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  1. Hello,
    I would like to know if you could put my One Piece amv , in your video category ?
    Link :
    Thank you very much for reading this.

    • Thank you for sending it, We will see it as soon as possible ^ ^
      updating: your amv has been published

      • Hello! One Piece 😀

        This is my first AMV fan video of One Piece and I hope you like it and ofcourse if you want to share my video on your page that will be my pleasure and honor…

        Here’s the link :

        And thank you for support editors like me and the other, I really appreciate that 😀

        • I’m happy to share your AMV, stay tuned 🙂

          • ONE PIECE IS LOVE

            Hello There! I’m a big FAN of One Piece. I started making AMVs 3 weeks ago so I’m still new at it. I did put a lot of effort in it and I would really love if you could share my One Piece AMV, really it will mean a lot to me! I’m looking forward to see my AMV shared by you! Thanks in advance! 😀
            AMV link:

        • Hi my Name is Hamza  I just wanna ask oda sama one question
          And its as it fellows :
          In one piece world there are many depictions of various nations like there are arab , Spanish , italians.
          And in the real world Somali people are the only pirates , So how come you didn’t add somali’s in your work? 
          And oda sama has hundreds of somali fans all over the world Thanks

          • black leg sanji

            when we saw kaidou he had a scar on his stomach that scar looked exactly like the one on luffys chest so I was wondering who gave it to him

    • Hi guys! Check this theory of mine about Sanji ( hope you can add this to theories and opinions page! Thanks! and sorry for linking to other forum, cause i just discovered this site so i posted it somewhere… please botify me when my theory was added….. thanks again…

  2. Hi! ^^
    I recently made a Going Merry cosplay and i thought i’ll show you how it turned out, because i think Going Merry cosplay is pretty rare ^^” If you like it you can put on the website ( if you want to ) °3°

  3. Hello, could you index the theories by title in the theories page? Because if we browse the theories’ page, it’s hard to scroll down/find specific theories if every theory is in full text in the theories page. It would be easy if we could browse the theories page and select a theory by its title.


    • I know what you mean. I just put the preview of the last 9 theories in home page, so that it’s easier to find them. We are considering other possible changes, thanks for giving us your opinion. 😀

  4. How can i submit my theory ?

  5. I would be very grateful if you Share this video theory for One Piece

  6. Hi!
    Is it possible when a pregnant woman eats a devil fruit, her child will have the same devil fruit? Just curious 🙂

  7. Admin i wanted to know that how can i post my theory to this page?

  8. Hello can u tell me how I ask a question to oda please

  9. Hello 🙂

    Recently i’ve made a ” Top 10 Fights in Anime ” list and you know Luffy would definitely have to be in it ;DD I’m just wondering if you could share it? I’d appreciate that a lot ^.^

    ~ Thank you

  10. Hello there,

    I have a theory about Kaidou’s part. I sended it to Is that the correct way to send a theory or do I need to send it elsewhere?



  11. atiq pramono

    I’m curios about lola mother ….. is it true that her mom is one of yonkou in new world … cause when they separate lola gives nami a vivre card to her mom …. and lola said that her mom was well known pirate

    do you have any theory about that

    thank you

  12. diez barrels (the pirate trading the ope ope no mi with marines) i suppose was drake’s father.
    he was killed by doflamingo and also was a former marine officer as well as drake.
    have you any thoery starting from this point?

  13. Hello,
    I would like to know if you could put my One Piece amv , in your video category ?
    Link :
    Thank you very much for reading this.

  14. I think dragon is one of the three ancient weapons weapons. How you ask? I believe that the same way Poseidon (shirohoshi) had something to do with powers being passed down generations….so are the other weapons. Like how franky was given the blueprints by tom. Which means…oda is using more than one type of medium. Poseidon was passed through blood….Pluton through blueprints and Uranus through a devil fruit. Conclusion: dragon is a holder of a devil fruit which turns the eater into a weapon themselves. (reminder…the ancient civilization were the creators of devil fruits, hence for them, making a devil fruit with such power makes sense).

  15. Hello,

    I made a new AMV about Law’s past with his Hero: Corazon.
    I would like to know if you could share my video on your page! That would be great!

    Here is the link :

    Thank you very much for reading this.

    Greetings, Yknom

  16. I have a question for anyone who can recall it(even if it is a true fact or not). I seem to recall that one of the secondary caracters that met the Straw Hat crew seemed to think at that time they will not fit well because each and every one of the members have a diferent dream. The think is that I do not remember who is that caracter or in which scean or episode it happened. If anyone could tell me I would be most greatfull. Thanks!

  17. Hi my friends, I present to you this new “asmv”,This “asmv” is talking about a man who has all the qualities of a real pirate, he’s “Backbeard”.
    Link :
    thank you for support editors like me and the other.

  18. bonjour, as ce que vous pouver partager ma video amv one piece plllzzz

  19. Hey guys! I’m back again today to bring you another One Piece “AMVS”
    Link :
    thank you for support editors like me and the other.

  20. New amv for usopp-kun 🙂 :

    New Character introduction for the worst generation :

  21. TheAMVJunkie1

    Hey my Friends,
    I’m TheAMVJunkie1 from Youtube, and i saw you post my Video (One Piece – Get Scared).
    With this Post i want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH! 🙂
    I’m very Proud to saw my Video on your Web and Facebokk site! 🙂
    If you want more good videos, check this, it’s with 777.000 Views my best. I hope you Enjoy and again Thank you 🙂

    Tomek :]

  22. Hello! Uhm…I am not familiar with this. I wanted the ask if you could post one of by theories. Here is the link:

  23. How to send my theory

  24. Hey OP Gold, I was wondering if you could put this video theory about Uranus in your “Videos” category:

    And the written form in your “Theories & Opinions” category:

    Thanks man

  25. Hello people from One Piece Gold!
    I have another theory for you. It’s pretty long, but it would be great if you could post it into your “Theories & Opinions” section.

  26. chouaib harmoud

    Hey guys! I’m back again today to bring you another One Piece AMVS
    Link :
    thank you for support editors like me and the other.

  27. how can i submit a theory of mine

  28. Hi,
    I made a AMV and I want to ask you/to know, what do you think?

    I hope you like it ^^

  29. Hi One Piece Gold

    I would like to share with you this AMV made by one of my fans :

    Could you please put this AMV on your video category?

    Thank you very much

  30. New ASMV
    Link :
    thank you for support editors like me and the other.

  31. Hi!
    Why zoro is not cutting the bird cage, made by doflamingo, and make a way out? when he can cut anything as he said!

  32. hello,I would like to know if you could put my One Piece ASMV , in your video category ?
    Link :
    thank you for support editors like me and the other, I really appreciate that

  33. Hello , i have made an AMV 😀

    Post it if you like it !
    Keep up the good job.

    – A fan

  34. hello i have made an AMV 🙂
    can you post it if you can

    -super fan

  35. All speculation about awakened fruit powers, how over powered could an awakened Foxy be, slow slow fruit without having to do his beams

  36. Aditya Ghiffari

    Hello there !
    i think the senor pink story is similar to this story

    please leave a comment 😀 thanks !!

  37. hiii , i’m ramzy , tell me how can i share with you my theory about something in one piece ??! thanks 🙂

  38. Hi Guys I’ve Made This AMV About the Gear 4 ^^ So I hope that You like it and share it Guys ??

  39. I’ve found this interesting clip of the MarineFord War where Mihawk seems to not being using haki against Luffy and Buggy. How kind.

  40. YO One Piece Fans Can You Share My AMV About Eustass Kidd Please :

  41. Monkey D. Garp Haki Theory
    AS far we know Garp doesn’t posses any devil fruit power but still hero of the marine(now retired).
    Why hero? because he is so cool and cornered Gol D. Roger many times and he is the one to show haki, first time in the series, using on Luffy “the fist of love” .
    and Right now i.e., in episode 727 Luffy is using is gear Fourth the ultimate haki, but as said by Law he may lose if he doesn’t defeat Doffy soon> Because excess use of haki and Doffy is also trying to drain luffy’s haki….
    So The Garp Cornering Roger, only with his Physical power,Mental stratigies and THE ULTIMATE HAKi…..
    and now Garp and Sengoku are retired so in the final arc Garp will save is grandson because he was not able to save ACE when he was in marine he was bounded with is self respect and for justice….but now he is free he can do as much as LUFFy and join in the final arc for Luffy and Sengoku will also join because of Garpand he is also Monkey “D.” Garp.And Dragon and others “D.” will join the Luffy or help indirectly.
    And in the Final ARC Garp will show his THE ULTIMATE HAKI.

  42. Hello here’s my new amv so I hope you will posted on your page 🙂

    Here’s the link :

  43. I appreciate it if you could watch this .

  44. I’m working on a theory, I’ll send you soon so I wish to see it here

  45. Here’s a theory which you could post if you want:

  46. Billy Bolton

    Kyuji could be related to sanji, Kyuji is a marine chef that appeared on the chapter cover 302 and bares some resemblance’s to sanji. both have light hair both possibly blonde, both have darker nearly black facial hair and
    both are skinny. i fined it pointless for eichiro oda to make a charecter and not involve him in the main story.

  47. Hello,
    I would like to know if you could put my One Piece amv , in your video category ?
    Link :
    Thank you very much for reading this.

  48. Hello
    Can anyone make us a fanart of Brook using busoshoku no haki?
    Thank’s ^^”

  49. This is my new video and this video is nominated in TOP 3 best AMV’s in the tournament call Chibicon AMV Competion( “Takmicenje” in my language ) 2016 and one of the rules in this competion is to use song in Bosnian,Serbian,Croatia(all the same language xD) so you will not understand the meaning of this song and if you watch my video I hope you feel the intense of the music … The song has called “Dosta”( eng. “Enough” or “No More” ) by Dubioza kolektiv featuring.Frenkie and the intro song called “Suti i Trpi”(eng. “Shut Up And Suffer ” ) …. I hope you will enjoy it although you don’t understand the words and my language…

    And i hope you will share it on the ONE PIECE page and thank you for support editors like me

  50. Hello, it’s been a few month that I made this amv but it would be really cool if you could put this amv in your video category 🙂
    Thanks you 😀
    and love One Piece 😉

  51. Hello, it’s been a few weeks there are no news or new post on the site and i’m concerned, i like this website (Good theory What’s hapenning ? Don’t tell me it’s going to die :’)

  52. Guys where are you!? Why no updates?

  53. I would like to know if you could put my One Piece amv , in your video category or in your Facebook?

    Link :

    Thank you very much for reading this.


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