Luffy destroying Fishman Island-Under what Circumstances?

Everyone remembers the infamous scene during the Fishman Island Arc in which Madam Shirley predicted that Luffy would destroy Fishman Island, and we also know, she’s never been wrong.


So under what circumstances do you think this will occur?

1)War with Big Mom:
Maybe at one point Big Mom will threaten and eventually invade Fishman Island provoking Luffy to return and fight her. The war will be so chaotic, that the island is destroyed and the citizens of Fishman Island will have to be evacuated (presumably by Noah).

2) One Piece “Project”:
A popular theory has been surfing around the internet about the true contents of One Piece. This theory states that One Piece is not a treasure but actually rather a project that seeks to create the almighty sea of freedom: All Blue. But for that to happen they need to destroy the entirety of the Red Line which includes: Reverse Mountain, Mariejois and Fishman Island. Citizens will be evacuated of course.

3) General Union with the Humans:
Once the time is right, Luffy will destroy Fishman Island, and bring all the Fishmen and Merfolk above shore, where they will finally have accomplished their dream.

What do you think? Let Us Know ^ ^

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  1. To number 2) I rather think that the “One Piece” is friendship. It says that you can’t finish the Grand Line (due to the fact that Gol D. Roger was the only one who ever reached the last island of the Grand Line) without the help of true friends. That’s a theory a few friends and me are thinking about..

  2. I think the third has the most possibility, but the second is a good idea too. I think luffy is going to destroy big mom’s ship, and luffy wanted to protect the fishman island from big mom, so he definitely not wanna destroy it…

  3. Perhaps Luffy isnt the one that destries the fishman island , cuz in her vision he is angry and walks in some flames , so i think that she assumed that he is the reason for that , maybe somebody attacked cuz its his turf so he can declare war to Luffy.

  4. Before the straw hats go to the fishmen island , nico robin said that she had a message to luffy from his dad dragon – but they never shown us this dicussion -i’m curious about it.

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