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Blackbeard’s Two Devil Fruits – Myth & Facts


1.Myth: Blackbeard has a parasitic twin in his belly.

Fact: The reason Marco mentioned an “unusual body type” when speculating how Blackbeard was able to handle two Devil Fruits has yet to be explained.

2.Myth: A person can control only one Devil Fruit of each type, but are not limited to the number.

Fact: It was not clearly explained by Blueno when he said one’s body would destroy itself when one consumes two Devil Fruits. Due to the reactions of the pirates and Marines to Blackbeard’s power usage, this has been proven to be untrue.

3.Myth: Blackbeard will eventually consume a third Devil Fruit of the Zoan type since there are three types of fruits and three skulls on his flag.

Fact: While Blackbeard’s body allows him to control two Devil Fruits, the possibility of him controlling a third has yet to be confirmed since we do not even know why he can control two. It is stated that his crew is now tracking down powerful Devil Fruit users and stealing their abilities, but exactly how the stolen Devil Fruits are used is unrevealed.

4.Myth: Blackbeard has eaten the “Mythical Zoan Type: Cerberus” Devil Fruit, and because a Cerberus is a dog with three heads he’s able to consume two more Devil Fruits. The Cerberus also explains the three skulls in Blackbeard’s jolly roger, why Blackbeard carries three pistols, also how Shanks’ scar, which was given to him by Blackbeard, has three scratches on it, and why Zoro and Luffy referred to Blackbeard as “they” instead of “he” during the Jaya Arc.

Fact: First of all a fruit with such name has never been confirmed or even mentioned, second the reason Blackbeard has three skulls on his jolly roger has never been explained or given any significance, and third Oda has never confirmed any of the “evidence” given in this. Also, the fact Zoro and Luffy referred to him as “they” was that they most likely guessed Blackbeard and the other strange people they had seen were together. It is highly unlikely either Zoro or Luffy could have realized Blackbeard had such an ability, given that he shows no outward signs of any powers, like any other Devil Fruit user. And the reason of Shank’s scar having three scratches was most likely because of Blackbeard’s old weapon was similar to Kuro’s Cat Claws but only with three spike-like blades.


Hey guys, my first theory/discussion post so don’t expect too much, but all advice and support is greatly appreciated. This topic considering Whitebeard’s DF awakening has probably been talked about a lot, but he’s my favorite character so I just wanted to get a few of my own opinions and thoughts out there.

So, with the introduction of devil fruit awakenings, we so far only know of Doffy’s DF awakening for his string string fruit, which allowed him to manipulate his surroundings and turn objects into string which he was able to control. Possibly some Logia’s have their fruit awakened as well, such as Aokiji, Akainu and Crocodile which are pretty self explanatory (changing and altering the environment). I also believe that Whitebeard’s DF, the Gura Gura no Mi (tremor tremor fruit) was also awakened.

Whitebeard’s DF allowed him to create earthquakes. Whitebeard’s awakened ability allowed him to manipulate the air around him by punching it and creating air quakes, rather than punching the ground and directly causing an earthquake through the ground. Furthermore we see more of his POTENTIAL awakening ability in which he was able to grab air and tilt the earth. I believe this was apart of his awakening. If you guys don’t remember what i’m talking about (which is highly unlikely, it was just too epic) here is a link to refresh your memory.

Whitebeard was known as “The Strongest Man in The World” prior to the Marineford war, given this title I think in his prime, being such a powerful man and and one of the oldest Yonko’s at the time, it would be disappointing if he didn’t awaken his fruit. Also, Sengoku stated that Whitebeard had the power to destroy the world. Whitebeard potentially could’ve had the power to create an “earth destroying earthquake”. It doesn’t seem too unlikely due to the display of the Gura Gura no Mi we have seen so far. The main reason I think Whitebeard didn’t show his full potential was due to his illness, aging, etc.. or simply because he did not want to destroy the world lol.

(credit to Alpha2late17 for some of these potential abilities) Some major awakened abilities for Gura Gura no Mi can be:

-the ability to cause earthquakes far above magnitudes of 1-10.
-creating air quakes and tilting the air (already seen)
– putting earthquakes in things such as bubbles (similar to Kuma’s power)
-earthquakes lasting for days
-aftershocks and multiple tsunamis?
-create a possible end of the world scenario (like in the movie 2012)
– world ending earthquake, special ability (most likely be used by BB in the Final War Arc)

Now given these possible abilities, we still have a chance to see them due to the fruit now being held by Blackbeard. Since BB stole the fruit of WB I believe he stole the fruit as an awakened one and already has all these abilities, he just needs to learn of how to use them and be aware that he possesses such power. Another major possibility regarding BB’s strength is that BB could combine the power of earthquake fruit with his darkness fruit. A possible combo can be Blackbeard engulfing his enemy in a ball of darkness leaving them with no escape and having them experience an earthquake head-on. We will only learn and know of the true power of an awakened Gura Gura no Mi with Blackbeard since Whitebeard was too old and injured.

Anyways this is my theory, really had fun writing it out and putting in my thoughts about this topic, hope you guys enjoyed it.

*Theory by RaZeY


Most of us are aware of many of the different theories regarding Blackbeard, and how he is able to wield two Devil Fruits.

The most popular are, [in short] :

1. The Ceberus:

That Blackbeard has a Mythical Zoan fruit based on the three headed beast ”Ceberus”, which would allow him to consume multiple fruits.

2. The Chimera:

That Blackbeard’s body is made up, atypically, a sort of fusion if you will that allows him to consume multiple fruits.
[some suggest that ability is also a Zoan fruit]

I disagree with these, [although not entirely]

And do not want to theorise how Blackbeard miraculously stored two devil fruits, but rather discuss what lies in store for Blackbeard

I would like to discuss my opinion and theory on what the future holds in store for Blackbeard and the BB pirates:

Blackbeard as we know has become a Yonko, and Jinbei updated us that:


That’s quite weird, Blackbeard hasn’t been using the most threatening weapon in his arsenal to take over places, why do you think that is?

I reckon its both of the following:

1. To not kill of the majority of Pirates he encounters until he assesses them
2. To not cause more and more attention on his self until he amassed an army

Let me discuss these points.

I believe Blackbeard was not using the Gura Gura no Mi, because he did not want to reach a stage where something would have had to have been done about him by the WG prior to reaching his target of creating an unbeatable army.

Now, that begs the question how would he do this?

Take a look at what Jinbei also said:


The BB Pirates have been ”Power Hunting” powerful devil fruit users, and have the ability to take the fruits.

I wonder who was doing that:


That’s right the good old mystery on how BB manages to steal the fruits ability.

I mean we do know that Blackbeard has a weird body to begin with even Marco noticed.

That brings me back to my point of Blackbeard amassing an army:

Jinbei said; they were power hunting and that they could take the ability of a Devil Fruit user .

Let me pose you a question:


That good old Blackbeard :


Now moving on, why would BB be after such an army,, [ i mean besides being the head of a pirate war machine].

How about attaining the final stage of his plan prior to attaining One Piece.

Which is : Getting the most powerful Mythical Zoan Fruit !!!

Take a look at Blackbeard’s Jolly Roger:


The way i see this, is a clever foreshadow by Oda to mean:


And which Devil Fruit would be ideal for someone who uses the Gura Gura no Mi, and Yami Yami no Mi?

How about :


[Although it has not been Explicitly confirmed Kaido is a Zoan user, it is plausibly assumable]

That’s Insaaaaaaaane right!!

But wait one second, why would BB, someone who has the Yami Yami no Mi and the Gura Gura no Mi, want an army of devil fruit users to help him take on Kaidou?

Maybe because Kaidou has something similar:


So i believe the following will happen:

1. BB will create an army he feels big enough to take on Kaidou and his Army

2. Kaidou , will be intercepted by Blackbeard and his army one day

3. EPIC clas of yonko’s, where BB will be successful

4. Blackbeard takes the Zoan ability of Kaidou

Giving him :

The strongest Paramecia,
The most dangerous Logia,
The most powerful Zoan

and his Jolly Roger will actually match up.

What do you guys think?

*Theory by Speak123