After reading the recent chapter 809 and getting a closer look at the “Gifters” and their abilities I had this thought. To me it’s seems as if the ability to turn your hand or part of your body into a creature like the Gifters can seems likely to be the work of smile, aka artificial devil fruits. Instead of a full animal transformation where you become the animal, the smile animal “becomes you”, or part of you.

This is when I got the idea, does that mean you can eat more then one artificial devil fruit? Since when you eat a normal Zoan you become the animal, and obviously you can’t become two different animals at once which is why the fruits fight inside and it kills you. But since smile fruits only turn part of you into an animal it might be possible to eat multiple, depending on if you have the will (Haki) to control multiple. So here’s my theory, kaido didn’t eat a mythical Zoan fruit, he ait 100 smile! This is very reminiscent of the time luffy absorbed 100 of moriahs shadows and became nightmare luffy. They said you can only fit a couple shadows in at a time, but since luffys will power (Haki) was so high he was able to absorb 100 shadows! This could be forshadowing to Kaido. Kaido is known as the “100 beast Kaido” and I don’t think that’s due to some mythical Zoan he has, but the 100 beasts in the smiles he ait.
Imagine if Kaido could turn his arms into 100 different beasts, all because of his massive Haki.
Kaido also has a tattoo on his arm much like all the “Gifters” do, who can turn their arms into beasts which hints Kaido has a similar ability and and artificial fruit instead of a real one. I think it would fit his character quite well and would be pretty epic. Being able to control and eat 100 smiles sounds like something he would do and would completely explain his epithet “one hundred beast” Kaido.
Just an idea and would love to hear yalls thoughts!

*Theory by Gambia’s Grandma


  1. I believe Kaido was a Yonko before Doffy started business with him, so this theory would not make sens unless Kaido was already a beastly beast before eating 100 ADF, which would probably mean that he would have become the strongest Yonko and not Whitebeard (back when he was still alive)

    But that’s just a theory too

    • Well, doesntt it make Kaido the 2nd strongest pre timeskip? he was called The Strongest Creature ALIVE today. as for the smiles part, its quite possible that kaido became a yonko within this past 10 yrs (doffy’s dressrosa regime), do remember that in One Piece, on Luffy’s POV, its just been less than 3-4 yrs (almost all arcs are jst a day or 2 in the story’s time + 2 yrs time skip), and Kaido started weak. He was captured by the yonkos and marines too many times (immortal, though).

  2. This is a nice theory for once. One part of the tatoo = One DF eaten ? The man try to kill himself for fun, sounds logical he’d tryed ending his life by eating at least 2 DF ?

  3. i loved this theory , and when i first heard of hundred beasts kaido i automatically thought that kaido can transform into 100 beasts .
    And if this theory is true i wonder how powerfull he is and what are the beasts he can control .

  4. Interesting,. It makes sense when you mention it “hundred beast”,. Also the theory of kaido ate the mythical zoan DF is not enough for me to understand how Sensei Oda gave this story some mystery,

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