Most of us are aware of many of the different theories regarding Blackbeard, and how he is able to wield two Devil Fruits.

The most popular are, [in short] :

1. The Ceberus:

That Blackbeard has a Mythical Zoan fruit based on the three headed beast ”Ceberus”, which would allow him to consume multiple fruits.

2. The Chimera:

That Blackbeard’s body is made up, atypically, a sort of fusion if you will that allows him to consume multiple fruits.
[some suggest that ability is also a Zoan fruit]

I disagree with these, [although not entirely]

And do not want to theorise how Blackbeard miraculously stored two devil fruits, but rather discuss what lies in store for Blackbeard

I would like to discuss my opinion and theory on what the future holds in store for Blackbeard and the BB pirates:

Blackbeard as we know has become a Yonko, and Jinbei updated us that:


That’s quite weird, Blackbeard hasn’t been using the most threatening weapon in his arsenal to take over places, why do you think that is?

I reckon its both of the following:

1. To not kill of the majority of Pirates he encounters until he assesses them
2. To not cause more and more attention on his self until he amassed an army

Let me discuss these points.

I believe Blackbeard was not using the Gura Gura no Mi, because he did not want to reach a stage where something would have had to have been done about him by the WG prior to reaching his target of creating an unbeatable army.

Now, that begs the question how would he do this?

Take a look at what Jinbei also said:


The BB Pirates have been ”Power Hunting” powerful devil fruit users, and have the ability to take the fruits.

I wonder who was doing that:


That’s right the good old mystery on how BB manages to steal the fruits ability.

I mean we do know that Blackbeard has a weird body to begin with even Marco noticed.

That brings me back to my point of Blackbeard amassing an army:

Jinbei said; they were power hunting and that they could take the ability of a Devil Fruit user .

Let me pose you a question:


That good old Blackbeard :


Now moving on, why would BB be after such an army,, [ i mean besides being the head of a pirate war machine].

How about attaining the final stage of his plan prior to attaining One Piece.

Which is : Getting the most powerful Mythical Zoan Fruit !!!

Take a look at Blackbeard’s Jolly Roger:


The way i see this, is a clever foreshadow by Oda to mean:


And which Devil Fruit would be ideal for someone who uses the Gura Gura no Mi, and Yami Yami no Mi?

How about :


[Although it has not been Explicitly confirmed Kaido is a Zoan user, it is plausibly assumable]

That’s Insaaaaaaaane right!!

But wait one second, why would BB, someone who has the Yami Yami no Mi and the Gura Gura no Mi, want an army of devil fruit users to help him take on Kaidou?

Maybe because Kaidou has something similar:


So i believe the following will happen:

1. BB will create an army he feels big enough to take on Kaidou and his Army

2. Kaidou , will be intercepted by Blackbeard and his army one day

3. EPIC clas of yonko’s, where BB will be successful

4. Blackbeard takes the Zoan ability of Kaidou

Giving him :

The strongest Paramecia,
The most dangerous Logia,
The most powerful Zoan

and his Jolly Roger will actually match up.

What do you guys think?

*Theory by Speak123


  1. Lets see if that woukd appear in the next chapter. Maybe after 3 years. Lol

  2. Luffy is rubber Jesus

    I have to say this theory is very straight forward and lays it all out there in a very logical way. I have to say it’s very persuasive. It will be interesting to see whether or not you are right! In any case that sounds like a very solid idea of the future in store for the black beard pirates!

  3. My thoughts as well. Nice theory!

  4. 4ntediluvian

    Finally! I’ve been saying this for years!!

  5. Sakib Mahmud

    It’s Luffy, who’ll defeat 100 Beast Kaido. There must be an epic war & there’ll be… 😀 Can’t wait to see the final era of #One_PIECE… … … 😀 (Y)

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