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Reasons why Caesar Clown will be the next Nakama! Theory


-Most people hate Caesar Clown because he is evil, but I will explain why this is justified later on

-He seems too obvious, since he’s been in plain sight. But this is hiding in plain sight. Oda also said @old Jump Fiesta interview (2009ish) that the next strawhat would be past enemy 

-He is hated by some of the strawhats, especially Chopper (abusing medication)

-Good reasons to dislike Caesar, but the question is “Can he be redeemed”. I think he definitely can. but before that…

Reasons Caesar makes incredible sense

-He has nowhere to go or be safe. He has nobody who trusts him, and all the Yonkou are after him and his weapons/chemicals. Can’t become ally member

-Caesar has a dream, much like the other strawhats. He wants to surpass Vegapunk and become the best scientist. This is why he harms people carelessly

-Was an enemy, like Robin, Nami, Franky, Usopp. Doubted them initially, but it reinforces how much we like them

-He sort of fits in, and has shown a variety of other emotions aside from just being a psychopath. (Ex: embarrassed by chopper, play-fighting, sanji)

-Strawhats do not have a scientist or logia yet

-Caesar is a representation of Vegapunk (Luffy = Roger, Chopper = Hililuk and Crocus, Sanji = Zeff, Usopp = Yasopp)

-Caesar connects everyone else’s abilites (missing piece to a puzzle)
~Finish Sunny with chemicals instead of Cola (Create pluton) sort of like Enel’s electricity
~Help Chopper with medication (with chemicals and drugs)
~Help Franky by replacing cola (Or can help make cola through sugar chemical) and Franky wants to follow Vegapunks dream
~Help Usopp make pesticides and growth hormones for plants
~Provide flames and gas for Sanji’s cooking
~Something stupid for Luffy, like fireworks or cooking meat with flames.

-Very powerful (Top 5 in strawhats) he has poison, flames, air, many other elements other logias are limited to loads of potential

-Potential interest in ancient weapons, since he creates his own weapons
-Foreshadowing: Got symbol of the Strawhats (Chinese Zodiac signs)

-Connects to my next point: knows the secrets of SMILE and shinokuni/gas weapons. stopped gas on mink island

If you are still mad about his evil acts, here’s how he can redeem himself:

-If you supported Monet, then you should by default support Caesar cuz she was evil as well

-Since his dream is to become the best scientist, he was doing it in a bad way due to bad influences (Doffy).

-Never killed people for fun, he believed it was necessary for him dream, and only viewed people as test subjects

-Luffy and the strawhats have brought him humility, like with Big Mom, so now he is beginning to know human emotions and fear.

-Similar to other strawhats:
~Zoro cut down people for their bounties
~Robin betrayed many people and didn’t care if people died as long as she learned about history
~Nami stole from people to help her village
~Franky stole fortune from Luffy and beat up Usopp to build his dream ship
Ultimately Luffy saved them and gave them a better way to achieve his dream, like he will do with Caesar.

-Chopper seems most mad at him. But Chopper was the same, he experimented with monster point drugs and hurt people without realizing it, like Caesar

-Caesar can help get rid of all the weapons he created, and eventually make the crew like him by changing as a person and achieving his dream in a dif way

-Caesar never got a flashback, so he can have a very sad past that justifies his initial crazy nature.

-He will achieve his dream just like the rest of the strawhats by becoming best scientist, stopping his chem weapons, and learning about ancient tech.

*Theory by OneWorldHD


First of all , I will start with the card theme Oda has been following since the Dressrosa arc and is keeping it going until Zou arc.So here are the card types used in Dressrosa.
We got the top executives representing card types , while Doflamingo represents a specific card – The Joker.
Moving on to the Zou arc , we find out Kaido’s first mate named Jack and another ally named Scotch, both taking inspiration from the famous game Blackjack.Furthermore , the card theme continues with Sheepshead and Ginrummy that are widely known card games too.So , I will let you know a thought of mine that you will understand later on in the theory:X-Drake represents the King , while Bonney represents the Queen in the card theme.Before you jump into the conclusion that this theory is bad ( Sad Face Here ) let me explain myself.

Jack takes inspiration from an infamous Pirate named Calico Jack.Calico Jack was famous for the fact that he had 2 females in his crew.One of the 2 females was named Anne Bonney.That’s why I think there will definitely be an interaction between Bonnet and Jack and generally the Beasts Pirates.We know X-Drake is already with them so he has already interacted with them.But is the name connection enough for Bonney to have an interaction with Jack and Kaido?For those who believe it isn’t then let me show you something.
Remember when Bonney somehow escaped from the Marines and was shown in a Winter Island?
I do believe this island is the island where X-Drake was seen too.I think that this is the place they agreed to meet each other at a pre-timeskip interraction probably.

In the title I imply they are trying to blackmail Kaido.But they are obviously a lot weaker than him.What could they know or have , that would be enough to threaten Kaido?

I do believe Bonney realised the secret to Kaido’s immortality , due to the fact that she also has age-related powers.Something that is also related to the card theme is a gamble.
I will now make a hypothetical gamble.This is pure speculation:
X-Drake lets Kaido know that Bonney realised his secret to immortality and , if X-Drake doesn’t return to her in some hours (which would mean Kaido killed him ) Bonney will let the other Yonko know the secret and hunt him down.So it is very risky because Kaido could actually kill X-Drake.

But still , you have to be wondering what do these two Supernovas want to achieve?I do believe they will make Kaido go after a specific Yonko.This Yonko will be Big Mam.

Bonney parallels Big Mam.She is the Big Mam of the New Era.They will take her down and Bonney will become one of the Yonko in her place.
I think this is the PERFECT thing to happen.Luffy is in a war with both Big Mam and Kaido.By starting a war between Big Mam and Kaido , Luffy can find them both in one place.It would be a war equivalent to that of the Marineford.Two of the Yonko and 5 Supernova (Luffy Zoro Law X-Drake and Bonney) clashing.

Now you might be wondering what will happen to X-Drake.Why would he let Bonney become one of the Yonko instead of him?

First of all , X-Drake doesn’t want to become the Pirate King.Take a look at his Jolly Roger.

It has no skull.It is extremely weird for a pirate not to have a skull on his Jolly Roger.I think this implies he has another ultimate goal , which isn’t becoming the Pirate King but instead it is protesting against the World Government as he even quitted his positiong as a Rear Admiral.
Moreover his nickname is “Red Flag” , flag that nowadays represents the revolutionaries and those who do not comply with the Government’s doings.
What could have cause his hatred?I think that the origin of his hatred rises from the Pacifista experiments.
Pacifistas are made from people that were alive , as they have blood behind the armour.
X-Drake didn’t approve of these violent experiments and left the Marines becoming a Pirate in order to show his disapproval.
So , I do believe he will stay with Bonney until the final war.Till then , I think he will have turned into a really infamous pirate and will definitely pose a threat for the Marines.In the final war he will definitely show his disapproval of the techniques the Marines adopted and he will have great influence on the War.

Bonney and X-Drake will be protected by Kaido , as it is another thing they asked him to do so that they do not reveal his secret.

Bonney and X-Drake formed an alliance and due to Bonney’s powers they are blackmailing Kaido.They ask him to take down Big Mam and in a huge war where the Strawhats will be involved , Big Mam will fall and Bonney will become on of the Yonko.X-Drake will remain with her until the final war , where he will show he disapproves of the Marines’ actions.

*Theory by Usopp Haoshoku Haki

Kaido has a Dragon Devil Fruit

Shortly after the Straw Hats’ arrival in Dressrosa, Luffy had tried to fly Momonosuke because of the flying ability that Momonosuke had displayed and used unconsciously to save both Luffy and himself from remaining in the pit wherein Luffy first stumbled upon him

, but Momonosuke dreadfully and loudly rejected the idea of flying ‘again’ through the ‘skies’ despite having no memory of the time when he had flown out of the pit together with Luffy, wherein there was no ‘sky’.

While he was about to shout his rejection of such idea, Momonosuke was recalling somebody’s hand reaching out to grab him.

That event from his memory appears to be the cause of his aviophobia(fear of flying). The person from his flashback is suggested to have a flying ability, and the Dragon Devil Fruit possesses a flying ability.

When Momo was loudly rejecting the idea of flying again, his father was composedly listening to what was happening with no sign of surprise. This indicates that his father is aware of the misfortune that befell Momo. This further suggests that this had happened long before both Momo’s consumption of an artificial Dragon Devil Fruit and their separate arrivals in PH.

At Punk Hazard, Kinemon both exhibited great abhorrence of ‘dragons’ and confirmed to Brook that he has a ‘personal vendetta’ against them. I do not think that such hatred and vendetta could develop from having his ‘lower third’ attached to a dragon (the first dragon that greeted Luffy, Zoro, Usopp and Robin when they first set foot on the blazing half of Punk Hazard) since it is normally IMPOSSIBLE for one to confirm by only his lower third the nature of the being or thing to which it (his lower third) was attached.

Kinemon also showed great detestation of ‘pirates’ when sanji had first introduced himself and the rest of his group to him as pirates.

After Momo had consumed Vegapunk’s artificial Dragon Devil Fruit and successfully managed to escape his pursuers at Punk Hazard, he found himself facing a mirror. Upon looking at the reflection of his dragon form on the mirror, he paled and shouted a loud scream. This appears to be a phobic reaction to dragons.

When Luffy and Momo were stranded in that pit, Luffy introduced himself to Momo as the man who will become the pirate king. Upon hearing that, Momo had become fidgety and nervous and gave a description of ‘pirates’ that matches Kaido’s description. This could suggest that Momo met Kaido in person, and his nervousness could be due to the fear he harbours about Kaido due to a certain event/ events.

When Kaido’s underling was trying to update kaido with the news of Joker’s defeat, he was looking toward the sky, which means that he believed that Kaido was in the sky, if not on the apex of some mountain.

In that very chapter, Kaido reached sky island with neither the company nor the knowledge of his crew members.

It was shown to us that Drake and several other crew members of Kaido were talking about the news whereas Kaido himself was on the sky island.

It was therefore evident that such method of attaining sky island is strictly related to his abilities.

In this week’s chapter it was revealed to us, along with his identity, that Kaido has the strongest body structure you could find in all the living things that swim, crawl and fly this earth. Dragons are known to possess such attributes as robust scales that could withstand blades and spears that aim to penetrate their skin as well as wings that allow them to fly and reach such altitudes. Since Kaido’s body was described to be immune to blades and spears that aimed to penetrate it, from this aspect his attributes strongly support the idea that he possesses the Dragon Devil Fruit.

After Caesar’s downfall at Luffy’s hands, Kinemon told his son, in the middle of their meal, to trust that ‘they’ are all right.

My theory is that ‘they’ refers to the people from Wa. To be worried about their safety means that they are going through some kind of crisis. A crisis of this level that affects an entire nation whose citizens are so strong inasmuch as not even the marines can go near them can only be caused by one of the four emperors.

When the Straw Hats, Law and the samurai had left Punk Hazard and were heading to Dressrosa, Law revealed Kaido’s epithet. Upon hearing that, Momo and Kinemon both showed expressions fear and shock. When asked by Zoro what was wrong, Kinemon untruthfully replied that nothing was wrong.

Right after Kinemon had untruthfully answered Zoro that nothing was wrong, he reacted frightfully to the dragon form of his own child and started nervously asking about his (Momo’s) whereabouts. Kinemon’s mind should have been preoccupied by the dragon next to him, but the very sight of that dragon triggered feelings of worry about his son’s whereabouts.

Afterwards, when everyone was gathered and having dinner, Kinemon revealed to them that they were ‘chased’ by people whose identity he wished not to reveal(probably for the safety of the people who aided him recover both his body portions and his son – the Straw Hats).

In both instances Kinemon concealed matters connected to kaido. In this week’s chapter we discover that Kaido’s goons were ‘chasing’ the ‘samurai’.

This establishes another strong connection between Kaido and the people of Wa. My theory is that Kinemon’s group was chased by Kaido’s goons when they were trying to go to Zo. And the crisis that befell Wa had been caused by Kaido.

Kaido is the only one that could have breached the strong security of Wa and did what was done to Momo by his flying abilities. This explains Momo’s accurate description of Kaido, his phobic reaction to dragons, and the fear he harbours about him from the event that caused him aviophobia. This also explains Kinemon’s ‘personal vendetta’ against ‘dragons’, his feelings of worry about the whereabouts of his child that surfaced at the sight of a dragon, and his strong dislike of ‘pirates’ because it is only natural for one to develop such feelings after having his son exposed to such traumatic experience and his country exposed to such crisis (conquest of Wa).

Let’s also not dismiss that Gear 4 was conceived to combat celestial/ flying enemies too.

These are my thoughts for why Kaido must possess the dragon ability.

Thank you for reading.

*Theory by Australopithecus


Why is Sanji wanted only alive?

Many people on this board and in the depths of the internet think it could be something related to his past, especially his bloodline.
Perhaps he is a prince, a CD or a son of a Gorosei.
I honestly dont’t believe that his “only alive” poster has something to do with this. There is just to small evidence this could be true.
I do not believe Rocinante survived and had a son who turned out to be a cook on the Odin, or anything related to this.
Of course there is always the possibillity that this could be true. That he is a prince of noble blood. But I just don’t think this could turn out to be true.

In my opinion there is something else. Since Enies Lobby I have a theory about Sanji and Zoro. And since Marinefort I think this theory could actually be true.

So what happened in Enies Lobby?


Our M3 developed techniques they just pulled out of nowhere. In the whole series till to their first apperance there were no evidence or related techniques to G2/G3, Ashura and Diable Jambe.

In Luffys case we had the chance, that Lucci explained Luffys new gained abbilities. But what the hell are Ashura and Diable Jambe? Just why can Marimo and our shitty cook use such techniques?

In Zoros case I thought it could be because of his Kitetsu and the curse of it. In Sanjis case I thought it could be a Heat Dial. But again, to small or even no evidence. As the series did go on I always thought about this particular two techniques.

Also I always thought of one particular thing.
The OPverse Oda created has something I always appreciated: the OPverse is a magical world, without magic!

Every single ability in One Piece is explainable. Either with devil fruits, Haki, or Skill.
In the whole world there is not a single case of unexplainable “magic”.
Please keep this in mind as you go on.

So what the hell are Ashura and Diable Jambe?
To clear this, we have to go a looong way :D

First we start with this:

Oda on Devil Fruits:

D: Excuse me!! May I pose a serious question to the typically-vulgar SBS?? In Volume 46, Usopp said that the same power doesn’t exist twice. But this doesn’t make sense with what you said in the Volume 45 SBS… If theGomu Gomu no Mi was in a book of fruits, then Luffy HAD to have eaten at least the SECOND known example of the fruit! Now, most beautiful and intelligent Ei-chan, explain it all! ✩ P.N. Takafi

O: Very sharp of you. But I’m cool. I haven’t made any mistakes. As a hint, let me rephrase what Usopp is saying. “The same powers don’t exist twice AT THE SAME TIME”. How’s that? For more detail, you’ll just have to wait for a certain professor to make his appearance in the story, and explain exactly what the Devil Fruits REALLY are… Eventually.

This is from SBS 48. We can assume, that this certain professor will be Vegapunk himself. He will explain how Devil Fruits are created and work.

So why is this important for this theory?
Now put yourself in the situation of Oda. You thought, that your Manga will end shortly after Alabasta. But you and your Producers did created something extraordinary good. So you keep on going creating new content. You give it more and more story, and more and more background. One of the main, if not the main mystery in your story are the Devil Fruits. It would fit them, if you not just explain them, but connect the mystery of the Devil Fruits with your protagonists
Four of them already have one. But what would happen, if two more of the crew get fruits? And by getting you create more to their story than just eating them.

In Skypea the time was not right. Zoro had to get a slashing technique and Sanji… well… just wanted a little lighter.

The time to start explaining Devil Fruits came in the Water 7/Enies Lobby Saga.
Again, Zoro and Sanji pulled Ashura and Diable Jambe out of nowhere in a world without magic.
Now my theory: Oda started explaining the mystery of the Devil Fruits with Ashura and Diable Jambe.

Till the Dressrosa arc, both techniques are not explainable. Both are supernatural. But don’t forget, there is not a single supernatural case in One Piece. Everything is explainable.
During the Marinefort Arc I came to the conclusion that Ashura and Diable Jambe are the beginning of two Devil Fruits!
Zoro and Sanji will never eat Devil Fruits, both of them are in the process of creating two brand new Fruits!

But how did I pull that one?
Because of Sengoku!
Just think about it: Sengoku has the Hito Hito no Mi: Model Daibatsu.
Heck, Zoro developed a technique that is basically the same. If you assume that his ability could be transfered to a Fruit, it could be named Hito Hito no Mi: Model Ashura.

So basically my theory to this point is, that Zoro and Sanji are in the process of developing two brand new Devil Fruits.
Something like Hito Hito no Mi: Model Ashura in Zoros Case and something realated with Heat, Rotation or perhaps Passion in Sanjis Case.

Now back to Oda:
As the writer you gave two protagonists a Devil Fruit in progress. But to this point in the story you did not played that card of explaining their abbilities. You professor, who will explain the mystery, is still not part of your story. But now, at 3/4 of your story the right time is coming slowly to explain the big mystery. But not in a ordinary boring, but awesome unpredictable way.

And here comes the second part of my theory.
The WG wants Sanjis Fruit in progress. Many in the fanbase assume, that Sanjis “only alive” status is due to a clear picture the Marines could get of Sanji. I believe his status is due to the actions of Sanji, after the Time Skip.

Their is a huge difference between Sanjis Diable Jambe and Zoros Ashura. After Enies Lobby the Diable Jambe became Sanjis signature move. He used it everywhere. Zoro on the other side pulled Ashura just twice and never again.
So in Enies Lobby only Kaku and Jyabura saw the techniques, no one else. Before the TS there was no marine who saw the Diable Jambe, except Sentomaru, who was not a marine to this moment and the Pacifista, which was barely scratched after the Flambage Muton Shot.
My point is, that the Diable Jambe and Ashura techniques were not confirmed by the WG before the TS. Even the finishing move was Lufffys Gigant Rifle which blow away all evidence of Ashura and Diable Jambe on that Pacifista.

After the TS Sanjis Diable Jambe broke the neck of a Pacifista and was seen by a whole branch of marines in Punk Hazard. The Diable Jambe was confirmed by the Marines and WG, whereas Ashura is still a mystery to everyone except Kaku and Sentomaru.

So why is Sanji wanted “only alive”?

I think there is a possibility, that the WG wants Sanji because they know, that he has a devil fruit in progress. It is possible, that they know, how to transfer abilities in progress to fruits and create new ones.
I even do think, that the national treasure, which Doflamingo knows about, could be a transfer method of Devil Fruits in Progress. (Sad: extracting abilities; Smile: implanting abilities)

This whole thought of me could be the reason why Sanji is wanted alive. If he would die, his ability would die with him.

I don’t know how, but I think that Oda will explain us the creation of Devil Fruits with Sanji and Vegapunk.

I don’t claim that this is the absolute thruth. Of course this theory could turn out to be absolute bull!@#t. Sanjis only alive wanted poster could be literally anything from noble blood theories or anything else. Oda could even pull a typical Okama CD card, who wants Sanji for himself :D
I also know, that this therory has quite sone flaws.
But if Oda takes Sanji serious this time, this could turn out to be true.

*Theory by Deykin


I’m going to start off on a bit of a tangent. Has anyone ever wondered why the technology to feed Devil Fruits to inanimate objects was created? In pretty much every instance it would be more beneficial for one to eat a fruit themselves, unless they already had one and would die. I believe DF powered weapons were merely a side result of another project

The Gorosei ordered Vegapunk to perform a very specific task – The artificial recombination of Devil Fruits. For what purpose? To recreate the fruit of life

So how does this relate to Sanji? Many people have connected the spiral pattern in his eyebrows with those found on all Devil Fruits, but what is his connection with them specifically? He is one. Or more accurately, he is two. In his attempts to recombine the fruits, Vegapunk fed a human human fruit model to another Devil Fruit, which resulted in it coming to life

It is reasonable to assume that the feeding of DFs to inanimate objects is a recent technology as it’s still relatively unknown that it even exists. It’s invention likely coincides with the year of Sanji’s “birth”

As to how Sanji escaped, he was probably given away by Vegapunk himself. Vegapunk is, unlike his masters, not a heartless monster, and decided that Sanji should lead a proper life in the real world. He was sent to North Blue

The reason that he is wanted “only alive” is that the Gorosei have deemed him their “property”, and intend to use his body to further research the possibility of recreating the fruit of life. His identity was determined purely through the now complete spiral pattern from both wanted posters, as there is no way the Gorosei or Tenryuubito could recognise someone who was lost to them as a baby from their general facial features

(This one is COMPLETELY crazy but I feel like there isn’t much variety in Sanji theories at the moment)

*Theory by Go D. Usopp


[​IMG] This is Drake as a kid, and he really seems to like the marines. He was among the supernova who were all rookie pirates, meaning they were fairly new into piracy. So what could’ve made someone who idolized and worked for the marines for years suddenly leave to become the very opposite that they fight against?

[​IMG] Take a look at this ship. It was shown alongside the other supernova’s ships (except Luffy, Law, and Zoro for obvious reasons) when they were watching the war end at Marineford. This ship looked like a marine battleship with an inverted color scheme. Knowing that he was a former marine, Drake could’ve stole this, personalised it and inverted the colors to symbolise rebellion of some sort

[​IMG] In the same page, he shows discontent with the marines. So obviously he wasn’t satisfied with how they do things much like other characters i.e Fujitora, Smoker.

[​IMG] His jolly roger doesn’t have crossbones, a skull, or a face of some sort like all the other supernova and pirates. I don’t think Drake is like other pirates and has a goal like theirs. I think Drake has a more noble goal like putting an end to the marines and doesn’t really like being a pirate BUT hates the marines with a passion so he took that route. His battleship really does imply it.

Here’s where we get to the good stuff lol

[​IMG] Notice his tone when he thinks about the Vegapunk and the pacifista….as if he worked with him and the pacifista before. The fact that he is somewhat familiar with the progress of the pacifista project makes it very likely. Also, something about the way he spoke (in his head) directly to Vegapunk also makes me believe he knew him on a colleague level. He could’ve just said “That Vegapunk…blah blah blah” but he said “Vegapunk…you..”

[​IMG] So we know that Pacifista have red blood in them. Also, it’s almost as if he’s talking to a person here. He could’ve said “I’m surprised IT…” if it was just some mindless weapon.
Match that up with what Franky says here about a pacifista he encounters [​IMG]
Maybe the Pacifista were once human and lost their memories like Kuma. We know that they are CYBROGS, AND NOT ROBOTS meaning they aren’t 100% artificial. They were said to be molded to look exactly like Kuma and obviously now have Kizaru’s lasers. They could’ve been molded from their already similar size to Kuma, or similar features.

[​IMG]If they were human, then the whole pacifista project itself would be controversial and since it was also quite recent (As of Pre-Timeskip), it could be the reason why Drake left the marines. He, like Ivankov, might’ve known one of them before they were used as human weapons by the marines, and was disgusted at it and wants them to change their ways.

THERE’S WHERE MY IDEAS AND EVIDENCE END lol, I don’t really know what link this might have to Kaido. The only link I can find between Vegapunk and Kaido is the SMILES, even though Caesar is the one who succeeded with them and Vegapunk failed.

*Theory by KuzanBantai