We know that Sabo is the General Officer of the Revolutionary Army. He’s famous as No.2 of the Revo Army .
Now, in many Organizations the ranking order goes by numbers. The smaller the number, the higher the rank that member has. Baroque works had similar system ,where the agents were number given code names. (for eg., Mr.1, Mr.2 )
I dont think that Revo army gives number code names to their officers. But it is common practice to call the top officers of a Organisation by numbers. And that is the reason, Sabo is famous as NO.2. It certainly shows that he is one of the top officers of Revo Army, which is supported by the kind of strength he has shown.

But does being called as No.2 mean that Sabo is most powerful officer in charge after Monkey D Dragon.
I dont think so.
I think that Sabo is the 3rd ranked officer of Revo Army, with Dragon being the leader or better said the No.Zero. And there is another person/officer who is above Sabo & below Dragon. That unknown person might be the No.1 of Revo Army.
We have seen, Crocodile himself being the of Baroque Works. Since zero is the smallest whole number, it is safe to consider that Dragon might too be the of Revo army.

Similarly, Sabo has been compared to Ace, due various incients & facts like :
1.Ace fought with marine captain to save luffy & Sabo fought fujitora to save luffy.
2.Both theirs fight ended in a tie.
3.Ace was the 2nd division commander of WB pirates & Sabo is the No.2 of Revo Army.

Now, if we look the last point, we can consider Ace as No.2 of WB pirates. With Marco being the No.1 & WB the leader or

Here’s the Hiearchy of 3 different Organizations.

Considering all above facts i think that there is an Officer who is above Sabo. Probably Sabo is under him because he is still in-experienced & still has a long way to go .And it would be too soon to reveal the person who is under the Dragon according to me, so we might have to wait for some period before it is revealed.

So who do you think is the No.1 of the Revo Army ??
Here are few of my possibilities.
1.former No.1 could be Kuma.
2.Ivankov seems to be working with Dragon ,since very beginning, but doesnt seem that strong to be No.1
3.If Aokiji is a Revo now, he can be the No.1 of Revo army.Since he does seems strong enought to hold that position.
4.Unknown person, who is still to be introduced.

Thank you for reading, give your thoughts on it

*Theory by blaze


  1. In SBS 59:578:96 (Vol:Ch:Pag), Oda says that all of the commanders are equal

  2. Aokiji is with Blackbeard.

  3. Rvolutionnary army does not work like the rest of the world they are not revolutionnary for nothing, I think the rank does not mean their power but just who is the first to give/receine order so if dragon is N0 , ivankov is more likely number 1 but this doesn’t mean he is strong. Is dragon that strong, we don’t even know, maybe he is powerful but he is feared because he is a great leader

  4. Aymane Dinoune

    I think it’s luffy’s mother , she’s yet to be revealed , and in an other theory in this site , the mother was foreshadowed by soda , so there’s a big chance to be her ‘since we know nothing about her

  5. For me is Sir.Crocodile!!!!

  6. mihaaaawk!!!!!

  7. I am sure it will be KUINA

    Since LUFFY is leader :: ZORO could be No.1 of STRAWHAT PIRATES
    Since DRAGON is leader :: KUINA could be No.1 of REVOLUINARIES

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