We all know the theories made that claim that Usopp’s lies actually become reality.

And we know that it was confirmed by the color spread in Chapter 796


Therefore, what Usopp said at Skypeia could actually come true


Usopp states that he once played with this “molecular substance” which is the pyrobloin or pairopuroine.
In this theory I will explain what actually is this Pyrobloin and what I believe Usopp will do with it.

Part 1

What actually is Pyrobloin?

Pyrobloin is a substance ( not really sure what kind of substance it is because many sources state that pyrobloin is either an element, a compound or a molecule which are all different things based on chemistry) found in the molecular makeup or structure of Seastones. This substance helps to create Sea Clouds because when Pyrobloin is ejected from erupting volcanoes it reacts with the water vapor in the air and forms the Sea Clouds.

Seastone=pyrobloin + other unknown substances

Pyrobloin is not the same as Seastone.
Pyrobloin is just one of the substances that makeup seastone.

Its just like how certain rocks are made up of different minerals.

So Pyrobloin by itself does not weaken Devil Fruit users and therefore does not have the same essence as the sea!

If you look at this image you can see that Luffy displays no discomfort while walking on the Sea Cloud. He even states that he can swim and sail in it.


Also, in this image you see Luffy and Chopper comfortably running on the Sea Cloud


Part 2

I believe that Usopp will find the pyrobloin by either the crew going to another Sky Island or by encountering a scientist that is studying it (maybe Vegapunk). I believe that Usopp will be clumsy and accidentally mix the pyrobloin with some “mysterious substance”. When they are mixed, a new compound will be formed.

When examined further, it will be revealed that this new compound is highly reactive when placed near seastone, causing the seastone to deteriorate.

This new substance will be known as the Seastone Neutralizer

Because Pyrobloin is released during volcanic eruptions there may be Seastone inside the volcano. Because of the intense heat in the volcano, some unknown minerals in the volcano may give off this “mysterious substance” that reacts with the pyrobloin in the Seastone. As a result, the Seastone breaks down and Pyrobloin is released from the volcano.


This substance would be useful because if Luffy is ever subdued by seastone cuffs, Usopp can just use the Seastone Neutralizer and easliy destroy the Seastone.

If for some reason this new compound gets mass produced, it could be a big threat to the WG because there is now a way for devil fruit users to break free from seastone prison cells and seastone cuffs!

Usopp will utilize this new compound in his weaponry by applying it to his projectiles.
When this projectile coated with this new compound comes in contact with Seastone it will make the seastone brittle and break apart.`

Thanks for reading my theory, tell me what you think!

*Theory by Primordial Sky

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