Hi guys, this is my first theory/speculation, so please bear with me!

As we all know that Luffy because his devil fruit powers can withstand large amount of distress and pain caused to his body and his internal organs – Second Gear and so on…

Who else in the past have we seen withstanding very critical pain and doing stuff not possible for a normal human being even in One Piece?

The answer would be Portgas D. Rouge, yes lover of the Pirate King and mother of our late beloved Ace!

She held Ace inside her for nearly 20 months, which a normal woman’s body cannot withstand, but because of the powers of the Gomu Gomu no Mi she could withstand the presence of her baby inside her for nearly 2 years!

But eventually even with the Gomu Gomu no Mi ‘s power the 20 months was little out its capabilities and she lost her life!

And to see many theories relating Shanks and Rouge which lead to Shanks being apprentice of the Roger pirates ship, it would seem possible for Shanks having fight for the Gomu Gomu no Mi from an enemy!

Thanks for reading it! All of your thoughts are welcomed!

*Theory by Atul D Mittal


  1. i think roger ate the gomu gomu no mi :
    – roger was dying because of a incurable disease and we know that the gears of luffy can kill him .
    – it seems rayleigh knows a lot of things about the gomu gomu no mi and he was roger’s right hand so i think rayleigh saw roger fighting and he knows that the gomu gomu nomi is the cause of roger’s desease

    • It can’t be since if that were the case when luffy fought alongside whitebeard he would’ve definitely have had a reaction from seeing his greatest rival’s ability back in action no?

    • And Rayleigh wouldn’t have mentioned anything about “having the devil fruit of Roger”? No chance.

    • thats very unlikely because they meantioned in the series that GOL D ROGER wasnt a devil fruit user

    • We have whitebeard, the gorosei, the old marines, his own grand dad which happens to be Roger’s rival, the sky island people, etc. Remember that Luffy’s Grandline path is the same as Roger’s. But meh, nobody ever hinted us they already saw this fruit in action.

  2. Maybe rouge resisted 20 months by using haki or something like that

  3. Monkey D Garp mention in the previous episode portgas d rouge resisted 20 by using his haki. She didn’t ate gomu gomu fruit

  4. nope … portgas d rouge has conqueror haki …

  5. I think gol d roger was its previous user. In many cases luffy is shown similar to him..

  6. Perfect theory!!

  7. Dillon White

    She died when she gave birth right ? i forget … maybe because her water broke, ha . water and devil fruits dont mix 😛

  8. Rouge used haki.. It was stated during the Sabaody Arc..

  9. It was stated she used pure willpower to hold in Ace.It’s like holding back a water hose. Gomu gomu no mi shortens life span but does not gives any disease. Roger has a mysterious disease that even Crocus can’t heal.

  10. If it’s roger, then the marines will not take luffy as lightly as they did at the beginning of the series.

  11. Ow very interesting, I never thought about it before !

  12. He who like to read theories

    Dillon White .. you jackass :p 😀

    Nice thought, would be perfectly to be explaned in the world of the grand line 🙂

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