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Theory on the most possible “Power-Ups” Straw Hat Crew can get..

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SH crew might have reached their DF power limits but, there’s a set of Techniques which will make them more Powerful and also Aid their DF Abilities.
I think you all know it already.. it’s Rokushiki!
With Sanji and Luffy having already mastered a few of them, it’s most plausible most of the SH crew will learn them and Master them.
Here’s who will master in what [Note: Luffy and Sanji have already mastered..]:

Luffy: Soru.
Sanji: Geppo and Rankyaku.
Zoro: Tekkai.
Robin: Shigan [Just think about it, she could literally pop out two hands on her opponents and perform shigan out of no-where.. too OP].
Nami and Ussop: Kami-e. Why? They are the ones who try avoiding the Fight. This technique specializes in dodging and running away.
Chopper: Maybe Tekkai/Kami-e.. don’t know.. Rankyaku/Geppo is also a strong possiblity with Jump Point and all..

Rokuogan: Don’t think anyone would be actually able to pull this one off as it requires a lot of Practice[Maybe Robin after she learned all of the Techniques, highly unlikely though..]

I think Soru can be learned by all of them(except Franky as he is heavy and all..)

I am betting on them learning the Rokushiki sooner or later. It’s the only Type of “Power-Up” besides Haki and DFs.

What do you think, possible or not?

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Oda has revealed that Sanji’s birth and early history is likely to be revealed or at least touched upon in 2016. Oda has been building up to this and within two of his colour spreads he has left us two massive hints as to somebody important in Sanji’s life.

Firstly, the cover page of chapter 784:


There is a blonde female zombie biting Sanji’s right shoulder.

Now the cover page of chapter 811:


The can that Sanji is holding has this same woman on the front of the branding. The legible words on there are ‘All women are g….’, something strongly related to Sanji’s lifestyle and ideology, this character clearly has a huge impact on Sanji’s life

As for deciphering who it is: they are a fully grown woman when they died/are a zombie in the first colour spread. She is also blonde, perhaps a blood relative such as an older sister, mother or aunt?

‘These two women don’t look much alike’ or ‘it’s just a coincidence’ you say? Is it?


This coverpage which prossibly foreshadowed Jack has Luffy and Sanji wearing Gold ornaments, both have the faces of women on them. The time of Jack and 2016 are synonymous, so there may be more to this cover page than meets the eye

Here’s a possible bonus:


A crown on a woman… Is it possible Sanji really is royalty? The scarf Luffy uses on the snowman comprises of Yellow, Pink, Turquoise and Blue… the colours of the womans hair on the can that Sanji holds on the coverpage of chapter 811!

I personally think this woman is Sanji’s mother and the tragic figure in his background

*Theory by L o g i a