Hello everyone and welcome back to yet another theory for your entertainment yet again. This time I shall be discussing the three calamities of Kaidou and Kin’emon’s grudge.

Kaidou’s Three Calamities

I’m sure alot of are tired of me saying this as I the one who started this thing back in March 2015, but Kaidou and his crew represents the Mongol Empire dun dun dun.

Kaidou The Beast

The Mongol Emperors Kaidou Represents:

Genghis Khan. The founder of the empire and known as one of the most evil men in world history for his slaughter of millions. This Khan was successful in controlling most of China and a little of Russia and utilizing the Silk Road trade(reference to SMILE trade).

Ogedai Khan. This Khan is known for his attempting invasions on Europe and the Middle East(most notably India) but most ended in failure.


Kublai Khan. This Khan is known for his two attempted invasions on Japan that ended in failure.

The motives behind the Mongol Empire’s constant invasions were believed to due to droughts and severe winters as those weather conditions were destroying their crops and resources. However, it was later revealed that the Mongols used drought and severe winters as an excuse to invade, massacre and pillage. In fact, it was because of RAIN that the Mongols had the resources to continually invade other countries.

History is recorded that the Mongols destroyed not because they had to but because they wanted to.


The Mongols used weather and climate change to invade and 3 distinct mother natures they took advantage of was droughts, severe winters and rain. The 3 Calamities of Kaidou represents drought, severe winters and rain; fire, earth and water.


The Calamity of Drought(fire) is obviously Jack and before some say that Jack is more so tied to water, but remeber that droughts is the ABSENCE of water and the DRYNESS of land. What can lead to both? Fire. Now then, Jack references the Mongol invasion of the Middle East. The buildings of Zou is a reflection of the buildings of Yemen in the Middle East.


Did you know elephant warfare was a primary war strategy in the Middle East? However, the Mongols defeated the elephants and took their weapons which including shotels, which is the name of the weapon Jack uses.



Next is the Calamity of Severe Winters(Earth). The climate of Mongolia is almost always cold and suffers from long, severe winters mainly consists of mountain ranges. One of the reasons Mongolia is so cold is because of its high altitude, being on mountains n’ all. This leads me to believe that this calamity has an ability that deals with Earth. Another thing, Kaidou resides on a snow island that is always winter.


Oh hey, Drake is in that panel and is a member of Kaidou’s crew. Due to a supply of gunpowder, the Mongols raged war upon Europe gaining a seious advantage during the winter, but due to the death of the chieftain Ogedai Khan also during the winter, the Mongols were forced to withdraw to elect a new Khan. The death of Ogedai lead to the empire being controlled by Khatuns(queens) who lead later sieges in Europe. The queens and daughters of the Khan were symbolized by a tiger, leading me to think that the ‘Queen’ under Kaidou has a White Tiger DF.


Next is the Calamity of Rain(Water) and this one is special. Earlier I said the Mongol Empire used drought and winters as an excuse to invade but it was RAIN that gave them the ability to invade. Remember when I said that Jack and his DF mirrors the Mongol Invasion of the Middle East? Well the Calamity of Rain and his DF mirrors the Mongol Invasion of Japan.

It was the Calamity of Rain that allowed Kaidou to make Wano his territory and the Calamity of Rain is a traitor of Wano. Know where I’m going at? The Rain Calamity is a rogue samurai.


This man is a dragon zoan. I originally believed Kaidou was the dragon but because of Kin’emon, I no longer believe(still consider it though).

Kin’emon and Dragons. Normally anyone who attacks your homeland are viewed equally detestable right? But Kin’emon specifically has it out for dragons.


Kin’emon and Kaidou


Kin’emon showed anger and bravery when he heard of a dragon but fear when he heard of Kaidou. If Kaido was a dragon, shouldn’t Kin’emon have shown fear against the dragon in Punk Hazard? Kin’emon ain’t messing with Kaidou but he has no reason to fear a fellow samurai. The betrayal of the Rain Calamity allowed Kaidou’s forces to invade Wano leading a ongoing battle that become the source of Kin’emon’s seething hatred for dragons and pirates.

Lastly, are you curious about what dragons and rain has to do with each other? Everything.
Japanese dragons don’t have wings and they are primarily water deities with control over the rain. In many Japanese folktales, the dragon is depicted as the villain for they are nothing but snake-like water serpents and snakes are typically villains and backstabbers no?


I personally do not believe that we’ll have a calamity of wind since that element is pretty much a Mongol’s worst nightmare. The Mongol’s tried invaded Japan twice but failed because of a powerful typhoon that Japan called the kamikaze(divine wind). Two invasion stopped because of a storm and Japan believed that it was the god Raijin watching over them(Dragon & Enel incoming). D always brings forth a storm…

*Theory by Vandenreich


  1. Unlike many theories I have read, this actually makes a lot of sense. I would like it if things were to play out like this.

  2. Nice theory..

  3. Sting Eucliffe

    Very good Theory of yours and the one thats most logical to be true in case Of Kaidous Crew.
    But I have thought about something myself..

    As the 3rd Calamity, representing the Rain, reall has the original Mythical Zoan: Ryu Ryu no Mi, than as a chinese Dragon he has not only control ofer the Rain, but over the Weather itself.

    And if he really is a Rogue from Wa No Kuni who crossed his Country and allowed Kaidou to take over, than that leads to another possible Theory:

    Chinese Dragons are always affiliated with Weather in the Form of not only Rain and Water..but THUNDER as well and what Name is affiliated with THUNDER in japanese terms?..Exactly, RAIZOU.

    If we think about it: Raizou was with Kinemon, Kanjuro and Momonosuke, who were on an adventure outside of Wa No Kuni where he vanished completely when they shipwrecked. (maybe he took the chance and got away).

    And why is he even searched by Kaidous Men (Especially Jack?).. Well Maybe he doublecrossed Kaido and is now in Hiding.

    And where might he be, if he’s nowhere to be found..Somewhere in the Sky or even Mountains, that only the 5 Flying Zoan-Users can reach.

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