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In this theory, I would like to go in a step by step manner so I will split in in parts.
First I will discuss the participants and their purpose. Then the foreshadowings of war. Then some predictions as to what may happen. Finally a speculated conclusion. Let’s begin.

1) Yonkos
2) Supernova alliances
3) Marines
4) Outsiders (there’s a surprise awaiting here)

1) Yonkos
A) Kaido
Obviously I will begin with the man who will begin the war. There’s not much to explain here if you read the chapter on Kaido(Chap 795). That was the biggest foreshadowing. Let’s go into his other reasons apart from waging a war like it’s a college sport and he is the team captain.
In that same chapter, we saw him land right in front of the captains of a supernova alliance who were already looking to take down a yonko even though Kaido wasn’t the target. There are 2 possibilities here:-
I) Either they are all smashed to bits which i don’t think is likely at all.
II) Kaido planned to start a war and they agreed to fight then rather than now and the alliance was spared. (This is what would have happened. Kaido wants a war and not a skirmish)

Another reason is “Law also notes that if they kill Doflamingo and destroy the factory, Kaido will transfer his grudge to the pirate alliance.”(wikia).

Though he probably didn’t hear it, if he realises it any later, it fits perfectly with his motive for a war.

The Third and last reason:- During the Marineford War, Kaido wanted to fight with Whitebeard but was intercepted by Shanks. For Shank’s behaviour, fighting is the last option plus if they fought, they definitely couldn’t make it to the war. Definitely Shanks must have talked Kaido out of it. But is it so easy talking out a man like him? Absolutely not. Kaido must have gotten some sort of promise from Shanks for a future fight or something or some other sort of diplomatic agreement. Perhaps Shanks will be invited now if Kaido wishes to start the war.
Those are for Kaido’s reasons.

B) Big Mam
She has quite some beef with the supernova alliances as well. Luffy’s challenge to her and Kid destroying her ships.
Also just recently they again saw the Straw Hats Sunny group holding Caesar hostage who is a target for Big Mam as well as the supernova who allied with her Capone Bege. Bege himself has a bone to pick with Luffy because of the admiral being summoned to Sabaody Archipelago because of you know what :p
Also the yonko’s are stubborn so I suppose she wouldn’t have forgiven Kid either and naturally she will want to participate in the war to show her wrath.

C) Blackbeard
A schemer and a coward but a perfect opportunist. We already know he is on the hunt for Devil Fruits. Naturally the strongest Devil Fruit users will be Yonko captains or their commanders. Wouldn’t he be fantasising having Kaido’s devil fruit. However this means as usual he won’t enter the war until the end.
He will come just to steal the spoils i.e take devil fruit abilities and territories of any fallen Yonko crew.

D) Shanks
I don’t think he will be part of the war from the beginning either. As a person who would keep fighting as a last resort, he may either enter the war half way through or in between to protect Luffy for the timebeing (I will explain this in predictions for the war) or to intercept and stop Blackbeard or he may later on be forced by Kaido to join the war somehow (as discussed earlier)

2) Supernova Alliances
A) Kid-Hawkins-Apoo alliance
They already wanted to take down Shanks but had Kaido land right in front of them. Do they have much of a choice? They anyway wanted to take down a yonko and Kid being the stubborn guy as he is, I don’t see why he wouldn’t want to participate in the war.

B) Luffy-Law alliance
A war where the yonkos are going to take part. Do you think Luffy can resist it? He already wants to take down all 4 of the yonko. Kaido was his first target but unbeknownst to Law, Luffy already mocked Big mam into a fight. Both his targets being at the war and with his excitement to do stuff where Nami,Usopp and Chopper will freak out of fear is barely containable. I guess you can already see his twinkling eyes. Anyway this would be an unavoidable scenario for them so it’s not like they have a choice.

Now why would Marines want to interfere in Yonko’s war and business? If you remember Jinbe explaining to Luffy that Akainu shifted Navy HQ in the New World, then there is only 1 reason why he would step in the turf of the Emperors i.e if he wants to make it his own turf. We already know that New World is ruled by Yonkos when Garp was explaining this to Luffy in Episode 313. This means that the World Government had minimal control there. Obviously you can’t expect to take down all 4 and rule supremely. They had a hard time beating 1. Akainu himself is also an opportunist and will slowly want to bring more New World territories under the Government’s control. This is the perfect opportunity where you have the Yonkos face off each other. They become easier targets for a cunning schemer like Akainu. He also will want the Marines move in at the last moment just to claim territories so that there is minimum damage to his forces and at the same time he manages to pull off some territories from the Yonkos into the Government hands. Hence the marines would be late interrupters.
Another reason is because they have to do damage control first after what happened in Dressrosa and reinstate their reputation as much as they can after its recent plummeting in nearby kingdoms. They can’t just jump in the war after such a blunder. So they will take part but a late entry rather than right from the beginning. Akainu will let them damage each other and then jump at the right opportunity.

4) Other participants
A) Gecko Moriah
We already know he hates Kaido because Kaido killed his crew. He definitely will look to join forces with some other war participants to take down Kaido.

B) Crocodile
He already entered the New World again and was hiding from Marines attempting to capture him.

I expect him to make an entry too. He won’t be idle sitting and doing nothing when the whole New World in engulfed in war.

C) Buggy
He did state his ambitions of becoming a Yonko. Though he really won’t be serious when such big names are involved. He may look to be an opportunist and show his face at the war and still do almost nothing except ‘accidentally’ helping Luffy or Shanks a little :p

D) Whitebeard Pirates
They will also join the war at some point to help protect Luffy. We saw Marco say that Ace’s will lives on in Luffy and I feel they may enter the war to protect Luffy from Blackbeard and Akainu.

Now the big surprise.
E) Golden Lion Shiki
He is a canon character as mentioned by Magellan to be the first person to escape Impel Down. Though Strong World is a non-canon movie. Oda-sensei may have something planned for Shiki and it obviously won’t be something small. If we consider Chapter 0 of One Piece, he wanted World domination. However he failed to convince Roger and later on was captured (long story, will just pick relevant parts). He made the following statements too

He despises the New Age and also wants to rule and dominate the world. Yonkos, supernovas etc. was all created in this new era though it had some old timers like Whitebeard. When all the people of the New age gather for the war, this presents him the perfect opportunity to fulfill both his goals; i)Become a Yonko himself and claim territories under his rule & ii) Teach the New age supernova pirates and others a lesson as he stated in the above image. He isn’t an ordinary man and moves with huge fleets perfect for a large scale war and he is a powerhouse himself. Everything simply adds up.

Moving on

The first foreshadowing :- Kaido
It makes everything obvious doesn’t it? He wants to start the greatest war and definitely the greatest war wouldn’t just be of small scale with 2 or 3 participants. Hence all the above participants.

Second Foreshadowing:-
Chapter 799-The parent child relationship. If these people were to just help Luffy during 1 war i.e the Final war, why would Oda rush things. We were expecting Luffy vs Fuji and ended up with something even more epic. LUFFY COMMANDING 5600 PEOPLE!!! Obviously there must be something coming. Still not convinced? Then here’s another evidence.

In this page Law explains it all why Luffy needed a fleet to pick a fight with any yonko. They needed a strategy and a big fleet. However with Doflamingo gone and Kaido wanting to start a war, the initial plan is tossed out. I feel Oda was building upto this silently. Law’s explanations after Punk Hazard Arc and the events at the end of Dressrosa Arc. Also the end of Fishman Island arc. At the end of every arc, Oda-sensei has given hints as to this which prompted me to wonder why and led me to making this theory. It’s like a chain if you observed.

Third is a speculation
A war before the timeskip. I personally expect a second timeskip. There is alot to uncover both plot wise and in character development. I almost feel like One Piece isn’t more than 60 percent complete yet. No one knows Zoro or Sanji’s real origins. We straight away saw their childhood and both have mysterious abilities. Luffy has alot of development to do both in strength and somewhat in character as well.
Finally it is unimaginable to have a 19 year old Pirate King. Wouldn’t that simply make Roger Rayleigh and everyone a joke?

Before the first timeskip we had an epic war which had a massive impact on everyone especially Luffy. Something similar would happen in this war which shall signal a timeskip where all straw hats train further before Luffy can finally become Pirate King and wage war with the Government itself to abolish all the crappy systems. The Void century and Will of D will be discovered after that. Hence there would be a war after which a timeskip.

I would be a fool if I really tried to predict Oda-sensei as to the entire events of the war. I pretty much explained the reasons and foreshadowings because there was evidence. However what happens in the war is pure speculation.
However somethings where I can atleast discuss a possibility are as below:-
Revolutionaries will not take part again because if they were to, then more details about some of their strong commanders would have been hinted atleast. Sabo has yet to master the Mera Mera no Mi and apparently isn’t strong enough to take on one of the strongest Yonko commanders or Navy Admiral in a serious war yet.
That leaves Dragon. Ivankov is strong but not really a very high level powerhouse. There are some theories as to Aokiji being a revolutionary but as of now we can’t say anything. If Revolutionaries were to go to war, we would atleast know of some preparations and some of their strong powerhouse character introductions. That hasn’t happened.

The war is still far away as we haven’t yet seen any New World nakamas actually join. Luffy’s fleets are also in development especially Hajruddin and Ideo’s crew. We have yet to encounter Wano-kuni arc and whether we get to see Elbaf soon or not is also yet unknown. So the war will still take alot of time to begin.

In the war, I expect Big mam and Kaido to fall with Kaido being dead again killed by perhaps Blackbeard or Akainu. Luffy Law and other supernovas will have a hard time in the war and will barely survive the war. They will do damage but won’t exactly be victorious. Luffy and Law had such a hard time against Doffy so how can we expect them to take on Kaido of whom Doffy was scared as shit! Blackbeard will steal some devil fruit abilities for his crew while Akainu will conquer some territories for the World Government. Shiki will rise to power as a new Yonko.

Big Mam and Luffy will fight which will be stopped midway by Nami realising Big Mam is Lola’s mother from the vivre card and will use that to stop a fight to the death and rather end the bitterness from going to worse. Big mam will be alive but will lose her status as Yonko.

Luffy will manage to claim some unruled territoties and fishman island as his own. By standing upto Big mam and probably fighting well, he will manage to convince her into giving up Fishman Island to him while claiming territories like Dressrosa,Prodence,Wano Kingdom and Kano Kingdom and maybe Elbaf as his own territories which will be protected by his fleets when he enters the Time skip.

There will be some deaths but who exactly we do not know. People predict Shanks to die but whether he dies here or not I cannot say. The war will end with an imbalance again. Lack of 7 shichibukai, and perhaps only 3 yonko.
Why i feel Luffy won’t be a yonko is because he wants to be Pirate King. He wants to defeat all 4 Yonkos and find One Piece rather than usurping their positions. How can he enter a timeskip if he is yonko? Can you imagine a Yonko whose whereabouts go unknown for 4-5 years?
When Luffy becomes Pirate King, there will be no yonko system and there will be 1 sole ruler of the sea with utmost freedom.

Also people predict X Drake to join Luffy and Law alliance by betraying Kaido. I want it to happen but whether it happens or not, I cannot say. He does have some unspoken history with Law.
Also I expect the Whitebeard Pirates to show up and help Luffy against Blackbeard and Akainu to survive.
That is more possible as they will show up sooner or later and Marco spoke of Luffy carrying Ace’s will.

Speculated Conclusion:
1) Imbalance in Shichibukai due to pre war and war activities
2) Kaido’s death and Blackbeard stealing his devil fruit and many others.
3) Big mam’s fall from power and Akainu establishing World Government control over previously Yonko territories.
4) Shiki’s rise to power and claiming of terrotories,
5) Straw Hat Crew and alliance survival and signaling of a time skip.
6) Kid, Buggy and others also claiming some territories.
7) No ultimate powers in the New World as many people have some territories among them.
Government, Shiki, Blackbeard, Shanks (if alive) having big territories while Luffy and others claim few small territories as their own.
[Have a nightmare that Shanks may die while protecting Luffy trigerring another catalyst for Luffy like Ace.] 8) Changes in marines and more connections being established (like Drake joining Luffy Law alliance perhaps)
9) Showing up of Whitebeard Pirates again
Summarising all of the above, alteration in the structure of New World and a Time Skip.

*Theory by Portgas D. Shanks



Hi, this is my little theory I´ve come up with recently, before you guys start reading make sure read the upper part that explains the theories concept to avoid confusion, thank you!

Samsara is a religious concept in Buddhism and Hindu, which the japanese have also assimilated into Shinto, that roughly translates into “Wheel of suffering”.
Here is somewhat of a loose explanation since as a religious concept it´s too complicated to explain in a short amount of time.
I´ve stumbled upon this explanation, when I searched for the inspiration for the 6 paths of Pain in Naruto.On my search I coincidentally found out, that the Hitman Reborn series also got their inspiration for some abilities based on those religious beliefs.

That´s where it struck me and I thought why wouldn´t Oda use it as a theme?
Oda may answer this in an SBS after they are all introduced, since he usually doesn´t tend to adress his tributes blatantly but rather hint at them as inspirations for his themes.

The Yonko and 6 paths huh? There are just 4 Yonko how does that even fit?
Well to my knowledge the Yonko system is fairly new, Brook didn´t knew about it during his prime and Roger wasn´t a Yonko although being the Pirate King. The road to become the pirate King won´t be a steep one, that´s for sure. Luffy will have to be a Yonko at least for a short time, his first stepping stone into becoming the Pirate King will be to reach that status. Blackbeard replaced Whitebeard and became the 5th Yonko. So since Luffy´s aim is to beat them all he´ll be the 6th man to reach that status.
Therefore the 6th paths/realms.

Short explanation the six realms of Samsara (wheel of suffering),consists of the 6 realms of non enlighted beings (non Buddhas) a Buddha transcends and leaves the cycle of death and rebirth because of the enlightment he reaches. Those realms are: 1.Beings in Hell, 2.Hungry Ghosts (Preta),3.Animals,4.Asuras (demigods who can be good or evil),5.Humans and 6.Devas which are basicly gods (not omnipotent ones though).In general it´s to be aspired to be born within the Human realm, because although humans don´t have the superior abilities of the Asura or the divinity of the Devas (no pain, diseases etc), they are not hold back through envy or pride. The human realm, is the easiest one to reach transcendence or “enlightment”aka become a Buddha.

So now to my theory:

Every Yonkos theme mirrors figuratively one of Samsara paths similar to Pain´s 6 bodies in Naruto.
Keep in mind that this mirrors “mainly” the Yonko. Not always his overall crew.

1. Beings from Hell,Blackbeard´s theme. Blackbeards Jolly Roger displays 3 skulls which made some people believe Blackbeard may have a relation to Cerberus (the keeper of the underworld). On top of that his ability is the power of darkness which is called Yami in japanese and is tied to the underworld Yomi. He also recruited his members from the “depths of Hell” Impel down. One of them is also seemingly heavily associatred with death, the crew´s doctor Doc Q. Worst of all, he commited the greatest sin of all, that´s despised in any culture, the killing of a comrade. That should foreshadow Blackbeard´s destination when the series ends.

2.Hungry Ghosts, Big Mom´s theme. She supposedly ate her own people, seems to be the biggest glutton within the One Piece universe and her powers may as well be tied to eating, maybe a stronger version of Wapol. People wrote off this theory, but machvise showed us that Oda does recycle his abilities from time to time. Lava>Fire, which brought me to the conclusion that there may even be a Water Logia.
But back to Big Mom. remember food or especially candy was more important to her than even gold or power, I will update this when we get more hints.

3.Animals. Kaido´ s theme. For this one I have more hints. Kaido commands an army of “Animal fighters”. Which he intends to expand, he´s the strongest “being” within the One Piece world and people claim he may not even be a human. Why? We´ve seen Fishman be pirates. Winged angel humans, even monkeys. Who know´s there is a chance that he´s not a zoan like many assume but literally an animal.

4.Asura, Luffy´s theme, obviously.Zorro, says enough, read the explanation on Asura on the link I posted, should tell enough.They are demigods, with superior powers compared to humans, but don´t reach enlightment because of their jealousness over the devas. They are also beings of constant fightning and good as well as evil ones exist among them.

5.Humans Shanks theme.Similar to the Asura realm humans can be good or evil but tend to be chaotic and blended by their desires, which is why Shanks theme is the theme most similar to Luffy´s. Why is Shanks theme the human one and not Luffy´s, Shanks most likely has no Devil fruit, possibly his whole crew relys solely on Haki and their battle prowess alone. They are not monsters like Luffy´s crew. Devil fruit users, demon childs,skeletons, incarnated asuras and the devils legs.

6.Devas (celestial beings), Whitebeard´s theme:Whitebeard is the closest thing to a godly being in terms of power that´s been shown so far and isn´t related with the WG. His first mate uses a Devil Fruit that´s rarer than Logia (Mythical Zoan), only Senghok´s power was compareable. He was renowned as “the strongest” man on earth. He was modest compared to other pirates, not seeking for gold or treasure but he incorperated the worst sin of them all, Devas downfall, their pride. Whitebeard only lost the war because he was too prideful and took that attack from Squard for no reason. He also went up against the “godly world governement” and faced off against a “Buddha”.

My theory is that the “enlightment” which in Budhism means the breakout of Samsara, within One piece is reached through finding out the truth of the void century. Keep in mind, what Rayleigh said towards Luffy´s quote: “I think the freest person on the ocean is Pirate King”. But we know finding One Piece is tied to that goal and furthermore it´s hinted that the void century is also tied to that goal (One Piece).
Knowing the truth=Enlightment=Freedom. That´s where I think Shinto plays a role. Shinto is very oriented to the living world, it doesn´t associate itself much with the afterlife. “Live your life to the fullest and don´t think about tomorrow.” At the same time the Strawhats never hurt someone for their own benefits like regular pirates would do.Whitebeard a “Deva” was the closest to reach enlightment, finding the One piece and become Pirate King. But he didn´t care, because as the religious devas he was happy with what he had, he didn´t strife for enlightment,(devas are less likely to find enlightment than humans because they don´t search for it).Currently Shanks is the one closest to become Pirate King, he represents the “human path” and may reach enlightment if he opens his eyes.(finds out the truth).Blackbeard the”Being from hell ” is the farthest away from reaching it. That´s why Whitebeard said, Roger the guy who reached enlightment, found out the truth,was the freest man(died in peace) is not waiting for him. Kaido as an “animal” doesn´t even know how to become Pirate King and Big Mom “as a hungry ghost” doesn´t care, all she wants is to eat.
The “Deva” who the “Asura” tend to envy and therefore holding them back with their mockings,is dead. The biggest obstacle for Luffy is Shank´s who is the only one capable of becoming Pirate King besides him, not Blackbeard. The final Showdown before Luffy will be Pirate King won´t be between the Blackbeard Pirates and the Strawhats, that´ll come earlier. Shanks will be the last obstacle Luffy has to overcome. The new generation will have to beat the old one.
Furthermore Sengoku who is “the Buddha” knows the truth, as the fleet admiral he is enlightened, but he isn´t free. He fears the wrath of the Gorosei “the fake Gods” therefore he is not truly enlightened.
Sengoku is a “fake” Buddha, (he´s depicted as being fat, a traditional buddha is slim).


Traditional Buddha:http://alchemical-weddings.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/bhumisparsha-buddha-plain-body-small.jpg

The world government pretends to be omnipotent in many occasions.
But they are not, no one is ominpotent in Shinto or Buddhism, even Kami (gods) die, Kami grow old in age, Kami have emotions. It´s a reoccuring theme in One Piece. Enel, the Tenryubito, Doflamingo, they all overestimate themselves.
Zoro’s claim that he doesn´t believe in God(Kami), but using religious references (such as Asura/Purgatory) on several occasions, is falsely interpret by many, as him being a hypocrit, or that Oda fucked up his character. He´s not, Buddhism or Shintoism are religions that don´t neccecarily require the belief in god´s or deity´s.The most recent example of this is Fujitora when he screams: “Who does the world goverment think they are? Are they truly omnipotent?” That´s what the future will tell. Luffy will challenge the gods. Not alone, but with the friends he makes. He´ll be the Asura to challenge the Kami and show them that they are not omnipotent. He will be the one that brings war, but this time to the Kamis.

*Theory by OralJackson

Luffy/Law To Become Big Bosses Of Notorious Future Super-Alliance – The Next New World Superpower?

***Spoiler Alert***


[​IMG]What is it that makes the Yonkou, the World Government & the Pirate Warlords feared across the seas by many? Is it their brute strength, the way certain individuals compose themselves that demands the immediate respect of whoever crosses paths with them or is it simply charisma?

I think, it is the influence that one has on the pirate world. The Yonkou, by what we know, are all heavily involved with a certain market that THEY are running and the WG doesn’t hold leverage over – this is NOT accounting the fact that just one Emperor may well have the potential to wipe the entire marine force from the face of the planet.

Big Mam: markedly invests her protection in return for instalments of something specific (sweets so far.. hope it gets more interesting as the story progresses) – a protection policy. If the quota is not met, she will destroy the place of contract. This cruel method of bargaining is what makes her pirate trade successful – using fear to get results.

Kaidou: is in control of the black market, formerly administered by the, now defeated, Joker. SMILE aside, the black market frequently dealt in with the weapons trade to keep wars among countries active for business. Whoever funds both sides of the war may expect the greatest income in profit. Sadly, that statement holds true in real life too.. That is Kaidou’s market. He’s a master industrialist with a terrible temper.

Blackbeard: is currently growing and strengthening his forces.

Shanks: N/A.

Not to mention that the Yonkou war with each other constantly over territory in the NW to tip the power struggle to their favour.

Now, as seen in the images above, Luffy has been offered a number of 5600 pirates to serve with the Straw Hats as the flag ship. Not only that, he will also have the backing of a pirate crew that was once feared across the globe – the Giant Pirate Crew.
The Straw Hat Pirates will most certainly catch a position of influence for themselves if they had followers that numbered in that many. In fact, if something like this were to happen.. Who else would you imagine joining this new mainframe that is led by a member of the Worst Generation? (If it’s going to be led by Luffy)

My prediction is that Luffy’s character will compel him to reply in the fashion of:

“Eh, seems like a bother. I don’t care what you do, just do what you want.”

Luffy wanted to captain his own crew. But he never wanted an army. This is where Law’s wits come in.. Law sees, not only an opportunity for higher protection and easier access into enemy territory, but a sure-fire way to counter against Kaidou in battle. (Big Mam is Luffy’s enemy, Law has nothing to do with her)

What could be better than 1 member of the Worst Generation governing the world’s most powerful pirate armada? That’s right. 2 Members of the Worst Generation!

Luffy is in control, gives the orders and makes the decisions. Law administers the troops, sends out missions and ensures a healthy information mainframe between all crews. His underground alias becomes ‘Corazon’ – in respect to his former parent-figure and the fact that it says so at the back of his robe might indicate foreshadowing.
A market begins to brew, a market that offers protection in exchange for hospitality, banquets and doctoring for every instance that an allianced crew or member arrives at said place of contract. Luffy’s name, with the gratitude that comes from saving said villages, cities etc. begins to spread like a tempest across the ocean (and is well received by citizens of Dress Rosa, Arabasta, Fishman Island and, soon to be, Kano)

Kaidou and Big Mam hate Luffy. This hatred is to turn into gang wars at sea, you see a pirate member or crew with the enemy alliance, you kill them.. You kill their market, you kill their influence.

Not to say, movements such as the Revolutionary Army may very well consider joining this alliance for the benefit of their own organisations, or at least the countries that they are trying to protect/and or attack.

*Theory by TheSey


Alright i’ve been pondering to this theory for quite a long time now and i think i’ve come to a reasonnable theory about Jewelry Bonney’s true identity.There have been many theories about her and mine is not fully original: because she joins many others in a certain way.

As we all know, Bonney’s Pink hair can remind us all of Laura from Thriller Bark. When she has parted ways from the SH she gave Nami a Vivre’ Card from her mother who’s a great pirate in the new world.
(yeah yeah we all know that ! Go straight to the point ! ><)
Knowing how Oda likes to create links between character we can all assume two thing :
– First Laura’s mom is the Yonkou Big mom (nothing new to learn here captain ! go on!
– Big Mom’s daughter are encouraged to travel the world by themselves and not under Big Mom’s mark (at least she did not seem to be forced to do anything but travelling back from the new world seeing how she got to water seven : p )

At this point most of us thought that Bonney was also Big Mom’s daughter due to the fact that she shares the same candy pink hair color and her insatiable appetite…

BUT (here’s the tricky part ^^ ), We all saw during the Shabondy’s ark that Bonney had a devil fruit

(similar to Ain’s unless Ain’s devil fruit is similar to Bonney’s?… Oh … the theory read what comes next ! )
Allowing her to change the age of her enemies (turning them into old people or babies ) but also changing her age at will (giving her a lolicon look ). So we can also think that her casual appearance may not be the one according to her real age (she’s older than she looks like) She seems like one of the wisest pirate between the supernovae : she saved Zoro from killing a Celestial Dragon but also holds a strong grudge against the Marines… She was also the only one to cry when learning about Ace and WB’s death and she then ran into BB’s crew on the burning island.

Then I saw another interesting theory : Bonney may be a former member of Gol D. Roger’s pirate crew due to her Name : Jewelry. Actually it’s brilliant ! The captain was Gold the second was Silver and the third most powerfull pirate was Jewelry (forming the three of them a monster trio )

What would happened if those two theories were actually partly true ? My theory is that Jewelry bonney was actually Charlotte Lilin’s Twin sister. they looked quite alike at the time but Jewelry’s fruit allowed her to lose a lot of weight. At some point she actually met Gol D. Roger looking for member to join his pirate Crew and she accepted leaving behind her sister

Together they may have lived great adventures. but when Roger died she decided to hide for some time until she decided to get back into business. With her devil fruit she was able to hide her true identity and have a fresh start.

But i can guess what your main argument against this theory will be : “Why isn’t she simply BIG MOM 3:) ? Well it’s quite simple if you’re up to date with the last chapter’s out ! We saw her react to Doflamingo’s defeat and Big Mom is currently eating desert on her main island while we’re talking actually and she wouldn’t thank the SH who just happened to defy her a few days ago.

My last argument will be that her link with Roger would also explain the Marine tracking her (by sending an admiral toward her (and BB’s crew ) if she just was a simple high bounty pirate they wouldn’t have send an army to get her she’s important ! and even tough they send her such a comitee we saw recently that she managed to escape and hide somewhere in the new world for two years !

Long story short (for the people who don’t like to read long theories ) : I think that Bonney is a former Roger’s pirate member (and was part of a similar monster Trio ) and also Big Mom’s sister. She hided from the marine by changing her age with her Devil fruit and decided to get sail once again (for an unknown reason)

So what do you people think about it :) ?

*Theory by Enalys


*Short theory by Cleveland
We have seen that armament haki can be used with devil fruit abilities already – example of this would be Luffy with Gear 4th – he still remains rubber,even though he uses armament


Second person would be Vergo – i believe he used it in combination with his powers,could be some kind of devil fruit,but it doesn’t have to be


So Sanji is called Black-Legged Sanji..but why..when his leg is red? ..joke


In the future – soon(Big Mom) he will use armament haki on his abilities on leg and it will turn into armament haki flames – Black Flames and he will be Black Leg Sanji


Black Flames could be higher than any other flames..maybe Kizaru can use armament on his devil fruit too ? It will be Battle of Black Flame and Black Light ?


Let’s get the basics that probably everyone knows about out of the way first.

Bonney knows that Big Mam and WB are her parents. As for Big Mam, Bonney is way too similar to her to not know the truth.

Apart from the big appetites, pinkish-purple theme and similar hats, Bonney’s cake ship is very similar to Big Mam’s Whole Cake Island.

The reason WB would hit that(nudge nudge wink wink) is Big Mam most likely looked something like this when younger:
In the world of One Piece, woman are always slim n’ beautiful when young but scary zombies when old.

The reason Bonney was crying after WB supposedly betrayed his allies to save Ace was because she was disappointed that her father that she wanted to meet so much was such a cruel man.

Bonney is ESTIMATED to be 24 years old so her actual age is unknown and 24 years ago, WB was 50. Oda was asked about Bonney’s age and he said “I cant be sure because of her powers.” That it a big red flag. We know for a fact that there are fruits that stops the aging process as seen with Sugar who is 22 years old in the body of a 9 year old.

Lets get to how the WB, Big Mam and Bonney are connected.

WB’s real name is obviously Edward Newgate and the name Edward is an English name that means wealth and fortune. Newgate is a famous London prison.

Big Mam’s real name is Charlotte Linlin and the name Charlotte is the female version of Charles(French name) which means “free man.” Charlotte therefore means “free woman.”

Jewelry Bonney is name comes from the real life Irish pirate Anne Bonney.

Anne Bonney(birth name Anne Cormac) was disowned by her wealthy father. She was cornered by a “King’s Ship” lead by a Jamaican Governor and was captured. Because she was pregnant, she received a temporary stay of execution until she gave birth. It is unknown whether she was released or executed.

Notice how WB, Big Mam and Bonney are all European?

Also, Bonney is from South Blue and the same thing can be said for WB. South Blue is the sea of the poor and as a child, WB was hoarding goods.

WB always wanted a family ever since he was a kid.

Don’t you think WB would’ve tried to have a real family? He had one with Big Mam(who was also a pirate) and she got pregnant with Bonney.

Soon enough, a Tenryubitto ship showed and a certain tenryubitto took the pregnant Big Mam as his wife. WB returned only to find his wife and unborn child missing and returned to his pirate life to start a new family after he couldn’t locate them(Don’t forget that Yasopp had a wife n’ child but left them behind to continue piracy. WB probably did something like that).

This could be the reason WB has no female fighters on his ship. The abduction/disappearance of his first family made him overprotective. WB always says “Son.” Never daughter or children.

Reason I think Big Mam was taken to be a Tenryubitto wife is this:
What Teach said to Bonney just got me thinking of Big Mam.

Linlin Bonney was changed to Jewelry Bonney(probably the last name of that Tenryubitto) and Big Mam spent at least 2 years as a Tenryubitto wife and was fed the Witch Witch Fruit(Tenryubittos have a monopoly of DFs and is known to force slaves to eat them for kicks. They probably anyone they are tired off eat them). Big Mam used her new power to escape along with her two daughters Bonney and Lola(still in the womb) back to South Blue.

Since Big Mam was a pirate at heart, she left Bonney in South Blue and gave birth to Lola while she was sailing the seas. I’m sure Big mam ran into WB again but since WB was now overprotective, Big Mam decided to make her own crew. Big Mam would occasionally visit Bonney in South Blue(or send her crew members to visit her).

Bonney has always wanted to meet her father however and by chance, she meet Ace on his BB hunt. Ace told Bonney about her dad and that inspired to become a pirate and travel to the New World to meet her dad.

Lastly, do you guys know who that Tenryubitto I mentioned is related too?
Black Leg Sanji who is obviously European(French) just like Big Mam, Bonney. I have said before that the Big Mam arc is the arc of Sanji and that this is the arc where Sanji will discover the dark nature of his tenryubitto family.

I believe that Sanji and other SHs will be captured by Big Mam’s crew to bait Luffy(all takes place after Kaidou). Big Mam would originally want to kill Sanji n’ company because she recognizes his eyebrows and this is when Sanji will learn just how much of a devil he really is. Sanji will keep everyone alive by promising to make her sweets.

When the other arrives, they have to deal with Big Mam’s “family.”


Now lets get into Bonney’s devil fruit power. Popular belief is tha Bonney can alter people’s ages to whatever she wants but that is not the case. She can make someone very young or very old.

Don’t buy it? Let me go into more detail then.

First of all, Akainu said a cold-chill went down his spine when he heard Bonney escaped the WG. He was referring to Sabody.
Also, when Bonney said “You people!! I’ll forgive you!!!,” she was talking about the entire WG including the Tenryubittos as they were the ones who screwed up her life in the first place. Her entire family life was ruined.

BB called Bonney too weak and was surprised that she made it all the way to the New World and had 100+ million bounty.

The WG or more specifically the Gorosei, gave Bonney a 140 million bounty because of the potential threat of her devil fruit.

The Gorosei were the ones who gave rise to the DFs. They know exactly of the potential Bonney’s power holds. Bonney was never captured or “Revived the Gorosei to their Prime” nonsense because…..

She is FREE!! A freaking chill went down AKAINU’S back. Why would they let her go!!??? They didn’t. Bonney was saved but by who?Monkey D. Dragon.
Dragon’s tattoo always reminded me of tribal face paint and look at the entire area where Bonney was captured.
Surrounded by tribal totems. It was Dragon saving Bonney that made the Gorosei push Akainu to become Fleet Admiral.

Bonney’s ability falls in the same category of Law’s and Mansherry’s power(also with BB, Brooke and Doc Q).

Law’s power allows him to make someone immortal by sacrificing his own life. Regular use of is power also drains his stamina.

Mansherry can bring a person back to life at the cost of her own.

Here is the hierarchy:
1-Yami Yami-Teach can steal and contain souls
2-Yomi Yomi- Brooke can control and manipulate souls
3-Death Death- Doc Q kills the soul
4-Heal Heal- Mansherry can heal people and restore inanimate objects completely(since its a non living things it takes more power)in exchange for sending a portion of her soul to Yomi
5-Ope Ope- Law can make a soul immortal in exchange for sending his soul into Yomi

Bonney’s fruit is in the middle as she can alter life spans in he extremes(making someone very young or very old). She can also do the same for objects which is why she has so much potential.

Since she can severely alter the lifespan of anything, her own life force is constantly decreasing. She eats so much because she has to in order to replenish her life force. If it runs out, she obviously dies. That’s why she was so impatient next meal in Sabody despite having some food left. She had no time to waste.

The Gorosei are so afraid because she can potentially revive the Anceint Kingdom and/or the Island of Ohara. The same goes for any other place the Gorosei had destroyed to conceal the truth.

*Theory by Vandenreich

Luffy destroying Fishman Island-Under what Circumstances?

Everyone remembers the infamous scene during the Fishman Island Arc in which Madam Shirley predicted that Luffy would destroy Fishman Island, and we also know, she’s never been wrong.


So under what circumstances do you think this will occur?

1)War with Big Mom:
Maybe at one point Big Mom will threaten and eventually invade Fishman Island provoking Luffy to return and fight her. The war will be so chaotic, that the island is destroyed and the citizens of Fishman Island will have to be evacuated (presumably by Noah).

2) One Piece “Project”:
A popular theory has been surfing around the internet about the true contents of One Piece. This theory states that One Piece is not a treasure but actually rather a project that seeks to create the almighty sea of freedom: All Blue. But for that to happen they need to destroy the entirety of the Red Line which includes: Reverse Mountain, Mariejois and Fishman Island. Citizens will be evacuated of course.

3) General Union with the Humans:
Once the time is right, Luffy will destroy Fishman Island, and bring all the Fishmen and Merfolk above shore, where they will finally have accomplished their dream.

What do you think? Let Us Know ^ ^

*All rights go to mikeeozua


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Since her appearance, we’ve all wondered and theorized regarding Big Mom’s devil fruit, what kind of a character she is, etc. We saw her drool and eat her own subordinate, yep she’s a confirmed cannibal! Many people theorize that her devil fruit has something to do with “acid”, well, I am here to give input regarding another aspect… Big Mom is a Witch, her abilities is related to magic/witches and her character holds a lot of similarities to a witch. I’ll explain why below!


The Jolly Roger
We all know that the Jolly Roger of any pirate crew is mostly inspired by the characteristics of the Captain of the crew. Shanks Jolly Roger has three scars running down the left eye (and the scars are also colored red). Whitebeard’s Jolly Roger had his symbolic beard, I can keep going on with examples. Big Mom’s Jolly Roger as we know it is:


It has this elemental thing going on, I’m not sure of the whole Jolly Roger but what I’m going to speak about here is the tree, and especially the shape of the tree as illustrated

*from Wikipedia: A witch’s broom or witches’ broom is a disease or deformity in a woody plant, typically a tree, where the natural structure of the plant is changed. A dense mass of shoots grows from a single point, with the resulting structure resembling a broom or a bird’s nest.

Now, let’s rotate the tree in the Jolly Roger and what do we get…


Charlotte Linlin AKA Big Mom
Big Mom’s real name, Charlotte Linlin, I have a explanation behind her name;

Charlotte: Most characters connected with the name “Charlotte” carry concepts of magic/are witches. I can’t find a list of all characters name Charlotte, but one of the most noticeable I found (along with similarities to Big Mom) was Charlotte from Puella Magi.

*The dessert witch, with a tenacious nature. She desires everything. She will never give up

Linlin: “Lin” as a acronym means “laughing internally”, it’s when you find something interesting but don’t laugh out loud but just a giggle inside. Now, this is a bit far fetched but “Lin Lin Torido” is considered an “ultimate” form of Lin, so lets take a example of this in English. Lin = Lol while Lin Lin Torido = ROFL.

Lin Lin Torido also known to make people go “berserk” internally with laughter. Now, this is just my interpretation of the name, but what if Big Mom can use her powers and make people go “berserk internally”? Make them go crazy from the inside that leads them to die. Using magic or any other way to do this.

Big Mom’s appearance as described by One Piece Wikia: “Big Mom has only been seen partially from the shadows, but it is clear that she is an incredibly large and obese woman whose face appears to be larger than her body. She also has a very wide grin, long curly hair, large bulging eyes, and a round nose and cheeks.”

Witches often have long curly hair, bulging eyes and a noticeable nose. Even Disney depicts witches this way.


The Witch Of Hansel and Gretel
Hansel and Gretel is a famous fairy tale of German origins, Hansel and Gretel are a young brother and sister threatened by a cannibalistic witch living deep in the forest in a house constructed of cake and confectionery.
We know Oda does get “inspired” by tales, and we know Big Mom is a cannibal, at least she did eat some of her underlings. And lets see, what does her island look like?


Big Mom’s Ship and it’s Uniqueness
Big Mom’s flagship was revealed in One Piece Chapter 730, we saw a very unique aspect of this ship, the head of the ship was singing and moving! How can a ship be capable of singing and moving on its own will? Yes, we’ve seen Merry “speak” and move on its own will, but that was due to the love Strawhats showed to the ship.

I believe Big Mom used her powers and/or abilities to animate and bring life to an inanimate object. Because the ship sang and looked at the Sunny Go on its own will, as if it were alive.

 *All rights go to Divvens