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Alright, I would like to premise this theory first with a statement that I always thought that Luffy and his allies would ultimately clash with the World Government and the Marines at the final war (excluding the final battle with Blackbeard)

But, some developments happened along the way and kinda made me think of possibilities so, I would get this out of the way immediately:

The Marines (at least some of them) would breakaway from the World Government and execute a Coup d’Etat.

Now this faction would be very different from the Revolutionaries.

The Revolutionaries wanted to overthrow the government and got no problem affiliating themselves with outside forces like Pirates.

But the Breakaway Marines (we will refer to them as X-Marines) are the guys who still detest pirates, the same way they detest the World Government.

There are several instances in the manga why this thought came to my mind.

First is the apparent disappointment of the Fleet Admiral over the decision of the World Government.

Second is the desire of Admiral Fujitora to defy the government privateers called “Shichibukai” system and his obvious disdain for the World Government.

Now, the other reasons I have are just a speculations, but I believe I got good grounds for it..currently in Zou arc, some parts of Sanji’s backstory had been revealed, and it was said that this “Vinsmoke Family”, which Sanji is a relative of, leads a group called “Warhouse / Germa Double Six”

Now with the involvement of Capone “Gang” Bege, who obviously had been inspired from Al Capone, a famous Mafia Leader, it would be fair to assume that Capone was hired to bring the news to Sanji by another Mafia Group.

Which is kinda confirmed in a way because they are said to be a “Family of Assassins”, well either way, moving on….

With “Germa 66” name as well, I would assume that Oda used this name in order to reference a group/organization from the movie “Kill Bill”, by Quentin Tarantino (Oda loves Tarantino Films)

The Crazy 88, which is led by a Mafia Leader / Underworld Leader.

(wouldnt be surprised if the Vinsmokes hide their faces like this to hide the eyebrows. LOL.)

I’ll dive into this topic in another theory (and Germa 66 connection to a card game), but lets just say, the head of Vinsmoke Family lured Sanji into doing what he wants by using someone Sanji loves as a bait.

The point i’m trying to make (which is kinda confusing coz I rambled on) is that the Vinsmoke Family is a Mafia Family.

I’ll just get straight to the point.

Each of the Gorosei leads their own organizations, so that makes it 5 organizations including the Germa 66 and Cipher Pol.

Simply said, in the game of chess, those 5 organizations are the real “guys” of the World Government.

The Marines?: Pawns, disposable pawns who always get fronted in battle and dont know the real “identities” of the World Government, especially the Gorosei.

So I believe some Marines would breakaway from the World Government and start a new faction.

So in the final war, we have:

1. The Strawhat Pirates and its Grand Fleet.
2. The Blackbeard Pirates and its Grand Fleet.
3. The World Government (Science Division, Germa 66, Cipher Pol etc.)
4. X-Marines.

And yes, I don’t believe the Red Hair Pirates and the Revolutionaries would be there for the Final War…

*Theory by beck


There have been alot of good theories about Big Mom’s devil fruit being either related to Witch-Craft or Acid but i wanted to go a litle bit deeper and share my ideas.

I agree with the idea that Big Mom’s power is witch-craft related but there are a couple of things i havent seen anyone talk about. I would like to start off with Big Mom’s ship.


The singing head looks like a cookie in my opinion. And its something Oda has hinted at before. Take a look at this Panel from Fishman Island.


Now if we talk about living cookies then ofcourse we have to link that to the Gingerbread man.


This picture from Shrek was the best i could find.


I believe Big Mom’s ability lets her turn Sweets, Cookies and Candies into living objects. This is similar to how Brook’s devil fruit works.


His soul emits a powerful “substance”-like energy which allows him to live. I believe Big Mom can also emit a substance-like energy which is her drool.


With this she can turn candies alive (if it enters the candy for example) which would explain her eating her crew (which were basicly candies or cookies). If we look at the panel where she eats them we have the crunching sounds (her eating cookies) and we see small parts falling down.


This substance, lets say her magic drool for now, comes from her stomach, which could be a witch’s cauldron.


Since Big Mom’s is most likely a paramecia this would fit in nicely.

Now this magic drool can also function without entering something and i believe Oda drew it next to the three-eyed girl.


(just a small note on the side: If the three-eyed girl is pudding it might be she is a adopted daughter and gets married against her will. It would be something a evil witch would do in my opinion, kidnapping kids, forcefully adopt them and them marry them off to increase her own influence. Which would basicly make pudding a hostage and Sanji the prince on white horse which goes to save her but thats a different topic).

Now if we take it the Blob thing (Magic Drool) is Big Mom’s power then we could also bring Ceasar into the mix. As we know Ceasar was asked to do research for Big Mom but he blew the funds somewhere else.


On Punk Hazard he had multiple things going on. First the SAD which is used to make Smiley Devil Fruits. Secondly the kids who he tried to turn into giants. And at last he had the gas weapon. Now the Sad was for Doflamingo, which later went to Kaido. The kids were basicly a old research project from Vegapunk for the World Government, which Ceasar made his own to proof he was better. And we know Jack bought his gas weapon in the past. Now Ceasar said he blew the funds somewhere else which means he didnt do the research Big Mom asked him to do. So what did she want him to research? I believe Big Mom was interested in the old version of the gas weapon. Ceasar used this version to destroy Punk Hazard four years ago.


Smiley was also made out of Blobs (really dont have a better word for it sorry).


Now what if Big Mom wanted Ceasar to give her power extra functions like for example the exploding when in contact with fire. We know Big Mom’s crew watched the experiment.


And when Ceasar was defeated they called Big Mom. But it could also have been because they figured he had not worked on her research orders but instead improved the weapon to turn into gas. This would explain them coming after Ceasar in Dressrosa.

These are just my thoughts on how Big Mom’s fruit might work. There are alot of things that can be linked to witch-craft but if Big Mom is a paramecia then it should still have something to do with her body. Her being able to food into living things might explain also why she wants candy so much. She can turn them into her own litle army just how Kaido is making a Zoan army. We know Blackbeard is out there hunting devil fruits and to make up the balance i believe Shanks is recruiting powerful Haki users like for example Rocksta who we saw with Whitebeard.


Hope you enjoyed the read!

*Theory by FrankyG


During the development of this new chapter (Chapter 814), I think its becoming clearer on how to kinda assume some things for the future of the story regarding Kaido and Big Mom.

In this chapter, there was a certain scene that gave a good feel of the status of the strawhats, specifically the scene where Zoro and Luffy argued about on whether going to rescue Sanji or not.

I think that Strawhats would get a vote off (Luffy and Zoro would have a big rift) and the Strawhats would split with one team going to Wano-Kuni and the other group rescuing Sanji, of course, this group is Luffy’s.

If im gonna give a guess on who goes with Zoro and who goes with Luffy, of course the ones that goes with Zoro are the reasonable ones, the more practical ones (you already can sense it with their dialouges last chapter)

Zoro = Robin, Ussop and Brook.

While the guys who would go with Luffy’s group are the emotional first ones.

Luffy = Nami, Chopper and Franky

And THIS division is actually really interesting.


First of all, please take at look at the possible group of Zoro which would go through the original mission and go to Wano-Kuni.

Of course, its never more obvious that they also are going to Kaido’s path.

Nevermind that for now and focus here, Zoro is gonna be with Robin, Ussop and Brook.

They are going to Wano-Kuni, and it seems that Zoro’s group references some yokais

Robin = Robin actually got a lot of possible yokai reference, i’ll just leave it like that.
Ussop = tengu
Brook = gashadokuro

Well of course Zoro is a samurai, and along with Kinemon, Momonosuke and Kanjuuro.

The question is, who would accompany Zoro’s group?

Obviously, the clear guys are Law and the Heart Pirates.

It’s also interesting to note that Fujitora might possibly be in Wano-Kuni (and Jack, Sengoku and Tsuru as well) who also are referenced after some very japanese stuff.

The possible opponent in wano-kuni? = Kaido or Jack.

Wano-Kuni would be the biggest spotlight of Zoro. and he would get the first crack against Kaido.

Which other guy would go with Zoro’s group?



Now let’s focus on Luffy’s group.

More than referencing the guys in Luffy’s group, in this group, i believe this determines which people would tag along their group….which some of them also would be involved in Wano-Kuni arc.

Let’s get this out of the way first, Bonney & X-Drake would appear in this Sanji arc. at least what i believe….because of Big Mom.

Nami = Absalom & Tashigi
Franky = Vegapunk
Luffy = Smoker & Moriah
Chopper = Hogback & Vegapunk

Zou would be the biggest spotlight of Sanji and he would get the first crack against Big Mom.


Basically the point im making is that i believe Luffy would take a backseat in this Big Mom/Kaido mess and that Zoro and Sanji would shine in these arcs…especially the first parts of the arcs.

(although at the end Luffy would be the one to end them dont get me wrong, and i believe their alliance will grow with 2 more people with X-Drake & Bonney)

*Theory by beck




It has been mentioned in the past that Sanji refuses to fight with his hands because he needs them for cooking and does not want to risk damaging them. However, I believe that there is a much deeper reason for this than what Sanji makes it seem. In Sanji’s original backstory, it makes sense that Zeff would teach Sanji how to cook since Sanji said he wanted to help Zeff with his restaurant. What isn’t clear is why Zeff would teach a young child how to fight. The story just skips a huge chunk of time and I think it is finally time for Oda to reveal the missing parts of Sanji’s story.

While stranded on the island, Sanji sees a bag beside Zeff and thinks it is filled with food so he runs towards Zeff with a knife in order to kill him for the food. Isn’t it a bit odd how a young child, despite being desperate, would have such murderous intent? It was recently revealed in the manga, the Sanji’s family, the Vinsmoke, is a family of assassins. I believe that at this point in Sanji’s life he had already been influenced greatly by his family even if it’s just through observation. I think Sanji witnessed many people fall victim to the Vinsmoke assassins so he probably learned at a young age that you have to kill in order to get what you want. This is the reason why Sanji wanted to kill Zeff. I believe that Sanji, when he was even younger, was ordered by his father to kill someone as some sort of initiation into the family business, but Sanji wasn’t able to do it. I also believe that this person was Sanji’s own mother. Perhaps Sanji’s mother betrayed the Vinsmoke family by leaking information or maybe Sanji’s father felt that by killing someone so close to Sanji’s heart, Sanji would easily be able to kill anyone without hesitation. I think the trauma from this event is what led to Sanji vowing never to hurt a woman so that he would never have to remember the pain of this event. As a result of disobeying his father, Sanji was banished from his home in the North Blue and this is how he eventually ended up in the East Blue where he met Zeff.

I believe that Zeff taught Sanji how to cook, not only so that Sanji could help out with his restaurant, but also as an attempt to help Sanji get over his childhood trauma. By teaching Sanji how to cook, Zeff wanted to show Sanji, that his hands could be used to make people happy as opposed to being tools of murder. On the island, Sanji learned how important food was for life so being able to make delicious food for people is a way for Sanji to give life in a way instead of taking it away. I think this reinforces why Sanji cherishes his hands so much. Finally, I believe that Zeff taught Sanji to fight using only his legs in order to separate the idea of his hands being used for killing. It somewhat serves as a renewal for Sanji since his trauma is associated with his hands only, not his legs. Zeff probably also understood that there would come a time when Sanji would have to face his family again and he need to be able to defend himself. Furthermore, I also believe that Zeff cutting of his own leg symbolizes the idea of Zeff taking Sanji’s burdens onto himself. By sacrificing his leg, it balances out with the sacrifice that Sanji failed to make; killing his mother.

*Theory by GreenTea