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The Straw Hats’ wanted posters are updated with new Bounties and images from after the time skip.12064165_10206194258430159_1066278547_n

  • Luffy: Beli500,000,000
    • Luffy’s bounty is tied with Law’s for highest of The Worst Generation.
    • His new bounty image looks almost identical to his previous one.  Beli500,000,000 for defeating Ceasar Clown, for defeatingDonquixote Doflamingo of the Shichibukai and forming an alliance with theHeart Pirates
  • Zoro: Beli320,000,000
    • Zoro’s bounty is now tied with that of Basil Hawkins.  Beli320,000,000 for his involvement with helping take down ex-Shichibukai Donquixote Doflamingo and taking down elite officer Pica of theDonquixote Pirates
  • Robin: Beli130,000,000
    • Beli130,000,000 after helping take down ex-Shichibukai Donquixote Doflamingo and the Donquixote Pirates
  • Usopp: Beli200,000,000
    • After helping take down ex-Shichibukai Donquixote Doflamingo, sniping down officer Sugar of the Donquixote Pirates and for saving the enslaved people of Dressrosa, Usopp’s bounty has been increased to Beli200,000,000. . This poster shows Usopp’s name and face instead of Sogeking, and uses the nickname “God Usopp”.
  • Franky: Beli94,000,000
    • After helping take down ex-Shichibukai Donquixote Doflamingo, and for taking down officer Senor Pink of the Donquixote Pirates, Franky’s bounty has been increased to Beli94,000,000. The Franky Shogun is used for the photo.
  • Sanji: Beli177,000,000
    • After the events on Dressrosa, Sanji’s bounty has been increased to Beli177,000,000, and the picture on the poster has changed to display his real face, albeit with a perverted, lovestruck expression. However, with the bounty change came a change of capture. For an unknown reason, Sanji is now only wanted Alive, unlike the rest of the crew who is wanted Dead or Alive
  • Nami: Beli66,000,000
    • After the events on Dressrosa, Nami’s bounty has been increased to Beli66,000,000 with a new picture with a pose like her past one
  • Brook: Beli83,000,000
    • After the events on Dressrosa, Brook’s bounty has now been updated after fifty years, with his new bounty being increased to Beli83,000,000, and with the addition of one of his old concert posters being used as his bounty picture. Also, Brook’s new poster is now officially under the title of his stage name, “Soul King” Brook
  • Chopper: Beli100
    • After the events on Dressrosa, Chopper’s bounty has been increased to Beli100. Just like Nami’s new poster, Chopper’s new bounty picture is similar in appearance to his old one


I think a lot of people underrate Kid when they say he has absolutely no chance against Shanks; i personally believe that Kid is one of the strongest(if not the strongest) supernovas, and the only supernova who is currently qualified to beat Shanks.

I think Kid has the magnet magnet fruit; this gives him the power to create and manipulate electromagnetic fields. This may not seem very impressive, but i believe it is one of the strongest paramecias in OP. Let me explain

Objects attracted to magnets are known as paramagnetic. Objects that are not attracted by magnets are called diamagnetic. Diamagnetic objects are actually repelled by magnetic fields. If a magnetic field is strong enough, it can actually be used to levitate objects. Here are some powers Kid could use by creating powerful magnetic fields

  • flight, repels the ground by creating a powerful magnetic field
  • he could even coat his fists with a magnetic field. If Kid did a “magnet punch” by coating his fist with a magnetic field; it would repel the person hit, as organic matter is daimagnetic, however the iron in blood is paramagnetic and would be attracted to Kid’s fist. The result? Kid would be able to send enemies flying with just one punch, the magnetic field would attract the enemy’s blood, this means that they would be sent flying while their blood would go in the exact opposite direction, thereby causing them to bleed out
  • he could create massive, powerful fields; this would allow him to possibly levitate islands, then smash them into opponents. He could even manipulate water, as water is diamagnetic; this means kid would be a huge threat to DF users
  • he could even cover his body with a powerful magnetic field; this would basically be like a force-field which would repel any diamagnetic attack, so basically everything but metal would be repelled. However Kid can control metal as well, so even metal wouldn’t be effective. He could also cover other people’s bodies with magnetic fields, this would basically crush them

Now when a lot of people say that Kid doesn’t have a chance against Shanks, they seem to forget that KID IS A FRICKIN GENIUS

  • when he was a child, he was shown to know how to build robots
  • he even turned himself into a cyborg
  • Kid’s power requires knowledge of magnetic fields in order to be used at it’s full potential, Oda wouldn’t give Kid this power unless Kid had the knowledge to use it

So if Kid is as smart as he appears, then it’s likely that he has a plan; but what could that plan be?

I think it could revolve around pacifistas

Kid can completely manipulate metal, so a pacifista would stand no chance against him; that’s why i believe that kid has or is planning to steal a pacifista. Once Kid steals one, he can take it apart and learn how to make some of the pacifista’s technology

With Kid’s knowledge and power, i believe he could create a robot army to help defeat Shanks. With pacifista technology, Kid could equip his robots with lasers and durable metals for more power and durability. Kid could also use pacifista technology to enhance the bodies of him and his crew. What if Kid became like Franky? Under his skin he would have a coat of armor for better defense, he could replace his eye for a robot eye, and even equip his arm with lasers and possibly even sea stone.

Some of Kid’s crew already appear to be cyborgs, so having pacifista technology would be a big boost to their overall strength.

Now i know this is a big what if, but what if Kid figured out how to weaponize zoans? We know that Kid is well informed about underground deals, so what if Kid already made a deal for smiles? Kid could give a smile to his cyborg body parts to enhance them even further, i mean what if kid’s arm could turn into a dragon? I know it’s kinda unlikely as Kid didn’t even seem mad when he learned that doffy fell, but it would still be a cool power to see


Even though Kid may not necessarily defeat Shanks, due to his devil fruit and his intelligence, it is possible that Kid will have a chance to defeat Shanks.

*Theory by Monkey D Theories


To be honest, I’m still quite unsure about this, mainly because I am not sure I even want this to happen that way, however thinking about it made me come up with actually several reasons why the nakama we have now is all we’ll have ’till the end of the series.
I thought about this possibility for 2 reasons, the first is the Pirate Alliance, the second, well, is the concept of “Early One Piece”, most notably this:

Which brings us to the first reason. Already from the beginning of the series Oda has planned all the nakama he’ll have throughout the series, I must also note that unlike many other shonen, One Piece is actually planned (Though it turned out far longer than Oda assumed), but the fact is, Oda already know what’ll happen and the ending, he knew that from the beginning.
So here lies the first argument, if he didn’t plan more than 9 nakama (including Luffy), will he add more despite the fact that he already planned this much nakama from the beginning? Those 9 Strawhats have dreams which will all come to a conclusion in about the same time, and having another nakama, in a way, would require Oda to create an entire new plotline alongside the rest, however he didn’t plan this specific plotline from the beginning.
Now, but here you’ll say: “Except for Zoro, Luffy, Nami and Sanji who have relatively minor changes, the rest are not like the nakama we have now”, and that’s true, however the Strawhats we have now are not different people, only had an artistic evolution and ended up differently, for example, Usopp was supposed to be more like his father, Brook doesn’t have an Afro, Chopper looks more like realistic reindeer.
The ones with the most massive difference are Franky and Robin, Robin replaced a male character that was supposed to be a plant lover rather than history lover, and Franky replaced a midget carpenter, however, though different it’s clear they were still supposed to have a somewhat similar role despite the differences.

Now, here comes another element I thought about, if new nakamas will join in the New World they won’t be able to develop like the previous nakamas, while the current Strawhats, who joined before the timeskip, clearly had time to develop and become stronger, if someone joins now he/she will barely have the time to actually become stronger and develop as a character, I mean, think about it, because if I remember correctly one of the editors claimed that One Piece is about 70% done, only leaving 30%? And that’s after it doesn’t seem like anyone’s joining this arc? So it’s even less than 30% of the progress of the story?

And here comes another one, because it’s the New World, if one is a good warrior or helpful in any type of way, he/she is already in a group/crew, because unlike Paradise or East Blue this is already the top of the top of the One Piece World, and usually already features characters in their peak, and inside groups, which would make it more unlikely for them to join as individuals to the Strawhat crew and more likely joining as their entire group/crew the Strawhat Pirate Alliance.

So yeah, the fact that the is a Strawhat Pirate Alliance makes more nakama irrelevant in a way, because if someone will join, so is his/her entire group, and will lend their strength to Luffy.

Also, just making sure, that means that both we’ll have new characters and their entire group as “underling crews”, by the way, it’s not the “Strawhat crew”, in the way those are not divisions but separate crews who ally themselves with Luffy similarly to the way crews ally themselves with Yonkos.
Roger had an apparently small crew only in 1 ship, Oro Jackson, as seen in Edd War.

Anyway, now for people saying that Luffy will decline, you are both right and wrong in my opinion, I think he’ll decline the concept of “being their father” but not their alliance, he’ll see them as equals, as allies while in reality they’ll serve him out of their own will.

Also, the Pirate Alliance also explains what happens with Jinbe, in his cover story, Wadatsumi joins him:

So, now people though to themselves: Then both of them will join the Strawhats? And the answer is no. Don’t forget the fact that on top of that, Jinbe is also the captain of the Sun Pirates (Whose whereabout are currently unknown, but that’s his title anyway), so now it makes sense why Oda made him decline in the first place, so that he’ll join the alliance, and not the core crew, in Fishman Island the was no alliance so Oda had him to have “unfinished business” before joining.

Also, about the boy with the number 10:

I think it’s foreshadowing the number of allied crews Luffy has, also let’s not forget Usopp’s Lieshadowing of 8000 underlings, so far we have 5600. So far we have 7, plus Jinbe it’s 8, I also believe Hancock will join after the Shichibukai system will be abolished, for the last one I’m still unsure, so let me hear who you think will join the alliance, I believe it might be Buggy, because both the Kuja and the Sun Pirates (About them I assume) don’t have a lot of people in them, and eventually we need to have 8000 so I believe Buggy, who has an entire organization under him will be the last one to join the alliance.

*Theory by Jewish Kaizoku


I’ll like to welcome you guys in another of my absurd theories!!

Oda has been always been inspired from folk tales and fairy tales.In his story he has put reference from stories like The Singing Bone(Brook),Snow white (Alvida’s mirror),Noah Ark(Noah),Pinocchio (Usopp ) and a lot more.

In Dressrosa, Oda drew this panel-


Nico Robin was tied down to the Earth with the help of the strings.


This scene was inspired by Gulliver Travels, a novel written by Jonathan Swift .The Lilliputian,i.e the dwarfs tied up Gulliver to the ground as Gulliver laid on the ground,unconscious.

This sounds similar to Robin, who found herself tied up after regaining consciousness.

Another thing to notice is that unlike in the Gulliver travels,the dwarfs in One Piece are gullible.

I believe that this is more of a reference to Gulliver,who like his name suggest, was Gullible.

But what is more interesting is that there is more to Gulliver travels than just the encounter of Gulliver with the Lilluput dwarves.There are more places in the story that Gulliver visited.

The places that Gulliver visited are :
1)Lilliput and Blefuscu – inhabited by Dwarves
2)Brobdingnag-Inhabited with Giants.
3)Glubbdubdrib – Isle of Sorcerers.
4)Luggnagg – Based near Japan, with a feudal system and immortal citizens

5)Laputa – A Mobile floating island

As far as we have seen , Noland has visited Green Bit , the land of the Dwarves.
We have also seen that the land of Giants exists in the world if One Piece ,as the name of Elbaf.

Fable is the word that comes out when Elbaf is written from the opposite end.
A Fable as a noun means – a short story, typically with animals as characters, conveying a moral while as a verb,fable means – tell fictitious tales.

Now , I would like you to read the 2nd paragraph in this page.Do note the words ‘fable in reverse’

I do believe that Elbaf will also be a reference from Gulliver travels.

Similarlly ,there is Balnibarbi,another land that Gulliver visited in the story.I believe Balnibarbi is a reference to Shandoria,the land where the Golden City was placed upon.

These are some words that would describe Balnibarbi –

Apart from Munodi’s own estate, which seems to flourish and thrive, the rest of the land has been ruined and eroded away. It seems that several people decided to visit Laputa, and were dissatisfied with their own existence down below.


In Shandoria, the farms and crops were in ruin.



The Shandoria houses looked pale when compared to the Golden City.The Golden City in itself looked like the Black sheep in the island.

This is much similar to Balnibarbi, where except for Muondi’s estate,everything looked in ruins.

The Shandorians were primitive men like the people in Balnibarbi.

Also similar to Gulliver travels,where the people went to Laputa,the people of Shandoria came from the Moon to the Earth.

As from above,you have probably seen that Oda has made references from Gulliver travels in quite a few instances.

But,here,I will be basically mentioning about Laputa.

Laputa is a flying island. It is about 4.5 miles in diameter, with an adamantine base, which its inhabitants can maneuver in any direction using magnetic levitation.

In Dressrosa,Oda has shown one more reference of Gulliver travels.



Do notice in both the pictures,there are similarities like the island on the Northwest,the borders of the islands.
The position of Green Bit in the first map is taken by Laputa on the 2nd map.

Now before I go on any further,let me describe to you the inhabitants of Laputa.

Laputa’s population consists mainly of educated people, who are fond of mathematics, astronomy, music and technology. Servants make up the rest of the population.

The Laputans have mastered magnetic levitation .

Laputa is a male-dominated society. Wives often request to leave the island to visit the land below; however, these requests are almost never granted because the women who leave Laputa never want to return. The clothes of Laputans, which do not fit, are decorated with astrological symbols and musical figures. They spend their time listening to the music of the spheres. They believe in astrology and worry constantly that the sun will go out.
The Laputan women are highly sexed and adulterous, preferring men from the island of Balnibarbi. The Laputan husbands, who are so abstracted in mathematical and musical calculations, don’t know that their wives are adulterous.

So intent are the Laputans in their scientific studies that they cannot function in the everyday world, or even perceive it.
Now,Laputa is a male dominated society filled with people who liked to research.Also Laputa,is an island that moved upon itself.

Doesn’t this reminds of this place in One Piece?


Weatheria,the sky island whose inhabitants studies the weather and climates of the One Piece world.


The sky island was mobile as it drifts with the winds.And the people would often descent to collect supplies.

Also the society looked to be full of males that love to research the effects of weather.


But,let me clarify it, Weatheia is not the Laputa of One Piece.Rather it is a man made establishment at a small sky island.

First of all,let me point out to you this picture


The island if Weatheria seems to have machines fitted inside it.
Now studying the weather seemed possible but the efficiency in creation of machines pointed me out that the people of Weatheria has much potentials in other fields than just weather and climate.

Also,it seemed strange that there are no children in Weatheria.This seemed strange to me that if Weatheria is a island ,then his come the old men there could not think of offspring ,who will continue their studies.

And one more point I’ll like to mention.






Do note that except for Boin Archipelago and Weatheria, there are nicknames for each other island shown above.I can understand for Boin archipelago, as it is an uninhabited island and hence the name in itself suggests the nature of island.

But what about Weatheria,an island that has inhabitants and have been known to many countries as Weatheria used to collect supplies.

We know,that Oda does plans out things and give a fitting and unique name to anything , whether it be a person or country.But when I read the name Weatheria,it didn’t fit more to Oda’s style.Usually Oda would put more of a fitting name to such a beautiful country,like as he did for Boin Archipalego.
I beleive Weatheria was created from the hand of the men of the Laputa. It is a establishment that controls the research over weather and climate and so it was named Weatheria.
It was not a country since long ago and rather it can be called an establishment and part of Laputa hence no nickname was given to it.

Now,we have been also introduced to a floating mass of body that levitated .



Now,in Skypiea,we have been introduced to two new races,Skypieans and Shandians.It is my belief that in this sky island also,there will be a race.

Indeed,but before that let me tell you,Oda is a huge fan of Dragon ball z .Rather I would like you to read this interview to know how much Oda liked Dragon Ball(the first version).
Oda has also shown two references to Dragon Ball :





This time I believe Oda will take inspiration from these guys.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

This time i am refering to the Demon clan(mazoku) of Dragon Ball manga.Do note that from the interview I gave above,we can determine that Oda does admire Dragon Ball .There is also a special characteristoc of many of the demons in Dragon Ball ,that I’ll mention later.

Now let me point out the term Mazoku.

Mazoku(魔族) is a common concept in Japanese fantasy referring to a clan of beings born with supernatural and paranormal powers.

In fictional usage,The meaning of mazoku differs from series to series. Some stories coins the term general to all evil beings (instead of a single biological species) that are enemies or nemesis of humans and good gods; while some others used it to specify a certain tribe (not necessarily evil). Since the word does not refer to any specific fantasy species, what the term refers to varies from series to series. Sometimes, it is portrayed as other biological species, with individuals having similar characteristics, while other series having unique features on different individuals.
They look completely human .

Now , I believe that Oda has used a race , that are similar to the Mazoku,and can also be coined as one because of their powers.

Although the term maō is also used as king of mazoku, it is also commonly used as a general term of king of demons, king of devils, and more general, just an overlord, a dark lord or an archenemy of the hero. Having a maō in a series does not necessarily mean that there is a mazoku clan for it to rule, a maō can simply rule humans, monsters, anything or nothing at all. Der Erlkönig, by Johann Wolfgang widely translated as “Elf King” in English, was translated as 魔王 (Maō) in Japanese.

Also, do note,Mazoku are often connected with magic.

But the most important of their characteristics, which is what the special characteristic of the demon in Dragon Ball , is that they have pointed ears.

Getting my point: Magic,Pointed ears, Looking normal humans.

I believe Oda will introduce the Elves in Laputa.

An elf (plural: elves) is a type of supernatural being in Germanic mythology and folklore.Reconstructing the early concept of an elf depends almost entirely on texts in Old English or relating to Norse Mythology .Later evidence for elves appears in diverse sources such as medical texts, prayers, ballads, and folktales.

Do note that Oda is a fan of Norse mythologies and has introduced Centaurs , Dwarf , Giants, Harpies and etc.

Modern fantasy literature has revived the elves as a race of semi-divine beings of human stature who are friendly with nature and animals. Although the álfar of Norse Mythology has influenced the concept of elves in fantasy, the elves are different from Norse and the traditional elves found in Middle ages folklore.

A hallmark of fantasy elves is also their long and pointed ears (a convention begun with a note of Tolkien’s that the ears of elves were “leaf-shaped”).The length and shape of these ears varies depending on the artist or medium in question. Post-Tolkien fantasy elves tend to be immortal or longeval in comparison to humans, more beautiful and wiser, with sharper senses and perceptions, and abilities or crafts that seem alien or magical.

Though Tolkien originally conceived his Elves as more fairy-like than they afterwards became, he also based them on the god-like and human-sized Ljósálfar of Norse mythology. His elves were conceived as a race of beings similar in appearance to humans but fairer and wiser, with greater spiritual powers, keener senses, and a closer empathy with nature. They are great smiths and fierce warriors on the side of good.

Tolkien’s Elves of Middle-earth are biologically immortal in the sense that they are not vulnerable to disease or the effects of old age (closer to the concept of indefinite lifespan than true immortality). Although they can be killed in battle like humans and may alternately wither away from grief, their spirits only pass to the blessed land in the west called Valinor, whereas humans’ souls leave the world entirely.

Post-Tolkien fantasy elves (popularized by the Dungeons & Dragonsrole-playing game) tend to be beautiful, fair, and close in size to humans (usually taller, sometimes shorter). A hallmark of fantasy elves is also their long and pointed ears. In gaming, and to some extent fantasy literature, elves as a rule have a greater depth of knowledge (especially regarding magic) than their human counterparts, due to a racial inclination as well as their extreme age.

If you have read all this ,well kudos to you…

Now,in One Piece,there have been many a instances where the term magic,spell or sorcery has been used.




Indeed,we have also met two fortune tellers also , Basil Hawkins and Madame Sharly.
Basil Hawkins was also called the Magician in the One Piece world.

Nami’s Sorcery climatact had improved and its name also changed after the Time skip . She was also called a wizard by the New Fishmam pirates.

The Weatheria people also wore wizard clothes and indeed looked like wizards with their beards.

Also Harpy and Yuki-onna are magical entities that Monet transformed into.

So,with so many references, we will get to see magic in the one piece world and that us mainly through the Elves in Laputa.


Also now I would like to mention thing,we have seen dwarves in the current story aside from the guys in Weatheria.

I am talking about Monet,Donquixote underling at the ports.

First of all I’ll rather put that her character and her past has yet not been explored and I doubt won’t explore her and Sugar in the future.











Also there is no introductory box for Sugar while other members of the Donquixote crew did get one each.
This means that Oda is planning to introduce Sugar later .



Both Monet and Vergo got strange Introductory panels.We also know that Monet was not indeed an Harpy and more of a human.

Later it was revealed that Vergo was a Vice Admiral and was given a proper introduction.

So in the end,Monet and Sugar are the only ones that did not get their correct introduction panels.I believe that irrespective of Monet being dead or alive,she has to play a role in a future arc(Laputa arc).

Also in volume 77 SBS, Oda mentioned

Sugar and Monet were rescued from an extremely misfortunate environment by Doflamingo himself, and as sisters aged 9 and 17, they resolved to throw their lives away if it were for the sake of the Family. They were provided with Devil Fruits after joining. You see, Doflamingo is very observant of the “environments” that people grow up in.

It’s the extremely misfortune environment at Laputa that Oda is referring to here. Women at Laputa were often adulterous and I believe Monet and Sugar are not biological sisters.Because of very less regard given to women in Laputa,Monet and Sugar grew up in a environment which discriminated of women.


It has been hinted that Monet did study astrology while Sugar did not show any traits of being excelled in a field of science yet.

Do notice that Sugar eyes are blue which is a recessive trait in usual.
I believe that Sugar is the offspring of a Elf couple while Monet is the offspring of one of Sugar’s parents and a slave.


Sugar has been based on Amelie Poulain,a person who spent her childhood at home having private tutoring.
Similarly Sugar stayed her whole life at a private home in Laputa with Monet taking care of her and fulfilling her needs.
Because of which Sugar got hold of some eccentric qualities and behaved like a spoiled brat.
Also Monet got experienced in child rearing which she used to raise the children at Punk Hazard.

Now for Monet’s attacks, we already know that Doflamingo has based the name of some of his attacks from the past incidents.


I believe Snow fence was a reference to her past where she had to live in a place with limited movements.She was forbidden from exiting Laputa and perhaps a fence would be best to describe her life at Laputa.


Perhaps this is her strangest attacks where is has not been explained ,why the rabbits were used.
Elves are often resembled with rabbits because of their sharp pointed ears,which looks the same as rabbits.

I believe ,during her stay with Sugar,Sugar often used to call her a rabbit,hence the attack name came up.



Do notice that at no instance in the Manga(not the anime),Monet or Sugar’s ears were showed.I would had called this a coincidence but for when Monet’s ears were not shown when she had short hair,I believed it is not a coincidence. Rather it was to hide the fact that she is a elf.

Yuki-onna and Harpies,are sometimes also shown as magical beings having no ill will though they are also referred to as evil ones .

Also Sugar ‘turning people into Toys’ can be also called as magic,as in magic turning ‘objects into animals and birds’ are a common trick.

Taking all these points and checking the characteristics of Laputans and Elves given above like efficiency in astronomy, keener senses etc , I believe Monet and Sugar are in actual a elf.

So who do I believe will take part in Laputa arc.

The arc will center Nami ,a person who is obviously referred with magic and witches.It will be in this arc that perhaps her Climatact will get a huge needed upgrade.
Also in the SBS,Oda told that he actually planned a Nami vs Monet fight in Punk Hazard.Ironically it would be a fight between two magic users.


Also Haredas has been shown to occupy a orb,which usually is used by Sorcerers and witches.

Also , coming to witches , Big Mom will also take part in this arc.


Also , Capone, whose ship was pulled towards Laputa,has been shown to be involved with Big Mom.Perhaps he has became an ally of Big Mom after his travels in Laputa.
Perhaps we may see Sugar again and even Hawkins.

*Theory by sonnua


Section I

I believe that by the end of the series, there will still be a Monster Trio, only it’s members are not those whom we usually assign the title to. With the drastic increase of force the Straw Hats are likely going to gain in the future, whether it be Sub-Captains or simply more core Straw Hat Crewmember, Luffy’s forces are certainly upping their game. While Zoro and Sanji will undoubtedly remain his right and left-hand men, the Straw Hats will gain such notoriety “monstrous” strength, that designating the term will undoubtedly become rather nullified. However, the legend of the “Monster Trio” WILL carry on. It will carry on via new flag holders, the trio that coined the term in the first place. Nami, Ussop and Chopper. Why? Allow me to explain.

Once upon a time, the six members of the Straw Hat Crew were divided in half between two trios:
The “Monster Trio” and the “Weakling Trio“.

This was something the weakling trio themselves took on board, accepting the fact that their fellow Crewmembers possessed outrageous and abnormal strength. The gap at that time was clear, yet we still respected the “Weakling Trio” for they at least always tried their best. One of the major ways they did this was through trickery and deceit, as well as entertaining dumb luck (a theme recurrent in the Straw Hats), in other words; showmanship. Even Chopper would get the edge on opponents by the unpredictability of his abilities.

Now, move on two years, and they have more Crew mates, the power levels have shifted somewhat and due to varying battle styles, it has become harder to determine who is superior to who within the crew. There are obvious things that some succeed in compared to others, but I like to think that sometimes the Straw Hat Crew is one big rock-paper-scissors collection. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. However, it is only now that the Luffy-Zoro-Sanji Trio are beginning to finally have allies of a comparable power level. This broadens the terminology even further. The “Monster Trio” title is fading, but Luffy-Zoro-Sanji shall always remain a unstoppable combo.

But if the “Monster Trio” title is fading, then to me the “Weakling Trio” title is dead and buried. Or at least will be very very soon. These characters have grown up a lot since they were introduced. Yes they are the same characters with many of the same faults, but they demonstrate those faults less and less and they have developed their skills enormously, with plenty more room for improvement. Even considering that Chopper probably eclipses Brook regarding raw strength these days only makes my rock-paper-scissors concept all the more relevant.

Section Conclusion: Calling Nami, Ussop and Chopper the “Weakling Trio” after the progress they’ve made, and comparing them to Franky, Robin and Brook is unfair. On the other hand, they will always probably hold that title in our head due to the many years of that being the case. That is, unless Oda does something about it.

Section II

First let me predict several developments that Nami, Ussop and Chopper will receive at sometime in the future.

Nami: So far in the series we have witnessed two characters who showcase obvious signs of witch lore.
These are Big Mum and Katarina Devon. I shant go into too much detail regarding these two, considering there are several theories concerning these facts and i’m sure many have made such connections already.
To keep it simple, Big mum has been related to the witch of Hansel & Gretel concerning her candy obsession. Her flag has a branch on it, linking her to paganism. Her facial features match the grizzly classic representation of witches and given her size, flight seems her most likely form of transport. Her ship sings and her subordinates wear magician outfits, enough said.
As for Katarina, Devon relates to the Devon Witches, a famous historical witching incident. Her weapon links her to the moon, something corely associated to paganism and witchcraft and just like Big Mum, her features are damn witchy. More significantly, Katarina is on Blackbeard’s crew, and whether or not they end up fighting, it is true to say that Luffy and Blackbeard’s crew seem to match up in more ways than one.

Now, it is crucial to understand that witches often appear in covens, typically of three. So far in One Piece we have encountered other females that have been compared to hags and witches, but none that fully satisfy the connection of a Pirate Coven Trio. Dr. Kureha is not a Pirate and Bonney isn’t witchy enough for me. Nami on the otherhand…

Putting past the simple fact that she is a clever and resourceful young girl, a situation that would be enough to condemn you for witchcraft in some periods of time, Zoro has even called her a witch in the past. Getting juicier. Nami studied on Weatheria, and island containing scientists dressed primarily as WIZARDS. Her weapon itself is comparable to a staff, or when disconnected into three, even a wand.
The biggest clue however is when on Fishman Island, an enemy cried out her powers were magic, yet she immediately declared them to be scientific. It would be of typical One Piece fashion to change Nami’s bounty name to be both something funny yet relevant to the series. As such, I believe that Nami shall no longer be called “Burglar Cat” Nami by the Marines, and instead be called “Sorceress” Nami. Thus making her the final witch of the coven.

Ussop: I n fact have next nothing to be said about Ussop that hasn’t been said before. He will likely grow in strength, courage and skill, as well as further develop his Haki. However, let us not forget where Ussop’s origins lie. He shall forever be the master of trickery in the Straw Hat crew, and I believe his bounty and and bounty name shall reflect this, especially after the whole “God Ussop” situation. :lmao:

I can’t predict what these will be, but I just want remind everyone that Ussop is indeed the Master of Showmanship! (I’ll explain in Section III)

Chopper: Chopper Chopper Chopper… Easily the most physically strong of the Weakling Trio, he is currently in my eyes the closest to pulling away from the title with Ussop in hot second. Just like the other two, he is often underestimated due to appearance, perhaps the most so, and his opponents pay the price.
I believe that Chopper may well be the first Straw Hat to unlock his Awakening, as I believe he is the one who has experimented with his Devil Fruit the most, even more than Luffy. Once he does, his upgrade will be phenomenal, and his Awakened form potentially more terrifying even than “Monster Point”.
Speaking of Monster, isn’t that the name that Chopper has been called ever since he’s been introduced. Isn’t “Monster” the word that has always clung to Chopper, only for him to embrace being one for the sake of Luffy and the Crew?

I believe that once the Marines know Chopper isn’t the “Cotton-Candy Eater” they know him to be, his new and rightfully deserved Bounty poster will read “Monster” Chopper.
And what better place for a Monster…. than in the “Monster Trio”?

Section III

Here my theory comes to its climactic cultivation. The point that I predict all these pieces of information will collide.

At some point in the One Piece future, I, and many other fans predict there will be an arc featuring the Emerald City. Who resides within the Emerald City? Why, the Wizard of Oz, an all powerful, all seeing, all phony wizard who is in fact.. yes, a phony. But what a grand impression he made! Using stage effects to create a colossal version of himself capable of amazing spells and feats!
Kinda sounds like something Nami, Chopper and Ussop would cook up to get out of a tight spot right? Right.

Nami represents the Witch, but lets not forget her “magic” is science (and thus metaphorically speaking stage effects), and she was trained by wizards! Even her staff hints to the fact that she is witch with a wizard’s magic. This will also be Ussop’s master piece, the ultimate piece of trickery prior him becoming a truly strong warrior of the sea. And of course, it’s Chopper who will be the all powerful being. The Monster. My prediction is this:

There will come a moment within the Emerald City where the Straw Hats require assistance from the “Weakling Trio”. Nami shall use her illusionary mirage techniques to create a gigantic version of an Awakened Chopper. Chopper shall pretend to be an all powerful godly being, pretending to create spells which Ussop shall make occur using his sniping skill and inventiveness. Ussop shall also be the announcer, distorting his voice via Dials to claim to be some sort of God.

This monstrous apparition, upon discovery, shall cause the World Government to label these three Straw Hats as the “Monster Trio”.

I believe this is fitting for the reasons that, as stated earlier, these three rely on stage they are presented with to win their fights more than others. They use showmanship and intimidation to win battles more than others. To gain infamy in such a way as this fits perfectly with their characters, even the fact that Chopper is perceived as some sort of divine monster is perfect.

While all other Straw Hat members will gain further infamy in unrelated ways, this seems a perfect way for the new Monster Trio to earn awe from the world. It will consist of a Witch, a God, and of course a Monster.

*Theory by The クンフー ジュゴン

Straw Hats Trivia

D: Oda-sensei! Please tell me the order in which the members of the Straw Hat Pirates joined the crew! I’m really grateful! P.N. Yoshikawa

O: New readers!! Yep, that’s right. I didn’t realize. One Piece has been going for 15 years already. P.N. Maaa-kun is 10 years old. Then I’ll tell you. When you grow up, try reading about the origins of the Straw Hat Pirates. The inset numbers are the order in which the crew members joined. This is the first time that the heights of the crew members two years later have been released in the volumes. By the way, before the Thousand Sunny, the ship they sailed in was the Going Merry .



Well we can assume that Franky will gain a power up some time in the future, but what could that be??? Well i believe his next power will be in the form of a special gas, i will call this gas “baron gas”. But what is this gas i am talking about?? Well i believe it is a special gas that has the ability to make anything fly.

But how do you know this gas exists? Well that’s because i believe that we have seen it before inside these balloons
As we can see, the moon people used these balloons to get to sky piea, the robots also used the balloons to fly to skypiea; lastly their were a lot of balloons under baron termial, i believe that this is possibly because many people attach balloons to their ships to fly to the sky island(like in the movie Up), this is likely as it shows how Urouge could have gotten to the island without having to find a knock up stream.

For balloons to lift people/ robots, they need to have some strong gas in them; i will call this gas “baron gas”.

So what is the future of this gas???

Well i believe that Franky will find it, with it he will do two things

  1. put the gas inside his body, giving Franky the ability to fly; i think Franky could create a machine inside his body that can produce the gas, this would allow him to choose when he flies and when he walks
  2. he will use the gas to fly the sunny to the moon

In the movie “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen”, Baron Munchausen used a balloon to fly to the moon.

It inspired the celestial dragons
It also inspired Van Auger

I believe it will also inspire the SHs trip to the moon. This is very likely as we have already been introduced to balloons that can allow someone to travel from the moon to the earth
Also, Urouge’s sky island is called “Baron terminal”; idk if this has any connection to the movie or not, i personally think that the SHs will stop by this island on their way to the moon, this island will also contain some info about the moon(imo)

  • Franky will discover the gas that is used to make the “strong balloons”
  • he will use this gas to give himself the ability to fly
  • he will also use the gas to fly the sunny to the moon


*Theory by knaal


[​IMG] This is Drake as a kid, and he really seems to like the marines. He was among the supernova who were all rookie pirates, meaning they were fairly new into piracy. So what could’ve made someone who idolized and worked for the marines for years suddenly leave to become the very opposite that they fight against?

[​IMG] Take a look at this ship. It was shown alongside the other supernova’s ships (except Luffy, Law, and Zoro for obvious reasons) when they were watching the war end at Marineford. This ship looked like a marine battleship with an inverted color scheme. Knowing that he was a former marine, Drake could’ve stole this, personalised it and inverted the colors to symbolise rebellion of some sort

[​IMG] In the same page, he shows discontent with the marines. So obviously he wasn’t satisfied with how they do things much like other characters i.e Fujitora, Smoker.

[​IMG] His jolly roger doesn’t have crossbones, a skull, or a face of some sort like all the other supernova and pirates. I don’t think Drake is like other pirates and has a goal like theirs. I think Drake has a more noble goal like putting an end to the marines and doesn’t really like being a pirate BUT hates the marines with a passion so he took that route. His battleship really does imply it.

Here’s where we get to the good stuff lol

[​IMG] Notice his tone when he thinks about the Vegapunk and the pacifista….as if he worked with him and the pacifista before. The fact that he is somewhat familiar with the progress of the pacifista project makes it very likely. Also, something about the way he spoke (in his head) directly to Vegapunk also makes me believe he knew him on a colleague level. He could’ve just said “That Vegapunk…blah blah blah” but he said “Vegapunk…you..”

[​IMG] So we know that Pacifista have red blood in them. Also, it’s almost as if he’s talking to a person here. He could’ve said “I’m surprised IT…” if it was just some mindless weapon.
Match that up with what Franky says here about a pacifista he encounters [​IMG]
Maybe the Pacifista were once human and lost their memories like Kuma. We know that they are CYBROGS, AND NOT ROBOTS meaning they aren’t 100% artificial. They were said to be molded to look exactly like Kuma and obviously now have Kizaru’s lasers. They could’ve been molded from their already similar size to Kuma, or similar features.

[​IMG]If they were human, then the whole pacifista project itself would be controversial and since it was also quite recent (As of Pre-Timeskip), it could be the reason why Drake left the marines. He, like Ivankov, might’ve known one of them before they were used as human weapons by the marines, and was disgusted at it and wants them to change their ways.

THERE’S WHERE MY IDEAS AND EVIDENCE END lol, I don’t really know what link this might have to Kaido. The only link I can find between Vegapunk and Kaido is the SMILES, even though Caesar is the one who succeeded with them and Vegapunk failed.

*Theory by KuzanBantai


In this theory I’m going to compare the SH to some people in the old generation but are still active. Once these certain people die/quit/etc I believe the Straw Hat I describe will take something similar to their role. This will be very weird, trust me


Monkey D Luffy is the new Roger, old Pirate king

I think this because, well, you know of course. Luffy carries on Rogers will, and becomes the new Pirate King. No trouble there..


Roronoa Zoro is the new ..Dracule Mihawk Silvers Rayleigh

Mihawk because of the World’s greatest swordsman. Rayleigh cause he’ll be the pirate kings right hand man. Many think he’ll awaken CoC Haki once he opens his left eye. I think that could be a possibility. Most likely after beating Mihawk or Shiliew, he’ll become the WGS.


Sanji could be the new .. Red Leg Zeff Monkey D. Dragon

Yes, you saw it correctly. Monkey D Dragon. Now, put down your pitchforks. Remember this scene:


Now I believe Oda put that for a reason. This could be major foreshadowing for around the end of the series. And Dragon is currently the most feared man, so Sanji taking his place is like being the new Dragon. Plus, many theories of Sanji being a Noble or a Celestial Dragon could affect the outcome of his future. Red Leg Zeff was put because, well, both cooks, same fighting style, the basic stuff. But I don’t think Sanji will have that revolutionary army and stuff like that. I think he’ll be feared for something.. Maybe his heritage?


Franky, Cutty Flam as the new Dr. Vegapunk

It was between Vegapunk or, Ceaser Clown. But CC is too much of a jerk and not at all like Franky. And Dr. Vegapunk is a similar scientist type engineer like Franky. This could be possible. But we don’t know much about Vegapunk and there could be some other people from Roger’s crew that could fit in. And Franky being the new Vegapunk would actually be really awesome.


Nico Robin as the new Dr. Clover

I chose this and not her mom because we don’t know much about Olivia, and I didn’t choose Kuma cause they’re nothing alike. Clover was the major archaelogist in Ohara, and Robin could carry on his will and surpass him, aiding the future Pirate King. A great fit.


Brook as the new ..Brook

Brook was already from the elder times, and is not really similar to anyone else. Brook will be his own man and continue on with his own goals. GO BROOK!


Usopp as the new Shanks Noland Yasopp or Buggy

Montblanc Usopp? Seems Plausible. Usopp is very similar to Noland, and his lies are all becoming true. He could actually be the Usoland. Shanks was just a cabin boy, but became a very strong person. Usopp could awaken CoC and become like Shanks. The usopp pirates and Usopp leaving them is similar to Shanks leaving Luffy and giving him his straw hat. Usopp and Yasopp are both excellent snipers; though Usopp will get stronger and surpass him. Buggy and Usopp both have great luck and have very similar personalities. Both make themselves seem super powerful, but actually aren’t as powerful as they boast. Lol.


Tony Tony Chopper as the new Dr Hiluluk

Chopper will carry his will of becoming an amazing doctor, who can cure any disease.


Nami as the new Boa Hancock

Both are pretty tough females and very pretty, and they do show off their body most of the time. Both have a deep love for something (Money, Luffy) and both are overall very similar. I don’t think Nami has CoC and will be a Warlord as well as an ex-slave, but might have a similar role at the EOS as Hancock does. Nami could become the most tough navigator and female in One Piece. I can see Nami becoming a queen-type person. Oh and if Nami becomes the head of Amazon Lily at sometime that’ll be hilarious.

Law = Whitebeard
Kid = Shiki
Thousand Sunny = Oro Jackson
Coby and Smoker are hard ones, but I think Smoker will join the SH.

*Theory by Red Beard



Pluton as we know is a powerful battleship and one of the ancient 3 weapons. However their is one thing that really bugs me about pluton; that being that their are 2 plutons. The first pluton is underground, whereas the second one is a blueprint that franky destroyed. This is basically me explaining my theory on pluton and why their is a blueprint as well as the actual thing. For the sake of differentiation, i will split each pluton into 2 parts

  • Robin’s Pluton- the pluton robin knows about, the one described in the ponogylph in alabasta
  • Franky’s Pluton- the pluton Franky knows about, the one described in the blueprints

As we know their are 2 ways to get plutons, but why? Franky says that the blueprints are supposed to be used to counteract the first pluton, however i believe this to be false. Why? Well as we know, pluton was probably created by the ancient kingdom; but if the ancient kingdom created pluton, why would they need two? Wouldn’t it be simpler to just create 1, but then destroy it after the war rather than give 2 copies and increase the chance of one of them being stolen. I don’t believe that Joyboy would want to create 2 plutons; A majority of people cannot read the ponoglyphs, and the fact that pluton is underground makes it so hard to get that many people wouldn’t go about digging on a whim that they know where pluton is. Rather i believe that when joyboy created pluton, he split the ship into 2 spots; one underground and one as a blueprint. This means that even if one person can find one pluton, it would be absolutely useless unless they had the other part. I believe that these are the 2 parts of pluton:

  • the generator-powers the ship, but is hidden underground
  • the ship- about as big as noah, given to the shiprights of water 7 in the form of the blueprints. The blueprints do not contain any info about the generator



As i said before, this pluton is the pluton that is hidden underground. This pluton is also the generator of the complete weapon. How did I come to this conclusion?


this is part of the gedatsu cover story. In this story after falling from skypiea, gedatsu meets Kohza’s uncle in Ukkari island; where he then begins to dig really deep to find a hot spring. Eventually Gedatsu finds a hot spring, he also digs a path between Ukkari and alabasta. As we know Pluton is hidden under alabasta; in addition, plutonic rock is rock created by lava whereas pluto is the greek god of the underworld. This leads me to believe that pluton harnesses the power of the earth. How does it do that? Well i believe that pluton(the ship) has a chamber of heat insulating pipes that run throughout the ship, all of these pipes meet at the generator; the generator is used to control the flow of lava inside the pipes. By controlling the lava inside the ships, pluton can use lava to power weapons and propulsion devices. I believe that pluton(the generator) is deep under alabasta, so deep that it is covered in magma. Pluton(generator) is still active, and therefore controls the magma beneath alabasta and the surrounding islands. Pluton has been sending large amounts of magma directly under Ukkari, as a result hot springs were created. I also believe that their is a message written on the generator using the language on the ponoglyphs to tell how to create the generator


This pluton is the blueprints that franky had, and i believe still has. As i said, this ship has many pipes that are used to transport magma around it. I believe we have seen a severely weakened version of pluton, what may it be? well i believe it is this ship


Yes, i believe the thousand sunny was based off pluton. How did franky replicate pluton? Well i believe he simply stored the data in his brain. As we know, franky is a cyborg; meaning he is half robot. Robots as we know have memory and file storage; so why doesn’t franky have something similar? I believe he has a section of his brain that is cut out and replaced with a computer, this computer allows him to think faster and better; it also allows him to store memories infinitely without the risk of forgetting. With this i believe Franky stored the blueprints for pluton in his brain. That being said, i believe sunny is a weaker version of pluton; here are a few differences between pluton and the sunny

  • sunny is smaller
  • pluton is a circular boat that is made up of many smaller boats like the sunny that are connected to it; it uses the smaller boats to send blasts in every direction; whereas the main boat has a giant cannon that is underground. If one activated the main cannon on the main ship, pluton could be used to fly and potentially go to outerspace
  • gao cannon and coup de burst-since franky doesn’t have the blueprints for the generator, he didn’t know how to make these features properly. However since he had the blueprints for the ship, he knew that these features existed; and therefore he tried to create a system that would replicate these features. The system that franky created is similar, however is lacking in power
  • is powered by magma, not soda
  • pluton has 2 parts, a generator and a ship; franky and tom had a misconception of pluton, that being as if they thought that Robin’s and Franky’s plutons were the same. They are actually 2 different parts
  • the generator is located under alabasta and controls magma
  • the ship is stored in a computer in franky’s brain
  • the sunny is a severly weakened version of pluton
  • pluton is giant, round, is combined of smaller boats like the sunny all around it, and can potentially fly and go to outerspace

*Theory by knaal