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So there has been many speculations as to why Shanks visited Foosha Village, and triggered the fateful encounter with Luffy.

I’ve have read through countless theories, and although some seem plausible, I would like to give my input as to why I believe Shanks went to Dawn Island…..The reason for that being, is that is because that is where Gol D. Rogers body is buried. I also believe Shanks went there for two reasons!

1) Shanks wanted to pay respect to Rogers grave.

2) Shanks went there to return the Straw Hat to Rogers grave!

Why would Shanks do that though? Roger gave him the Straw Hat for a reason, so why would Shanks go to return it? We will get to that in a minute, but first…..How did Roger’s body get to Dawn Island? Well I believe Garp is the one who brought it there. After Roger was executed, I believe Garp asked Kong (Who was F. Admiral at the time) If he could be allowed to be the one to bury Roger’s body. Since Garp is the “Hero of the Marines” and Roger’s greatest rival, I believe that is more than enough reason for Kong to allow Garp to take Roger’s body….Especially since Kong seems to hold Garp in high regards.

Now onto why Shanks went to Foosha to return the Straw Hat to Roger’s grave….I believe it is because, Roger said the same thing to Shanks, that Shanks said to Luffy when he gave him the Hat. Him and Shanks made a promise that Shanks would take care of his Straw Hat, and to come return it to him, when Shanks has made a name for himself, and became a big named pirate.

That also answers another question that has been on everyones mind…..When did Shanks become a yonko! I believe Shanks became a Yonko right before he went to Foosha Village. After Shanks became a Yonko, he headed to Foosha Village to fullfil his promise to Roger, and thats when he met Luffy! Remember Whitebeards words when him and Shanks talked? About how he was shocked that a man as powerful as Shanks came back from East Blue missing an Arm, and his signature Straw Hat? I think that was a hint Shanks because a Yonko around the time he visited Dawn Island!

I believe he saw Roger’s will in Luffy and the uncanny resemblance that Luffy shared with Roger, and instead of leaving the Straw Hat at Roger’s grave, he decided he was going to leave the Straw Hat, with the kid who he believes inherited Roger’s will, and the man believes Roger was waiting for! In a sense, Shanks has fulfilled his promise to Roger, by returning the Straw Hat to the kid who will one day carry Roger’s will, and in turn, by making the same promise with Luffy, he would ensure that Luffy would follow the path of being a pirate, and fulfill his role that Roger believed he would!

The reason why I hightlight the word promise, is because it is a major theme within One Piece…..And so far every promise we have seen so far, has been linked back to Luffy…..He fulfilled the promise of Calgara to Montblan Noland, by ringing the Golden Bell, signaling to Noland’s ancestor, Cricket the location of Sky island. I believe Luffy will fulfill the promise Joy Boy made to Poseidon, by bringing all the Fishman to the surface via the Noah. So it makes sense that if Shanks made a promise with Roger, that Luffy will be linked to that promise as well!

Fate is also a major theme within One Piece, and I believe Roger was fated to be buried on Dawn Island, which would in turn, bring Shanks to the Island….So in a sense, Roger was in fact the one who found the man he was waiting for, and set him on the path of fulfilling his role of finding Raftel, and the One Piece..

*Theory by Celestial D. Dragon


In this theory I’m going to compare the SH to some people in the old generation but are still active. Once these certain people die/quit/etc I believe the Straw Hat I describe will take something similar to their role. This will be very weird, trust me


Monkey D Luffy is the new Roger, old Pirate king

I think this because, well, you know of course. Luffy carries on Rogers will, and becomes the new Pirate King. No trouble there..


Roronoa Zoro is the new ..Dracule Mihawk Silvers Rayleigh

Mihawk because of the World’s greatest swordsman. Rayleigh cause he’ll be the pirate kings right hand man. Many think he’ll awaken CoC Haki once he opens his left eye. I think that could be a possibility. Most likely after beating Mihawk or Shiliew, he’ll become the WGS.


Sanji could be the new .. Red Leg Zeff Monkey D. Dragon

Yes, you saw it correctly. Monkey D Dragon. Now, put down your pitchforks. Remember this scene:


Now I believe Oda put that for a reason. This could be major foreshadowing for around the end of the series. And Dragon is currently the most feared man, so Sanji taking his place is like being the new Dragon. Plus, many theories of Sanji being a Noble or a Celestial Dragon could affect the outcome of his future. Red Leg Zeff was put because, well, both cooks, same fighting style, the basic stuff. But I don’t think Sanji will have that revolutionary army and stuff like that. I think he’ll be feared for something.. Maybe his heritage?


Franky, Cutty Flam as the new Dr. Vegapunk

It was between Vegapunk or, Ceaser Clown. But CC is too much of a jerk and not at all like Franky. And Dr. Vegapunk is a similar scientist type engineer like Franky. This could be possible. But we don’t know much about Vegapunk and there could be some other people from Roger’s crew that could fit in. And Franky being the new Vegapunk would actually be really awesome.


Nico Robin as the new Dr. Clover

I chose this and not her mom because we don’t know much about Olivia, and I didn’t choose Kuma cause they’re nothing alike. Clover was the major archaelogist in Ohara, and Robin could carry on his will and surpass him, aiding the future Pirate King. A great fit.


Brook as the new ..Brook

Brook was already from the elder times, and is not really similar to anyone else. Brook will be his own man and continue on with his own goals. GO BROOK!


Usopp as the new Shanks Noland Yasopp or Buggy

Montblanc Usopp? Seems Plausible. Usopp is very similar to Noland, and his lies are all becoming true. He could actually be the Usoland. Shanks was just a cabin boy, but became a very strong person. Usopp could awaken CoC and become like Shanks. The usopp pirates and Usopp leaving them is similar to Shanks leaving Luffy and giving him his straw hat. Usopp and Yasopp are both excellent snipers; though Usopp will get stronger and surpass him. Buggy and Usopp both have great luck and have very similar personalities. Both make themselves seem super powerful, but actually aren’t as powerful as they boast. Lol.


Tony Tony Chopper as the new Dr Hiluluk

Chopper will carry his will of becoming an amazing doctor, who can cure any disease.


Nami as the new Boa Hancock

Both are pretty tough females and very pretty, and they do show off their body most of the time. Both have a deep love for something (Money, Luffy) and both are overall very similar. I don’t think Nami has CoC and will be a Warlord as well as an ex-slave, but might have a similar role at the EOS as Hancock does. Nami could become the most tough navigator and female in One Piece. I can see Nami becoming a queen-type person. Oh and if Nami becomes the head of Amazon Lily at sometime that’ll be hilarious.

Law = Whitebeard
Kid = Shiki
Thousand Sunny = Oro Jackson
Coby and Smoker are hard ones, but I think Smoker will join the SH.

*Theory by Red Beard

The Three Great Weapons & One Piece Universe Theory


We know the name of the three great weapons, and they are:

1) Pluton 2) Poseidon 3) Uranus

It’s been confirmed that Pluton is a ship and Poseidon is the Mermaid Princess, but Uranus is up-in-the-air as it were, and that is the main point I wanted to talk about.

To give a brief history of these mythological gods:

  • Pluton (or Pluto) is the god of death. To traverse his domain, one needs to ride with Charon on the river Styx to get to the judgement place. He is one of the three great god brothers in Greek mythology.
  • Poseidon is the god of the sea. He rules all things in the water, can communicate with all forms of creatures there, and in general is just the most powerful being in the sea. He is one of the three great god brothers in Greek mythology.
  • Uranus, along with Gaea, is the creator of the world. He was overthrown by his children, the Titans (mostly because he hated them) in collusion with their other brothers, the Cyclops and the Hekatonkheires. After he was castrated, the world was filled with all manner of creatures, the Giants, the Furies, etc. He is NOT one of the three great god brothers, but their ancestor.

Now, the last part should be a bit odd, because it doesn’t fit into the theme of the weapons being named after the god brothers and each having their own domain: Zeus controls the skies, Poseidon controls the seas, and Pluton controls the underworld. This is an important point, however, since the domains are STILL split up:

  • Uranus is the Sky
  • Poseidon rules the Seas
  • Pluton rules the Underworld

And so, to connect this to One Piece, we have to consider certain aspects of this:

  • Pluton is a large Ship that can destroy Islands.
  • Poseidon is the Mermaid Princess who controls the Sea Kings and all creatures below it.
  • Uranus is ?

Pluton and Poseidon have clear, direct parallels to their Greek roots, so on that basis I think Uranus must also have the same roots in Greek mythology.

I also want to take note, that Pluton was essentially created on an island in the Grand Line and Poseidon was a power that manifested in the Mermaid Princess, and both of these are powers that existed in their respective realms (i.e. the realms Greek mythology would have them exist). On that important note, I think Uranus is in one of the Sky Islands.

Another thing to note, is that Uranus mixing with Gaea lead to the creation of all the exotic creatures in the world. However, in the One Piece universe, we don’t have too many nuanced creatures besides Giants. Except, its not realistic for the power of Uranus to be “control the Giants” because that contradicts Uranus’ personality: he hated all his own offspring.

So here’s my theory on Uranus, and in extension, where Raftel is, why no one has ever reached there besides Gol D Roger, and why the World Government was able to overthrow the previous civilization:

DISCLAIMER: at a certain point, this will obviously become guesstimates because the future parts are contingent on the previous parts happening which could also not happen

  • Uranus is not a ship, or person, or anything like that, but is actually a tree in one of the Sky Islands which “drops” the Devil Fruits onto either the ground or on one of the lower Sky Islands. It is the highest Sky Island, from that logic, so it can “drop” its fruits anywhere. This is supported by a small point:

All the devil fruits in the world have been accounted for.

This is, from a logical perspective, an impossible thing to catalog. Even if you got all the devil fruit users named, how do you know that there aren’t other devil fruits available that no one has ever been able to arrive at? The only way to do that is if you knew the total amount of fruits a priori (before the fact).

  • And this is the part where I guess that the Sky Island Uranus is on is actually called Raftel.

This might seem totally random, but I actually have a reason for this:

Sky Islands are remarkably hard to arrive at, not just for the route to get there but because even getting the Sky Island on your map requires A LOT OF LUCK. Think about Luffy getting on Skypiea: this feat was just pure luck that his compass started to point up. This normally never happens, which is why we didn’t see other pirates on Skypiea besides the people who already lived there, because it just so hard to get there. If Raftel was on the sea, then why wouldn’t some person just randomly get Raftel as their next destination point? It only seems logical that when people normally do get Raftel in their destination point, it seems like their compass is just dead.

Which, also being a pure guess, gets me the next point:

  • Raftel is an Island that moves.

If Raftel were just a Sky Island that stayed put, it would be easy for some people who did get Raftel on their maps to consider Raftel a Sky Island and go there and find Gol D Roger’s treasure. This hasn’t happened, so Raftel must have another layer of complexity the likes which has never been seen. Additionally, because Devil Fruits can be found anywhere, Raftel must be floating if Uranus is on it so that Devil Fruits can be found anywhere.

Additionally, from all this, the treasure that Gol D Roger held was not a huge pile of booty. I can only assume this, because no major pirate or the Marines (who have the infrastructure) have been randomly digging in any of the islands. Not a single person, in fact, has been shown “treasure hunting.” For instance, what if Luffy found out that One Piece, the treasure, was in Log Town? That would be crazy stupid, because you actually would never have had to cross the Grand Line to find One Piece. People assume that One Piece should be very difficult to get to, but what if it was just a simple place to be? Additionally, how much wealth would really be in One Piece? Let’s say One Piece was worth 10 Billion Beri. Well, who wouldn’t have noticed Gol D Roger depositing large amounts of treasure onto an island that he stayed on for a while? Shanks and Buggy would surely have known about the treasure of One Piece and Buggy would definitely have taken a part of the treasure for himself after Roger died. But Buggy didn’t, in fact, Buggy doesn’t give two shits about finding One Piece, and I can only find a reason for that if:

  • One Piece isn’t the name of the treasure he had, but it is the name of the PAST CIVILIZATION found in the poneglyphs.

That’s the only sensible way that Gol D Roger would have found both the True History and also One Piece on the same journey.

  • This next prediction has no rhyme or reason, but it is my guess as to how the World Government toppled “One Piece”: the World Government used Haki to defend against the Devil Fruit Users, they sent Posiedon to the seas also through Haki and Devil Fruits they had, and forced Pluton away by using a combination of Devil Fruits and Haki users.

*Theory by Manlymysteriousman



There are many theories on Brook’s fruit, the best I’ve heard are that Brook’s fruit is the hell fruit & that Brook’s fruit gives him soul manipulation. But imho there is a better power that fits the title of Yomi Yomi no mi other than the aforementioned theories; I believe that the Yomi Yomi no mi grants its user the power of Necromancy.

Necromancy is magic that is used to manipulate the dead, http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Necromancy . If you read the page that i linked it states that necromancy can give the user the ability to cheat or bypass death… this sounds a lot like Brook

I believe that necromancy is the most likely power that the yomi yomi no mi has for several reasons. First, http://onepiece.wikia.com/wiki/Yomi_Yomi_no_Mi the fruit’s official english name used by both Viz and funimation is the revive revive fruit; how would the underworld or manipulating living souls even make sense if the fruit is called the revive revive fruit? Now i know that Yomi no kuni means underworld, but if that was the case wouldn’t Oda have told Viz/ funimation to just call it the yomi yomi fruit rather than translate it to english. I believe that the reason it’s called the revive revive fruit is because it’s power centralizes on reviving the souls of the dead; i mean if Brook can revive himself, why not others?

Brook’s power will allow him to talk to souls in the underworld, it will allow Brook to make contracts with the dead. Once a contract is made, Brook can then summon the spirit whenever he pleases. The spirits he summons can only exist for 30 minutes a day unless they are bound to an earthly object; but whenever the spirits are summoned they have the intangibility and recovery of a logia. He can control and manipulate the powers of the spirits he summons, in addition he can fuse his spirits to objects/weapons to make them stronger; finally Brook can merge his soul and the soul of the spirit to become stronger, like Moria’s shadow assguard. The spirits he summons will retain their original haki and strength but will lose any devil fruit ability that they used to possess.

I knew that if i brought up this theory, many people would disagree with it since it could potentially be used to revive important characters like Ace. Well for your info. none of the spirits that Brook will use will be any significant dead character, however i can see Brook telling Luffy that he had a conversation with Ace and how Ace told Brook that Luffy is the one who will surpass Roger

Over the time skip, Brook figured out how to use his sword to freeze his opponents and named it soul solid. Now many people say that soul solid is Brook projecting his soul into the sword; however when Brook talked about the sword, he mentioned the land of the dead and how the longarm tribe “sharpened the sword”. This leads me to think that soul solid’s power was somehow increased by the longarm tribe. So here’s the theory:

-When Brook was with the long arm tribe, namakura island( the island Brook landed on first http://onepiece.wikia.com/wiki/Namakura_Island )declared war on the longarms
-The people of namakura wanted revenge on the longarms and therefore invaded
-However knowing that their military was weaker and that they would never win, They had planned to suicide bomb themselves offering their bodies to satan
-When the namakurans met with the admiral of the longarm army, they bombed themselves
-After seeing the explosion, Brook ran to the scene; all the namakurans were dead but the longarms were still alive however they were all fatally wounded
-The admiral told Brook that he reminded him of his son, Scratchman Apu who happened to love music as much as Brook did. The admiral told Brook that Apu was loved throughout the tribe but secretly wanted to be a pirate, which the admiral disproved of, then he told Brook that one day he and the army came together to persuade Apu to give up being a pirate. Apu ran away from his father and the army, snuck into a boat and was never heard of again. The admiral along with the surviving members of the longarm army(who were about to die) began to cry and say that all they wanted to do was see Apu again, but they knew that that would never happen. Brook then tells the admiral along with the rest of the army about what his fruit can do, then the army begs Brook to make a contract with them after they die so that if Brook ever met Apu Brook could summon the army and they could finally see Apu.
-Brook grants their wish as they die; Brook then summons the all of the army and stores their souls in his sword. When Brook said the longarms sharpened his sword, he meant they enhanced it by giving the sword their souls.

This makes sense since it is called soul solid; in science a solid is the most dense form of matter. Soul solid is a sword that is dense with souls packed inside of it. Every soul is cold by nature, but when you pack so many souls into on sword; the temperature of the sword drops to below freezing temperatures.


Rebirth: Brook summons a soul from the underworld

Condemn: Brook attaches a soul to an earthly object

Devour: Brook combines his soul with the soul of the undead to create a “shadow assguard” version of Brook, Brook’s “shadow assguard” mode wouldn’t necessarily be larger than his original form, but will increase the power of Brook’s strength, speed, regeneration. This form will also give him all the haki of the soul he absorbed

Blizzard of a thousand souls: Brook creates a shockwave of ice out of soul solid

Purge: Brook purges a soul: in this process, Brook sends the soul to heaven by burning it; once a soul is purged it can no longer be used by Brook. This technique allows Brook to use fire

Hellfire slash: Brook purges all the soul in his soul solid to create a massive blast of fire, this is a 1-time attack that brook will use to finish Apu when they fight

Shinigami mode: due to consuming too many spirits, Brook’s body overflows with spirit energy giving him a cloak of energy. This greatly enhances all of Brook’s abilities

Anyways i believe that apart from the longarms, Brook will have many other souls; each soul has a different power and whenever Brook eats a soul he obtains a new power.

*Theory by knaal

The Echo Of The Pirate King – The Man Roger Is Waiting For


“Not you, Teach… You are not the One Roger is waiting for!” – Edward Newgate

For the most part, this sentence surely means that Pirate King Gol D. Roger put his hopes into the next generation, that will bring forth a Chosen One (Monkey D. Luffy). But what if it’s interpreted literally? If Roger is actually waiting somewhere?

Who would he wait for?

The Chosen One, Someone who can finish what Roger started, Someone who can change the world, Someone who can hear the Voice of All Things, Someone who wears the Straw Hat -> Monkey D. Luffy

Where would he wait?

At the place no one can reach without hearing the Voice of All Things, The Place where the Straw Hat finds its fate -> Raftel

How is this even possible?

“I will not die, my friend.” – Gol D. Roger to Rayleigh

Is Roger dead? Yes, for sure. But what if he was able to leave something of himself behind? Like an image of his former self, or an echo of his voice? He was able to hear the Voice of All Things, he could have mastered that mysterious ability to the extent of being able to leave behind his own echo. That means that those with the ability to hear the Voice of All Things would be able to hear Roger’s voice once they reach Raftel.

Roger’s spirit, similar to the Will of D., lives on, until its destiny is fulfilled: Once Luffy reaches Raftel, he will hear the last inspirational words from Roger, an echo of the Pirate King.

What’s the role of the Straw Hat?

The Strawhat is the key to all of this! The strawhat is either the medium, in which Roger “saved his voice”, or it simply enhances the ability to hear the voice of all things. Whatever the case may be, once the Straw Hat returns to Raftel, it will trigger the ability to hear the echo of the Pirate King, the echo that was left behind by the former user of the Straw Hat.

The Ancient Kingdom

I believe Raftel was part of the Ancient Kingdom, the origin of all D. characters. Now we know Roger and his crew (Shanks & Buggy) reached Raftel. But do Buggy and Shanks know everything about the Ancient History, about the One Piece? I dont think so. I think when they reached Raftel, only Gold Roger was able to hear/see all 100% of the truth. Rayleigh is his first mate and good friend, Im sure he and other high crewmembers were told the story by Gold Roger. But do they really know the entire story? Buggy and Shanks? I dont think so.

If Raftel is indeed the Ancient Kingdom, the origin and graveyard of many D. characters, then I think Roger heard an “Echo” himself when he set food on Raftel, and only he was able to hear it, Rayleigh and his nakama werent able to, and neither were Buggy nor Shanks. Only Roger got 100% of the knowledge, through his ability to hear the Voice of All Things. With that knowledge, he left a message for the next chosen one – Luffy.

*Theory made by Gobee129

Inspiration Behind the Poneglyphs


The name Poneglyph itself was more than likely chosen from hieroglyphs (Word of the Gods). However, given that Oda has been inspired by Vikings it seems that the Poneglyphs main inspiration has come from the Rök Runestone. There are many different types of Nordic runestone I could have used, but this one seems to have many elements which the Poneglyphs also have.
To begin, the Rök Runestone contains a fragment of what is believed to be a lost piece of Norse mythology. Similarly to how the Poneglyph’s (perhaps more so the Rio Poneglyph) has fragments of the lost history of the Void Century. The passage on the stone itself has three parts which each consist of 2 questions and one poetic-like answer, much like how Robin discovered there are Poneglyphs containing clues or truths.
The stone mentions twelve battles of war over two war booties/precious weapons which would likely be the Ancient Weapons in One Piece. Although the number of weapons are different, perhaps One Piece’s narrative required three. Possibly that the origins of each weapon came from a Sky Island, one from Earth and another from Fishman Island, or something along those lines.
The stone also refers to twenty kings (four brothers who each had five sons), these brothers all had the same name. This piece of mythology was supposedly common knowledge at the time, but has since been completely lost. Now we know the Twenty Kingdoms brought the downfall of the Ancient Kingdom and became the World Government. However, the all male bloodline and the same name could also mean the ‘D’s. Although, there are 5 members of the Gorosei who we don’t know almost anything about, so they could be the eldest living descendants of these brothers.
If this is indeed the Poneglyphs origin, I’d guess Oda has done what he did with Whitebeard/Blackbeard and used the same source to influence both. For those who don’t know, the real Blackbeard was named Edward Teach/Thatch. From that, in One Piece we got Edward Newgate (Whitebeard), Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard) and Thatch, who Blackbeard killed to get his Yami Yami no Mi.
Finally, the last part becomes difficult to read given that the runes used switches to an older style. It’s been assumed that its intentional, and that the rows following this point concerns legends connected specifically to a single tribe(Vélinn’s). A brief summary would be that Vélinn who wrote the rune lost his son, possibly in the battle I referenced earlier, his wife made some sort of sacrifice, and it also talks about the strength to overcome a giant.
Given the cyclic nature of One Piece, this could possibly be used as a description of the first time the World Government and Ancient Kingdom fought. Skip forward 800 or so years and Gol D. Roger finds the Rio Poneglyph. His wife, sacrifices herself to keep Ace alive. Ace then eventually gets killed in the Battle of Marineford, which also happens to include the giant-like Little Oars Jr. However giant could easily mean adversity in general and I’m reading too much into this.
All this said, given the history of Ace, he could have respected Gol D. and gained his will and sought to become pirate king. Luffy could have also become a marine like his grandfather or even a revolutionary, but he fatefully met Shanks, gained the Strawhat and wanted only to become pirate king. Ace and Luffy meet and swear brotherhood to one another, meaning in some weird, indirect way Roger is almost like Luffy’s father too. The marines therefore probably killed the wrong ‘son’ and Luffy escaping has broken this cycle.

*All rights go to PoorPeterParker

One Piece Treasure theory

*Theory by Usama Mustafa


Shanks and Buggy were probably in the crew during the time when Gol D Roger reached Raftel and found the treasure One Piece… this brought a thought to my mind, maybe One piece is closely related to the “D’s” as only Gol D Roger was the only man with his crew to ever reach Raftel and find One Piece.
Shanks and Buggy(not sure about Buggy) found out or noticed that only a “D” would be able to reach Raftel and find the One Piece, this could also bring us to wonder that this may be the reason that Whitebeard and Shanks, even with all their strength, could not be able to gain One piece, this is probably why Roger wanted to tell Whitebeard on how to enter Raftel as only a D may know, like it’s imprinted into their genes as they are closely related to the void century. The treasure One Piece may also be related to the void century, the D’s and the celestial dragons and I could also add that, this is why he, Shanks bet the new era on Luffy as he is a “D”, specifically Monkey D Luffy a man that closely resembles Roger. Which brings me to the conclusion that maybe only someone from the “D’s” will be able to reach Raftel and find the One piece, the final battle could even be between Luffy and Teach which would connect all the above.

What do you think about?

(you can send your theory about  everything related to OnePiece via email at onepiecegoldstaff@gmail.com)


(you can send your theory about  everything related to OnePiece via email at onepiecegoldstaff@gmail.com)

So I was doing a little thinking about all the “D’s” we have seen introduced so far in the series, and I realized something. Jaguar D. Saul stated that even though he didn’t know what the meaning behind the D, he said that EVERYONE in his family carried the initial in their name. This means that both Saul’s mother and father were both D’s. Now when we look at Portgas D. Ace, we know that his mother and father are also both D’s. With this information, it leads me to conclude, that in order for someone to be a “D” that both of their parents has to be D’s. Now obviously his mother couldn’t be a Jaguar D, unless Dragon is walking around with some seriously heavy duty machinery (if you know what I mean >:) ), nor could she be a Monkey (Because that would just be ewww) So that means there could only be two possible options, either his mother is one of the known D’s we’ve seen so far in the series (Gol, Portgas, or Marshall) OR she is knew carrier of D, yet to be introduced. I’ve opted to believe that she is a carrier that has already been introduced, because I don’t think Oda is going to go overboard with the D bloodline.

So why a Gol? The answer is actually really simple, and it’s because Luffy looks almost identical to a young Roger. Although we are never shown Rogers eyes in his younger age, what we did see of him, the similarities are uncanny. I always thought it was a little strange that Luffy looks nothing like Garp or Dragon, but bares such a strong resemblance to Roger. It would make perfect sense for him to look so similar to Roger, if his mother is in fact a Gol, and he gets his appearance from her.

The other possibilities is her being either a Portgas D. a Marshal D. or an unknown D. I’ve ruled out Portgas for obvious reasons, and I’m not to opposed to her being a Marshal D, because that would add a huge twist in the sense that Luffy is in some way related to Blackbeard, but even so, I think that would be a bit of a stretch. As far as her being an unknown D, like I stated before, I don’t think Oda is going to be going to overboard with the D. bloodline because it’s fairly obvious that the Will of D plays a huge roll in the over all storyline, and Oda isn’t going to over complicate it by adding more and more D’s to the mix.

Anyways I know probability of her being related to Roger is very very small, but I’m willing to bet Shanks right arm, that she is definitely a D. So if you guys don’t think she is a Gol, what would be your pick?

*Theory by Celestial D.Dragon

800 years has passed, a pirate named Gol D. Roger successfully reached Raftel and discovered the true history

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This is what Gol D. Roger discovered in Raftel!


Once there was a Kingdom on the moon that had advance science technology and its name was Beerka. The people of Beerka could make robots and dials (the things that they use in skypia). However, they migrate to the blue planet because they ran out of resources (the blue planet is earth, and if you see the comic cuts with ”Enel” in it when he goes to the moon, you can see writings that say people of Beerka migrated to the blue planet because of lack of resources). The ship schematic that the people of Beerka used to migrate is probably the one that Tom (Franky’s dad) had. When the people from the moon (Beerka) came down to earth, they accepted everyone to join and use their technology in peace and soon developed into a huge Kingdom. However, a secret organization wanted to take the power and authority of the Beerka for themselves and started a war. The Beerka developed three ancient weapons to win the war. The weapons are named the ”Pluton”, ”Poseidon” and ”Uranus”. Pluton runs underneath the ocean floor to change the tides of the sea to make a shied against enemy ships. ”Poseidon” ”Princess Shirahoshi” her ability to summon ”Sea Kings”. Finally Uranus is a dangerous weapon which can be used to rule the world or, in the wrong hands, destroy it. But as of yet, absolutely nothing else is known about it. It was first mentioned during Nico Robin’s conversation with King Neptune, when she says there are three ancient weapons that bear the names of ‘gods’. Later on traces of Pluton’s drilling underground builds up due to undersea volcano eruptions and becomes the “Red Line”. Furthermore, The ”Calm Belt” and the ”Grand Line are formed which divided the ocean into four. Poseidon is a cannon made from fairy bass (sand from the moon). The sand from the moon has a tendency of coagulating sea water and the solid form of sea water made from the moon sand was used as the cannon ball. Later on, the cannon balls that were used during the war sank into the ocean floor and became ores called ”Sea stones” (the stones that devil fruit users are weak against). Even with these extraordinary weapons, the people from the moon lost the war after 100 years of fighting. They conceal the three weapons (Pluton, Poseidon and Uranus) so the secret organization couldn’t use it for themselves. The survivors of the people of the moon hide away from the secret organization and take the shape of the half moon ”D” to use as their middle name. (this explains people with ”D” named) The secret organization that betrayed and destroyed the people of the moon name themselves “World Government” and started a project to hide their wrongdoings.

1. they erase the 100 years of history of the war (the 100 years of history (the void century) that Robin wants to find)

2. They send 20 soldiers to the moon to erase any trace or evidence of the people of the moon. (the 20 soldiers that were sent to the moon are later called world nobles and their offspring are treated like kings. this also explains why world nobles always wear space suits.

The survivors of the people of the moon make a small Island called ”Raftel” which Gol D. Roger reveals it to Edward Newgate while they drink. The survivors hide in Raftel so that the secret organization won’t find them. One Piece is in this island and ”Gol D. Roger” was the only person to find the island. The reason that the ”D” people are not on the island, is because the people of the moon wanted the world to know the evil deeds done by the government. They made poneglyphs (bits and parts of the 100 years of history) and placed it all around the world and sent out a selected number of their own people (D’s) to find it and let the world know the truth. They call it ”The Will Of D”The people of Ohara were the last people who could read the ”poneglyphs”, but they were all killed by the world government. There were only one child who survived, her name was ”Nico Robin”. – The Beerka’s (people of the moon) make one final secret weapon while they are on the island of Raftel. This ancient weapon’s ability is to take the four seperate seas that were divided by Pluton, and turn it back in to one huge ocean (AKA ALL BLUE (the ocean sanji always dreams of). because of its ability to turn the world upside down, which will bring the four sea’s in to one, that weapon is called “ONE PIECE”. 800 years has passed, a pirate named Roger successfully reached Raftel and discovered the true history. He knows exactly what to do, but unfortunately his body didn’t allow him to… he had this incurable disease, remember? whereas the project needs a lot of power and time to complete, 2 things that Roger didn’t have time. Therefore, he decided to create The Golden Age of Piracy instead, hoping that there will appear someone who is strong and righteous enough to complete the massage in his place. Who will be that ‘someone’? I think we all know the answer.

I dont know if this is the actual truth but nonetheless it has intrigued my imagination.

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Reason behind the “D”

*Theory by Fylx

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The “D” in for example Monkey D Luffy stands for the will of D but why D? The celestial dragons said that they were gods because of they created the world. They also said the one with the letter “D” in the name are devils and pure evil. Why? The word Devil makes me think of something else, Devil fruit. When you eat a Devil fruit you gain the power of the Devil and if someone with the will of D is a devil? What does that mean? It’s now the real Theory begins. No one knows what happend during the void century and how the will of D started. Perhaps it was a man during the void century that started everything? A man that was so evil and mean that everyone called him Devil. Just like people call Luffy now for Monkey “Strawhat” Luffy people perhaps called this man for Lastname “Devil” Firstname or even Lastname “D” Firstname to make his nickname shorter. He had the strongest devilfruit in the world. The power of all devilfruit and therefore the name devilfruit was born. If you eat a devilfruit you had the same power as that man, “the devil”. He was so evil that even his children and children’s children were called Devil. Even everyone that was somehow related to this man was called Devil or D for short. After a while This man died and his Devilfruit was “Reborn”. I think that Devilfuit is OnePiece. That devilfruit is what Gol D Roger found. The Devilfruit of the first man with the will of D.
Perhaps the D kingdom is where everyone that was related had to move to because they were not welcome anywhere else.

What do you think of this theory? Do you support it?