The possibility of Nami being Luffy’s future wife?

Wait what Nami’s Luffy Wife in the Future?? How about BOA?? How about Margaret?? How about Rebecca??

I know there’s a lot of pairing come in our minds.. and also we have this dream pairing for Luffy.. Because honestly my Dream Pair for Luffy is Boa :hearteyes:

Let’s examine everything on a logical way

Think of it the late Pirate King Gol D. Roger has a wife and son Portgas D. Rouge (wife) and Portgas D. Ace (son). This is not just a random things that Oda would happen to do so.. It can be foreshadowing Luffy in the Future having a Wife and a Son who will carry his bloodline.. We know that Luffy lack intelligence but he is indeed wise in someway without noticing it.. The reason he kept rejecting Boa’s Hancock wedding proposal is not just by a whim and his stupidity it has something to do with it, like why his not attracted and also to other women he met before but he considered them all as a friend..

Here things will become more interesting.. Nami hate Pirates at the beginning of the Series and yet Luffy managed to take Nami along as Navigator.. I know you think this way “because Nami is partnered with Luffy and Nami is using Luffy along the way” it is somehow true but the thing I’m trying to point out if you are in the position of Nami who really despised Pirate and also a Pirate Shot Dead your Mother would you be friends with them ?? Would you be partnered with them ?? I guess the answer is No.. But on that episode where Luffy is locked down on a cage and a Buggy Cannon will shoot Luffy, Nami didn’t think twice and stopped the ignition with her bare hands.. Though Nami claimed that if she didn’t stopped the cannon she’s no difference with a Pirate.. But I see of it as a sign of Nami’s Changed Heart [:3] and also the reason why Nami left Luffy with the Going Merry along her on Baratie because she doesn’t want them to be involved in his problems.. LikeRobin she doesn’t want his considered as Friends/Nakama to be hurt or to be in trouble.. Just like I said we’re going to think logically so let’s not just get carried away by what Oda wants us to think of.. I am studying detective though It’s baseless to assumed that this random theory is accurate or would happen.. Ok back to the read, on Arlongs Park Arc where Luffy is going to rescue Nami he lends his precious treasure theStrawhat.. and after beating Arlong, Nami made a decision to go on journey with them having a dream “to Draw a Map of the World”and noting that Nami also claimed that wherever Luffy wants to go she’ll take him there..

Sorry for this please bear with me a little longer.. and here some example clips though it is not mine but I am constructing some more accurate clip and I’ll just replaced it afterwards..

The reason why I show those clips is because, Luffy is somewhat happened not just only saved Nami once after Arlongs Park it happens to some of the episodes and movies along the way.. Nami always got involved of been taken away by the enemies not because she is weak, she is indeed beautiful and also she has this superb navigation skills.. In One Piece Movie 2 the Clockwork Island Adventure where Nami was taken away by the Trumph Siblings Pirate Crew and Bear King wants Nami as his wife :rage: where also Luffy lend his hat again to Namiwhose wearing a Bride Outfit :eek: is this a foreshadowing too ?? who knows.. where talking on Oda anyway his very good at foreshadowing and making people minds blow.. Moving forward it only not happen once, twice it happens many times.. So I won’t state it here because I am guessing you can picture out what I’m trying to imply right..

And I happen to see this..

(Oda’s wife)


We all know Oda based a lot of things in real life events.. And Nami’s character creation is not just also happen to be random.. And I happen to read also a theory about Nami’s Bloodline is an Angel isn’t it fitting for a King of Pirates having a wife an Angel.. If this is so to happen he can even surpass the Late Pirate King Gol D. Roger.. And Luffy’s reaction everytime Nami’s in trouble, there chemistry shows that Namiis a fitting wife for Luffy the Pirate King.. And also if that’s so to happen when Luffy has this titled Pirate King and sailing free in the Ocean isn’t it for a wife’s obligation to be with him [:3] Nami said that wherever Luffy wants to go I’ll take him there :hearteyes: :hearteyes: :hearteyes:


*Theory by Gol D. Jason


  1. Oda met his wife long after the series started and long after Nami was made.
    In fact, he met her when she cosplayed as Nami so Oda DID NOT BASED Nami from his wife.

  2. Srsly now… you are missing a major ascept of OP. And that is friendship. Nami became a friend with Luffy because he understood that he was different. She had fun being together with him and she could fulfill her dreams. Luffy would save anyone of his nakama, he saved Nami when she was in danger, that doesn’t mean that he is “in love” with her or anything like that. He doesn’t care at all about women, that is the thing, and not because he is gay but because Oda made him that way, for him the important things are meat, to become the Pirate King and to protect his nakama. So no he probably won’t get a wife unless he changes the way he is, Gol D. Roger despite having similarities with Luffy, he has been represented to the anime as a more serious person, maybe because he was older at that time. Luffy giving his hat to Nami while she is wearing a wedding dress is not foreshadowing… it is just a coincidence and you are making this up because you want to see it happening but it doesn’t make any sense. He just gives her his hat before an important fight because he wants her to hold what is precious to him. That way he shows his trust to her, he could give it to anyone else of his nakama but they were involved in fights to and giving them to Zoro for example just wouldn’t seem right.
    Luffy’s reaction is the same when someone if his nakama is in trouble, Nami will guide Luffy whenever he wants to go because that is her job as navigator, of course it has nothing to do with “her loving him” or something along that line which is crazy imo and TRex explained you well why the theory involving Oda’s wife isn’t correct.. also i don’t think Oda would care about something like that when it comes to One Piece, i mean he obviously bases many things in OP in real life events but they also have to fit in the anime and this is too personal.

  3. where is the theory of nami’s bloodline?

  4. Monkey D. Bufford


  5. Hydrangeaslove

    It is probably correct that she will be his wife on day but that’s not the point in One Piece. Oda said himself that this is not a romance manga so I don’t expect romance when I’m reading the manga.
    But if I have to choose FOR SURE it would be Nami over Boa.

  6. i don’t see nami as luffy’s wife
    Plus if nami would mary luffy than boa hancock will hate luffy and will try to kill nami .
    i think luffy won’t mary nami nor boa . Maybe we’ll see a future woman that luffy will fall in love with.
    ( Or maybe we will not see his wife because we didn’t see luffy’s mother )

  7. This theory is absoloutely bullshit…

  8. Hard shipper detected. He made an exclamation first that he ships Luffy and Boa which is full of bull. I don’t buy it. He used bipolar statements to support his argument. Dont touch this story with your headcanon pairing theories.

  9. Blue Phoenix

    Will there be romance in One Piece? No. But is it possible for Nami to have Luffy’s kid without romance being shown in the actual manga/anime via a timeskip? Yes. Romance isn’t the focus of the comedy/action/adventure manga nor should it be. But I can see Oda showing Nami with Luffy’s kid without showing the details. Get what I mean? The focus is adventure and getting the One Piece. There will be no romance. But hinted relationship’s are possible at the end.

  10. Luffy X Nami

    first of all we dont knw the nami’s bloodline.But by looking at the Portugas D Rouge i can clearly see the resemblance between her and nami,May be all the d clan women have orange hair.
    Nami came from war prone a war prone i think she belong to D clan,and one way or another before fighting (Blackbeard the pervert) i believe luffy is gonna tell her something and after the war with blackbeard nami will start thinking luffy as more than a nakama.

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