As many of us know, the samurai zombie Ryuuma is actually a character from one of Oda’s earlier manga, the oneshot “Monsters”. This story is canon to the One Piece manga and it’s events are described in Ryuuma’s legend

Now you’re probably thinking “isn’t that a story about a dragon, what does it have to do with Mihawk?”


This is Cyrano. The man behind the plot to use the dragon’s coming as a chance to loot villages. The resemblance is clearly uncanny, and Mihawk is most likely descended from him

So what does this have to do with Zoro?


Cyrano rescued one girl, Flare, from the first village he attacked in order to earn acclaim as a hero and swordsman. In this scene we see him killing her father while she remains unconcious. That father is a complete dead ringer for Zoro

As the oneshot ends, we see that Ryuuma and Flare have gotten close. I believe that they eventually started a family, and Zoro is their descendant

It is for these reasons that I believe Shuusui was fated to fall into Zoro’s hands, and that Zoro and Mihawk’s fight is also fated

Now, onto Mihawk’s powers. But first, a tangent

We know of Oda’s talent for attention to detail. Did anyone stop to consider the Kuja warrior’s arrows? They are infused with CoA even after being released by the user

This is actually important as it demonstrates that CoA can remain in an object. A sword perhaps…?

Mihawk’s black blade wasn’t always black. It has been altered by the frequent use of CoA, reaching a sharper, harder state and being dyed the colour of CoA. This is true of all swords labelled “black blade”. Not convinced?


This is Ryuuma’s sword. Ignoring the minor design inconsistencies as a redesign (wouldn’t be Oda’s first), what stands out is that it’s not black. I don’t believe this was redesigned as it’s too big a detail

Throughout Monsters, Ryuuma regularly refers to the “warrior’s soul”. This is likely an alternate name for what eventually became Haki (as with Mantra in Skypeia). Ryuuma likely mastered CoA and dyed Shuusui black himself between the end of Monsters and his death

Mihawk has mastered this technique and taught it to Zoro

The reason that Zoro has favoured Shuusui for one sword style since his training is that it’s harder to infuse more CoA into a black blade. Imagine it like forcing more liquid or gas into a container by pressurising it, significant force is required. This is an extension of his training

This also applies to Mihawk’s eyes. They are enhanced with CoO. This is what Zoro is really doing with his left eye

We know that CoO can be used to “see” or enhance vision thanks to both Fujitora and Usopp respectively, thus its not just a vague spiritual sense

Mihawk’s mastery of the 2 basic hakis is how he is able to compete evenly with the CoC master Shanks

Thanks for reading!

*Theory by Go D. Usopp

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