Hancock and Medusa relation and theories

There are quite some similarities between Hancock and Medusa, but also the 3 gorgon sisters in general.

First of all, there actually were 3 of them, Medusa being the oldest one.

The 3 Gorgon sister are the children of two divine beings of the sea, namely, Phorcys and Ceto.

Phorcys is a sea god or a god of hidden dangers in the deep. He was a chthonic god or rather, a chtonian. That means that he was a god of the underworld.

Ceto(this name means “sea monster”) is seen as a primordial sea goddess and besides that, Phorcy’s sister. She bore by Phorcys the 3 gorgon sisters. Once, Cetos was sent by Poseidon to wipe out a whole land scape and she did. The goal was basically to immolate the daughter of Cassiopeia, Andromeda.
However, before Ceto could fulfill this task, Perseus, the son of Zeus, fell in love with Andromeda and protected her from Cetos. In the end, he slaughtered her.

3 Gorgon sisters = 3 Boa Sisters
Medusa = Hancock

Phorcys, a chthonian god of the sea. = Father of the gorgon sisters and most likely a mighty person of the One Piece world. It leads to the assumption that it was a pirate and maybe even one of the 4 emperors, since they could probably be called gods of the sea. But a former one or even someone else, yet it definitely was a very great person nontheless. Remember, Hancock resembles Chi Chi and Chi Chi’s father was a living legend as well, so it makes even more sense. His dark backround could mean something. A god of the underworld could bring him together with hell. So maybe Hancock’s father had the will of D. That would make Hancock and her sisters possessors of the will of D as well.
Whoever he was, he also had a certain role. Also, I am prettsy sure that not all of the 4 yonkous of the golden age were mentioned or hinted yet.

Something even different, though I’ll leave that one as a side note.
I am pointing at Rayleigh. He would have some good reasons to be Hancock’s actual father. His ephitet is “dark king, so already something royal, close to a divine being” and he was a legend of the sea, back in his time.

Ceto, Phorcy’s sisters and mother of the Gorogon sisters = The mother of the Boa sisters. She doesn’t necessarily has to be the sister of Hancock’s father, I mean Oda is not exactly copying everything.
However, her name means “sea monster”, yet she also is a divine being. So maybe…a very mighty mermaid? It would explain Hancock’s beauty and maybe Hancock also gained the strengh of a fishman. Also, yes, it could be, that a human and a mermaid have childs. So what could that mean? I think the following:
Sandersonia and Marigold are actually not looking similar to Hancock at all. That could be, because their parents were as different. The younger sisters gained more of the genes of their father and I would suppose they are real human. Their father probably was a giant beast. Hancock on the other hand could actually be amermaid. It would explain her great beauty(even under the mermaids she’s a lucky one~). We know, that at the age of 30, the tail splits into two parts and become regular legs. Fishmen are known for their abilities to talk with all the other merfol, such as fish, whales, etc. So that could be the reason why Hancock was able to know where Salome was swimming at, when she located Law’s submarine. Salome is part of a sea snake as it seems, so she might count to the merfolk.
Also Hancock still would have human genes of her father. Wouldn’t that make sense? I think it does.

Cetos, or Hancock’s mother, might have been involved into something and she got killed. Cetos was supposed to wipe out a landscape, but Hancock’s mother might have had another task to fulfill. Maybe she tried to wipe out Marie Jois. She would probably be able to do this. She had the will of D and as she was very mighty, maybe she was somehow the leader of the Merfolk. Back then, many fights happened. It could be the reason why Orohime wanted to have a peaceful realtion with humans, since wars wouldn’t do anything good.

However, Cetos was killed by the son of Zeus, the mightiest god. So maybe, after the war of the fishmen was lost, it was the son of the gods in One Piece who killed Hancock’s mother? The son of one of the Gorosei and no, not Sanji, but as we can see, the possibility that another one of the Gorosei has a son is there.
Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if the one with the sword has a son.

It was said that Perseus killed Cetos with a magical sword of Hermes. Hermes was a messenger of the gods and for example delivered the information about Zeus’ decisions. The one who would fit to Hermes?
Well, I think not actually someone, but the Gorosei with the sword. We don’t know much about his sword, but a freaking Gorosei wouldn’t wield a normal blade, right?
However, the one who might represent Perseus is: Akainu.

I am pretty sure that Akainu was shown with a sword once. Could that mean that he has some skill in swordsmanship? What if the representative of Hermes in the One Piece world, the Gorosei with the sword, gave his sword to Akainu, so Akainu could kill Hancock’s mother? It would make sense to me. Akainu was a lot younger, but still a monster in strengh. The Gorosei wanted to see Akainu’s loyality and his growth, so he decided to give him that task.
Why would Akainu be the son of a Gorosei?
Well, he could’ve been an adoptive son, since many of us already think that the Gorosei also raised him. If they would teach Akainu some of their techniques, he would grow to a monster pretty early.
Also I think, that Hancock’s father would have fought together with her mother, but he would also during this useless attack.

I think that only Hancock’s mother possessed the conqueror’s haki though and since Sandersonia and Marigold would have more genes of their father, they don’t have it.

After Hancock’s mother was killed Hancock and her sisters, who were still babies by then, were brought to Amazon Lily, the very best place to hide a female D from the World Government.
If the father was actually an emperor, he could have known Rayleigh, what would be the reason why Rayleigh saved Hancock and her sisters.

Now more about Hancock being Medusa.
In the mythology, Medusa became a snake-like appearence after Athene saw her together with Poseidon, doing sexual stuff. Medusa was known as a very beautiful woman, just like Hancock.
So what happened is: Whoever bought Hancock, he did things to her and his wife saw that and got extremely jealous. Not only did she torture Hancock for that, she also fed her a devil fruit, because she thought it would be a huge digrace. The female Celesaital Dragon might thought something like: “Due to this fruit, everyone who will look at you will turn to stone, so you will never be able to disgrace me with your unnatural beauty!”.
The celestial Dragons might kept her in a cellar without any light and that for all those years.

Now you might ask, “but why doesn’t she hate women when they also tortured her?”.
Unlike men, Hancock had already seen other women, who were different. I wouldn’t believe, that the female celestial dragons didn’t torture her.
So Hancock became the user of the love love fruit and with that a step close to Medusa.

Also we know about the affiliation of snakes on Amazon Lily and that they are being praised, kinda like the cats in egypt. Snakes had a certain role in conction with Medusa. Salome is kinda binded to Hancock. I think that Salome has another backround and usage, what we will know about later.

What good would it be for Hancock to resemble Medusa? Well, maybe this will count into her abilities, but also her fate.

For once I think that her devil fruit is kinda based on Medusa. As an ability I would consider “the awakening of Medusa’s ghost” or someting. Sounds wierd, but why not? Look at the picture I used. This would be kinda what Hancock could look like in this transformation and eventhough she looks soft, she is a real beast.
She might get an extreme boost in physical strengh, her devil fruit power works more powerful than before and she gets even more beautiful…okay that was unnecessary, but why not? xD

As for fate…Medusa was also killed by Perseus so…would that mean Hancock’s death in an encounter with Akainu? Or at least it could bring her into a situation where she could die, but she won’t, because a certain future Pirate King will save her life.
As for now I want to end this theory here.

A summary
– Hancock’s father was one of the four emperors and a mighty man. He had the will of D.
– Hancock’s mother also had the will of D and was mighty mermaid, who lead the merfolk into a war against the World Government.
– Hancock’s mother was killed by Akainu, the father in another way, probably after a great battle
– Hancock’s past and certain details brought her close to Medusa in person.
– The Boa sisters are all possessing the will of D.
– Hancock gains a huge power up due to something related to Medusa, such as a power up within her devil fruit
– Hancock might face death later

Damn, this theory became way longer than intended. xD
I hope I don’t bore you too much. All of that seems so exagerrated, but I tried to bring logic into it as much as I could. The fact that it’s already pretty late might make it even worse. I don’t know, those are just things which came to my mind recently and I would like to know what you think, if you read it at all.
I honestly think that the part with the war might have been unnecessary, but I didn’t knew how else I could bring Hancock’s mother in a conection with the Gorosei and Akainu and it just seemed to make sense at this point.

*Theory by ℬoa D. ℋancock


  1. I think sanji will represent perseus So, we’ve established the parallels with Boa Hancock and Medusa. Now, in the story of Medusa, she is slain by Perseus, a young man whom was tasked with killing her by his king. Perseus was given the sandals of Hermes to help him travel through the air and across the continent where he found three witches. These witches shared a single eye, and posessed information on a shield with reflective properties like a Mirror. These sisters would also tell Perseus how to find the Gorgon sisters and slay Medusa. What’s shocking is that Perseus used a knife to kill Medusa. So, there are parallels between Sanji and Perseus too:
    1. The Sandals and Sky Walk embody flight
    2. Sanji is a highly proficient user of knives, much like Perseus, the shield in the story could easily be a plate in One Piece
    3. perseus had the ability to turn invisible sanji dreamed of the ability to turn invisible
    4. sanjis father was a tenryubito and mother a common woman making him “half god”


  3. I think your a bit wrong on the Fishman part. Simply because when Hancock was in slavery around age 14 she had human LEGS.

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