In this theory I shall talk about the true strength of Monkey D. Dragon. However, I cant talk about Dragon without discussing the Conqueror’s Haki.

First of all, we know Dragon has his own fighting style as seen with Sabo:

But once again, the Conqueror’s Haki is what makes Dragon truly fearsome. Dragon also has no devil fruit but for those who think he odes, do NOT be discouraged. You’ll see why later on.

Now lets get into what CoC is and what Dragon’s(and others) real abilities are.

Conqueror’s Haki is the ability to use your willpower as a weapon. It is truly the most powerful ability in One Piece and its even more powerful than the Ancient Weapons.

There are multiple levels to Conqueror’s Haki can it can be broken down into 5 simple levels.

Level 1: Using your will to conquer the will of others

The most simplest and well known example of Conqueror’s Haki. It is very effective against fodder.



However, contrary to popular belief, it is still useful against those with good willpower.
Smoker of all people began to sweat against Hancock’s CoC. It depends on how strong your CoC is compared to the will of your target. Replace Hancock with Rayleigh or Shanks, Smoker might have had a worse reaction.

Level 2: Conquering the Elements

As simple as it sounds. Dragon used his CoC to conqueror the fir of Gray Terminal to give the people a path to escape.

Doflamingo was completely incased in Kuzan’s ice but managed to use his CoC to conquer the ice and break free.

This level can also be applied to objects.

Level 3: Conquering the Weather

The Cnqueror’s Haki has a certain radius. The stronger the will, the more range one’s CoC has and it can affect and manipulate the environment. That storm that saved Roger and destroyed Shiki’s fleet was because of Roger’s CoC and it is how Dragon summoned lightning to save Luffy.

Level 4: Conquering yourself.

One with the Conqueror’s Haki can manifest his will/spirit in physical form. Your personal traits and characteristics that describe will become a physical weapon per say.

Shanks has shown that Conqueror’s Haki can cause PHYSICAL damage to objects.

Now then, there is ALOT more to Level 4 Conqueror’s Haki. Everyone’s spirit is different and can be represented by different things. Some spirits are like tigers, some are like ice and others can even be cocaine. Of course, only those with the Conqueror’s Haki can achieve this, but it can be done by those who haven’t unlocked it yet. The willpower of a person must very strong in order to achieve this feat though.

Zoro spirit in physical form is Asura.

Sanji’s spirit in physical form is Diable Jambe. Oda said that Sanji doesn’t get burned because his spirit burns hotter.

Shanks’ spirit in physical form is red lightning.

Kaidou may be a dragon zoan but his spirit in physical form may be a Typhon. The Typhon is the father of beasts and Kaidou leads an army of beasts.

Level 5: Conquering Reality

The highest level of Conqueror Haki. Only 2 people have achieved this form of CoC aside from Dragon. This level can only be achieved by those who are a direct descendant of D.

The Conqueror’s Haki can conqueror ANYTHING and that includes time, space, light and dark. The concept of reality itself bends to the will of the conqueror.

The distortion of reality, time and space is synonymous with air cracking.


A Conqueror’s Haki clash is the sudden impact of two conqueror spirits and those combined spirits is strong enough to distort time and space for a short time.

Now to avoid any confusion, a person can master level 1,2 and 4 but could still need work for level 3 for example. Some people can only level up so far not matter how much they try. Don Chinjao for example may be unable to use level 2 or 3.


Of course you know, Luffy will be the greatest Conqueror of them all.

Those with the Conqueror’s Haki are very common in the New World and it is the only way to climb to the top.



However, those with the Conqueror’s Haki are the least of Luffy’s worries.


“Blackbeard” Marshall D. Teach cannot use haki because of the Yami Yami no mi. Despite that, he can make sure that his opponents cannot use haki either.

The Darkness Fruit consumes absolutely everything.

We know Teach can neutralize devil fruit powers via physical contact.

But with his devil fruit awakening, he can neutralize devil fruits and haki without needing physical contact.

The only thing that can save Luffy is his Conqueror’s Haki conquering Teach’s darkness.

Now then, what about Monkey D. Dragon?

As I implied earler, Dragon’s Conqueror’s Haki is probably the strongest alive. It is the main reason why he is the most wanted man.

Dragon’s conqueror’s haki(along with Shanks and Roger) is so strong that he can cause the air to crack without clashing with anyone.

As for Dragon’s spirit in physical form, it is an actual dragon.

With his CoC, Dragon can manipulate the weather and become a dragon. This is why I believe Dragon has no DF because he doesn’t need one. He is already a dragon in a literal sense. Dragon’s body wont deform and turn into a dragon itself if that’s what your thinking. Just his spirit will turn into a dragon behind or above him like an aura.

This brings up a few questions though….what are CoC in physical forms of Roger?

*Theory by Vandenreich


  1. Shanks for sure has the strongest CoC haki alive

  2. i think that theory is non sense….i dont know, but it is really hard to believe that theory…its too detailed but lack in evidence…i’m trying to believe that but i cant…i dont know why…haha…unless its oda who made this theory, ill believe it.

    • You fucker it is just a theory no one is asking you to believe it

    • magnum-greed

      Blackbeards Yami Yami no Mi can neutralize Devil Fruit powers, but it was nowhere said that His devil fruit gives him ability to Cancel COC aka Conqueror’s Haki …

      But in that fight of Ace vs Blackbeard, the use of Haki was not shown, even when Shanks went to meet Whitebeard on his ship, the term used was “SPIRIT” in the subs, although the audi said “HAKI”…But it was only after the Luffy’s crew got defeated on Sabondy that the term HAKI was used, when Rayleigh decided to train luffy

  3. Wow that was so much speculation you almost made up a totally different story.

  4. if the theory is made by oda then its not a theory anymore -_-

  5. Actually it’s a good theory, i’d say right now aside from BB, Dragon and Shanks conquer the world, they are at least at the same level in haki strength, but if someone is to be stronger in CoC that is Dragon, he’ll have an important role in the new arc, ofcourse Shanks will die figthing BB and Dragon may be fighting aside with shanks or maybe Dragon will sacrifice to help shanks get away and he would say something like: “You’re closer family to Luffy than i ever were.” so he will sacrifice himself because he knows Luffy would be more devastated if Shanks died because he never met Dragon in the first place, he only know Dragon is his father.

  6. This theory is wrong on many levels. First thing: neither zoro, nor sanji have conquerors Haki. Should you have paid attention, you would have seen that there are different types of Haki, not different types of conquerors Haki. Even though Chinjao says there are countless people with it, people with conquerors Haki are rare. A rarity among Haki users, and not everyone can even use Haki. And I’m not sure Sanji even uses haki at all, by the way.

  7. magnum-greed

    i want to share my theory too.. how can i send it to you 🙂

  8. what oda is about to do in the future manga i think nobody will get near it,what we will see next will surprise us a lot and a dissapoint a little couse our minds are filled with spoilers.but the great thing oda does is letting the doors open.everybody have their own thoughts but oda is at a different i have to say that this theory doesent really hit me.

  9. 1,2,3 ar
    e right, 4 and 5 is excesive

  10. Uhmmmm.i think you got a point,i was actualy thinking about kinds of haki,if you guys remember when Portgas D. Rouge got pregnant,she manage to hide ace for 24 months in her womb,that was actually stated by sengoku uhmmm i think that is one of the will power you were talking about.uhmmm.and i think it’s not actually a level,i think it’s a type of will power

  11. queen otohime was born under haki what does that mean????

  12. and why didnt ace used haki against BB…

  13. Who knows how powerful Dragon’s Haki is maybe it is more stronger than shanks so you cant say that shanks has the most powerful haki.Dont underestimate Dragon’s ability.He cannot be the most wanted man and the biggest threat to the world government for no reason.

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