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I’m sure everyone is familiar with the ongoing trend of OP characters giving us false explanations for in-universe events that they think they understand but don’t, with Oda leaving us on the assumption that Vegapunk will explain it properly. I believe this is the case for the explanation of Reverse Mountain too. Now, Nami’s explanation is surely a contributing factor to why water flows up the mountain but there is another effect at play

I believe that One Piece’s moon is in fact in geostationary orbit, exhibiting it’s entire gravitational force over a single point. Reverse mountain. This is the biggest contributing factor in the phenomenon of upward flowing water, and also explains why the rest of the world isn’t affected by regular tidal forces

But why is this relevant? First we’re gonna need some locations for the map points


Aside from excellent foreshadowing on the part of Oda this flag is also a vital clue. The World Government are aware of the road poneglyphs and Raftel, but are unable to reach it. The fact that they have been unable to reach it, even long before the beginning of the great pirate era and the rise of the Yonkou suggests that the poneglyphs were given to their enemies. So they likely also point to the nations of their enemies

One poneglyph on Zou, an independent nation isolated from humans. One in possession of Kaido, likely found in Wano, who are still independent of the World Government. Many have speculated that the unknown poneglyph is from Elbaf but I believe the Elbaf poneglyph is the one owned by Big Mom. The final poneglyph rests on the moon, and will be brought back by Eneru

Now let’s complete the map. But first, take a look at this


One thing is evident from this picture. There are many island combinations that take 2 from each half of the grand line or one from each of the 4 blues which lead to reverse mountain being the intersection point. Reverse mountain is commonly theorised to be the location of Raftel. Statistically speaking, it’s the location at the end of the grand line which is most likely to be the solution on a 2D map. But surely this makes it too easy? The solution can’t be something so simple as to be reached by anyone with a bit of basic logic?

And so we return to the moon. Instead of thinking of the map in 2 dimensions, try thinking of it in 3, with the moon as one of the points. Now lets take 2 nations from opposite sides of the grand line. Alabasta, who whilst being members of the World Government were likely allies of the AK given their refusal to move to Mariejois and ownership of a poneglyph, and either Wano or Baltigo, as both are likely roughly the right distance into the New World for this to work and aren’t WG islands. And finally, the reason for the theory of the geostationary moon, the final point is Fishman Island. Connect the dots in 3 dimensions on a globe. The line between Alabasta and Wano/ Baltigo cuts through the globe, meeting the line between the moon and Fishman Island at a point just beneath reverse mountain

Raftel is likely deep under water or underground, in what is essentially the exact opposite position to Fishman Island which rests 10,000 meters below sea level beneath Mariejois on the opposite side of the world.


For my exploits today, I turned my eyes to the Samurai and the Minks and trying to figure out what Oda may be doing here. So I delved into Japanese culture and I’ve got some interesting ideas about where we are going for the future. I will seek to answer these questions;
  1. Why Kaidou and his men are hunting Kinemon, Kanjuro, Raizou and Momonosuke?
  2. Why is Momonosuke so important to everything?
  3. Why the Kogetsu Clan and the Minks are allies?
  4. Does Ryuuma play a role in the history between the Minks and the Samurai?

This is a very relevant topic to theorize about given the recent chapter, so I thought it would be fun. Did my research, and I’m back at you with another theory that’s 100% mine. Because that’s the only way I ever do them anyways.:D Oh and every time I introduce a new Japanese history term, it will be tagged with a wikipedia link so you can follow it straight away to get a little background.



This arc imo, is Oda’s baby. There hasn’t been an arc like this with literally 3, potentially 4-5 arcs of build up since like Alabasta. And never been an arc that will be so heavily steeped in Japanese Culture and History. He’s gonna make sure his historical references and artistic depictions of Wano are ON POINT. Japan is Oda’s thing. So I expect that many things onWano will be very true to authentic Feudal Era Japan.

The main thing however is the governing system of Wano. In Japan, there were two rulers, one was the Emperor, who held a more religious based position among the masses and then there was the Shogun, who held the office of the Shogunate,which makes him a military and political leader. The Shogun had more power than the Emperor. The weird thing is theShogun was usually appointed BY the Emperor. An odd system indeed.

The families from which Shogun were usually chosen were from the Feudal Lords, also referred to as the Daimyo. Individual Clans who had great power and wealth. It was very common for these Clans to hire Samurai to work under them.

There is another special position known as a Regent, known in Japanese as a Sesshō. This position is given to someone who’s job is to assist a child emperor before his coming of age. I believe the One Piece equivalent of this is Kinemon’s title of Retainer. Which brings me to my first point.

This little Shit


Now the first thing you are saying is , but Kinemon is just a Retainer so how could his son be heir to the throne? For one thing, it is not unheard of, in fact it was common place for awhile, that members of the Imperial Family were appointed asRetainers. So Kinemon himself could be Royalty. Maybe just not directly in line for the throne.

But also, I’m going to say there is a possibility that Momonosuke might not be Kinemon’s son and something happened to his parents while he was a baby, and Kinemon was given the task of hiding Momonosuke’s identity from some enemy who was in power, due to the fact that his lineage was a direct threat to that power. And he’s lied to Momo their entire lives.

So Momo’s royal title was hidden from even him, since he was just a baby. That’s also a possibility. More importantly,Momonosuke means “Peach Emperor”, so there is that. And of course this parallels with Vivi and her plight to save her kingdom of Alabasta.But still, why does that make Momonosuke important to one of the Younkou?


Because, as most people have guessed, Kaidou is the current Shogun of Wanokuni. And I don’t think he’s the rightful one either, as in lineage wise. Strength wise he might have earned it, but some of the Samurai don’t want him as the Shogun. The clues for this have been in the way his crew have talked about him. Particularly Sheepshead.


There are some interesting different plot points that could have occurred to bring Kaidou to power. The first one is thatKaidou, in his endless quest to find a worthy opponent, came to Wano because he had heard about the strong warriors there. But none of them proved a challenge and he defeated them all. After which they submitted to his rule out of fear. Very possible.

Another idea I had is that he and Moria may have had their epic showdown on Wano, and when the Samurai tried to drive him out afterwards, they were unable to do so. This would explain Moria robbing Ryuuma’s grave. Still it doesn’t have to, but this one is also possible. I’m sure we will learn about the specifics of this on Wano as Kinemon mentioned it when he saw Zoro’s sword, whether or not it relates to Kaidou’s position.

The third way is more based on a historical event in Japan, known as the Boshin War.




The Boshin War was a civil war in Japan that was fought from 1868 to 1869 between forces of the ruling Tokugawa shogunate and a radicalized group of nobles and samurai who believed in returning political power to the imperial court. The dispute was over the Shogunate’s handling of foreigners since Japan’s opening of its borders in a previous decade.

The parallel I’m suggesting here makes the case for a far more devious plan. Maybe the Kogetsu Clan are like the Tokugawa, who supported the opening up of Wano to outside influences and some of the other powerful clans or maybe the Imperial Family themselves (which could set them up as joint antagonist with Kaidou) didn’t agree, suggesting that opening up the country would dilute the authenticity of the original culture.They thus rallied together and enlisted the strength of a powerful pirate, namely Kaidou, to overthrow the ruling Kogetsu Clan and take control of the Shogun monarchy. And re-instituted the Imperial Style of rule. In fact, in the Boshin War, the radicals and the Emperor were supporters of a publication known as the “Order to Expel Barbarians“. The ideas were extremely anti-foreign and the ruling emperor of the time agreed with the sentiments expressed here, and actively tried to interfere with the Shogunate.I like this idea the most because it sets up a Samurai villain as well, that could be an appropriate match for a particular swordsman. Obviously I mean Brooke:rolleyes:Whatever the reasons, I think it’s very probable that this is the structure of Wano’s current political system. Now onto the next half.


Our theory will take us back a few hundred years to the past to theorize the events that made the Minks and Samurai become allies. If there is one thing that can bring two races together, especially two warrior races like the Minks and the Samurai, it’s a common enemy. So I’ve been thinking on it and I’ve come up with what I believe is the common enemy. It all starts, with a ……


If you are not familiar with Oda’s One Shot Monsters, I would suggest going and taking a look at it, following the link I provided. The events are considered canon and I think it’s important because it’s entirely relevant as we go towards Wano.

I’ll summarize as I know some people are lazy. In the story, Monsters, we deal with a story about a town who was terrorized by a dragon which they thought was a natural disaster, but was the work of two criminals controlling the creature with something called the Dragon’s Horn. Ryuuma, a wandering Samurai who is just passing through. He’s misjudged, people think he’s low down crook, but in the end, the Swordsman they revered turned out to be a swine and Ryuuma was the true hero.

Now I don’t expect us to see Oda retread this story in One Piece with updated characters and settings. It has its place in OP lore, but to me the most important elements aren’t the story and the plot, but these key things.

  • Ryuuma himself as a character and his ideologies and honour
  • Dragons being depicted as forces of destruction
  • The “Dragon Horn”

If you notice, it is revealed that Ryuuma is the “King” swordsman character that people speak about as this legendary swordsman that’s the best in the world, but he doesn’t know that’s what people call him because he’s not in it for the fame and doesn’t stick around to receive it. So in this One Shot, Ryuuma has already established himself as a legend and the whole one shot is just giving us a glimpse into him.

I believe at some point in the samurai’s history, they were under the threat of Dragons wiping them out. Very reminiscent of the plot of the film “How to Train Your Dragon”. Basically, as a warrior people they would continuously fight Dragons to protect their homeland. But they were losing the battle. They needed to find the Dragon’s nest. But they could never do it. But even moreso, they needed to find a way to fight against the vicious beast.

Enter Ryuuma, and I’m theorizing that he is the creator of the FoxFire Style that Kinemon uses.

I’m not sure how this works, but I’m not gonna leave it up in the air either. That would be lazy of me. So let’s try to explainFoxFire style. I’m gonna theorize here and say it’s done in a similar way that Luffy generates fire with his Red Hawk. A mixture of an extremely high speed slash and haki that creates friction with the air, enough to ignite it. Also of note is how do One Piece swordsman create an air slash?The best example we have ever had is the idea that they slice the air, using their blades so quickly, they create a small momentary vacuum space where the blade has passed through, that when air closes in, it becomes compressed and takes the shape of the slash and continues along the initial direction of force. That’s getting really theoretical, but it’s the only explanation that makes any sense. That and of course, it’s MANGA DERR!!!:faceplam:Now recall that the admirals create an invisible haki barrier against Whitebeard that manifested in the air itself.


What if using haki and the blade as a conduit, just like the admirals used their hands to create a wall, you create a wall width out of the blade. Then the Foxfire style uses that width to have an influential area of the blade’s vacuum slice that is larger, which then can cause Fire to be sucked into it and extinguished? Using the same idea, but in a different manner. We are spit-balling here but bare with me.

I’m thinking this style was created by Ryuuma, to combat Dragons in particular. After Ryuuma created the FoxFire Style, he showcased its power against the Dragon attack and saved the people. Like the original Monsters One Shot, Ryuuma was thought to be a no good samurai, with no skill or worth. A clutz. But he proved them wrong, by saving the Samurai, and eventually dragons stopped attacking Wano altogether.

But he knew something was wrong. They only chased away the Dragons. They didn’t exterminate them. If they weren’t attacking Wano, where would they go?

Credit to Arcxana from DeviantArt for the amazing picture of Zou at Sunset

Yes Zou. Look at this tropical climate. My idea is that either they went out on their own and tracked down Zou or at some point a Dragon came to Wano and collapsed and died, and attached to it was a wounded Mink, who held on for his life. Then it gets revealed to the Samurai that the Dragons they chased off, were now tormenting the Minks.

Why would it go to Zou? Because as we know, Zunisha’s water rain showers bring with it tonnes of food and fish. This could be easily seen as a free meal for a flying predator. Especially one who lost it’s main food source.


Doesn’t look like it would as a Dragon’s next, but my idea stems from the those giant towers in the picture above. Why are they there? What purpose could they possibly serve? The Minks seem to live in the city and the Night Minks have their own residential district at the base of the Whale Forest. None of the Minks seem to live there at all, so what possible reason could they have for building such gigantic structures? My idea?

To shelter from the onslaught of the Dragons centuries ago. Fortresses shrouded in bush would never suffice against the flames of a dragon. So they built structures out of the silt that Zunisha brought up dumped on its back to create shelters that could withstand the heat.

While simultaneously fighting for their survival. Now the Kogetsu Clan and their samurai, led by Ryuuma, went out to defend Zou from the Dragons.

That clan and the Minks bonded and almost brought the Dragons to an end. Now this doesn’t contradict with my other theory on the Minks and the Samurai being enemies at one point in history, because that’s in the Void Century Era. I’m suggesting hundreds of years later, this happened that could have mended relations, specifically with the Kogetsu Clan.

Nekomamushi did say this chapter that the Minks and the Kogetsu Clan, (not all Samurai) are friends. Note also, as I mentioned above, the Daimyo were made up of many different clans collectively.

As for how Ryuuma died, I can’t possibly say. It’s best not to push it too far. This is an unsubstantiated theory after all.


This section will just highlight some strong parallels that would explain why Zunisha would have this kind of history. And it’s mainly the fact that it shares lots of similarities with Skypeia.

  • Skypeia and Zou both follow two arcs that are also very similar (Dressrosa/Alabasta)
  • They both are islands where the people live at high altitudes.
  • They both are extremely hard to reach
  • Both involve groups of people who are connected to legends from past individuals (Norland/Ryuuma)
  • They both appear to be very closed off societies at the beginning.

I feel like Ryuuma is very much like Norland, in that’s he’s historical, butnot Void Century historical and an important part of some story Oda wants to tell. All of what I said could be wrong, but it’s fun to speculate.


So to summarize, the Kogetsu Clan are the main clan that oppose Kaidou and the Imperial rule on Wano. Momonosuke is the last heir to that bloodline and Kinemom, Kanjuro and Raizou are all loyal to that family and trying to protect him. They wanted to come to Zou to enlist the Mink’s help in taking down Kaidou’s rule. They also have a group of Samurai back at Wano willing to fight.

Ryuuma was instrumental in saving the Samurai from the onslaught of Dragons in their past and the creator of the Fox Fire style. He and the Kogetsu Clan saved the Minks who were indirectly affected by their defeat of the Dragons and fostered a bond between the two groups.

Hope you guys enjoyed.

*Theory by TheConqueror

Who is allied with whom and who is against whom? Here is the Answer!!

Are you a little confused about the recent events in the New World? You can no longer tell who is allied with whom and who is against whom? Here is the solution! Two explanatory pages from the last issue of Weekly Shonen Jump!


*Here is the Translation:

Kaido and Doflamingo had business dealings.

Law and Doflamingo are connected by fate.

Law/Luffy crushed Doflamingo.

Law/Luffy targeting Kaido.

Drake is under the umbrella (?) of Kaido. (Note the question mark).

Luffy has respect/promise towards Shanks.

Luffy and Big Mom are antagonistic towards each other.

Capone is under the umbrella of Big Mom.

Kid/Apoo/Hawkins targeting Shanks.

Kid/Apoo/Hawkins battled/at war/hostile towards Kaido.

Weevil targeting Blackbeard.

Kuzan collaborating with Blackbeard? (Note the question mark).

Kuzan and Sakazuki are antagonistic towards eachother.

Sakazuki hunting/searching for Bonney.

Blackbeard heading to Rev. HQ? (Note the question mark).


This theory is based on the possibility that the character Donquixote Doflamingo was inspired by/based on the ancient Roman Emperor Commodus. This can perhaps shed some light on Doflamingo’s character in the near future, or just make for an interesting comparison (I hope :lmao:). There are parallels between Dressrossa and Ancient Rome too that can perhaps explain why Commodus may have been an inspiration for Doffy, but I placed that section at the very end. I will try my best to condense/expand it in the coming few days, any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Commodus & Doflamingo
Emperor Commodus was notorious for his behaviour and government decisions. Ancient Roman historians credit him for transforming Rome “from a kingdom of gold to one of iron and rust” (Cassius Dio).

Similarly Doflamingo’s rise to power in Dressrosa brought about a lot of tragedy. Commodus, unlike most of his predecessors was born into the imperial family, the son of Marcus Aurelius, he viewed the throne as his birthright and did not bother to justify his actions. Sounds familiar?

Like Doflamingo being a Celestial Dragon and not understanding why he should be deprived of his birthright. Similarly Marcus Aurelius was known for his humanity, a bit like Donquixote Homing. Commodus was unpopular with the ruling elite (Donquixote and Riku family) but was very popular with the Army and the common people (in large part thanks to his elaborate gladiatorial games).

Commodus had a twin brother who died in his youth and numerous sisters. He executed both of his brother-in-laws, cousin for conspiring against him and there are rumours that he killed his father (this rumour was adopted into the movie “The Gladiator”). Thus like Doflamingo, he committed patricide and to a certain extent, fratricide as well.

Early on in his life Commodus was supposedly led astray by his companions and “through them that he at first, out of ignorance, missed the better life and then was led on into lustful and cruel habits, which soon became second nature.” (Cassius Dio). This is similar to how Trebol gifted Doffy the gun who then used to kill his own father and of course his younger brother (not sure if the gun was the same).

Commodus suffered from megalomania, strongly believing in his own god-like status, physical strength and superiority to everyone else. He possessed immense physical strength and often participated in the gladiatorial fights and hunts he staged for the people. It was more of a sport for him. Something we see in Doflamingo who takes on hits like nobody’s business, mostly fearless, immensely strong as well. Similarly the people closest to Commodus attempted to assassinate him, most notably his sisters and his mistress. The people closest to Doflamingo attempt to do the same, Rocinante, Baby 5, Law. Other assassination plots failed too, as Commodus survives and seeks revenge. Similar to how Doflamingo survives the murder attempt(s) from Mariejois and seeks vengeance on the Celestial Dragons.
In the end, Commodus is strangled by his wrestling partner and after his death he is declared as a public enemy by the government who destroy all his statues.

What could this mean for Doflamingo?

I think Doflamingo will probably not end up in Impel Down, he will either be killed on the way there (CP0? Kaido?Blackbeard?) or somehow escapes before his arrival there and will meet his end elsewhere in the New World.
His death would cause chaos in the underground network and will end an era of the stable rule of the Yonkos. Just how Commodus’ death marked the end of an entire dynasty. I added Blackbeard as one of the potential killers because we all know how he likes to take advantage of someone’s weakened position and is on the hunt for powerful devil fruits and he String-String fruit is definitely an unusual one.

It will act as a trigger for supernovas to take action (as some of them have begun already) against the Yonkou and WG. A war between various pirate factions will be a possibility too. A point of no return of sorts for the “old powers” in the New World, the beginning of their decline. Just how Commodus’ reign and death was said to begin the end of the Roman Empire.

Dressrosa & Ancient Rome

I know most people say that Dressrosa is meant to be Spain, but to me it seemed encompass a general Mediterranean theme and Spain was part of the Roman empire and thus still has various monuments in the Greco-Roman style. The vibrant colours, climate, passion (regional stereotype) architectural elements and so on reflect that pretty well.
But the moment I saw the aerial view of Dressrosa it really reminded me of the models of ancient Rome.
Corrida Colosseum is a given of course, it even ends up mimicking the damage of the real Colosseum after Pica goes berserk. Interestingly, the real Colosseum was damaged by an earthquake (earth damage/shifts parallels Pica’s power in a way).
The underground part of Corrida Colosseum with all its corridors and cages is inspired by the underground network of its real-life counterpart and both can get filled with water.
But the Corrida Colosseum in Dressrosa is a perfect example of the classic Roman political tool: Bread and Games. A tool used by every self-respecting, ambitious Roman politician since way back when. Similarly Doflamingo, keeps the people in Dressrosa happy with grand architecture and spectacles on the arena, distracting them from the dark side of the reality. Perhaps it is not a coincidence for this arc to have so many parallels with ancient Roman history and some of its historical figures. That’s about it. Let me know your thoughts and thank you for reading it! :>

*Theory by laconicstrawhat



After reading the recent chapter 809 and getting a closer look at the “Gifters” and their abilities I had this thought. To me it’s seems as if the ability to turn your hand or part of your body into a creature like the Gifters can seems likely to be the work of smile, aka artificial devil fruits. Instead of a full animal transformation where you become the animal, the smile animal “becomes you”, or part of you.

This is when I got the idea, does that mean you can eat more then one artificial devil fruit? Since when you eat a normal Zoan you become the animal, and obviously you can’t become two different animals at once which is why the fruits fight inside and it kills you. But since smile fruits only turn part of you into an animal it might be possible to eat multiple, depending on if you have the will (Haki) to control multiple. So here’s my theory, kaido didn’t eat a mythical Zoan fruit, he ait 100 smile! This is very reminiscent of the time luffy absorbed 100 of moriahs shadows and became nightmare luffy. They said you can only fit a couple shadows in at a time, but since luffys will power (Haki) was so high he was able to absorb 100 shadows! This could be forshadowing to Kaido. Kaido is known as the “100 beast Kaido” and I don’t think that’s due to some mythical Zoan he has, but the 100 beasts in the smiles he ait.
Imagine if Kaido could turn his arms into 100 different beasts, all because of his massive Haki.
Kaido also has a tattoo on his arm much like all the “Gifters” do, who can turn their arms into beasts which hints Kaido has a similar ability and and artificial fruit instead of a real one. I think it would fit his character quite well and would be pretty epic. Being able to control and eat 100 smiles sounds like something he would do and would completely explain his epithet “one hundred beast” Kaido.
Just an idea and would love to hear yalls thoughts!

*Theory by Gambia’s Grandma


Zou might die after Luffy’s visit.

According to an Indian myth, the world is on the backs of four elephants.
Here Zou is just one elephant in the sea. Zou might have something to do with the 4 seas.
4 elephants:elephant::elephant::elephant::elephant: into 1 elephant:elephant: = 4 seas:ocean::ocean::ocean::ocean: into 1 sea:ocean:the All Blue:globemeridians:
According to the myth, the ‘world’ is on the back of 4 elephants. The world = the world’s secret i.e. the secret of the world government… the void century.

On the back of Zou:elephant: resides a race of people:bustsinsilhouette:, the Minkmen:monkeyface::bearface: who hate humans:holdinghands:.
There was a prophesy that Luffy would bring destruction to Fishman Island and then the Merfolk & Fishfolk:spoutingwhale::tropicalfish::whale: would move to land. Though it might seem like a bad thing, it’s a good thing. To unite humans with the Merfolk & Fishfolk. That was the purpose of the Noah, to transport them.
Much like Fishman Island, the death of Zou is actually a good thing. The 1,000 years old ancient elephant has a cursed expression. It looks tired and cursed. It’s possible it’s cursed to roam the seas for eternity. It might have been wishing to die for centuries but cannot. Luffy might directly or indirectly free it from the curse. Also, it will force the Minkfolk to live among the humans again, uniting the people of the world.

I wonder what role the Will of D. have in this:peace:

*Theory by Capt. Awesome D. Shin


Others have tried to crack the seventh Shichibukai for awhile. Now it’s my turn. Who is the seventh Shichibukai? Many believe he is a brand new character, however, I only half agree. While the seventh character is new to the manga, he isn’t new to the OP universe. I’m talking about Shiki.

I mentioned Shiki’s return in another theory before, so I’ll transfer info here.

So first thing is first, why did Oda bothered mentioning Shiki? It doesn’t make any since for useless info to be added. Knowing Oda, he just doesn’t add unnecessary info to his story. Shiki has some kind of significant purpose outside his feat of breaking out of Impel Down.

We know Shiki is cannon thanks to Oda and that the early events before the story started actually occurred. The movie Strong World on the other hand is not cannon and should be completely disregarded. We also know Zephyr as a character is cannon, with his Z movie also not considered cannon like Strong World. Zephyr was an Admiral for the Marines until he left after losing his men to the very person who became the seventh Shichibukai.

Now look right here:
Now look here:

Shiki the Golden Lion has been around for a long time. Zephyr in the movie died at 74. He was an admiral at 38 and an instructor at 41. That’s a 36 year gap to be filled.

Now Shiki competed with Roger during his days of piracy. Considering how he talks to Whitebeard (example shown below) and the fact that he fought Roger on equal grounds comes to tell you that Shiki is no pushover. But what if Shiki was responsible for causing the incident to Zephyr and was the one who cut his arm off? Shiki is a swordsman after all, though now his swords are his legs.

Shiki marched straight into the former Marine HQ and slaughtered a mountain of marines. It took Sengoku and Garp to bring him down, and he still escaped after being thrown into the impenetrable fortress that is the Impel Down. So this doesn’t surprise me if Shiki toppled Zephyr in a fight.

Let’s continue about Shiki. Last time we saw him, he was on a jungle island somewhere in the Grand Line, it could be Paradise or the New World, it never mentioned which.
But what if this island was actually Zou.
Yes, the mountains look slightly different with the 785 chapter showing an unusual tree species than the Strong World chapter. But also look here:
Who is he/she? (Looks like a she to me) She may be a result of Shiki’s planning.

Note a lot could change, and the mountain could have suffered physical alterations (highly doubt it), but keep Zou in mind. Say Shiki is on Zou, the seventh Shichibukai is yet to be fully revealed. Based on how Oda is introducing these new characters, I am expecting the seventh Shichibukai and third Admiral within the next two-to-four arcs.

Look here:
okAll these characters are only being shown their heads, not their full bodies. Notice what is under Buggy’s head, we have something “furry” of some sort shown. Some are saying that it’s part of Buggy’s shoulder wear. Others claim its Doflamingo’s coat. I say it is neither, it is the seventh Shichibukai. Let’s do an elimination, don’t we?
The marines and revolutionaries have their own panels, so I will eliminate any possibility of them being that “fur” thing. Here are the Yonko:
• Shanks
• Big Mam
• Kaido
• Blackbeard
• Doflamingo Donquixote
• Dracule Mihawk
• Boa Hancock
• Bartholomew Kuma
• Trafalgar Law
• Buggy
• Unknown Shichibukai
Worst Generation:
• Monkey D Luffy
• Roronoa Zoro
• Eustass Kidd
• Killer
• Basil Hawkins
• Scratchmen Apoo
• Trafalgar Law
• X Drake
• Urouge
• Jewelry Bonney
• Capone Bege

As you see, everyone above except the seventh and Doflamingo has their face shown. But that “furry” thing isn’t Doflamingo specifically because the pattern of Doflamingo’s coat and the “fur” object are different. It isn’t Jack either because he shares the same pattern as Doflamingo.
Notice how in both pictures, the coats appear more feather-like rather than a downward spike pattern. But look at Shiki’s hair:
A perfect match from a cone top to a spread as the pattern descends.

With the text bubble in the way, likely on purpose, any evidence of a steering wheel lodged in the way is none. This is likely as Oda doesn’t want us to guess who the last Shichibukai really is, and Shiki’s twenty year old plan will finally come to play during Luffy’s era.

An extra side note, unrelated to the theory, look at the head underneath Akainu next to Fujitora and Kizaru. No doubt that is the thrid Admiral. Keep your eyes out for character with curly dark hair.

Anyway, back to topic, Zephyr left the marines because of the injustice of allowing the seventh Shichibukai to join the ranks of exempt pirates. To be a Shichibukai you have to be well-known with a threat that can put fear among other pirates. But why would Shiki want to join the very group of people that were responsible for Roger’s death. Well he has something planned, and he means to show the world the true terror of a pirate. If you ask me, he will play a significant role in the initiation of the Throne Wars described by Doflamingo, and against the Worst Generation, the Yonko, and the Shichibukai, he will open a wrath unlike any other seen in One Piece. What is he planning? Whatever it is, he is likely pulling a Blackbeard in using his special status.

Before I end this, there begs one last question. Why would the WG allow Shiki to join the Shichibukai? Well he does meet the qualifications to become one, he is also on par with the Yonko as far as strength goes. If anything, the WG were probably desperate for the power needed to fill in the missing strength gap that Aokoji, Blackbeard, Gecko Moriah and Crocodile left vacant. This leaves the WG bouncing back from an almost ruptured power-struggle.

To rap things up:
• Shiki is back
• Shiki is the seventh Shichibukai
• Shiki is responsible for cutting Zephyr’s arm
• Shiki may be on Zou
• Shiki will be revealed in the next arc or two

And done…

*Theory by Phi



Hi, this is my little theory I´ve come up with recently, before you guys start reading make sure read the upper part that explains the theories concept to avoid confusion, thank you!

Samsara is a religious concept in Buddhism and Hindu, which the japanese have also assimilated into Shinto, that roughly translates into “Wheel of suffering”.
Here is somewhat of a loose explanation since as a religious concept it´s too complicated to explain in a short amount of time.
I´ve stumbled upon this explanation, when I searched for the inspiration for the 6 paths of Pain in Naruto.On my search I coincidentally found out, that the Hitman Reborn series also got their inspiration for some abilities based on those religious beliefs.

That´s where it struck me and I thought why wouldn´t Oda use it as a theme?
Oda may answer this in an SBS after they are all introduced, since he usually doesn´t tend to adress his tributes blatantly but rather hint at them as inspirations for his themes.

The Yonko and 6 paths huh? There are just 4 Yonko how does that even fit?
Well to my knowledge the Yonko system is fairly new, Brook didn´t knew about it during his prime and Roger wasn´t a Yonko although being the Pirate King. The road to become the pirate King won´t be a steep one, that´s for sure. Luffy will have to be a Yonko at least for a short time, his first stepping stone into becoming the Pirate King will be to reach that status. Blackbeard replaced Whitebeard and became the 5th Yonko. So since Luffy´s aim is to beat them all he´ll be the 6th man to reach that status.
Therefore the 6th paths/realms.

Short explanation the six realms of Samsara (wheel of suffering),consists of the 6 realms of non enlighted beings (non Buddhas) a Buddha transcends and leaves the cycle of death and rebirth because of the enlightment he reaches. Those realms are: 1.Beings in Hell, 2.Hungry Ghosts (Preta),3.Animals,4.Asuras (demigods who can be good or evil),5.Humans and 6.Devas which are basicly gods (not omnipotent ones though).In general it´s to be aspired to be born within the Human realm, because although humans don´t have the superior abilities of the Asura or the divinity of the Devas (no pain, diseases etc), they are not hold back through envy or pride. The human realm, is the easiest one to reach transcendence or “enlightment”aka become a Buddha.

So now to my theory:

Every Yonkos theme mirrors figuratively one of Samsara paths similar to Pain´s 6 bodies in Naruto.
Keep in mind that this mirrors “mainly” the Yonko. Not always his overall crew.

1. Beings from Hell,Blackbeard´s theme. Blackbeards Jolly Roger displays 3 skulls which made some people believe Blackbeard may have a relation to Cerberus (the keeper of the underworld). On top of that his ability is the power of darkness which is called Yami in japanese and is tied to the underworld Yomi. He also recruited his members from the “depths of Hell” Impel down. One of them is also seemingly heavily associatred with death, the crew´s doctor Doc Q. Worst of all, he commited the greatest sin of all, that´s despised in any culture, the killing of a comrade. That should foreshadow Blackbeard´s destination when the series ends.

2.Hungry Ghosts, Big Mom´s theme. She supposedly ate her own people, seems to be the biggest glutton within the One Piece universe and her powers may as well be tied to eating, maybe a stronger version of Wapol. People wrote off this theory, but machvise showed us that Oda does recycle his abilities from time to time. Lava>Fire, which brought me to the conclusion that there may even be a Water Logia.
But back to Big Mom. remember food or especially candy was more important to her than even gold or power, I will update this when we get more hints.

3.Animals. Kaido´ s theme. For this one I have more hints. Kaido commands an army of “Animal fighters”. Which he intends to expand, he´s the strongest “being” within the One Piece world and people claim he may not even be a human. Why? We´ve seen Fishman be pirates. Winged angel humans, even monkeys. Who know´s there is a chance that he´s not a zoan like many assume but literally an animal.

4.Asura, Luffy´s theme, obviously.Zorro, says enough, read the explanation on Asura on the link I posted, should tell enough.They are demigods, with superior powers compared to humans, but don´t reach enlightment because of their jealousness over the devas. They are also beings of constant fightning and good as well as evil ones exist among them.

5.Humans Shanks theme.Similar to the Asura realm humans can be good or evil but tend to be chaotic and blended by their desires, which is why Shanks theme is the theme most similar to Luffy´s. Why is Shanks theme the human one and not Luffy´s, Shanks most likely has no Devil fruit, possibly his whole crew relys solely on Haki and their battle prowess alone. They are not monsters like Luffy´s crew. Devil fruit users, demon childs,skeletons, incarnated asuras and the devils legs.

6.Devas (celestial beings), Whitebeard´s theme:Whitebeard is the closest thing to a godly being in terms of power that´s been shown so far and isn´t related with the WG. His first mate uses a Devil Fruit that´s rarer than Logia (Mythical Zoan), only Senghok´s power was compareable. He was renowned as “the strongest” man on earth. He was modest compared to other pirates, not seeking for gold or treasure but he incorperated the worst sin of them all, Devas downfall, their pride. Whitebeard only lost the war because he was too prideful and took that attack from Squard for no reason. He also went up against the “godly world governement” and faced off against a “Buddha”.

My theory is that the “enlightment” which in Budhism means the breakout of Samsara, within One piece is reached through finding out the truth of the void century. Keep in mind, what Rayleigh said towards Luffy´s quote: “I think the freest person on the ocean is Pirate King”. But we know finding One Piece is tied to that goal and furthermore it´s hinted that the void century is also tied to that goal (One Piece).
Knowing the truth=Enlightment=Freedom. That´s where I think Shinto plays a role. Shinto is very oriented to the living world, it doesn´t associate itself much with the afterlife. “Live your life to the fullest and don´t think about tomorrow.” At the same time the Strawhats never hurt someone for their own benefits like regular pirates would do.Whitebeard a “Deva” was the closest to reach enlightment, finding the One piece and become Pirate King. But he didn´t care, because as the religious devas he was happy with what he had, he didn´t strife for enlightment,(devas are less likely to find enlightment than humans because they don´t search for it).Currently Shanks is the one closest to become Pirate King, he represents the “human path” and may reach enlightment if he opens his eyes.(finds out the truth).Blackbeard the”Being from hell ” is the farthest away from reaching it. That´s why Whitebeard said, Roger the guy who reached enlightment, found out the truth,was the freest man(died in peace) is not waiting for him. Kaido as an “animal” doesn´t even know how to become Pirate King and Big Mom “as a hungry ghost” doesn´t care, all she wants is to eat.
The “Deva” who the “Asura” tend to envy and therefore holding them back with their mockings,is dead. The biggest obstacle for Luffy is Shank´s who is the only one capable of becoming Pirate King besides him, not Blackbeard. The final Showdown before Luffy will be Pirate King won´t be between the Blackbeard Pirates and the Strawhats, that´ll come earlier. Shanks will be the last obstacle Luffy has to overcome. The new generation will have to beat the old one.
Furthermore Sengoku who is “the Buddha” knows the truth, as the fleet admiral he is enlightened, but he isn´t free. He fears the wrath of the Gorosei “the fake Gods” therefore he is not truly enlightened.
Sengoku is a “fake” Buddha, (he´s depicted as being fat, a traditional buddha is slim).


Traditional Buddha:http://alchemical-weddings.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/bhumisparsha-buddha-plain-body-small.jpg

The world government pretends to be omnipotent in many occasions.
But they are not, no one is ominpotent in Shinto or Buddhism, even Kami (gods) die, Kami grow old in age, Kami have emotions. It´s a reoccuring theme in One Piece. Enel, the Tenryubito, Doflamingo, they all overestimate themselves.
Zoro’s claim that he doesn´t believe in God(Kami), but using religious references (such as Asura/Purgatory) on several occasions, is falsely interpret by many, as him being a hypocrit, or that Oda fucked up his character. He´s not, Buddhism or Shintoism are religions that don´t neccecarily require the belief in god´s or deity´s.The most recent example of this is Fujitora when he screams: “Who does the world goverment think they are? Are they truly omnipotent?” That´s what the future will tell. Luffy will challenge the gods. Not alone, but with the friends he makes. He´ll be the Asura to challenge the Kami and show them that they are not omnipotent. He will be the one that brings war, but this time to the Kamis.

*Theory by OralJackson


Here I will propose why I think Big Mom will be a helpful ally to the Strawhats. You probably heard lots of theories about Lola being Big Mom daughter, I don’t know whether this is true or not (but if it turns to be true, it will only strengthen my theory). Here I will take another approach as to why I think Big Mom will be a formidable ally.
Let’s start with some known facts before going to the theory.

Big Mom Appearance:
Big Mom has only been partially seen from the shadows, but it is clear that she is an incredibly large and obese woman whose face appears to be larger than her body. She also seems to have a heart shaped lipstick under her nose
Doesn’t this description also fit this character?

Big Mom personality:
Big Mom likes sweets and tea party. She appears to be quite ruthless, burning down a country when they failed to make their payment, disregarding any reason for the failure and rationalizing that she hates people who cannot keep their promises.

Tea party and sweets, where have we seen this before? :

Some of Big Mom crewmembers:
Tamago (which literally means grilled egg), He is polite and negotiable, as well as rather intelligent, as he saw exchanging the treasure for some extra time to make more candy to be perfectly acceptable. Tamago even offered to give the citizens more time until they could accomplish the task:

What about this guy:

Pekoms (His name may come from “pekopeko” (ペコペコ), which means to “be very hungry” in Japanese), Pekoms has a short temper, as seen as when he was in a fit of rage when he was first introduced. He carries around a list of bounties on wanted people such as pirates and takes note of the people he has seen on bounty posters, as seen when he took the time to look up Caribou:

In Alice universe, The Mock Turtle’s name is a pun on the name of the soup is incomplete. The Mock Turtle specifically depicts a collection of creatures that make up the ingredients of mock turtle soup; they are not random. The pun is not only of the name, but of the nature of the soup itself. Meaning an unfinished soup, so you can never eat and therefore you are always very very hungry. And looks like a Turtle hybrid:

Bobbin (his name may be reference to “bobbing head dolls”), Not much is known about Bobbin’s personality, but so far he has been shown to be quite ruthless. This is shown when he reported to Big Mom after burning down an entire country and seemed pleased with himself for doing so.

Do you know who is directing Alice Through the Looking Glass adaption? James Bobin. Also look at this smile (and compare to Bobbin smile):

Ok you guessed it, I think that Big Mom was inspired by the universe of Alice in Wonderland adaption of Tim Burton (witch in fact is a retell of both Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass).

Why is this important? Because not only Big Mom appearance is that of Red Queen, but also her personality and this will play a major role in the Strawhats progression.

Who is the Red Queen (a.k.a Big Mom)?

The Red Queen is the bloodthirsty ruler of Wonderland. Her solution to every problem is to order a beheading before the day is out. Her most famous line, one which she repeats often, is “Off with their heads!” (Remember Big Mom solution to the candy problems is: “Off with their Islands”).

The Queen is identified by the color red, which is symbolic of her anger and fury, in fact most of her subjects are scared of her (Big Mom is also identified with the color red, we have seen her angry and fury over the missed candies; and also most of her crewmembers seems scared of her).

The Red Queen is one of the chess pieces in the grand game of chess that Alice plays in Looking-Glass World. Because Alice is a White Pawn, you might expect her to regard the Red Queen as an enemy. (We got here the analogy of Big Mom being the Queen of the new world and Luffy being a pawn, since he just started his journey into the New World. Also after their first encounter, we all expect them to be enemies).

Throughout the history, the Red Queen is overbearing, but she’s trying to help Alice if she can. The Red Queen’s pragmatism about the battle being fought between the chess pieces reminds us that all conflicts are somewhat arbitrary. (This reminds us the randomness of Luffy conflicts, first he got entangled with Big Mom because of the Candies, then with Kaido because of his encounter with Law in Punk Hazard.

Finally, although the Red Queen can be bossy, she actually gives Alice a lot of helpful advice and arranges for Alice to take part in the game, at the end of the book, she is actually responsible for the fact that Alice went from a pawn to a Queen (Once again our parallel holds, much like Alice, Luffy got all the great qualities to become the King; but in a complex game, you cannot rely only on your qualities, you need the help of powerful allies if you wish to be a King, especially if you start at the bottom).

The precious helping hand Big Mom:
We now know this:

that’s right, an spectacular war is coming; this war will make the battle of the best at Marineford look like a tuggle between Nami and Ussop.

What could this War be, I don’t exactly but lots of major characters will be there. And we know that is coming soon. Not only Kaido is a suicidal maniac, but also he is depressed by the death of White Beard and he will be enraged once he found out the Doffy situation, so I think is pretty safe to assume he will make his move really soon.

We also know that somehow our favorite Baka will be caught in between, in fact much like Marineford, he will be an important player. But also much like Marineford, Luffy is not quite ready yet (he is powerful, but it’s been less than a week since he entered the new world).

Enters Big Mom, much like the Red Queen, despite being angry and Luffy’s antagonist at first, she will come to this rookie aid and help him on his path to become the King.

Hope you enjoyed the read 🙂

*Theory by Suuuuper


This theory talks about the connection between Big Mom and Caesar.

Let’s begin by referring to something that Caesar said when they encountered Big Mom’s Ship in Dressrossa.


Caesar says that he swindeled a lot of research funds from her, and that if they caught him now, they’d kill him.

What I think what happened was, Caesar was in some sort of an agreement with Big Mom. Caeser was providing Big Mom with something, and in return Big Mom was giving Caesar gold. Now what could have Caesar been giving to Big Mom?


That’s right. He was giving Big Mom the same candy that he was giving the children. Big Mom must have known about Caesar and his candy, and wanted to make a deal with him. However since Caesar was already under the protection of Doffy/Kaido, Big Mom couldn’t offer him protection, so instead she offered gold.

The thing is, Big Mom didn’t know just what kind of candy she was buying. She didn’t know if the harmful chemicals inside this candy, so she just kept eating it. And guess what? This is how she got so big.

Big Mom has been shown to be rather large, and it makes sense that Caesar’s candy was the cause of this. The growth that was happening with the children, happened also with Big Mom.

After a while, Big Mom’s crew noticed something was strange, and we’ll, that she was growing so much! So the doctors and scientists of Big Mom’s crew started investigating. Soon enough, they found out that the Candy that Caesar was supplying to them, was the cause of this.

This is why Caesar said that he was swindling money off of Big Mom. He was providing them with candy he knew that would make Big Mom grow abnormally, and was taking the money for it in return. He wasn’t worried about Big Mom going after him at that time though, since he was under the protection of Doffy/Kaido. He knew that if Big Mom were to go after him, that would result in Doffy protecting Caesar, and Kaido protecting Doffy. Big Mom also knew this, which is why they didn’t go after him.

That is…. Until now. Since Doffy has been taken out that means he is no longer under the protection of Kaido, which also means Caesar isn’t under the protection of Kaido. This is why Big Mom has decided to go after him now.

*Theory by Houred