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Let’s examine, Kaido, his crew and X Drake are in the icy island we have seen a while back both in Caribou’s cover story and also even before that when X Drake challenged Scotch to a fight.

Now, you’d think that this shadow is Kaido, right? Well wrong- they note- “Lord Kaido! Where are you?”, which means that I don’t think it’s the shadow that’s Kaido- but HIS PALACE- notice the architecture, doesn’t it look a bit like buildings with east-asian, most specifically Chinese like that:

Look at those “spikes”, but I think that Oda did it on purpose to make it look like Kaido’s huge, when it’s in fact just his palace, another thing is that he specifically also doesn’t give us people in the same panel as the “palace” so we won’t be able to assume how big it is.

I think many of those things together also make me think- is Kaido small? It definitely seems like something Oda would do, there is nearly no character who does not have a single comedic quality to him, so the fact that Oda might mislead us like that it’s because of the size.

ALSO, the house can also prove, the icy island is KANO, which I believe is based on China, and considering how big China is- I think this island would be massive as well.
Well- it could be China, but it could also include central-asia as well, because, as noted many times in the past, Kaido has a near-identical name with Central-Asian ruler Kaidu.
So, this “Icy” part of the island? Well, there’s the Himalayas, mountains that span over Tibet (Which is ruled by China), Nepal and even parts of India and perhaps a bit of central Asia, that makes me think that indeed Kano could be based on all those parts of Asia, with Wano near it being it’s own thing, a different island that’s obviously representing Japan.

So, my conclusion:
Kaido is indeed in Kano, which spans over several climates and geographic topography, and is based on mostly China but also the rest of East and Central Asia.
Kaido is smaller and very different in appearance than we expect him to be.

This might also solidify the fact that he is indeed the Emperor of Kano.

So, what do you think?

*Theory by Jewish Kaizoku


The secret behind NHC10
As we know nhc10 is a drug used by caeser to turn children into giants. Essentially making them grow out of proportion.
An out of proportion unnatural growth, caused by a chemical? Where did I hear that before I wonder… [​IMG]


Yes that right! Skypia!! In Skypia we have encountered some huge a** gigantic trees, as seen above, the trees have grown huge, and took over the ancient ruins on the isle. But that’s not all,

take a look at this:


And this:


As we can see these animals and plants are way out of proportion. The parrots have grown over size, and the dog as well.
So what did cause the growth?
Best explanation we get is from Robin:


As Robin says, the growth rate of animals and plants have gone wild due to the substances in the sea clouds and island clouds.

Hmm clouds? Substances? What are you talking about? Well its sounds so strange, yet kinda familiar…


Whoa whoa , substance, seastone , clouds? Pairopuroine?!

Well let’s go one by one:
As we saw, Skypiea’s clouds are created by mixing the “water in the air” (moisture, or water fumes if you like) and this mysterious substance found in Seastone : Pairopuroine.
Pairopuroine? Sounds awfully scientifically difficult to pronounce, well that’s right!

So let’s break down Pairopuroine into two parts:
Pairo- or as I think it is meant to be written – Pyro- fire, now it can be a reference to the volcanos and the heat (hence fire) that the substance comes from. Another possibility as to why Oda decided to call this pairo, is because : pair-o-puroine, pair(two) as reference to the atomic structure of the substance, as it consist from the same two molecules.

Puroine- now this is the scientific part. There is a material in our world called Purine.
See the resemblance? Puroine and Purine differ from each other, by exactly one letter: O.
As we know Oda loves to take inspiration from the real world, yet he keeps his own touch and adds his own twists. I believe Oda based Pairopuroine off purine.
Now the Chemical formula of purine is: C5H4N4. The numbers do not matter, just remember it as: CHN.

Ok ok.. I get it.. some seastone a little bit of Pairopuroine and boom! We get some magical floating clouds, and some big a$$ giant animals and plants, but where is the NHC10 part? Huh?!

Well… if you reverse NHC(10) you get 10CHN. Now in our world NHC10 would be C10H15N or
Methamphetamine, or as most of us know it as METH (not even once xD). Yes that’s right NHC10 IS A DRUG. It even says so in the trivia part:http://onepiece.wikia.com/wiki/NHC10

Ok, see where I am going with this? I believe both NHC10 and Pairopuroine are substances of seastone, and both come form the same family of NHC. There are more NHC substances that can be synthesized from Seastone, like SAD. Each substance has a different attribute. For example NHC10 is highly addictive and can cause unnatural growth in humans while Pairopuroine can create clouds when mixed with water, and accelerate growth as well. Pairopuroine is a natural occurring substance of Seastone while NHC10 is an artificial synthesized substance.

In our world, there are more CHN chemicals and drugs like Pyridine C5H5N
And other CHN formulas that can be synthesized from each of the following Diazines:
pyrazine, pyrimidine, pyridazine
Diazines- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diazine
All three are CHN formulas that can be used for synthesizing drugs, and other CHN Compounds, just like in the one piece world.

Basically what I am saying is that Seastone is the FATHER of all NHC substances. Each has its own ability, and with the help of other NHC substances like SAD Caesar Clown and dr.vegapunk are able to create artificial devil fruits.

It looks something like this:

All NHC subsistence derive from Seastone.

Thanks for reading~~!!!!

*Theory by Marshall D. Newgate


Hello once again everyone and welcome back to yet another theory for your entertainment. I’ve made a few theories that mentioned cursed words and I’ve had quite the number of people tell me that they don’t fully understand how cursed swords work. In this theory, I shall be discussing the secret of the cursed swords in its entirety. Since I don’t like pointless small talk, I’ll get straight to the point.

In Dressrosa, we’ve learned that all real DFs contained souls.

In Enies Lobby, we learned that objects can “eat” devil fruits. Spandam’s Funkfreed is a sword that has an elephant zoan.

With this, I can safely say that all cursed swords has a soul trapped inside of it. An entity or spirit of sorts that was once human. Souls to DF, DFs to objects, objects to souls.

These entities are either good or bad. Swords with good spirits are divine blades.

Swords with bad spirits are called cursed blades and all cursed swords bring misfortune and the type of misfortune varies from sword to sword.

There is an old saying that swords chooses its owner.
When it comes to cursed swords, they literally choose their owner.

I will be discussing these 3 cursed swords in particular:

Durandal wielded by “Pirate Prince” Cavendish

Kikoku wielded by “Surgeon of Death” Trafalgar Law

Snadai Kitetsu wielded by “Pirate Hunter” Roronoa Zoro

Durandal means “To endure.” Cavendish’s will and mind must endure the spirit of Durandal Hakuba or else he’ll lose himself and become a genocidal psycho.

Hakuba’s cursed entity is about control.

Cavendish constantly has a tug-o-war against Hakuba for control of his mind and body.

Obviously when Cavendish falls asleep, Hakuba takes over but he has shown the ability to take over Cavendish at anytime.

It wasn’t until recently that Hakuba accepted Cavendish to a degree and agreed to only take over his body every once in a while.

Law’s sword means “Demon’s Cry/Wail.” It also means “return to one’ homeland.” What’s makes one cry or wail? What might one feel being away from their homeland? Pain.

Kikoku’s cursed entity is about pain.

Law was the one who got the hurt the most in Punk Hazard and Dressrosa. Ironic since he is a cunning and cautious doctor and doctors are supposed to ease pain.



Know what else is associated with pain? Death. Law’s life even before getting the blade was filled with nothing but pain and death. It was very easy for the Kikoku spirit to accept Law and its the reason Law has those death tattoos on his fingers.

The blade will also affect Law’s spirit. Being a ‘D’, Law will undoubtedly unlock CoC and the Kikoku will make Law’s spirit very dark and sinister, muck like the “Dark King” Rayleigh.

The one everyone was waiting for probably.

The most popular belief is that the Sandai Kitetsu curse is Asura.
[​IMG] [​IMG]

That is not the case. Asura and the Sandai Kitetsu are different. Zoro always had an asura demon spirit.

Lets look at what an Asura spirit is.

While all the gods of the Kāmadhātu are subject to the passions to some degree, the Asuras above all of them have become addicted to them, especially wrath, pride, envy, insincerity, falseness, boasting, and bellicosity.Because of their passions, rebirth as an Asura is considered to be one of the four unhappy births (together with rebirth as an animal, a preta, or a being in Naraka). The state of an Asura reflects the mental state of a human being obsessed with ego, force and violence, always looking for an excuse to get into a fight, angry with everyone and unable to maintain calm or solve problems peacefully.Beings may go to the Asura realm because in human form they had good intentions, but committed bad actions such as harming others.Some asuric deities commonly used curved swords and control flames.

Sounds eerily similar to Zoro right? Zoro stands above normal humans but is currently below a god(Mihawk). A pretty normal human who caused harm to lots of people and was pretty “reborn” as an Asura. Even as a child, Zoro was eerily similar to an Asura.

Asura is Zoro’s spirit manifesting itself in physical form. His untapped CoC in physical to be exact.

Even though Zoro is an asura demon, he always kept his humanity. Ever since Zoro got the Sandai Kitetsu, Zoro began to slowly lose it and got more n’ more demonic as time went on.

In Skypia, Zoro was attacked by a random monk with a spear. Zoro took him out by smashing the monk’s face with his sword hilt.

Fast forward to Sabody, Zoro was attacked by a random Tenryubitto(he had no idea who the CD was). Instead of trying to knock him out, Zoro tried to mercilessly kill the guy. Just look at Zoro’s face.

Zoro let off so much killing intent that even Apoo, who isn’t a swordsman, felt it.


A drastic change in actions no?

Back in Enies Lobby, Zoro’s spirit could be felt by Kaku

Everyone is calling Zoro’s spirit beast-like. Why is that? It isn’t because of his asura spirit(mostly at least).

It because of the Sandai Kitetsu.

Sandai Kitetsu means “Third generation demon cutter.” It is the weakest of the 3 demon cutters.

The curse of Sandai Kitetsu(all kitetsus) is that all of its owners die.

In the scan above, you can see that the previous owners died from calling off cliffs, being eaten alive, burning alive etc.. Despite all those tragedies,the Sandai Kitetsu remains intact.

The Sandai Kitetsu took over its wielders to made them kill themselves, as the blade did not accept them as its owner.

The Sandai Kitetsu never tried to get Zoro to kill himself because not only does Zoro have a very strong spirit, the Sandai Kitetsu accepted Zoro as its owner.

With just one look, Zoro automatically knew that the Sandai was a cursed sword and he even said that he liked it.
[​IMG] [​IMG]

The main reason the Sandai accepted Zoro is because Zoro and the Sandai spirit are similar but lets back track a little bit. Remember when I said that Zoro has his humanity despite being an Asura demon? Remember when I said how Zoro is getting more merciless as time goes on?

The Curse of the Sandai Kitetsu spirit is bloodlust and it is leading Zoro down the “Path of the Demon.”

The “Path of the Demon” is a path where a person sacrifices his humanity and lives for nothing but combat, blood and chaos. He literally becomes a beast going down this path. That’s why people can sense Zoro’s bloodlusted spirit and calls him a beast.

Zoro thought he overcame the curse but it was pure luck that his arm didn’t get cut off.
[​IMG] [​IMG]

Zoro will find out about the curse in Wano and will go through its villages to learn how to dominate it. Zoro may succeed, but he may lose control of his demon spirit when he gets his hands on the Nidai Kitetsu.

Look at the pattern on Sandai.

Look familiar?

I believe one of Kaidou’s men or the 7th Shichibukaihas the Nidai Kitetsu and Zoro will take it. The Nidai is also cursed and is more bloodthirsty than the Sandai so Zoro’s spirit will struggle.

*Theory by Vandenreich


One Piece One Truth: The 7th Warlord

(WARNING: This theory is a mixed of creative writing and the actual theory itself! I made it like a dialogue so that i won’t get bored in writing it. I hope you guys appreciate it!)

Kogoro: According to my deduction, the 7th warlord is none other that Shiki!

Megure kebu: What?!! But Shiki has been away for a very long time and i doubt his pride will ever let him be called a “dog of the government”.

Kogoro: Don’t you get it? Zephyr’s arm was cut off and look at Shiki’s legs. They were made out of swords!! Obviously he was the…(click)..nyahhhh. ZZZzzzz

(Sleeping Kogoro appears)

Megure: Could it be? The legendary Sleeping Kogoro!

Sleeping Kogoro: That’s right! Now let’s expose the person that cut Zephyr’s arm and made a name for himself as the 7th warlord!

Megure: But didn’t you already said it was Shiki?!

SK: I was just testing if you are paying attention. As you said, it can’t be him. Now moving on.

Megure: ….

SK: Let’s review the qualification to become a warlord. First, to become a warlord, you have to do insane things that will catch the WG’s attention. Law sent hundreds of living hearts of pirates to the WG. Buggy had a huge followers from impel down, some of the most fearsome pirates and he also escaped impel down himself. BB captured the son of Gol D. Roger. These acts all made these pirates ascend to the warlord status. Second, you have to be strong and influential and well known. This comes hand in hand with the first qualification. If you do insane stuff, you will be known all throughtout the OP world as seen with my 3 examples. So what act could the 7th warlord have had committed to attain such title?

7th Warlord: (gulp)..

SK: Now let’s review everything that we know about the whereabouts of the 7th warlord. First, he was already shown on previous chapters. This means that he is someone that we are already familiar to. Next, he cut Z’s arm off. What could he have used to cut Z’s arm? Was it his devil fruit power or was it something simplier? Like a sword perhaps? Third, He became a warlord during the time skip. Why during the time skip? What could have happened during that time? This brings us to my last point. Fujitora. Fujitora expressed his stance on the warlord system. He heavily opposed it and wants to abolish it. He didn’t say the reason why but if my deductions are correct, it maybe related to the 7th warlord.

7th warlord: (smirk)..

SK: Fujitora became an admiral and expressed his goals of destroying the warlord system the moment we knew about him. Oda wrote this to give us a clue. He wouldn’t simply write something like this and makes nothing of it. It’s not Oda’s style of writing. So we can safely say that the 7th warlord is someone that Fujitora hated as he heavily oppose the warlord system. But why? Why would Fujitora hate the 7th warlord?

SK: Other detectives around the world speculated that Fujitora’s scars on his face were given by the 7th warlord himself. I disagree with that thought. Why? Simple. Fujitora is an admiral who has an hax DF. Even Doffy expressed how strong Fujitora is along with green bull. So there could possibly be no way that a warlord can stack up against an admiral like Fujitora.

Megure: But how can you explain the hatred of Fujitora against the warlord especially the 7th?

SK: If my deductions are correct, Fujitora’s scars weren’t made by the 7th but a person related the 7th warlord himself. It could be his dad or perhaps his master. But this is not enough for Fujitora to hate the Warlord. Fujitora didn’t care about the warlord till he did an act that reminded Fujitora about the past. This prompt Fujitora to abolish the warlord system. In short, Fujitora knew the warlord before he became the warlord but didn’t hate him yet because it wasn’t him that gave him his scars but his master or father or someone related to him. But during the timeskip, the 7th warlord made a move to attain the warlord status and that irks Fujitora so much because it reminds him of the past. Two things in particular. The scar on his face, and the tragedy on his home country.

Megure: Wait what?! What does his country have to do with this? And how do you even know where he is from?

SK: If you look at Fujitora’s character design, it is very easy to deduce where he is from. He wears a kimonno and sword is his primary weapon. He has the same outfit as a samurai would thus telling us that he is most likely a samurai from Wano. Wano and WG don’t get along very well so why did a very powerful Fujitora became an admiral? Just to abolish the warlord system. He hate it that much.

Megure: True…. But what tragic past could the Wano have had experienced before?!

SK: That is a very good question and you won’t find the answer in the One Piece manga for this.

Megure: NANI?!

SK: Yes. Instead, you have to go back in time and dig one of Oda’s one shot called “Monsters”. It’s a story about the legendary swordsman of wano, Ryuuma. Monsters was confirmed canon by Oda so this is still part of One Piece. In the story, a village located in between mountains was wiped out by a dragon and none but one girl survived. You guys should read it, it’s very interesting and the story will play a huge role in the upcoming wano arc. Moving on, this was the tragedy that i’m talking about. A dragon wiping out an entire village killing everything in it’s path. This on itself is not a real tragedy until people figured out that the person that saved the little girls life during the dragon’s rampage was in fact the person that called the dragon to wipe the entire village in the first place. And they all hailed him as a hero before figuring this out. It most likely felt to people like they were “betrayed” by this guy they deemed as hero. Now let me show you the picture of the person responsible for such horrible act. Conan!

Conan: Haaaai!


7th warlord: …..

SK: His name is Cyrano. Oda “most likely” derived his name from the famous play written in 1897 called Cyrano de Bergerac. After this play became popular, being called a “Cyrano” was often reffered to as having a “long nose”. Try to remember all of this as it will be handy later on.

Megure: Ok. Wait. I think we are getting out of base in the real subject here. Who is the 7th warlord and what does this all have to do with him?!!

SK: Getting impatient there huh old man?

Megure: wha?!…

SK: All of this is related to the 7th warlord. Cyrano was a well known antagonist in wano because of what he did and since Fujitora was from Wano, he knew all about Cyrano and his antics. Meaning that the 7th warlord is most likely a descendant of the cruel Cyrano! Depending on timeline, the 7th warlord maybe the son. grandson or great grandson of Cyrano. Also, the scar on Fujitora’s face was mostly given by the generation before the 7th warlord’s thus it’s probably his master/father. Another great clue to point out here is the manner in which Fujitora’s scars were made. If you look at carefully, it’s an X on the forehead. I call this as the signature of the Cyrano bloodline. You know who else got the X scar on his face? Ryuuma himself! Conan!

Conan: Haaaai!


SK: As you all can see, Ryuuma has some bandages across his forehead and a scar that’s fairly visible across his eyes and another bandage on the other direction. If i were to deduce what happened, it must have been that when Ryuuma got old, an angry Cyrano descendant challenged him and killed him leaving that patented trademark on his face. Also, it’s most likely that that person can’t beat Ryuuma with just “one” sword so he developed his technique using “two” sword style thus explaining the “X”.

Megure: Ok. I get it. He is connected to Cyrano. But who exactly is he?!

SK: Conan!

Conan: Hai!

The guy with top hat and has “heeeelp” on the panel

SK: Did you figure it out yet? This is the sillouhete of the 7th warlord as show in this chapter. Does he strike any resemblance to you?

Megure: Another detective said that it’s Rob Lucci.

SK: (smiles) Do you really think Lucci can do all that to an admiral? Of course it’s not Lucci! He is not a pirate after all!

Megure: …

SK: Moving on. This person is the real 7th warlord. If you combine his sillouhete and Cyrano’s picture. I think it will become pretty clear on what it would look like. Conan!

Conan: Hai!



SK: Yes! That’s right! The 7th warlord is non other than Vista.


SK: Have you forgotten already old man?

Megure: What the..?!!

SK: Cyrano was the same. Everybody in Wano thought of him as the savior and in the end he turned out to be the bad guy!

Megure: T-t-true…

SK: Remember the interaction between Yassop and Vista? In the wiki, it says that something happened in the past between the two of them. So there is that “long nose” “cyrano” connection. I have another deduction about what this could have been and how it’s connected to Zoro but that’s for another thread. For this one, let’s stick with Vista.

Megure: But how did he attain warlord status? What could he have done?

SK: He most likely attacked the weakened WB pirates as he knew that they were down after losing Ace and WB. Or maybe he just turned them into the WG. Worst case scenario, he killed them. One thing is for sure though, he did “betray” them. It also shows that he weilds “two” swords which is logical if you are to put an X on someone’s forehead.

Megure: Is this true Vista?

7th warlord/vista: (Smile).. Ryuuma killed Cyrano and was our whole family was hailed as bad people in the whole Wano! Do you have any idea how it’s like to be dubbed as traitor even before you start walking?! So my father/master/great grandfater(whoever it is that challenged Ryuuma depending on timeline) challenged Ryuuma to a duel. He couldn’t beat him on a one on one battle. He was just too strong. So my ancestor developed a new swordstyle that could beat Ryuuma. “If i can’t beat him with one sword, I’ll use two instead!” Ryuuma had gotten old in that time so my ancestor had an advantage.
At last, after tons of duels, he killed Ryuuma but the wano country hated us even more instead of recognizing us as the people that beat Ryuuma.

SK: (Laugh) You may have beaten the legendary Ryuuma with two swordstyle technique but beware! It’s only natural that your two sword technique will lose to someone that wields three!

Vista: ???

Zoro: Achoo! Sniff Sniff.

SK: It’s only fitting Vista. Your name. In a parallel world, your name signifies a very bad version of computer software but when they replaced it with 7, it became the best OS. In your case, it’s the other way around.

Vista: Wtf are you even talking about?!

Kogoro: …(where am i? did i fall asleep again?)

(angry Vista and Megure appears)

Kogoro: What the? What do you want? Did i do something?


Vista: WTF is Vista and 7 have to do with me?!!!! I don’t get it!

Kogoro: ?????!!??

Conan: hehe. -_-”

So yeah. 7th warlord is Vista. Sorry guys if i had to write it this way. I was writing it normally but it bored the hell out of me so quickly so i had to write it in a more creative fashion.

What do you think?

*Theory by Conan


This time I shall be talking about the abilities of a very underrated character, Brook.

As I said, Brook is a very underrated character and before I can even talk about his devil fruit power, I must first talk about what Brook represents.

I think the main reason Brook is so underrated is because of dream which is to reunite with….a whale. Compared to the other SHs, his dream seems pretty weak and one that can be achieved whenever he feels like it. Well not only is Brook a SH and they do not backtrack, a promise to a WHALE isn’t the main point: it is the promise itself.

Brook is the most lively character in the series despite dying once. A promise carries a lot of weight and one simple yet silly promise is all the reason he needs to live.

To further understand this, I’ll have to go into detail with other points.

Brook is also underrated as a swordsman. Contrary to how a lot of people think, Brook is a real swordsman. Just look at his knowledge about swordsmanship in Thriller Bark.

Another thing that you should know is that technically, Zoro never fought Ryuma. He fought Brook.


All tactics and techniques zombie Ryuuma used are just like Brook’s and everything Ryuuma said is within Brook’s vocabulary and personality.




Brook has the drive to train his swordsmanship and get stronger.

Brook’s shadow felt ashamed that it caused the demise of the body of a proud samurai.

If Brook can handle it or if it is for the sake of his comrades, Brook shows his true colors that is normally outshined by his eccentric, goofy and cowardly personality.

Brook’s devil fruit, the Yomi Yomi no mi, is directly related to the Yami Yami no mi or Marshall D. Teach. The Yomi Yomi no mi was one of the first devil fruits to exist with the Yami Yami no mi being the very first. It is one of the 3 devil fruits that deals with the essence of life.

It is also no coincidence that Brook was introduced in the same arc of Gekko Moriah who has the Kage Kage no mi. The Kage Kage no mi gives the user the ability to extract the shadow from a person and transfer it to a body that lacks essence.

The shadow is just an extension of a person’s essence which is why the vessel that lack essence gains the personality of the original host. It is their “darkness.” Without it, they are overwhelmed by the light(sun) and cease to exist.

What is this “essence” I speak of?




The soul is the essence of life and Brook can bend it to his will.

Similar to how the Yami Yami no mi can steal and contain souls, Brook’s devil fruit can manipulate and control them.

Here you can see Brook using his music to manipulate the souls of others.

Brook’s latest epithet “Soul King” isn’t referring to his music. It is referring to his ability to vontrol souls. Brook’s real epither is “The King of Souls.”

Yomi translates to “Land of the Dead/World of Darkness” in Japanese. In Japanese Shintoism(Wano), Yomi is where the souls of the dead goes to. It is the same as Hades in Greek Mythology.

Brook’s sword “Soul Solid” uses the chill of Brook’s own soul energy.

Simply put, Brook can summon the souls of the dead and in a way, bring Yomi/Hades to the surface.

Remember when I said that Moriah’s Kage fruit can transfer a shadow to a corpse that lacks essence? Brook can give the corpse an essence of life and it can roam whenever it pleases without a weakness to salt. Because the corpse lacks a souls, it can be purified. It is just a vessel stuck in a limbo that needs closure but now that it has a soul, it is completely bound to this world with Brooke as its king. Brook and Moriah will create an invincible zombie army to fight against Kaidou’s forces. Also, it is in Wano where Brook’s DF power and swordsmanship will reach a new level.

Now then, there is a very good reason for Brook to be able to summon souls of the Underworld. Remember Brook’s promise to Laboon? I believe it was the entire Rumbar Pirates who promised to return and didn’t Brook himself say death isn’t an apology?

Once Brook discovers his true ability, he wont need a recording dial. He just needs to summons the souls of his comrades(resurrection can only happen once per soul to keep things from being OP or repetitive) to have a true reunion and heartbreaking moment with Laboon.

Brook represents life itself and its the little pleasures in it that gives you reason to live.

*Theory by Vandenreich


OK, most people have been wondering about the next nakama, but a lot have ignored the allies and how will Oda handle them? Will they follow Luffy on his journey? Will they stay in their country? How will it be?


So I have been thinking about it for a long time and I tried to be objective and I want you guys if you have better ideas to comment for sure and give me your opinions. Now I will write a lot, so be patient please cause I tried to analyze everything

First of all, there are two concept I want to clarify here:
1- When I say allies here, I’m not talking about allies who are on equal terms, no I meant allies who are under the command of Luffy and waiting for his orders, and that’s how most big Pirates in the new world operates.
2- The way I analyzed it, was a way where I separated the allies into two major groups.
A) People Who will stay at the kingdoms and islands who are under Luffy and protect his territory.
B) People who will follow him on his journey, BUT on their own ship not the sunny.

So, there was something I have noticed in this arc and how Oda introduced Luffy’s allies that made me believe that he will follow this pattern and I will go through it in a minute.

When he introduced these allies, there were two kind of allies:
1- Pirates with bounties
2- Assassins, Mercenaries, Kings, Gangs, criminals (but there was not a single bounty on these guys, because Marines only cares about hunting pirates)

Now, the first group, the pirates, they will have to keep sailing no matter what because of their bounties and because they cannot stay on the same island to protect a territory of Luffy, because we have seen what Law was aiming for when he wanted Doflamingo to resign from shichibukai system. If Doflamingo did it, he cannot stay in Dressrosa no matter what cause he will be hunted by marines. Same we can say about the pirates. So how come other yonko and big time pirates have people protect their islands and territories if the yonko isn’t there and there is a bounty on these guys like scotch for example? It’s because these guys are not pirates, and they don’t have bounties, they are gangs, mercenaries assassins, Kings and their troops. So they can rest assured if they stayed in that island to protect it.

I think you guys understood what I’m getting at. So I’ve organized and sorted the characters I’ve seen in this arc as allies into the two groups:

A- Pirates with Bounties:
1- Cavindish and the beautiful pirates.
2- Bartolomeo and the Bart club.
3- Bellamy (I will get into him in a minute since he doesn’t have a crew anymore and no he’s not joining SHs Lol)
This group I will talk about them later, I will first talk about the others in details

B- Others who doesn’t have bounties: These guys will be the ones to protect the future territories of Luffy, and Oda mixed them in this arc together as a foreshadowing of what islands Luffy will take over besides Fishman Island in the future. And these guys will stay in the island to protect it, until the final war where Luffy will ask them all to help him.
Let’s look at them one by one:

1- Kinemon, Kanjuro and momonoske (Don’t have bounties, Wano will be Luffy’s territory and they will protect it)

2- Sai and Boo (They are from Hanokuni the land of flowers and they don’t have a bounty cause they are just a gang not pirates, their grandpa Chinjao was a pirate but not them, they have the happo navy under Luffy’s command already by Chinjao, but they will stay at Hanukuni to protect it for Luffy until the final war. Also, Baby 5 was very young about 10 years old when she was under Doffy as shichibukai so I doubt she got a bounty at all)

3- Blue Gilly and Ideo: One from the long leg tribe and one from the long arm tribe. I was watching a review video of EOP, check him out he’s great, but he mentioned something about it was based on a story of two tribes long legged and long armed and that they were working alone separately, but that these long leg and long arm tribe will only be at the max power when they unite and work together and who will do that? Luffy and Blue gilly and Ideo will protect this town cause I have a feeling that these two tribes currently are hating each others and work separately although they live near each others

4- King Riku, Kyrus, Viola and Rebecca: Kyrus does have a bounty, BUT it’s a picture of him as a toy and it doesn’t even mention his name, so there is no problem for him. As for Viola, she doesn’t have a bounty and the reason I say this is Doffy was most probably a shichibukai for 10 years because as I said before he cannot stay in an island if he was hunted, so him taking Dressrosa mean he got to shichibukai system 10 years ago and then attacked it, and with that, the WG will not put a bounty on someone who works for him, and also Fuji will try to be blind about her and not give her a bounty after Doffy is down since he knows that she is a princess and that it’s the result of the WG corruption she was with Doffy and to protect her family. So either way, these guys will stay in Dressrosa and will protect it.

5- Same can be said for Prudence Kingdom with King Elizabetllo and Dagama the tactician.

6- We have hajroudin who wants to be king of giants, so he most probably needs to stay in Elbaf, and this island is gonna be one of Luffy’s territory as well.

7- Abdullah, Jet, Slayman and Orlumbus (I don’t know from where they are but they will stay somewhere and protect a place)

Now that I’ve finished from the 2nd group, I wanna talk about the first group, the pirates who will follow Luffy in his journey. And here is what I think. I believe that Oda is gonna make the New World a bit different in the way they make their journey. See, people like Kidd, Law, Drake and so on, these guys were just like Luffy in the way they sail, an island after an island and so on. But in the new World, we have seen something different. Kidd had a hideout and a base for his pirate crew. And most pirates in the New World do have a main base including all 4 emperors like Shanks and BB who Luffy have a lot of similarity to them as we know.

That leaves me to believe that Luffy will also have a main base and the journey will be a bit different from now on. They will stay in that Base, if they want to go on a journey to a certain island to explore it and possibly make it his territory, then they go, but after that, they return to that base and not go to the next island immediately. Luffy will need more than one ship in the future in case of there is a problem in one of his territory, and that’s where Luffy orders Bartolomeo’s crew to go and solve that problem. After all Bartolomeo has always wanted to be like that and we all know him being on the main ship is gonna be a bit annoying if he kept fangasming, so that is the best way I see it. Same for Cavindish whom I believe that will be under Luffy in his own ship. As for Bellamy, since he doesn’t have a ship, I really believe that him and Bart built a strong bond, and that he will Join Bart as his right hand man in Bart’s ship.

If there is a message Luffy wants to deliver to someone and so on, he can send Bart with that message, like they are ambassador of Luffy, just like how Pekoms and Tamago works for Big Mom and how Rockstar is working with Shanks

There are many reason I say that this is how it is gonna be from now on in the New World.

1- In the New World, you need to rest after one single journey, the islands are very close to each other unlike before , meaning about only one day journey from an island to another. And going to the next island injured is a big problem.

2- In this way, all the strawhats will get an enough time to train in their base on the new technique that they have developed during the last journey. For example, if they have a base now (which they don’t), Usopp can train on his haki with Sanji or someone else since he only unlocked it, and with that we get a faster growth in each Strawhat which is better than a whole timeskip just so that Usopp can train it. This way it is better with every strawhat who wants to increase their strength and their techniques. Hell, they might go training with their allies, people Like Cavindish and so on just like how we saw Ace fighting and training with Squard in the flashback

3- The Strawhat are bound to go back to many islands in the future whether we like it or not. There is Fishman Island which I expect a huge war will happen there and Luffy will definitely go back for it to protect it, and there is Amazon Lily in Calm Belt which was foreshadowed that the SHs crew all of them will pay them a visit (said by Luffy himself before he went to Impel Down, and I will explain later on the reason of their visit)

So as I see, from now on, the strawhats journey will not be one way to the front, no they will go back to some islands for missions, or a visit and so on. That’s why Luffy will have a hideout and will have a base for his crew like all other pirates do.

Now, what I want to talk about is what ships in the future I expect it to be under Luffy. And when I say ships I mean fleets other than the sunny under his command.

What I expect him to have are these fleets and maybe more but these who I remember for now:
1- Sunny and the main ship with the official SHs members and their number is unknown yet since it’s up to Oda.

2- “The beautiful pirates” under Cavindish (Let’s face it, he will be just crazy to be popular and what better way than following the future pirate king and not letting Luffy have all the glory Lol)

3- “Bart club pirates” with Bartolomeo (Captain) and Bellamy (Vice captain)

4- “The Sun Pirates” under Aladdin (captain) and Jinbie I believe he will join inside the sunny itself, cause when he said that he will break his deal with Big Mom, he told Luffy to invite him on Sunny ship not just being a subordinate on another ship. On the other hand, we can see that the Sun pirates are working for Big Mom now but it seems that Jinbie isn’t the one in charge, that’s why I’m saying Aladdin is the one, besides, they have bounties, so they cannot stay behind in Fishman Island to protect it, so they will have to sail the sea rather than being hunted and Jinbie joining Luffy meaning they also will join Luffy but on their ship. On the other hand, Fishman Island as Luffy’s territories will be guarded by 70,000 soldiers and the prince Fukaboshi who promised Luffy to to rewrite the legend of the Great Neptune Nights by leading the strongest army on the ocean floor according to what they promised.

5- “Kuja Pirates” lead by Boa Hancock, and before attacking me, here is why I believe their ship will be a subordinate of Luffy. Forget about how obsessed Hancock of Luffy and how much she likes him. I’m gonna talk about events that is about to happen. I meantioned earlier that I will say the reason the SHs pirates will pay a visit to Amazon Lily. The reason is that Hancock will be hunted down by the marines and the WG. Why? Think about it, Fujitora’s main objective is to abolish the shichibukai system. Meaning if that happened, and Hancock has a bounty, hell the WG might even know that she was a slave and she escaped. She is bound to be hunted by the marines and WG. This is where Luffy will declare that Amazon Lily is his territory cause Luffy will not let them suffer as we know. and since Hancock will stay a fujitive who has a bounty, there is not a better choice than her ship joining Luffy under her command while there are a lot of strong Kuja warriors still there on the island to protect it.

6- And don’t laugh at me, “The legendary pirate Buggy Sensei and his fleet Lol” and the reason is the same reason of Hancock. Shichibukai will be abolished, and the marines already think highly of him as someone very strong because he was on Roger ship and the brother of Shanks Lol. So, this time, Buggy will be hunted down in a way more serious manner than how they ignored him and thought he is a lowly pirate, which is why I believe that he will go under the protection of either Luffy or Shanks, but we all know how he has pride when it comes to Shanks, so he will choose Luffy. Also because I believe that Shanks will die in the future so Buggy is bound to help Luffy eitherway.

7- “Giant Warrior Pirates” Led by Dorry and Brogy. These two giants topic will be brought again when SHs go to Elbaf. As I said, hajrodin doesn’t have a bounty so he will stay there and protect Elbaf until the day he become king of giants. But there are three Giants who might have a bounty, and will be on that ship, we have Dorry, and Brogy and also we have the Giant from Auction House in Saboady who escaped and he promised that one day he will repay his dept to the SHs. he is a slave, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if he has a bounty.

8- “CP9”, I really believe that against CP0, they will appear and will help the SHs to take them down and since they are fugitives, they cannot stay alone, some are speculating that they are already under kaido, but we all know even if that is true they will not continue that way. That’s why I see two ways for them at the end. Either joining Luffy this way, or they join the Revs. Some are saying they will be under X-Drake, but to be honest I doubt it cause tbh, I hold all the respect to Drake, but I think Lucci is stronger.

9- And the best allies Luffy can ever have and the pirate crew that their leader have ordered them to protect Luffy and their commander was Luffy’s brother. “The Whitebeard Pirates” lead by Marco. I really believe that they will be under Luffy’s command in the final war. Many people will disagree and will say that this is too much of a fleet, but let me tell you this:

First, Luffy will not make them under his command right away. No, there will be a looooot of journeys and a lot of arcs before Luffy gain this much power and make these kind of allies under his command. For example, an ally like the “Whitebeard pirates” are only gonna be under Luffy during and after Blackbeard arc. Cause the Whitebeard pirates must have a hand in taking BB down in my opinion due to their history, so they will be under Luffy’s command after that when they go to fight the WG as a whole.

Secondly, When the SHs go up against the WG as a whole, they are gonna have to fight against 10 important very powerful figures. Cause this fight isn’t just against the marines like before when WB faught against them, no, this time they are gonna face the whole power of the WG including the (Marines + Cipher Pol + The 5 Gorosei). I will neglect CP0 leader, and I will only say there is just 10 people who have an incredible power. they are 3 admirals, 1 fleet admiral, 1 chief of staff, and 5 gorosei (who I believe on a completely different level than the admirals themselves)

So this army of Luffy even with that power is still lacking and pale compared to the WG. Now of course the Revs will be included and also many other pirate groups in the future of One Piece will be under Luffy, I’m just saying it’s not much. After all, that final war will engulf the whole world like WB said

Damn, I wrote a lot, I hope you enjoyed this thought about how will Luffy will handle the allies under Luffy, and tell me your thoughts.

*Theory by Sadistic Senpai



So there has been many speculations as to why Shanks visited Foosha Village, and triggered the fateful encounter with Luffy.

I’ve have read through countless theories, and although some seem plausible, I would like to give my input as to why I believe Shanks went to Dawn Island…..The reason for that being, is that is because that is where Gol D. Rogers body is buried. I also believe Shanks went there for two reasons!

1) Shanks wanted to pay respect to Rogers grave.

2) Shanks went there to return the Straw Hat to Rogers grave!

Why would Shanks do that though? Roger gave him the Straw Hat for a reason, so why would Shanks go to return it? We will get to that in a minute, but first…..How did Roger’s body get to Dawn Island? Well I believe Garp is the one who brought it there. After Roger was executed, I believe Garp asked Kong (Who was F. Admiral at the time) If he could be allowed to be the one to bury Roger’s body. Since Garp is the “Hero of the Marines” and Roger’s greatest rival, I believe that is more than enough reason for Kong to allow Garp to take Roger’s body….Especially since Kong seems to hold Garp in high regards.

Now onto why Shanks went to Foosha to return the Straw Hat to Roger’s grave….I believe it is because, Roger said the same thing to Shanks, that Shanks said to Luffy when he gave him the Hat. Him and Shanks made a promise that Shanks would take care of his Straw Hat, and to come return it to him, when Shanks has made a name for himself, and became a big named pirate.

That also answers another question that has been on everyones mind…..When did Shanks become a yonko! I believe Shanks became a Yonko right before he went to Foosha Village. After Shanks became a Yonko, he headed to Foosha Village to fullfil his promise to Roger, and thats when he met Luffy! Remember Whitebeards words when him and Shanks talked? About how he was shocked that a man as powerful as Shanks came back from East Blue missing an Arm, and his signature Straw Hat? I think that was a hint Shanks because a Yonko around the time he visited Dawn Island!

I believe he saw Roger’s will in Luffy and the uncanny resemblance that Luffy shared with Roger, and instead of leaving the Straw Hat at Roger’s grave, he decided he was going to leave the Straw Hat, with the kid who he believes inherited Roger’s will, and the man believes Roger was waiting for! In a sense, Shanks has fulfilled his promise to Roger, by returning the Straw Hat to the kid who will one day carry Roger’s will, and in turn, by making the same promise with Luffy, he would ensure that Luffy would follow the path of being a pirate, and fulfill his role that Roger believed he would!

The reason why I hightlight the word promise, is because it is a major theme within One Piece…..And so far every promise we have seen so far, has been linked back to Luffy…..He fulfilled the promise of Calgara to Montblan Noland, by ringing the Golden Bell, signaling to Noland’s ancestor, Cricket the location of Sky island. I believe Luffy will fulfill the promise Joy Boy made to Poseidon, by bringing all the Fishman to the surface via the Noah. So it makes sense that if Shanks made a promise with Roger, that Luffy will be linked to that promise as well!

Fate is also a major theme within One Piece, and I believe Roger was fated to be buried on Dawn Island, which would in turn, bring Shanks to the Island….So in a sense, Roger was in fact the one who found the man he was waiting for, and set him on the path of fulfilling his role of finding Raftel, and the One Piece..

*Theory by Celestial D. Dragon


Okay guys I think we can all agree that Sanji has something up his sleeve that will help him catch up to the insane power we’ve seen Luffy and Zoro display. There have been many theories as to what it is and I’ve had my own theory in my head for about a year so I decided I’d give my two cents.

First I’ll discuss what the technique is:
We’ve seen Oda draw from different mythologies for ideas and my theory has to do with Christian Mythology, specifically the works of Dante and his Inferno. First let’s talk about his current power up.


Diable Jambe is French for Devil leg and involves fire based attacks which makes sense because when you think of the Devil you think of hell and fire. Some of Sanji’s new attacks draw inspiration from this idea and the fact that he just spent 2 years in his own personal hell of Okama land.

So now that that’s been established lets go back to Dante. Anybody who’s ever read Inferno(or seen the Impel Down Arc for that matter) will know that fire and brimstone isn’t all there is to Hell. The lowest level of Hell is actually a frozen wasteland saved for the worst sinners in history. Brutus, Judas, and even Satan himself are imprisoned in ice there.


So fire isn’t the only thing associated with Hell and Satan. You also have ice.
I believe that Sanji unlocked Diable Jambe back at Enies Lobby because he was going through the Hell of losing his friends. Then during the timeskip Sanji descended into another level of Hell(as he had now lost all of his friends and was stranded in the worst possible place he could imagine) and discovered the ability to use a freezing leg to attack.
I believe this new technique would be called Cocyte Jambe, Cocyte is French for Cocytus which is the name of the frozen lake in which Satan is trapped.

Now I’ll discuss the nature of this new power-up.
First is how he’ll activate it
I think the way he would activate it would be similar to how he activates Diable Jambe. He will begin to spin at incredibly high speeds but instead of creating friction for his down leg, he will extend his other leg which will in turn cause his foot to spin much faster because of centrifugal force. This speed will have the wind blowing at it so fast that the air will get colder and his leg will start to freeze over(One Piece physics everybody). This will create an icy shell around his leg which he will attack with.

The advantages of having an icy leg would first be that all of his attacks would be extremely cold and would partially freeze his enemies. Also his leg would now be much harder because it is covered in ice which will add more power to each kick.

Having the option of fire or ice to attack with will give Sanji greater versatility as he may face opponents who can handle the heat but not the cold and vice versa. As far as power goes, on its own it would be just as powerful as Diable. The real power comes when he uses them together. One leg each.

Now you’re probably thinking that if he used them together then it would just even out the temperature and make it less effective. That’s if he used them at the exact same time. Now if he used them back to back with slight intervals, that’s a different story. I’ll explain

The Characteristics of life are as follows:
composed of one or more cells
undergo metabolism
maintain homeostasis
can grow
respond to stimuli
can reproduce
through evolution, adapt to their environment in successive generations

Now pay attention to homeostasis
If you took the time to read that then good for you, if not, I’ll summarize.
Homeostasis is the property of a system in which variables are regulated so that internal conditions remain stable and relatively constant. Examples of homeostasis include the regulation of temperature and the balance between acidity and alkalinity. It is a process that maintains the stability of the human body’s internal environment in response to changes in external conditions.

If Sanji were to kick an enemy with a fiery leg and burn him, then before the body can react to the heat he kicks him with a freezing foot and and freezes the burned tissue then that tissue is now much more damaged than it would have been had he just burned it or just freezed it. When you get a burn or frostbite you are supposed to slowly and steadily return that tissue to its proper temperature, when the change is instantaneous the tissue will be severely damaged.

Not only this but the body will also try to adapt to changes in temperature but will be unable to react quick enough meaning that it will be warming itself up from the freezing as Sanji is burning it, and cooling itself down as Sanji is freezing it. This will increase the damage done by each attack as he now has his opponents body systems working against them and the more he attacked the more the damage he causes will increase.

Eventually because of its inability to maintain homeostasis the opponent’s body will suffer from what is called Homeostatic Imbalance and its systems will start to shut down which can incapacitate a person or even cause death.

So that’s my theory. I believe Sanji will develop a Freezing leg technique called Cocyte Jambe which will give him much more versatility in combat and when used in conjunction with Diable Jambe will allow Sanji to attack person in a way that destroys the body from the inside out as well as outside in.

This idea has been on my mind for a while so let me know what you guys think.

*Theory by Samurai Jack


By “more important”, I mean that some of the coliseum fighters are SOME kind of role instead of just being……there. I’ll only talk about a few of them.


Obviously the coliseum fighters are gonna help the SHs fight Kaido, but what about their roles aside from that?


King Elizabello II


He is a KING. Simply put, his kingdom will be in the service of the SHs and he will participate in the Reverie.

Brawling King Ideo


This guy knows a thing or two about group battles.



He is also very fixated on getting stronger. He brought this up multiple times.


Ideo is the UNDERGROUND Boxing champion. Underground boxing is no different from illegal street fighting as people die. Ideo probably trains in a boxing school and is always getting into “wars” with other illegal schools engaging in no holds barred brawls.

Point is that Ideo know a bit about the underground and will be of help to the SHs when they are forced to lay low during the WG takeover. His underground dueling arenas can help the SHs get stronger and Black Leg Sanji will be their representative when it comes to keeping tabs on underground affairs and changes on the surface. Ideo will teach Sanji the Destruction Cannon.

Grand Admiral Orlumbus


“TEN HUT!!!!!!”(love this guy)




Orlumbus is known as “the Massacre Ruler” and the “Made Up Explorer.” Orlumbus is a grand fleet admiral that acts like an explorer group but is actually a mercenary group.


However, Orlumbus is an explorer at heart. He carries a whip and seems to fight animals on a regular.


I believe this guy has experience on Zou. Zou means Zoo(which contains animals of course) and is Oz spelled backwards. Oz is a mystical land that contains strange creatures. What strange creatures does Zou have? Minkmen. Orlumbus’ fleet is anchored in Zou.

Also, Orlumbus is based off Christopher Colombus.

*Theory by Vandenreich



As many of you know, Sengoku has the hito hito no mi model daibutsu and is the former marine fleet admiral. But we really haven’t seen too much on the hito hito no mi model daibutsu; so here is my theory on its true power.

Well i believe that his powers are based on iddhi, superhuman buddhist powers that one can obtain by mediation and its hindu equivilant siddhi


Anyways what i’m saying is his powers are based on buddhist myths and miracles

The elephant story
As the Buddha gathered more and more followers, stories spread of his miracles, which mixed the marvelous with the mundane. One story tells how 500 pieces of firewood split at the Buddha’s command. In another, a mad elephant charged wildly down a street forcing everyone to flee. Only the Buddha remained, quietly waiting. The elephant, overcome by the Buddha’s radiant kindness, knelt before him, and the Buddha patted his leathery trunk.” http://www.pbs.org/thebuddha/miracles/
This is a story about how the buddha encountered a raging elephant, but used his powers to make it knee before him. Sound familiar? Yes, this power sounds a lot like CoC. This leads me to the conclusion that Sengoku has CoC

Siddhi and iddhi
As i stated these are hindu and buddhist powers that one can obtain through meditation, something that the Buddha was well known for so here are a few powers that i picked that would work well for Sengoku (read the wikipedia link to know about all siddhi and iddhi powers)

  • replicate and project bodily-images of oneself ; i believe this power may work like cloning
  • flight
  • pass through solid objects,-maybe logia like abilities?
    • Aṇimā: reducing one’s body even to the size of an atom
    • Mahima: expanding one’s body to an infinitely large size-could these powers be why sengoku can become a giant?
    • Garima: becoming infinitely heavy
    • Laghima: becoming almost weightless-like miss valentine?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                *Theory by knaal