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gear_4th_by_boneby-d8sak07I am going to give my thoughts on Haki usage and its limitations. Please bear with me, it’ll be a long read.

So let’s start with the basics, we need to know a few things before I can actually give this my thoughts accordingly to canon information. What is Haki, or more specifically, what is Busoshoku Haki? Secondly, what does it use to manifest itself? And lastly, how can one increase his Haki powers?

All these questions are based upon Luffy’s Gear 4th. Most of us want to know how Gear 4th could be improved in the future, as the latest chapter, chapter 786, showed us that Luffy needs his Busoshoku Haki to stay in this form. We have also seen it will take 10 minutes to recharge, thus comes the third question. To answer these questions, question 2 is the most important one to note in this case. If we know how it manifests itself, then we can predict how Luffy is able to improve his Haki in the future.

Let’s begin with the first question, shall we?

What is Busoshoku Haki?
Right of the bat, we need to know what this type of Haki actually is. We know we have 3 types of Haki, but as far as we know, Luffy only requires the use of Busoshoku Haki to maintain his Gear 4th.

Now then, what is Busoshoku Haki?

Also known as Armaments Haki, Busoshoku Haki grants the user to create a type of armour around them. The Haki allows the user to increase the power of his attack and even can create fire in Luffy’s case. The Haki can nullify Devil Fruit powers, may it be Logia, Paramecia or Zoan. The Haki can also be used on inanimate objects, like swords and guns (and even bamboo sticks). It can also coat bullets, which oddly stay embodied with the Haki even though the user doesn’t touch it. Quite impressive. Would be a nice topic to talk about in the future, wouldn’t it?

Fine, now we know what the Haki does, it would be nice to know what is uses to manifest itself. And no matter how much googling I did, it always came down to 2, not 1, things. The most obvious of these two is Willpower. But now it gets more… interesting.

The second power it needs to manifest itself is lifeforce. Now, as a dumb non-English speaker, I was wondering if there was a difference between the two. So once again, on the the deep web. To keep it short, it is not the same as willpower at all.

This lifeforce has many levels to it. Some of which were quite stupid to be included in One Piece, but there was 1 that caught my eye. May I present to you my best friend since 5 minutes ago, Qi!… Okay that was stupid. Anyway, back to my point. Qi is one of the many elements to lifeforce, one that actually focusses on one’s energy flows. The more a person understands this rhythm, the better this energy flows through one’s body. “Oh boy,” I thought to myself, “could this be one of the improvements Luffy has to make to maintain his Haki even more?”. The answer is… No clue at all.

You see, One Piece’s canon information only gives us that Busoshoku Haki manifests with Willpower and Lifeforce. Since we are not given what type of energy influences lifeforce, or let alone what Oda means by lifeforce, we can not determine it is in fact Qi that does the job. That is why this mystery is so hard to crack. However, since it is a theory, let’s just give it a quick thought.

Now let’s say Luffy’s main drive is indeed Willpower (and has yet to discover his potentional lifeforce), can he improve it by understanding his energy rhythms? No, he can’t, this Haki will stay like it is now, BUT! He can expand the long-term usage of it. You see, when it came to Gear 4th, he was given a timelimit to regain his Haki (very vague since we do not now if he only specifies that he needs to regain his Busoshoku Haki in those 10 minutes, but to be fair, all Haki are driven by the same force, so let’s just go with that). Now this timelimit rang a bell. What if his Haki isn’t like we thought it originally was after we saw how Luffy can not use his Haki for a set period of time?

Reader: “What are you even talking about?”

Let me get into it.

So I have mainly seen thoughts on Haki which all came to one point, storage. How can Luffy save his Haki for his Gear 4th? I want to scrap that and give a brand new thought. What if Haki was a force that can be used for only a set time period whenever activated and has to forcefully deactivate to retain its energy rhythms, which causes it to be unusable for a set amount of time?

The main idea behind this is that characters like Luffy, Doflamingo, Law, Sabo, etc., do not have this Haki storage, but rather a timelimit. To back up this thought, remember, why does Haki never run out? Because it never hits the time limit. The storage would assume it would run out after a couple of days and needs to restock, at least, that is what I think. That restock idea with the storage doesn’t make sense. How can you run out of lifeforce and willpower at the same time?

A timelimit based on willpower and their lifeforce would make sense to me. Haki uses energy from the lifeforce, like Qi, that would interrupt the energy rhythm. Willpower will also determine your amount of time you can use it. I have not found a solid translation on willpower, nor did I find a great definition of it, however, as far as I have seen in One Piece, it is determined on how much you want something, or how much you want something to happen. I want One Piece, I risk my life for it and I will until I have found it. I want to protect my friends, but before that happens, I need to train myself. Etc.

Now this causes a problem. Eventually, your willpower will diminish. For example, we have found One Piece so I do not have to risk my life for it again, etc. This will weaken your Haki, which is why this lifeforce is so important. If you have greatly managed your Qi in a way that the interruptions in its energy will diminsh very slowly, you will have more time to use it, even though your willpower is not as strong as it used to be. Now, this may sound like a load of crap, but it can honestly happen.

Now before we go on to an example I purpose to you to think about, let’s answer question 3, how can Luffy actually improve Gear 4th? I think he can with two things:

1. Luffy yet again gets a great impact on him (not a death but something that makes him realize that he is still not good enough). I was thinking of an utter defeat of his crew and a narrow escape (sounds like an arc we have seen before the timeskip…) or, if absolutely needed, the death of a dear friend (maybe Jimbei). As long as Luffy finds a motive to once again want something, then his Haki can be improved. Highly unlikely, but a possibility nonetheless.

2. Luffy needs to understand the rhythms of his energy. If he does so, he can gravely improve his Haki usage. I think it is a great backup on his willpower and fairly plausible as well.

Let’s look at arguments people will use against this… Actually, I could only think of one:

Law said in chapter 785 that he is using too much of his Haki. How can this relate to your theory?

Quite simple actually. The more Haki you use, the faster the energy rhythms will be interrupted and blocked for a set amount of time. People like Vergo who go Full Body Busoshoku Haki will run out of time faster than Luffy does with his Red Hawk. Law’s statement also backs up my theory. This is no limitation to Strawhat only, it is a limitation to all of the Haki users in One Piece. Law knows this, as well as Doflamingo, who not only tried to understand Gear 4th, but also did something very obvious during his fight with Luffy.

He waited.

The moment he was knocked into that wall, he knew it was best to wait a while until Luffy ran out of time to use his Haki. at that moment, Doflamingo could finally finish Luffy like he should have, that was his plan all along… until gladiators started to back up Luffy, whoops!

Long story short, I believe Haki is not a ‘storage-able power’, but rather a timelimit-type power. The user can only use his haki for a set amount of time. The more he uses it, the quicker the time runs out. This is based on the person’s amount of Willpower and the amount of control over one’s Energy Rhythms (Qi).

*Theory by CreeperFace


Atlantis was a fictional island which was ruled by Atlas – he was a titan that holds the sky
Atlas was a son of God named Poseidon – Poseidon chose that island as a main domain
Atlas’s daughter was Calypso

Now why do i believe that Oda used Atlantis to be Raftel ?
In Atlantis we have 10 kings that met every 6 years and made rules and laws
But one day something happened beetween them and they started war with the whole world
Of course Atlantis lost,but why,that’s what i don’t know..

Now some say that Atlantis was destroyed because: A) they made Gods angry and then they destroyed island,in One Piece “D” are enemies of the God and “D” probably has a lot of connection to Ancient Kingdom of One Piece


B)some say that destroyed themselves with their own weapon and earthquake..
Now as i said Atlas(Joy Boy) was king of that island and his father/mother was Poseidon..Poseidon is known as God of Sea,but he/she is also known by the name “Earth-shaker”,so i believe that he/she destroyed that island
but now we ask why ? It’s because they hid something there and they didn’t want for Gods(world government) to find it – Earth-shaker is almost same as Whitebeard’s devil fruit

Now at the beginning is said Atlas’s daughter was Calypso and she was a nymph..she detain Odysseus for few years.
And there are theories here that say that Luffy is based on Odysseus..Boa – Luffy
Now i don’t say Boa is daughter of Joy Boy..but might be in relation with him

Emerald city is capital city in Wizard of Oz,so i believe it will be the capital of ancient kingdom
But in Crocus’s memory(if it was a flashback),Raftel is on the water,not underneath it..i believe that island he thought of WASN’T Raftel..it was entrance to it,that’s where Blackbeard will fight Luffy (or Shanks will fight Blackbeard)


Also why i believe Raftel is underwater..it’s because i think Rayleigh gave plans on how to coat a ship and he said something like this “Take this,you gonna need it” – for the future..now there are a lot of winds there on that island,it’s because wind always bounces back of the Red Line and it would be impossible for a ship to get there,so we need someone who will control wind – Nami,maybe in the future she will
Also why doesn’t the WG never go to Raftel..it’s because they don’t think there is something special there or they think Ancient City was destroyed and only thing left was that island..but in the end of One Piece,Gorosei will find out that the secret they kept in the Emerald City will destroy them..which will cause their panic and quick reaction to kill every pirate,but with Rio – somebody will tell marines,the true nature of Gorosei and some of them will turn to Pirate’s side(which is evil side,but will actually be the good one) and the marines who stay will be evil not the pirates..and i think that’s what Whitebeard meant by “World will turn upside down” – good become the bad and bad become the good one..

*Theory created by Cleveland


(disclaimer: this theory makes absolutely no sense in OUR world; however this is One Piece so really anything is possible)


Since Kizaru and Sanji both have powerful leg attacks, it is very possible that Kizaru will be one of Sanji’s strongest opponents, even possibly being his final opponent. So how could Sanji beat Kizaru? Well as we know Kizaru is light, meaning that he is both insanely fast and hits insanely hard, so how would Sanji beat Kizaru? Well i believe that to beat Kizaru, Sanji will travel faster than the speed of light.


Sanji said himself that it was one of his dreams to be invisible. As you know, One Piece is all about people following and achieving their dreams. So i believe that Sanji will try to become invisible without a DF. How? Well as you know, you can only see things because light bounces off a surface and into your eye. However, if you can move so fast that light cannot hit you, you would be unseen by the human eye. So by going faster than the speed of light, sanji would have achieved one of his dreams.

Now i cannot logically explain how sanji will go faster than light, because it is impossible in our world. However as i said, this is one piece; the law of our world are broken all the time in one piece so going faster than light wouldn’t be impossible. So rather than explaining how sanji actually goes faster than light, i will rather explain how his technique works. I believe that Sanji will focus all his energy, fat, muscle, and haki into his legs(life return); he will then release a powerful rokugan with his legs. When combined with diablo jambe, this rokugan would propel himself faster than the speed of light(don’t question it). He would then launch a powerful kick that contains the force to destroy even islands. However his legs would be severely damaged after this technique and he would be unable to walk for an extended amount of time(at least a day), he would also be unable to use haki during that time period. This technique could possible be achieved by using CoC to conquer the laws of the universe???

*All rights reserved to knaal


This is a very short theory.

We’ve all noticed Zoro’s injury in his left eye:


I’ve read theories from being an eye sealing a demon all the way to sharingan (Yep, despite it being obviously the wrong manga for this theory lol), but I think about something more simple.

What if Zoro’s power is far beyond what we’ve seen so far? And the only way for him to train his instincts and give him some sort of competition is by only using one eye?
Yep, I think that he cut around his left eye as a reminder not to open it unless he has too.
It also makes sense, so far, through the New World, he has yet to break a sweat, he is yet to be at his limits.
I think his true powers and abilities will be revealed probably at Wano, it is quite a consensus that Wano will be Zoro’s arc, and there he might meet powerful Swordsmen, and he’ll have to use everything he got.
It will be interesting to see Zoro giving all he can.
He will probably be far far quicker than he is now, I mean, in terms of brute force- not using one eye has no influence on that- but it probably restrains the speed by a lot and also forces him to rely more on his instincs and CoO Haki, as his left side is a blind spot.

So yeah, I know, quite basic, it’s just some random idea I had now.
What do you guys think?

*All rights reserved to Jewish Kaizoku

Theory of the Next Arcs and the End

I think my theory about the end of one piece is more close then any other theories. It is based on watching one piece 4 times and reading its manga. There are some holes in my theory just like in other theories. But read it from big picture view of one piece and I’m sure you’ll love it.
There are four emperors in one piece who are most powerful pirates and after them there are warlords. In navy there are admirals who are pretty powerful too. So they all have to lose somehow and I’ll tell you how will it happen.


Luffy is fighting doflamingo now and he is about to win against him. After he beats doflamingo there will be no more warlords to beat for him because he beat some of them already and others are his friends except one whose identity is unknown right now. Well it doesn’t make much of a difference.

So he dealt with all warlords and about to destroy doflamingo and when that happen kaido will be pretty pissed with him since he also stops production of smiles thus stops him from creating his army of zoan type.
After defeating doflamingo luffy will gain some new friends and some new allies too.
So after this arc I think luffy will head for zou island to fight with kaido. There he’ll meet his friends and law’s crew and also I think he will form an alliance with drake too since he wants to destroy kaido.
After all that he’ll fight kaido and by that time I’m guessing that zinbe will also join his crew. Drake, law and his crew will fight against kaido and and his crew and somehow luffy alone will end up fighting him and I think he’ll use gear 5 there to win that fight because I don’t think gear 4 will be enough.


Somehow they will defeat kaido and the news will reach to all the world but kid will find out before that somehow that straw hat is going to fight kaido so I think he’ll fight big mom with his pirate alliance and he’ll somehow defeat her.


After 2 of the emperors defeated the world will know luffy and kid’s power and I think they will face each other but I can’t say when because I can’t think of a best time for them to fight. But they will fight each other since there ideals don’t match and they both want to be the king of the pirates.
Before luffy can meet shanks I think shanks and blackbeard will end up fighting and I think dracule mihawk will fight with shanks against blackbeard pirates. Somehow shanks(red-haired pirates) will lose that fight and I think some of them will die I can’t say what will happen to red haired pirates exactly after their defeat.


The news will reach luffy and he’ll get more angry at blackbeard for doing that and he’ll go to fight him. Before he could reach bleckbeard I think that marines will try to block his path so he’ll fight them too.
But I don’t think that there fight will be to end because they will be stopped by revolutionary army and dragon will fight marines while straw hat pirates will fight against blackbeard pirates.


When straw hats were fighting BB pirates then the whitebeard pirates will show and join the fight against BB pirates and support luffy. Marines will lose to revolutionary army and bleckbeard will lose against luffy. After that luffy will become the most powerful man and gain fame.
When all these fighting finally ends then he will reach raftel somehow and met one more crew member of rogers crew. There they will find out about void century and one piece. Luffy will find a good reason to destroy the red line and will destroy it. Doing so he’ll make the whole world connected by one giant sea and sanji will find his all blue since all the four seas meet together now and brook will meet laboon.
Since luffy did all that he’ll become pirate king and the most free and wanted men on sea. So everyone’s dream will be complete and thousand sunny will be the ship that sail through out all the seas.

*Theory by Sunil Dewna


We all know Bartolomeo as the guy who just fanboys on Luffy and Strawhats in this ongoing Dressrosa Arc.


But there’s more to him than meets the eye.

Bartolomeo started idolizing the Strawhats when he saw Luffy in Lougetown, since then he dreamt of being a pirate and ultimately sailing after 2 years in which he acquired a notable bounty and a reputation where people named him as “Cannibal” because of his cruelness and trollish attitude.


But what is the other reason Bartolomeo actually went out to sea aside from meeting Luffy?

It’s because Bartolomeo had been looking for his father, this guy:

Devil Dias.


Yes, Bartolomeo had been looking for his father never knowing that his father got killed by Tenryuubito, and that his father had been a slave all along.

I’ll assume that the briefcase Bartolomeo was holding was actually the things he want to give to his father.


But after hearing the death of his father from Sabo and Koala, Bartolomeo would ultimately make a decision and stop following Luffy for a bigger cause.

Bartolomeo will join the Revolutionary Army.

*Theory created by beck26


1. Zoro as the vice captain has given his comment or approval regarding other strawhats, EXCEPT SANJI. Since Luffy and Zoro are the first two member of the strawhats, it seems normal that Zoro will always be there when other strawhats are recruited. But in Sanji’s case, Zoro was away following Nami.

2. Every strawhats has their picture seen by the world, EXCEPT SANJI.
I am talking about their bounty poster.


3. We know that every strawhats has lost somebody important in their life, EXCEPT SANJI.
Luffy lost Sabo(returned) and Ace.
Zoro lost Kuina.
Usopp, Robin, and Nami lost their mother.
Franky lost Tom.
Brook lost his captain, then his crew.
Chopper lost Dr. Hiluluk.
In fact, in his flashback instead of losing somebody, Sanji actually got a new friend (Zeff).

4. Every strawhats has once left the crew, or fought a member of the crew, EXCEPT SANJI.
Zoro was going to be killed by Luffy in Whiskey Peak (Chapter 112).


Nami and Robin temporarily left the crew.
Usopp and Franky fought Luffy.
Chopper was forced to left the crew by Foxy.


Brook fought Zoro, actually Brook’s shadow(Ryuma) fought Zoro.
Luffy fought himself (Chapter 478 – Luffy versus Luffy).

5. Every strawhats has devil fruit ability or weapon, EXCEPT SANJI.
Luffy, Robin, Chopper, and Brook have their df abilities.
Zoro has his swords.
Nami has her clima tact.
Usopp has his kabuto.
Franky is actually a weapon himself.
Not only lack of weapon or df ability, in fact Sanji restricted himself in using his hand.

So let me tell you my theory regarding these 5 anomalies.

In the future there will be a big incident that remove those anomalies. In other words, Oda has prepared an amazing story to make Sanji’s character follow the pattern. Lets talk about the pattern one by one.

1. Sanji will temporarily leave the crew, and here Zoro again will give an amazing advice or speech about it. And when Sani comes back, Zoro will give his proper approval. But what could be the reason for Sanji to leave the crew?

2. Sanji will get his proper photograph for his bounty poster, and that is when his parents will recognize the existence of their long lost child and will try ask Sanji to come back. But who are Sanji’s parents?

3. Or maybe Sanji actually has lost one of his parents, or his brother, or his sister. Then for some reason he decided to runaway or to take revenge by sneaking to Orbit.


We have seen many times Sanji sneaking to follow his instinct.
Sanji was sneaking to Maxim to rescue Nami.
Sanji was sneaking to Puffing Tom to rescue Robin.
Maybe at the momet while Thousand Sunny is heading to Zou, Sanji is sneaking to Big Mom’s ship. :D
Maybe in the future the strawhats will encounter Orbit and that is when the strawhats learn Sanji’s true identitiy. But what is his true identitiy?

4. Not only he will leave the crew, Sanji will have his proper fight with Zoro.

So, many people has been talking about Sanji being actually a prince of some kingdom since Oda has foreshadowed it by giving him alias as Mr. Prince.
Also, Zoro has actually mentioned that Sanji looks like a prince.


Notice the ball in his head, it looks like the ball in Inuppe’s head (Zombie who owned Sanji’s shadow).


5. For his ability. There are two possibilities.
the first one is, Sanji might get a devil fruit ability, which enhance his kicking ability. Logia maybe, or Bellamy’s fruit, or actually his dream fruit (Absalom’s fruit). I prefer the second possibility, Sanji will get a weapon, which is a metal boots since he need an armor to cover his leg. Or shoes to enhance his kicking ability, similar to Detective Conan’s shoes, LOL.

Or maybe he will lose one of his leg, and Franky will give Sanji a prosthetic robotic leg (super awesome).
In fact in early concept of strawhats character, somebody has got a prosthetic robotic leg.


And it will be funny when Sanji finally meet Zeff again. Zeff will laugh and tell Sanji “so you follow my style huh” since we know Zeff actually got a prostetic leg himself.

Lastly, since we are talking about Sanji. I want to point out that Strawhats might not need to have a giant in their crew to figh Sanjuan Wolf, because we have Sanji. Oda himself has foreshadowed that Sanji will fight Sanjuan Wolf 3 times.
1. The first 4 letters of their name are same, so Sanji versus Sanju.
2. Sanji has the experience of fighting a super huge giant (Wadatsumi).
3. They actually have the same birthday (second of march).

*Theory created by gaimon