end up on the Sunny at some point in the storyline in the future.

Boa Hancock

Alrighty. This crazy woman is the whole reason I made this theory. Boa Hancock is the most interesting character left in the Warlords in my mind, and not just because of her hilarious affection towards Luffy. Hancock is the only one who really has a sad, meaningful backstory (the whole saddening slave thing). I think this could be a set up for something huge, which I’ll explain, although I may sound nuts. Also, she’s the only one that really has a real bond with Luffy besides Kuma, but he is a little different in that respect.

The entirety of Amazon Lily is protected by the WG because of Hancock’s status as a Shichibukai, and is what keeps the island from, quite frankly, being Buster Called. IF/WHEN the Shichibukai system is abolished, Amazon Lily as a country is, by all means, f***ed. At least to me. The WG labels the whole country as pirates, no matter if they sail on Boa’s ship or not. So if Boa ends up not a Warlord anymore, either because of her relationship with Luffy or because of a future abolition of the Shichibukai system, I believe the entire population of Amazon Lily will be forced off the island by Boa’s word before the WG can wipe the island out.

Obviously they’ll need a bunch of ships, but that’s not a huge problem. The problem lies with the WG going after the Kuja pirates as a whole. Boa will be chased down, and I feel like even though he doesn’t feel the same for her, Luffy would do everything in his power to keep her safe, as he’s helped/saved him multiple times already, so it’d be his time to return the favor.

This being said, I believe if the entirety of the island sails together after having to leave AL, that they’d be strong enough to take on Marines on their own. AND, I also think that Boa’s sisters would be strong enough in their own right to lead and command the theoretical Kuja fleet on their own. I think Luffy would want to have Boa under his protection and (this is my biggest prediction for this writing) I truly believe, that whether he asks her, or she asks him,


I know this is completely out of left field, and I may sound COMPLETELY nuts, but I think that this crazy theory of mine has a chance to happen, but not for a while. The Straw Hat crew only has two females, and at this point, I don’t think there would be any other female characters that would be introduced (except Luffy’s unmentioned Mother, who will definitely not be even passed in conversation for a long while), that would have any reason to join the crew. (Save the Monet talk. I’m 99% sure she’s dead). I think a character like Vivi could “rejoin” at some point, but Boa is the only other female I could see joining the Straw Hats, and the circumstances I mentioned are the only way this could even remotely happen.

*Theory by CP-0


Marshall D. Teach is my favorite character in all of One Piece and the BB pirates are by far my favorite pirate crew. I’ve been gathering info on these guys like a madman for over a month now and I’m finally done and the things I’ve found were VERY satisfying. Now my fellow crew members, join me on a voyage of darkness as we dive into the past, abilities and future of the most mysterious pirate crew in One Piece; The Blackbeard Pirates. Be warned. This is LONG as I’m going into detail with all the BBs.
Teach is currently 40 years old. He was 38 before the time skip. Teach was on WB’s ship for 25 years which means he was 13 years old when he first joined WB. Until then, Teach already had his plan in motion. Teach had already made his crew and the original members are Jesus Burgess, Van Auger, Lafitte, Doc Q and Avalo Pizzaro. Yes Avalo. I’ll get to him later. The original BB pirates are HEAVY believers in fate and there is a reason for that. Also, each BB pirate represents something negative or sinister. I’ll explain everything in a timeline scenario to better organize things.

The Ancient Kingdom(who are all Ds) was defeated by the 20 Kingdoms. One of the things that led to the D Kingdom of Ancient’s downfall was the betrayal of the Marshall D family. They feared the D kingdom would lose the war so they stole the ancient weapon Uranus and gave it to the men who would later become the Gorosei. They wanted to remain wealthy but instead of being rewarded for their help, the Marshall D family were killed off to near extinction. One of the killed Marshall Ds was the most evil and its soul forced its way inside the wand of Uranus and when the Gorosei transferred harvested souls into fruits, the Marshall D soul moved on its own and possessed a fruit, becoming the first and most powerful Devil Fruit; The Yami Yami no mi. This action was most secretly witnessed by one or more Marshall Ds, and he(they) memorized the fruit’s pattern and the Yami fruit awaiting the day when the rightful Marshall D. comes to claim it. The Marshall D family passed this information from generation to generation hoping a Marshall D will find the Yami fruit and fulfill their will of taking their world back.

Generations passed on and eventually, fate had an eye out for someone
Kid Teach looks miserable by why? Because he was an outcast. Teach was born with a birth defect called Chimera Disease. He has twins living inside his stomach like a parasite which technically means he has 3 souls. This caused him to have a bloated stomach and toss in his large nose and face, he looks like an ogre. Teach was probably teased by the other kids for looking like a freak. Not only that, Teach had a DF. Mythical Zoan: Model Oni. Oni are fat, has 3 fingered claws, has 3 eyes and their teeth fall out a lot. Fate is cruel. However, it was Teach’s time to learn about the truth of his family. His guardian told him the truth and Teach realized that is curse was actually a blessing. Instead of aimlessly hunting down the Yami fruit like his ancestors, Teach was smart. He thought of a long, clever and calculating plan for becoming the strongest. The first step is building a crew.

“Champion” Jesus Burgess
No Restraint/Self Control, Show Off, Overconfidence
I’m assuming Burgess was Teach’s first recruit since he is currently the 1st Division commander of BB’s fleet. Burgess’ epithet is “Champion”, he is a show off, wears a championship-like belt and is very muscular. No doubt he reminds people of a professional wrestler but I more so think Burgess is more a no holds barred type of fighter. Burgess fought in underground fighting arenas but due to his brutality and tendency to get the crowd involved, he was blacklisted because fighters were too scared to face him and fans were worried about their own safety. Fate is cruel. Burgess loved to shoe off his strength but he an’t do it anymore. However, he meet Marshall D. Teach who was impressed by Burgess’ strength. Teach recruited Teach with the promise of being able to show off and give the world an unforgettable show. Burgess accepted the offer after Teach told him his plans.

Also, his size? His super strength? Him dressing like a Gladiator? Burgess is almost a mirror reflection of Hercules in Greek Mythology. Hercules was a wrrior who killed anyone who disrespected the gods and Burgess was said to “someone who would silence even crying babies.”

“Supersonic” Van Auger
No Attachments
The most bland BB member. His origins are completely unknown to for me, his name and attire are giveaways. Van Augur’s name and the way he was introduced point to Roman mythology. An augur was a type of omen reader who read the future by interpreting the flight patterns of birds, much like how Augur was shooting seagulls to see which ones were fated to die painlessly. In both his appearance and abilities, Van Augur bears a number of similarities to the character Adolphus from Terry Gilliam’s film “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen”. Adolphus is one of the eponymous Baron’s henchmen, and has incredible eyesight and amazing shooting skills, able to detach an apple from a tree about nine hundred miles away. Van Augur’s hat, glasses, hair, cape and rifle all contribute to this resemblance. The film is set in 1700s Britain and Auger’s attire is that of a typical French explorer. However, Auger was intrigued by the world despite his position. Fate is cruel. BB meet Auger by chance and gave him an invite by promising him amusement and Auger accepted. “Supersonic” refers to Auger’s incredible foot speed and reaction time.

Lafitte was a policeman in West Blue who was exiled for being too cruel. Question is, was he so cruel because he enjoyed it? Or because he was frustrated? I believe in the latter. From his slim build to his tap dance shoes, its easy to assume that Laffitte was atleast an entertainer and that he enjoyed being able to entertain. However, his abilities were more suited for combat and so the leader of his kingdom forced him to become a police officer instead. Fate is cruel. It was hard for me to figure out what his abilities were until I read a series called Rosario+Vampire. One of the creatures in that series is called a Siren. Sirens are female humanoid like creatures with a large wing span and a hypnotic voice that leads gullible sailors to their doom. Laffitte is a mythical Siren zoan. Its the reason why Laffitee looks feminine. Teach ran into an exiled Laffitte, who developed navigational skills from being on his own, and offered him a place on his ship as an entertainer. Of course, Lafitte couldn’t refuse.

“God of Death” Doc Q
Death, Pain, Fear
Probably the funniest and creepiest BB member. Everything about Doc Q screams death. Doc Q’s epithet “God of Death” also means Grim Reaper. The grim reaper’s purpose is to reap souls and spread death. Doc Q looks eerily similar to an undertaker whose job is to cremate dead bodies. Doc Q has the Death Death no mi. Doc Q can control the aspects of death. By touching you, he can infect you with a way of death but each death is ineffective against someone strong so he has to stack it overtime.
In this scan, Doc Q was referring to Luffy not being blown up by his explosive apples(death by explosion). That rope around his neck is a noose which is “death by hanging/suffication.” He can also cause “death by disease.” The reason Doc Q is so sick is because of the side effect of eating the Death Death no mi. He feels all the ways of death the fruit allows and he can’t die from it. His horse Stronger is always sick because Q is always touching him.

Because of the side effects, Doc Q became a doctor so he can ease his own pain but it was ineffective. Or you can say Doc Q was already a doctor(who’s purpose to save lives) and eating the Death Death no mi permanently made him sick and a being who’s purpose is to take lives. Either way, Fate is cruel. Teach was impressed by Q’s strength and medical skills and invited him with the promise of relieving Q of his pain. Like the others, Teach told Q of his plans to unlock the secrets of DFs which would help Q’s condition. With that, Q was able to get used to his condition and joined the BB pirates.

Avalo Pizarro “The Corrupt King”
Corruption, Arrogance
Avalo is a special case. Unlike the other original BBs, Avalo Pizzaro probably doesn’t think too much about fate but his strength more than impressed Teach. Avalo Pizzaro has the Drill Drill fruit. He can turn his hands into drills and those gauntlets? They work as generators to increase heat and piercing power. We know Pizzaro was a Impel Down prisoner and that someone dug Level 5.5. Also, Pizarro was never wearing priosn rags. As I said earlier, Pizarro has always been a BB pirate. I’m assuming Pizzaro was literally a king running his kingdom into the ground. Drills are used to stab, skewer and impale and Pizzaro’s epithet is Corrupt King.” Avalo Pizzaro reminds me of the brutal and corrupted Vlad The Impaler. I don’t how exactly BB convinced Pizzaro, but Teach told Pizzaro his plans after defeating him and Pizzaro agreed. Pizzaro took his corruption to the seas but hid his DF ability. He needed to into Impel Down to confim the existence of a Level 6 via dendenmushi.

The BB pirate’s plan was now in motion. They temporarly disbanded and Teach set his sights on joining WB’s ship to increase his chances of finding the Yami Yami no mi. Everything was up to fate. Will it be cruel? Or will be lucky?


Before he could join WB joined though, Teach ran into a man well know very well; Shanks(22). Shanks tired to test Teach to see if he was “The One” but Teach’s turned out to be treacherous and attacked Shanks with his Mythical Oni zona which gave Shanks his scar. Many people think it was because of Teach’s claws, but not only does the claw has 4 blades, blades scars leave thin scars.
As your know, fate was looking out for Teach yet again. He has done it. Teach has done what his predecessors couldn’t and found the Yami Yami no m

The first and most powerful DF there is and what luck. He runs into the 2nd division commander of the WB pirates when he wants to become a shichibukai and take WB’s powers.
The Yami Yami no mi is the strongest shield. When mastered, Blackbeard can have the footing around him covered in darkness as well as have a cloud of darkness covering his body. Any attack coming at him will get sucked into empty space but there will be gaps in the darkness clouds of course.

The Yami fruit also has a great radius. BB can send a hurtling mass of darkness flying at his enemies.

Blackbeard became a shichibukai and set the next step of his plan in motion; breaking into Impel Down and recruiting the strongest people in Level 6. Once again however, Blackbead was in luck. Monkey D. Luffy did all the work for him and out of all the people in the Impel Down arc, Blackbeard was the true winner.

Shiryu “of the Rain”
Bloodlust, Curses
Shiryu wields a sword called the cursed Kusenagi which means “Grass Cutter Sword.” Those who wields the Kusenagi blade are cursed to always have it in their position, for getting into a battle without the blade means certain doom. It is unknown why he became a jailer, but its most likely to satisfy his bloodlust. His epithet “Of the Rain” is quite suspicious. We have “Foxfire” Kinemon and Jigoro “Of the Wind” who both are samurais from Wano. Could Shiryu be from Wano? Could these elemental epithets represent villages in Wano?

Catarina Devon “The Crescent Moon Hunter”
Denial, Judgment, Bewitchment
Her epithet “Cresent Moon Hunter” speaks volumes for Ms. Devon. In Marineford, she said “You’ve all been bad boys *heart*” and attacked WB with a spear. Its like she’s delivering judgment on those she deemed have sinned. The cresent moon(left) represent the maiden turning inot a woman. The cresent moon(right) represent the mother becoming one with death. Is this foreshadowing of Big Mam dying and her DF going to Catarina Devon? Not good enough? Well then, you all should know about Witch Hunts right? In witch folklore, it was believed that witches are at their most powerful during a full moon and at their weakest during a crescent moon.

“Heavy Drinker” Vasco Shot
This drunken bastard doesn”t look human…like at all. He is a fishman. Those piercings are conveniently placed on his neck where his gills would be. As a fishman, he must know fishman karate but he uses alcohol instead of water and has a Drunken Fist-like style. The drunker he gest, the more powerful Vasco becomes. When the BB pirates were first shown in the NW, all Vasco thought about was booze. He is addicted to the stuff and would kill anyone to get his hands on some more.

San Juan Wolf “The Great Battleship”
The largest creature in the world.
Honestly, I have no idea what Wolf is. I can’t say where he came from without it being 90% speculation. A special Elbaf giant perhaps? Bah. What I do know is that San Juan Wolf represents the Titans in Greek Mythology and the titans were the God’s greatest enemy. Maybe Saul is an extremely rare giant that is born with Titan proportions once every couple generations.

With his newly improved crew, Blackbeard kill Whitebeard…..

…and pulled off the most insane stunt in the history of the world. He has 2 DFs(3) and the 2nd major point of his plan was now complete. With his defect, the soul of the Gura would naturally nest inside the remaining parasitic twin and it did. But do to the Yami fruit being able to claim dominance over any other DF souls, it allowed Teach to use the Gura power.


Two years past and the world is now in the dawn of the Worst Generation era with Blackbeard as the forerunner and he is currently on a DF hunt.

Did you guys know that the original 4 Yonkou WB, Shanks, Big Mam and Kaidou are represented by the 4 Holy Beast of Japan?

Whitebeard-Byakko-White Tiger
Shanks-Suzaku-Red Phoniex
Big Mam-Genbu-Black Tortoise
Kaidou-Seiryu-Blue/Azure Dragon

The 4 Holy Beast govern the east, west, north and south seas and in the center, there is no holy beast. Only darkness, voidness and emptiness. BB has already replaced Byakko and will eventually replace them all. The first of which will be “Hundred Beast” Kaidou.
Once again, Luffy will do all the dirty work for Blackbeard and BB will be the real winner. Big Mam will suffer the same fate. Luffy n’ company will do all the work and BB will claim her DF.

In Dressrosa, while Luffy n’ company dealt with Doflamingo, Jesus Burgess has already stole all the SMILE which makes Blackbeard the real winner of that arc.

Against Shanks however, it won’t be easy but the Blackbeard pirates will emerge victorious with Shanks being killed by Blackbeard himself.

Before anyone starts talking about SH vs BB match ups, please know that battles are never completely 1v1. Match ups gets switched around and enemies are usually beaten before the final decisive battle. In Alabasta, Mr.3, 5 and below were already beaten before the final battle with Bargoue Worls. In Enies Lobby, Blueno was beaten before the SHs got inside the Judicial Tower.
Blackbeard Will Be The Final Villain

All main villains in One Pece are portrayed as Luffy’s opposite but at the same time, a mirror reflection. Teach however is different. He is Luffy’s “foil”. In literary terms. a foil a character that has many similarities with the main character but differs in one critical way. While Luffy gets stronger by surpassing his limits, Teach gest stronger through theft, deception and murder.


Blackbeard as a villans is so human in nature. Most villains in mangas(and One Piece) are these unflinching assholes that do everything right and never seem to struggle, show signs of fear, or be in pain until the moment the protagonist beats him/her. Blackbeard ain’t like that. He gets what he wants through blood, sweat, and sorrow. He isn’t afraid to be afraid and just keeps getting stronger. Out of the entire series, Blackbeard fits the pirate archetype the most. Blackbeard is a true pirate. Both Luffy and Teach have big dreams and are fulfilling the Will of D in their own unigue way/

Remember what I said about BB coming out as the true winner? Well once again, Luffy will do all the work for BB. Luffy will find One Piece and destroy the WG. All BB has to do is kill Luffy and he’ll have everything. The question is, who’s fate will be cruel? Who’s fate will be defied?

Luffy and Teach are at a crossroads. One will fulfill his dream and the other will perish. The fate of the world, the fight for freedom, the Will of D, it will be decided in this final climatic encounter beneath the terrible storm of an eclipse. ‘D’ will forever bring a storm.
*Theory by Vandenreich


Hello once again everybody and welcome back to another theory for your entertainment. This time I shall be talking about the past of everyone’s favorite ginger, Red Hair Shanks.

However, despite how simple-minded he appears at first, Shanks is a complex person with some rather difficult to understand views; for example, he believes if two people share very different views, it is better they go their separate ways

Here is a simple timeline to help you all get the jest of this topic.

28 Years Ago- Roger is diagnosed with a terminal disease, Crocus joins Roger’s crew, Shanks is 11 years old,

27 Years Ago- The Battle of Edd War, Teach joins WB crew at age 13, Shanks is 12 years old

25 Years Ago- Roger solves the history, the world dubs Roger the Pirate King, The Roger Pirates are disbanded, Shanks is 14 years old

24 Years Ago- Roger turns himself in and is executed, Shanks is 15 years old

13 Years Ago- Shanks makes Fushia Village his base in East Blue, Shanks is 26 years old

12 Years Ago- Shanks loses his arm and gives Luffy his hat, Shanks is 27 years old

2 Years Ago- Shanks stop the War of Marinford and saves the WB pirate alliance, Shanks is 37 years old

The Present- Shanks is currently 39 years old

Gol D. Roger was diagnosed with a incurable disease 28 years ago and this is around the time Shanks joined his crew. One year after Roger went on his last voyage, he was attacked by Shiki’s fleet and we saw a young Shanks with Roger’s hat.

Roger was solving the lost history of the Void Century and he knew he’d never fulfill the promise of his predecessors because of his disease. Surely Roger world pass down his will to a younger generation right? He didn’t know how long he had left after all. In West Blue(where Shanks is from). Roger meet a young Shanks and saw himself in the young lad. Not knowing if he himself will be able to fully discover the history and fulfill an ancient promise, Roger passed his will(straw hat) onto Shanks believing he was “The One.”(borrowing this line from ramenboy). I take the fact that Roger gave his hat to Shanks as a big red( no pun intended) flag that Shanks is a ‘D’.

Now this is things get interesting. As I said earlier, Roger gave his hat to Shanks believing that he was the one to solve the history and fulfill the promise, because he himself was going to die soon. As you know, Roger lasted longer than he thought and actually solved the history which means Shanks knows about the Void Century and Raftel’s location. Roger didn’t have enough time to wage war on the WG but shouldn’t Shanks who knows everything and is good at making friends try to fulfill the promise by now? Instead, he made no such attempt and passed the straw hat on to Luffy. Don’t you find that strange?

Simply put, Shanks believes that he has no such right to fulfill his captain’s dream. Why is that you ask? Because of Marshall D. Teach.


We know that Teach gave Shanks that scar on his eye but the question is when he do it? 25 years ago, the Roger pirates disbanded and an entire year later, Roger gave himself up to the marines. It was during that year of absence that Shanks got the scar. At Roger’s execution 24 years ago, we couldn’t see Shanks’ eyes.


Why did Roger disband his crew for a year? To say goodbye.


Roger was willing to tell WB how tog et to Raftel and told him the history. Why? Because obviously trusted him and they were good friends. The Roger and WB pirates probably got along with each other during that year as well.


During this year of absence, Shanks meet Marshall D. Teach(probably didn’t know he was a BB pirate) and they became good friends or even best friends. From what we’ve seen in OP, guys can become best friends in just a month(Norland and Ginger Shandian).

Know how Teach is synonymous with the number 3? 3 skulls on his jolly roger, 3 possible DFs, 3 names of the real life Blackbeard etc..? I think Shanks and Teach were a trio; there was a third person in Shanks and Teach’s group and it was the third person that was killed by Teach.

Roger was someone who would kill a man’s entire crew for insulting his friends and we know how Luffy is. Shanks is just like when it comes to friends.


Marshall D. Teach is very ambitious and has a “join my crew or die” personality. Teach probably asked the 3rd person to become apart of his plans but he refused. Upset. Teach tried to kill the 3rd person but Shanks intervened. However, the 3rd person was killed anyways and it caused Shanks to unlock the Conqueror’s Haki. Shanks tried to avenge the 3rd person but was instead scarred by Teach and he escaped.

Shanks was unable to protect his friend and was betrayed by another. The event had a major effect on the mind of Shanks. How bad was it?


When Shanks was thinking about Luffy’s lost, it seemed like he was speaking from experience.


Shanks is supposed to be “The One” when he couldn’t protect a single friend? Shanks thought he was unworthy for such a task. This caused Roger’s plan to change. The original plan was for Roger to die peacefully and Shanks will inherit Roger’s will and fulfill the promise but because Shanks felt he didn’t deserve such a task, Roger decided to give himself up and start the Great Pirate Age.

Shanks then made a new promise to Roger: He will find “The One” who will inherit Roger’s will and fulfill the promise and Shanks was 27 years old, the promise was kept.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

Now lets fast forward to Shanks’ conversation with WB.

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Both men were discussing how Blackbeard should be dealt with but it ended with both men exchanging blows. Obviously its because they both felt that dealing with Teach was their sole responsibility but that’s not the only reason.

Both men were trying to fulfill Roger’s will in their own way.

-Knew the history of the Void Century
-Wanted to make Ace, Roger’s son, the pirate king
-Believed Teach’s actions was his fault since he lived under his nose for 25 years

-Knows the history of the Void Century
-Wanted to make Luffy, Ace’s “Brother”, the pirate king
-Believed Teach’s actions was his fault since he failed to stop Teach 20+ years ago
-Shanks knew that if Teach attacked Ace, Luffy would go after BB as well and Shanks didn’t want that.

As you know, WB died but his “sons” were saved by Shanks who now protects the remaining WB pirates.


Shanks DOES NOT want Luffy and BB to fight each other. Shanks strongly believes that dealing with the traitor Teach is his responsibility and the promise to his captain can only be fully realized when Luffy becomes the pirate king. Shanks knows that Luffy chooses his own path and fights his own battles but Marshall D. Teach is the sole person that Shanks will make sure Luffy never encounters.

*Theory by Vandenreich