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We learned five things in the last chapter:

1) There are 4 Poneglyphs
2) The 4 Poneglyphs together shows the location to Raftel
2) Kaidou and Big Mam each has a poneglyph
3) The Kozuki clan created the Poneglyphs
4) Oden Kozuki, the father of Momonosuke, was a member of Gol D. Roger’s crew
5) Oden Kozuki was executed by Kaidou and the Shogun of Wano.

How is all of this connected? I’ll get straight to the point like I always do.

It was said that the 4 yonkou were the ones closest to One Piece and it seems that was stated in a literal sense. WB and Shanks knows how to get to Raftel so the Red Poneglyphs are “worthless” and Kaidou and Big Mam each has one. Shanks does NOT have a red poneglyph.

Kaidou stole a red poneglyph and Big Mam was ENTRUSTED with another by Roger himself. I’m not joking.

The 4 Red Poneglyphs

Oden Kozuki was a member of the Roger Pirates so of course he knows the history of the Void Century. With the new info that it was the Kozuki who made the Poneglyphs, it is blatantly apparent that Wano fought along side the Ancient Kingdom.

As we know, the AK, which includes Wano, was defeated with Wano itself being split in two and half of it siding with the 20 Kingdoms, giving rise to the marines’ swordsmanship training and the Bald Gorosei.

Being one of the AK’s strongest allies, Wano or just the Kouzuki clan, made the poneglyphs and 4 red ones detailing how to get to Raftel and they were given to 4 ally nations: Elbaf, an unknown place, Zou and of course Wano. I think the last red poneglyph is in Elbaf.

The 4 red poneglyphs show the location to Raftel when the 4 of them are deciphered meaning, Gol D Roger used the Voice of All Things to follow its guidance leading him to Raftel, implying that the red poneglyphs are not in the WG’s hands.


Roger’s crew scattered after Raftel was discovered and one of the red poneglyphs ending up in the protection a former Roger Pirate or ally: Big Mam.

Kaidou, Wano and the Red Poneglyph

Why would the Shogun of Wano joined Kaidou and murder Oden Kozuki? Because Oden was deemed a traitor.

Wano used to be under the protection of WB(after he saved it from Kaidou) but after the death of WB, Kaidou returned. This time however, things would be different. Why? Because Oden Kozuki told the Wano Shogun some info of the Void Century and I believe they were trusted friends.

Like the other Roger pirates, Oden was awaiting Roger’s successor but when Oden told his friend the Shogun about the history, the Shogun was pissed. Not only was the pissed upset at what he heard, he was filled with greed and wanted to more. The Shogun of Wano wanted a war; a war where Wano can get its revenge on this world of lies and a sense of greed for getting ultimate power.

Oden was of course against the Shogun’s irrational behavior but there was someone invading them that shared the shogun’s ideals:

100 Beast Kaidou

Kaidou thinks the world is hollow and should perish. He wants to engulf the world in the greatest war ever and the Shogun had similar motives(also, Kaidou’s wanting to commit suicide for his failures is similar to samurai committing suicide when shamed). Things got worse when the Shogun sided with Kaidou and told the beast what he knew. Yes people…Kaidou knows some of the history too. He knows what the Shogun knows. This made Kaidou want the Red Poneglyph by any means thanks to Whitebeard himself.


Kaidou recalled that WB said that whoever finds the OP would cause the world to be engulfed in a war and with the Red Poneglyph that is a key to Raftel’s location is in his possession, he goal is one step closer.

However, Kaidou can’t do a thing with the Kozuki clan. The Shogun and Kaidou thinks the members of the Kozuki clan(Momo, Kinemon, Kajnuro and Raizou) can somehow decipher the red poneglyph. This is one for the reasons the fled Wano for Zou and also how Kaidou knew to send Jack specifically to Zou. Both Kaiodu and the Shogun want to know what the red poneglyphs says.

For a second scenario, the shogun could just be a coward and decided to join the winning side.

Big Mam, Roger and the Red Poneglyph

First of all, how does Nekomunashi know that Big Mam has a red poneglyph?

I think Big Mam was a former member or at least an ally of the Roger Pirates. Why? A few reasons…

In previous theories, I came to the conclusion that the Ancient Kingdom and the D clan is based off South America or at least, the mythical cities of South America.

Big Mam also has connections to WB who was a friend of Zou and Wano.

Nothing concrete, I this is the reason why I think Big Mam was either entrusted with or was able to get her hands a Red Poneglyph. I also think that this is the reason Germa 66 are going business with her; they want that poneglyph. It also increase the chances of Big Mam becoming an ally of Luffy since he seemingly has Kaidou AND half of Wano after his head.

-Roger dies
-Kaidou invades Wano
-WB(who Roger told everything about Raftel), chased Kaidou away to Wano his territory.
-Big Mam gets her hands on a Ted Poneglyph
-WB dies and Kaidou returns to Wano
-Big Mam makes deals with Germa 66 over the Red Poneglyph
-The Shogun sides with Kaidou and tries to froce the Kozuki to decipher the red poneglyph
-Oden dies(with a smile? a ‘D’)? to let his son and retainers escape
-The Kozuki clan flee to Zou for assistance and shelter
-Jack arrives at Zou to retrieve Raizou

*Theory by Vandenreich


We all know that Roger Crew was disbanded and everyone was free of follow the way they want.
I put my eyes on the two apprentices of Roger; Buggy the Clown and [Akagami]Redhaired Shanks.


At the start when Roger was about to set sail he doesn’t have ship and convince Rayleigh to join in his trip.


This reveals one thing Roger and Reyleigh are from the East Blue.
This is an important fact since the East Blue is the weakest sea of the 4, and probably Roger knew something that only those who are “weak knows how is being weak” [I’ll explain this later] Roger was from Loguetown that means probably Roger go way back for all the East blue, searching for crewmates and set sail to Reverse Mountain.

At the start Roger and their crewmates navigate around the Four seas, Grand Line and New World for along 15 years and somehow they get out from the Grand Line and Return to the East Blue maybe for Roger Ilness, and enter from Reverse Mountain again, my reference is Crocus joins to the band and stay with Roger’s Crew for 3 or 4 years before they were disbanded.

In this point we know that Shanks and Buggy are apprentices in the Oro Jackson maybe they had at least 5 years or even more in the Ship that means they could be from the East Blue or from the New World or The Grand Line, I say these cause the look a little bit older than in other flashback.

Shanks and Buggy in the past


Ups! wrong image sorry :hides:

Backstory why Buggy hates Shanks


The proof maybe is in Chapter Zero were Crocus, Buggy, and Shanks are in the Ship during the war with Shiki.


They look more mature, that means they could join 2 years before Crocus


During The Battle of Edd War Buggy was crying but we can see that all the crew trust in Roger and his strengh [also in his Will]

This make me think that Buggy was kinda noble and he just worried for Roger and the crew; he also had fear for all the ship’s in front him.

After this Roger has become the King of Pirates.

Tears for the Pirate King


At this Point Buggy and Shanks were Back in East Blue [They had pass through Raftel].

Buggy was so affected by Roger dead, as the weakest and “noble” pirate he was, he probably stay in East Blue as a sign of respect for Roger and whatever he do for him in the Past;
So he took the name Buggy the Clown because one of the things that Roger likes of him were his Clown appearance, so Buggy respect and love for Roger led him to live as the Pirate Clown and stay in the East Blue.

In the other side we have Shanks, even as a Yonkou he pass so much time in the East Blue, because this was the sea in wich Roger born; we know that Roger gave his Strawhat to Shanks, and maybe that’s the reason why Shanks had the desire of being in the East Blue; just to remind his Captain; and maybe someday found someone weak enough to lead the next generation.

Whatever Roger do for Buggy and Shanks left a mark in their hearts and they show their devoution and respect for his memory, those actions gave them will to face their respective life.

So the East Blue the weakest sea of all, this is too important because only those who know “what is being weak” knows how is “being hopeless” and they have the will to become stronger and not get blinded by his own powers; this means compassion.
Probably this is why Shanks gave Luffy his Strawhat.

*Theory by Vivi Ornitier



So there has been many speculations as to why Shanks visited Foosha Village, and triggered the fateful encounter with Luffy.

I’ve have read through countless theories, and although some seem plausible, I would like to give my input as to why I believe Shanks went to Dawn Island…..The reason for that being, is that is because that is where Gol D. Rogers body is buried. I also believe Shanks went there for two reasons!

1) Shanks wanted to pay respect to Rogers grave.

2) Shanks went there to return the Straw Hat to Rogers grave!

Why would Shanks do that though? Roger gave him the Straw Hat for a reason, so why would Shanks go to return it? We will get to that in a minute, but first…..How did Roger’s body get to Dawn Island? Well I believe Garp is the one who brought it there. After Roger was executed, I believe Garp asked Kong (Who was F. Admiral at the time) If he could be allowed to be the one to bury Roger’s body. Since Garp is the “Hero of the Marines” and Roger’s greatest rival, I believe that is more than enough reason for Kong to allow Garp to take Roger’s body….Especially since Kong seems to hold Garp in high regards.

Now onto why Shanks went to Foosha to return the Straw Hat to Roger’s grave….I believe it is because, Roger said the same thing to Shanks, that Shanks said to Luffy when he gave him the Hat. Him and Shanks made a promise that Shanks would take care of his Straw Hat, and to come return it to him, when Shanks has made a name for himself, and became a big named pirate.

That also answers another question that has been on everyones mind…..When did Shanks become a yonko! I believe Shanks became a Yonko right before he went to Foosha Village. After Shanks became a Yonko, he headed to Foosha Village to fullfil his promise to Roger, and thats when he met Luffy! Remember Whitebeards words when him and Shanks talked? About how he was shocked that a man as powerful as Shanks came back from East Blue missing an Arm, and his signature Straw Hat? I think that was a hint Shanks because a Yonko around the time he visited Dawn Island!

I believe he saw Roger’s will in Luffy and the uncanny resemblance that Luffy shared with Roger, and instead of leaving the Straw Hat at Roger’s grave, he decided he was going to leave the Straw Hat, with the kid who he believes inherited Roger’s will, and the man believes Roger was waiting for! In a sense, Shanks has fulfilled his promise to Roger, by returning the Straw Hat to the kid who will one day carry Roger’s will, and in turn, by making the same promise with Luffy, he would ensure that Luffy would follow the path of being a pirate, and fulfill his role that Roger believed he would!

The reason why I hightlight the word promise, is because it is a major theme within One Piece…..And so far every promise we have seen so far, has been linked back to Luffy…..He fulfilled the promise of Calgara to Montblan Noland, by ringing the Golden Bell, signaling to Noland’s ancestor, Cricket the location of Sky island. I believe Luffy will fulfill the promise Joy Boy made to Poseidon, by bringing all the Fishman to the surface via the Noah. So it makes sense that if Shanks made a promise with Roger, that Luffy will be linked to that promise as well!

Fate is also a major theme within One Piece, and I believe Roger was fated to be buried on Dawn Island, which would in turn, bring Shanks to the Island….So in a sense, Roger was in fact the one who found the man he was waiting for, and set him on the path of fulfilling his role of finding Raftel, and the One Piece..

*Theory by Celestial D. Dragon


Atlantis was a fictional island which was ruled by Atlas – he was a titan that holds the sky
Atlas was a son of God named Poseidon – Poseidon chose that island as a main domain
Atlas’s daughter was Calypso

Now why do i believe that Oda used Atlantis to be Raftel ?
In Atlantis we have 10 kings that met every 6 years and made rules and laws
But one day something happened beetween them and they started war with the whole world
Of course Atlantis lost,but why,that’s what i don’t know..

Now some say that Atlantis was destroyed because: A) they made Gods angry and then they destroyed island,in One Piece “D” are enemies of the God and “D” probably has a lot of connection to Ancient Kingdom of One Piece


B)some say that destroyed themselves with their own weapon and earthquake..
Now as i said Atlas(Joy Boy) was king of that island and his father/mother was Poseidon..Poseidon is known as God of Sea,but he/she is also known by the name “Earth-shaker”,so i believe that he/she destroyed that island
but now we ask why ? It’s because they hid something there and they didn’t want for Gods(world government) to find it – Earth-shaker is almost same as Whitebeard’s devil fruit

Now at the beginning is said Atlas’s daughter was Calypso and she was a nymph..she detain Odysseus for few years.
And there are theories here that say that Luffy is based on Odysseus..Boa – Luffy
Now i don’t say Boa is daughter of Joy Boy..but might be in relation with him

Emerald city is capital city in Wizard of Oz,so i believe it will be the capital of ancient kingdom
But in Crocus’s memory(if it was a flashback),Raftel is on the water,not underneath it..i believe that island he thought of WASN’T Raftel..it was entrance to it,that’s where Blackbeard will fight Luffy (or Shanks will fight Blackbeard)


Also why i believe Raftel is underwater..it’s because i think Rayleigh gave plans on how to coat a ship and he said something like this “Take this,you gonna need it” – for the future..now there are a lot of winds there on that island,it’s because wind always bounces back of the Red Line and it would be impossible for a ship to get there,so we need someone who will control wind – Nami,maybe in the future she will
Also why doesn’t the WG never go to Raftel..it’s because they don’t think there is something special there or they think Ancient City was destroyed and only thing left was that island..but in the end of One Piece,Gorosei will find out that the secret they kept in the Emerald City will destroy them..which will cause their panic and quick reaction to kill every pirate,but with Rio – somebody will tell marines,the true nature of Gorosei and some of them will turn to Pirate’s side(which is evil side,but will actually be the good one) and the marines who stay will be evil not the pirates..and i think that’s what Whitebeard meant by “World will turn upside down” – good become the bad and bad become the good one..

*Theory created by Cleveland

One Piece Treasure theory

*Theory by Usama Mustafa


Shanks and Buggy were probably in the crew during the time when Gol D Roger reached Raftel and found the treasure One Piece… this brought a thought to my mind, maybe One piece is closely related to the “D’s” as only Gol D Roger was the only man with his crew to ever reach Raftel and find One Piece.
Shanks and Buggy(not sure about Buggy) found out or noticed that only a “D” would be able to reach Raftel and find the One Piece, this could also bring us to wonder that this may be the reason that Whitebeard and Shanks, even with all their strength, could not be able to gain One piece, this is probably why Roger wanted to tell Whitebeard on how to enter Raftel as only a D may know, like it’s imprinted into their genes as they are closely related to the void century. The treasure One Piece may also be related to the void century, the D’s and the celestial dragons and I could also add that, this is why he, Shanks bet the new era on Luffy as he is a “D”, specifically Monkey D Luffy a man that closely resembles Roger. Which brings me to the conclusion that maybe only someone from the “D’s” will be able to reach Raftel and find the One piece, the final battle could even be between Luffy and Teach which would connect all the above.

What do you think about?

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800 years has passed, a pirate named Gol D. Roger successfully reached Raftel and discovered the true history

(you can send your argumented theory about  everything related to OnePiece via email at onepiecegoldstaff@gmail.com)

This is what Gol D. Roger discovered in Raftel!


Once there was a Kingdom on the moon that had advance science technology and its name was Beerka. The people of Beerka could make robots and dials (the things that they use in skypia). However, they migrate to the blue planet because they ran out of resources (the blue planet is earth, and if you see the comic cuts with ”Enel” in it when he goes to the moon, you can see writings that say people of Beerka migrated to the blue planet because of lack of resources). The ship schematic that the people of Beerka used to migrate is probably the one that Tom (Franky’s dad) had. When the people from the moon (Beerka) came down to earth, they accepted everyone to join and use their technology in peace and soon developed into a huge Kingdom. However, a secret organization wanted to take the power and authority of the Beerka for themselves and started a war. The Beerka developed three ancient weapons to win the war. The weapons are named the ”Pluton”, ”Poseidon” and ”Uranus”. Pluton runs underneath the ocean floor to change the tides of the sea to make a shied against enemy ships. ”Poseidon” ”Princess Shirahoshi” her ability to summon ”Sea Kings”. Finally Uranus is a dangerous weapon which can be used to rule the world or, in the wrong hands, destroy it. But as of yet, absolutely nothing else is known about it. It was first mentioned during Nico Robin’s conversation with King Neptune, when she says there are three ancient weapons that bear the names of ‘gods’. Later on traces of Pluton’s drilling underground builds up due to undersea volcano eruptions and becomes the “Red Line”. Furthermore, The ”Calm Belt” and the ”Grand Line are formed which divided the ocean into four. Poseidon is a cannon made from fairy bass (sand from the moon). The sand from the moon has a tendency of coagulating sea water and the solid form of sea water made from the moon sand was used as the cannon ball. Later on, the cannon balls that were used during the war sank into the ocean floor and became ores called ”Sea stones” (the stones that devil fruit users are weak against). Even with these extraordinary weapons, the people from the moon lost the war after 100 years of fighting. They conceal the three weapons (Pluton, Poseidon and Uranus) so the secret organization couldn’t use it for themselves. The survivors of the people of the moon hide away from the secret organization and take the shape of the half moon ”D” to use as their middle name. (this explains people with ”D” named) The secret organization that betrayed and destroyed the people of the moon name themselves “World Government” and started a project to hide their wrongdoings.

1. they erase the 100 years of history of the war (the 100 years of history (the void century) that Robin wants to find)

2. They send 20 soldiers to the moon to erase any trace or evidence of the people of the moon. (the 20 soldiers that were sent to the moon are later called world nobles and their offspring are treated like kings. this also explains why world nobles always wear space suits.

The survivors of the people of the moon make a small Island called ”Raftel” which Gol D. Roger reveals it to Edward Newgate while they drink. The survivors hide in Raftel so that the secret organization won’t find them. One Piece is in this island and ”Gol D. Roger” was the only person to find the island. The reason that the ”D” people are not on the island, is because the people of the moon wanted the world to know the evil deeds done by the government. They made poneglyphs (bits and parts of the 100 years of history) and placed it all around the world and sent out a selected number of their own people (D’s) to find it and let the world know the truth. They call it ”The Will Of D”The people of Ohara were the last people who could read the ”poneglyphs”, but they were all killed by the world government. There were only one child who survived, her name was ”Nico Robin”. – The Beerka’s (people of the moon) make one final secret weapon while they are on the island of Raftel. This ancient weapon’s ability is to take the four seperate seas that were divided by Pluton, and turn it back in to one huge ocean (AKA ALL BLUE (the ocean sanji always dreams of). because of its ability to turn the world upside down, which will bring the four sea’s in to one, that weapon is called “ONE PIECE”. 800 years has passed, a pirate named Roger successfully reached Raftel and discovered the true history. He knows exactly what to do, but unfortunately his body didn’t allow him to… he had this incurable disease, remember? whereas the project needs a lot of power and time to complete, 2 things that Roger didn’t have time. Therefore, he decided to create The Golden Age of Piracy instead, hoping that there will appear someone who is strong and righteous enough to complete the massage in his place. Who will be that ‘someone’? I think we all know the answer.

I dont know if this is the actual truth but nonetheless it has intrigued my imagination.

*All rights go to the maker of this theory