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BONNEY HAS NEVER BEEN CAPTURED – Akainu’s secret coup d’état

Hello guys! There is something that came to my mind when I thought about Jewelry Bonney and her connection to the WG. Something that I couldn’t just keep for myself. I am excited what you guys think about it. So here I go…

So first of all, I know all the theories out there concerning her possible connection to the WG, more specifically being the one that keeps the Gorosei alive. I am not gonna argue against the idea in general, but there is one part that bothers me ever since I first read it. Most people think that Bonney was able to escape Akainu/ the WG because she and her powers are so important to the Gorosei. Therefore, they had to keep her alive and she somehow managed to get away. But for me, this really seems like a contradiction. If Bonney really was that important, how could they let her get away? Wouldn’t they do everything to keep her locked up somewhere deep inside Maryjois, especially when they already made that mistake and let her escape once before?

I mean, we have already seen how good the WG is when it comes to keeping certain people as prisoners. The Whitebeards + Luffy couldn’t rescue Ace. Even the most dangerous pirates couldn’t escape Impel Down for 20 Years. Yet, Bonney – who isn’t even close to the power level of an Ace – could escape them? Without any help? I can’t really believe that.

As I already said, I don’t doubt that she actually is the one who keeps the Gorosei alive. Yet, I doubt Bonney would have been able to escape once again if she got caught by the government. So here is what I think that happend: Akainu never captured Bonney!

Remember, in chapter 595 we only see Akainu talking to Bonney. But we never actually saw him take her away.


Akainu is not the type of guy that lets prisoners escape easily. So I think what happened is that Akainu actually freed Bonney and told her to get away and stay incognito (that’s why we’ve only seen her covering her face afterwards). Maybe he killed all of the remaning crewmates and maybe even some of the marines who witnessed the conversation between Bonney and him. This would totally fit his ‘absolute justice’.

The big question that should come to your mind now is: why would Akainu let someone with that power, someone that is so important to the Gorosei, run away?

My answer: Akainu is actually planning a coup d’état and wants (the marines) to take control over the Government.

As we can see in chapter 793, Akainu holds a grudge against the Gorosei. He disagrees with their way of doing things and obviously hates the fact the he has to take orders from them.

But Akainu has been shown to be loyal to the Government so far, some of you might say.

Yes, that’s true. I am not saying he wants to destroy the Government or something. He just wants to gain the power over it, which – at the moment – belongs to the Gorosei. Plus, he had to be loyal to become the fleet admiral in the first place.

I also think that this kind of move would totally fit his character. He has shown to be a very strict man who would rather surpress his enemies with force than negotiating or even compromise with them. So a lot the government respectively the Gorosei does (for example the Shichibukai system, spreading false information, etc.) does not really fit to his way of thinking. A coup d’état would make perfect sense for him.

But Akainu ain’t stupid. Actually fighting the Gorosei would make him an enemy of the Goverment and therefore he would never be able to take controle over it. So when Blackbeard called to offer the deal to him, Akainu came up with the idea to free Bonney. This way, the Gorosei will start to get older again and since most of them are already pretty old, they will sooner or later die. And this is the moment Akainu and the marines make their move and take the power over the World Government.

In short:
Akainu wants to take over the control of the Government, because he disagrees with the Gorosei’s way of doing things. But since he can’t risk to openly fight them, he uses Bonney ,who’s Power keeps the Gorosei alive. When Blackbeard captured her, Akainu let Bonney escape so that the Gorosei coldn’t make use of her power and therefore would sooner or later die of age. This way, Akainu could take over the Government without risking to look like a traitor or enemy.

Please tell me whether you think this is possible or not! Thanks for reading.


Jerma 66, or Warmonger, is an evil ‘mythical’ army lead by Sanji’s family, the Vinsmokes, with Sanji’s father being the head. They are most likely very powerful, seeing Nami’s reaction. She viewed it as ‘a load of crap’, meaning that Jerma 66 was so crazy it almost seemed like the organization was sculpted out of a tall tale.


Notice their choice of words. She says ‘make believe’, with Pekoms telling her it does indeed exist. It most be widely known, and to assuage normal people’s fears, someone has been telling them it is make believe and a myth.
The influence that they have is massive. They can easily get the WG to give/change bounties. This in my opinion can only mean two things.
1. They have something the WG wants.
2. The WG acknowledges them as a threat and gives them what they want before they lash out against them.
What I am trying to make out of this is that Jerma 66 is a crazy strong organization that is feared by the WG and is powerful enough to be considered a myth.
Now, to Capone. Capone has been in Big Mom’s ranks for an unknown amount of time. He is the leader of the Fire Tank Pirates, as well as a Mafia Boss. I have previously theorized about him betraying Big Mom, and I’ve been starting to think about a few things. What does Big Mom want that Capone have, or what she may have that Capone will want in the future? I think Jerma 66 may possibly hold the key to that.
Right now we do not know much about Jerma 66 other than what we have already been presented in earlier chapters. But, I am leaning towards Jerma 66 having something the WG wants, since they would have to be absurdly powerful to rival them. I started thinking about the wedding/tea party. We don’t know much about the tea party, but I am assuming that they would be lavish parties that took a long amount of time to plan. Capone may have join once he heard that Jerma 66 may soon be affiliated with Big Mom.
What does Capone want from Jerma? He may want to take over and use it to ascend to a higher ranking in the pirate world, or they may have something they have.

*Theory by Fishman Ibra


Ok here we go time for another long crazy one, as I attempt to predict the events of the Void Century

Part 1: Descent –

It’s a common theory that the supposed 4th moon race went on to become one of the founding members of the World Government, but how exactly did this all take place?

In the beginning, there were 6 moons –


I believe there is a single inconsistency in this model of the world, created simply through the Oharans lacking information. That being, the presence of the Red Line. Following the destruction of 5 moons, the One Piece world looked like this


Note the absence of the Red Line. Now, that thing circling it, is not a moon track like on the Oharan globe, but a planetary ring of debris from the destruction, similar to that around several planets in our own Solar system. This is how the Red Line was formed. The entirety of this planetary ring fell to the Earth, maintaining it’s shape, forming the Red Line. It was highlighted regularly during Skypiea the importance the moon races place on solid ground, and seeing the vast blue expanse beneath them, they may have felt it necessary to bring more land with them when they eventually migrated due to lack of resources

They inevitably settled in what would eventually become Mariejois

Part 2: Alliance –

Now of course, to the primitive peoples of Earth, the descent of a highly advanced race from the sky could only mean one thing – That they were Gods. The moon people intended to be benevolent Gods, and proposed an alliance of various kingdoms from across the globe to work for the benefit and prosperity of all the world’s inhabitants. What they observed however, was that humanity are a cruel and selfish race who care only for their own greed. The 20 kingdoms that they allied with developed a God complex, and viewing those remaining on the blue sea as inferior, they began to treat them with cruelty. This went doubly so for non-human species

“Wait, the 20 kingdoms they allied with?” I hear you ask. That’s right, I believe that the 4th moon race, the Ancient Kingdom and the 21st member of the alliance are all in fact the same. It was said that the AK had advanced technology, and this would explain that as it is known that the moon people were also ahead of the surface dwellers technologically. I also believe that the reason their back isn’t shown in the panel from Eneru’s cover story is because their defining characteristic (as the other 3 races also possess one) is that they don’t have wings


Part 3: Genocide –

Has it ever seemed strange to anyone that non-human races seem to dwell exclusively within the Grand Line? Most people from the 4 blues consider things like giants to be mere myths. Luffy hadn’t even heard of Fishmen before setting off for Arlong Park. Why is this?

Owing to the fact that they were viewed as disgusting and inferior by the people of the World Government, the non-human races were eliminated in all 4 blues during the void century. The reason that the remainder of these species are unaware of these atrocities is simple – Because they are separated from them by the calm belts, they were unable to witness any of it, and likewise no one was able to bring them the information from outside

Those remaining in the Grand Line were spared for one unpleasant reason – Their usefulness as slaves. Kill enough that they have no chance at fighting back, leave enough to exploit

The purpose of Noah (which I also believe to either be or to contain Pluton) was not only to bring Fishmen to the surface but, as with Noah’s arc, to take in all of the species and protect them from “God”‘s wrath, until the end of the upcoming war

Part 4: War –

Seeing the disgusting acts committed by those who they viewed as allies, the people of the Ancient Kingdom separated themselves from the 21 kingdoms, and declared a war. With their advanced technology, they had at their disposal an immense military might – The ancient weapons. With these, they came very close to winning the war, until at some point the Devil Fruits were created from the fruit of life

With their new army of ability users, the 20 kingdoms quickly turned the tide of the war and overwhelmed the Ancient Kingdom, driving them back until they only had one island left as a base of operations


At this time they had realised that their defeat was inevitable, and so, to ensure that these events would eventually be uncovered, they forged the Poneglyphs. Many of them were then distributed to the territories of the non-human races, as seen throughout the series, as well as one to the only member nation of the 20 kingdoms who refused to take part in their actions – Alabasta. With the Ancient Weapons hidden and the knowledge of them detailed on indestructible stone tablets, preparations were complete and they resigned themselves to their fate

Part 5: Erasure –

In the closing days of the Void Century, after the Ancient Kingdom had already been defeated, the World Government went about the task of ensuring that all records of their existence, as well as the events that ended it, were destroyed. This included book burning and killing all witnesses

It is also at this time that Joyboy is imprisoned in the newly constructed Impel Down, as detailed in a previous theory

With this, the world was led to believe that all is as it has always been. There was always a Red Line. Non-human species were always in such dwindling numbers, and confined to so few places. There were only ever 20 kingdoms in the alliance. The world has always had a single moon

Theory by Go D. Usopp



Hi, this is my little theory I´ve come up with recently, before you guys start reading make sure read the upper part that explains the theories concept to avoid confusion, thank you!

Samsara is a religious concept in Buddhism and Hindu, which the japanese have also assimilated into Shinto, that roughly translates into “Wheel of suffering”.
Here is somewhat of a loose explanation since as a religious concept it´s too complicated to explain in a short amount of time.
I´ve stumbled upon this explanation, when I searched for the inspiration for the 6 paths of Pain in Naruto.On my search I coincidentally found out, that the Hitman Reborn series also got their inspiration for some abilities based on those religious beliefs.

That´s where it struck me and I thought why wouldn´t Oda use it as a theme?
Oda may answer this in an SBS after they are all introduced, since he usually doesn´t tend to adress his tributes blatantly but rather hint at them as inspirations for his themes.

The Yonko and 6 paths huh? There are just 4 Yonko how does that even fit?
Well to my knowledge the Yonko system is fairly new, Brook didn´t knew about it during his prime and Roger wasn´t a Yonko although being the Pirate King. The road to become the pirate King won´t be a steep one, that´s for sure. Luffy will have to be a Yonko at least for a short time, his first stepping stone into becoming the Pirate King will be to reach that status. Blackbeard replaced Whitebeard and became the 5th Yonko. So since Luffy´s aim is to beat them all he´ll be the 6th man to reach that status.
Therefore the 6th paths/realms.

Short explanation the six realms of Samsara (wheel of suffering),consists of the 6 realms of non enlighted beings (non Buddhas) a Buddha transcends and leaves the cycle of death and rebirth because of the enlightment he reaches. Those realms are: 1.Beings in Hell, 2.Hungry Ghosts (Preta),3.Animals,4.Asuras (demigods who can be good or evil),5.Humans and 6.Devas which are basicly gods (not omnipotent ones though).In general it´s to be aspired to be born within the Human realm, because although humans don´t have the superior abilities of the Asura or the divinity of the Devas (no pain, diseases etc), they are not hold back through envy or pride. The human realm, is the easiest one to reach transcendence or “enlightment”aka become a Buddha.

So now to my theory:

Every Yonkos theme mirrors figuratively one of Samsara paths similar to Pain´s 6 bodies in Naruto.
Keep in mind that this mirrors “mainly” the Yonko. Not always his overall crew.

1. Beings from Hell,Blackbeard´s theme. Blackbeards Jolly Roger displays 3 skulls which made some people believe Blackbeard may have a relation to Cerberus (the keeper of the underworld). On top of that his ability is the power of darkness which is called Yami in japanese and is tied to the underworld Yomi. He also recruited his members from the “depths of Hell” Impel down. One of them is also seemingly heavily associatred with death, the crew´s doctor Doc Q. Worst of all, he commited the greatest sin of all, that´s despised in any culture, the killing of a comrade. That should foreshadow Blackbeard´s destination when the series ends.

2.Hungry Ghosts, Big Mom´s theme. She supposedly ate her own people, seems to be the biggest glutton within the One Piece universe and her powers may as well be tied to eating, maybe a stronger version of Wapol. People wrote off this theory, but machvise showed us that Oda does recycle his abilities from time to time. Lava>Fire, which brought me to the conclusion that there may even be a Water Logia.
But back to Big Mom. remember food or especially candy was more important to her than even gold or power, I will update this when we get more hints.

3.Animals. Kaido´ s theme. For this one I have more hints. Kaido commands an army of “Animal fighters”. Which he intends to expand, he´s the strongest “being” within the One Piece world and people claim he may not even be a human. Why? We´ve seen Fishman be pirates. Winged angel humans, even monkeys. Who know´s there is a chance that he´s not a zoan like many assume but literally an animal.

4.Asura, Luffy´s theme, obviously.Zorro, says enough, read the explanation on Asura on the link I posted, should tell enough.They are demigods, with superior powers compared to humans, but don´t reach enlightment because of their jealousness over the devas. They are also beings of constant fightning and good as well as evil ones exist among them.

5.Humans Shanks theme.Similar to the Asura realm humans can be good or evil but tend to be chaotic and blended by their desires, which is why Shanks theme is the theme most similar to Luffy´s. Why is Shanks theme the human one and not Luffy´s, Shanks most likely has no Devil fruit, possibly his whole crew relys solely on Haki and their battle prowess alone. They are not monsters like Luffy´s crew. Devil fruit users, demon childs,skeletons, incarnated asuras and the devils legs.

6.Devas (celestial beings), Whitebeard´s theme:Whitebeard is the closest thing to a godly being in terms of power that´s been shown so far and isn´t related with the WG. His first mate uses a Devil Fruit that´s rarer than Logia (Mythical Zoan), only Senghok´s power was compareable. He was renowned as “the strongest” man on earth. He was modest compared to other pirates, not seeking for gold or treasure but he incorperated the worst sin of them all, Devas downfall, their pride. Whitebeard only lost the war because he was too prideful and took that attack from Squard for no reason. He also went up against the “godly world governement” and faced off against a “Buddha”.

My theory is that the “enlightment” which in Budhism means the breakout of Samsara, within One piece is reached through finding out the truth of the void century. Keep in mind, what Rayleigh said towards Luffy´s quote: “I think the freest person on the ocean is Pirate King”. But we know finding One Piece is tied to that goal and furthermore it´s hinted that the void century is also tied to that goal (One Piece).
Knowing the truth=Enlightment=Freedom. That´s where I think Shinto plays a role. Shinto is very oriented to the living world, it doesn´t associate itself much with the afterlife. “Live your life to the fullest and don´t think about tomorrow.” At the same time the Strawhats never hurt someone for their own benefits like regular pirates would do.Whitebeard a “Deva” was the closest to reach enlightment, finding the One piece and become Pirate King. But he didn´t care, because as the religious devas he was happy with what he had, he didn´t strife for enlightment,(devas are less likely to find enlightment than humans because they don´t search for it).Currently Shanks is the one closest to become Pirate King, he represents the “human path” and may reach enlightment if he opens his eyes.(finds out the truth).Blackbeard the”Being from hell ” is the farthest away from reaching it. That´s why Whitebeard said, Roger the guy who reached enlightment, found out the truth,was the freest man(died in peace) is not waiting for him. Kaido as an “animal” doesn´t even know how to become Pirate King and Big Mom “as a hungry ghost” doesn´t care, all she wants is to eat.
The “Deva” who the “Asura” tend to envy and therefore holding them back with their mockings,is dead. The biggest obstacle for Luffy is Shank´s who is the only one capable of becoming Pirate King besides him, not Blackbeard. The final Showdown before Luffy will be Pirate King won´t be between the Blackbeard Pirates and the Strawhats, that´ll come earlier. Shanks will be the last obstacle Luffy has to overcome. The new generation will have to beat the old one.
Furthermore Sengoku who is “the Buddha” knows the truth, as the fleet admiral he is enlightened, but he isn´t free. He fears the wrath of the Gorosei “the fake Gods” therefore he is not truly enlightened.
Sengoku is a “fake” Buddha, (he´s depicted as being fat, a traditional buddha is slim).


Traditional Buddha:http://alchemical-weddings.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/bhumisparsha-buddha-plain-body-small.jpg

The world government pretends to be omnipotent in many occasions.
But they are not, no one is ominpotent in Shinto or Buddhism, even Kami (gods) die, Kami grow old in age, Kami have emotions. It´s a reoccuring theme in One Piece. Enel, the Tenryubito, Doflamingo, they all overestimate themselves.
Zoro’s claim that he doesn´t believe in God(Kami), but using religious references (such as Asura/Purgatory) on several occasions, is falsely interpret by many, as him being a hypocrit, or that Oda fucked up his character. He´s not, Buddhism or Shintoism are religions that don´t neccecarily require the belief in god´s or deity´s.The most recent example of this is Fujitora when he screams: “Who does the world goverment think they are? Are they truly omnipotent?” That´s what the future will tell. Luffy will challenge the gods. Not alone, but with the friends he makes. He´ll be the Asura to challenge the Kami and show them that they are not omnipotent. He will be the one that brings war, but this time to the Kamis.

*Theory by OralJackson


I think some of you people forgot that Celestial Dragons and Gorosei posses some kind of national treasure
What could it be ?

I really couldn’t find any clue about this national treasure,so i will say my opinions
Some say it is eternal log pose to Raftel..which is stupid because then why don’t World Government take that and go get it,some say it’s location of One Piece,again it’s weird,some say it’s key of Uranus(to use Uranus you have to have a key) or even Uranus,which might be,but still we don’t know anything about Uranus – some say that Uranus has teleportation power,it could be,but Uranus has to have some powers that can destroy the world,so maybe with that key it could teleport you anywhere and destroy a lot

Anyway let’s start with Celestial Dragons..why are the people afraid of them and why does the World Government even listen to them..they’re weak and useless..but what if it is not the case and they don’t listen to them because they are descendents of creators of WG..what if they posses some kind of weapon that could easily destroy the world

That national treasure could also be Egg Roger had,but i doubt that because that would mean he had to get it on Mariejois and Gorosei would probably attack him and he would die

Which leaves me now for the last opinion..Tree of life
We already saw Tree of Adam and Tree of Knowledge – and it’s said that Trees in Eden are Gods treasure – his garden..also Tree of Adam is called Treasure Tree of Adam
Tree of life grows fruit every 10 years and when you eat it,it will grant you immortality
Doflamingo knew about this and used it somehow to escape from Mariejois – he said he would destroy the tree if they don’t let him go away – there was no fruit on it so he couldn’t eat it from it,my guess is that he returned to Mariejois to eat it and gain immortality,but he failed(he also asked from Law for immortality) – also he said when people find out about this it will shake up the world – when people find about it everyone would try to gain the immortality,which would cause chaos
[​IMG] – fruit to live 1000 years
It’s said that National treasure when used with Ope Ope no Mi could grant the ability to destroy the world – Ope Ope no Mi is one of the devil fruits which reduces persons life – with that tree,user could use Ope infinite time without dying which would be crazy strong – i think Ope Ope no Mi is first devil fruit to be ever created and originally was supposed to be used with Tree of Life
Also Tree of Life is a forbidden tree – no one is allowed to eat from it
Gorosei are immortal because they ate from the tree because to World Government they represent Gods
The devil would be the “D” and they tried to tricked someone to bring them that fruit..
that person was Joy Boy
But instead he ate from the tree and returned to “D”‘s and said he ate it,so D’s made him their king..king of ancient kingdom – in this case D represent the Devils and Joy Boy represents the Eve and my guess would be Joy Boy had a brother who represents the Adam – Joy Boy is younger one
Now God was angered and he wanted to banish them from that world – Gods(WG) tried to kill Joy Boy(note-war didn’t start because of the tree,war was lasting even before that),but it was impossible and war was lasting too long and Ancient Kingdom decided to make weapons – Joy Boy was smart,they used it and had more chances of winning the war,but something happened…Joy Boy’s brother died..or he thought so..which made Joy Boy have feelings like he doesn’t care anymore and it made him lose the war and the result would be everyone he knows death..Joy Boy later apologized to Poseidon for failing and that it was his mistake that his emotions overtook him..and Joy Boy was captured and is still held there somewhere by Gorosei,but before he was captured he made another weapon that would revive everyone who died because of him..but he couldn’t use it,he didn’t have the last piece of it,the One Piece
As i said his brother was dead,but he wasn’t actually,he was captured and he escaped..later he also ate fruit from the tree and hid himself on the island called Raftel and he is now there protecting the weapon created by his brother and Joy Boy’s brother is the Rio Poneglyph and he created every other poneglyph – except Joy Boy’s one – Roger could’ve used the weapon to revive everyone,but it would only cause WG to find out about location of Raftel and it would cause another war which would result in death of everyone,again – first he needed to find every ancient weapon,but he didn’t have every one of them and to find every other ancient weapon it would take him some time,which he didn’t have

I believe Luffy will find one of the ancient weapons,but as he is reckless he will revive everyone from the ancient kingdom,which would cause huge war..later Poseidon will come which would be second weapon and if Elbaf theory is true – that they have Uranus ..they will come too with that weapon
Ending of One Piece will be Joy Boy apologizing to his people and thanking Luffy
and there will be a black screen that will say 500 years later – Usopp telling the stories to kids :)

Sorry for the long post..i hope you liked this,if it makes any sense..and also tell me what you think that Mariejois’s National Treasure is

*Theory by Doctor Room