Hello everyone, in this new theroy I’m gonna be talking about Kaido’s powers. This may sound tiresome to most people due to Kaido’s theories have been done to exhaustion, but I assure you,you won’t regret reading it.


I was watching one of the “new” X-men movies, the one that we see how professor Xavier gets crippled. and there we have a super-hero, the which is called Darwin in the Marvel comics. His power is quite a interesting one, he has the wonderful ability to adapt to any circumstance in order to survive.for instance:

  • If you throw him at the sea he will create gills or something like this to surive.
  • Fire-proof skin if exposed to flames.
  • He can adapt to any enviroment or situation,if he is in a very cold place he will grow fat or hair for instance.
  • In less extreme cases,when in total darkness he quickly develops night vision.
  • Once,when getting a hell of beat by Hulk,his body simply teleported him far away from the fight.


So, I think Kaido has the Fitto-Fitto no Mi(the adapt fruit), the Saizen-Saizen no Mi(the survival fruit) or the Fume-Fume no Mi(the immortality fruit).

Kaido would have the power to adapt himself to any kind of situation, that explains why he can’t die, why he simply won’t just throw himslef into the sea and die and why he has scaped the marines so many times.


In this situation you may think, “well,then the SH pirates nor no one will ever be able to defeat Kaido”. To that I have a few points:

1-Killing or hurting isn’t the only way of fighting, they can always trap him or immobilize him.

2-The adaptation power in Darwin isn’t controlled, for instance, Darwin can’t get drunk because his body will simply process alcohol to fast. So, in order to defeat Kaido the SH can do something that make him adapt to survive but not in a form he can do anything,just like it happens in the movie I mentioned.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

3-Luffy, as Mihawk has noted has the ability to turn people to his side, that doesn’t mean Kaido will be an ally, but he can see in Ruffy the person who will fullfill his dream whatever it is, or Luffy may convince to stop fighting for whatever reason.

People may also say that Akuma no mi is waaaaay too overpowered, to that I say: Darwin’s power, again, ain’t controlled by him, so the adaptation isn’t what the user of the power needs, it’s “just” a defensive ability, for instance, when fighting someone Kaido may deactivate his ability so that he doesn’t get teleported somewhere, all his attack skills will have nothing to do with his Akuma no mi, cause the adaptation will never make him stronger, just will make him survive. In a fight the fruit will never go “oh this opponent uses the mera-mera no mi, now I can use water powers” or “this guy is sttonger, to survive I’m stronger now”. No he power will always be defensive, so all of his attacks will be “normal” like punches, kicks, etc.

Those are my ideas regarding Kaido’s power, hope you all like it and comment you ideas!!!

*Theory by Pedro5822

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  1. I don’t think so, the manga clearly said that “the rope snapped” or ” the blade broke”….what kind of adaptation is that? It looks to me more like a “super-lucky” devil fruit ( i’m joking here but i don’t really know why he doesn’t die). Plus, he won’t throw himself in the ocean because he will die, none of the devil fruit users can swim nor can do something like breathe under-water, i think it was mentioned by Oda, i guess there is a reason why we didn’t see any zoan fish type of fruits.
    Even Van Der Decken has to get a bubble to stay in the water :/

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