After Oda dropped that incredible bombshell upon us, I’m going to add to the substantial arguments in favour of Sanji being a Tenryuubito, this one will be short but sweet.

Sanji’s name has two meanings:
San means Three, Ji can either mean O’clock or Temple. Oda has confirmed that Sanji’s name is 3 O’clock or rather, snack time! Hence he is named as such for being a chef. However, we also know he is the third son of the Vinsmock family.

Clearly, as the third son, his name strongly relates in his order of birth and therefore I believe his other brothers will be named after their order of birth too. We have Ichiji and Niji, Sanji’s older brothers. If their father follows the same naming pattern he will be called Reiji, however I doubt this.

Ichiji is the first born. Niji is the second born.

Now that we’ve delved into the brothers and their names, there are some other underlying and ‘hidden’ clues.

The ‘Temple’ part of their names can be a direct reference to being praised as some sort of religious or political figures, the same way the Tenryuubito view themselves as Gods. They refer to eachother as ‘your holyness’ and separate themselves from normal humans


The religion of Christianity, the most followed faith on the planet, originates from Israel. The Bible speaks of ‘three temples’, like Sanji’s family.

  • First is Solomon’s Temple, which was built on Mt Moriah in seven and a half years. (could Moriah be involved in Sanji’s past? Did he encounter Ichiji?) This temple housed the Ark of the Covenant.
    This temple supposedly had the Brazen Alter of sacrifice, the Brazen Sea for Priests to wash themselves and the Brazen Layers of washing utensils. This temple was razed and burnt down by Nebuchadnezzar
  • The temple of Zerubbabel, this was built in two years. The temple followed a similar plan to that of Solomon’s Temple on a much lesser scale. The temple was sacked and most items stolen and the temple was later used for Idolatrous purpose
  • Thirdly is Herod’s temple. Unlike the other temples, this one had a court specifically for female use. This temple existed at the time of Jesus Christ. Both Jesus and Herod have been called the King of Kings on several occasions in the Bible.

So what?

Well, IF the Temples have some relation to the brothers:

  • Ichiji has some history with Moriah and is seven and a half years older than Sanji. He too has a background of being a Chef. It’s possible he gave his life to save Sanji and Niji from attackers of unknown faction, he may be dead. His death was caused by fire.
  • Niji is two years older than Sanji and shares many similarities with Ichiji. Ichiji was likely imprisoned or kidnapped by the same attackers of unknown persuasion. Niji may have been a massive pervert and had a strong attachment to aesthetic values. However, it’s possible Niji may still be alive.
  • Sanji ran away and escaped the threat that took his two brothers away from him. He inherited the wills of both brothers as a Chef and the usage of Fire as well as being extremely perverted like his second brother. The notion King of Kings simply ties the third Temple into Sanji and Luffy, the Pirate King to be.

This is wild speculation of mine, but I think it would make a lot of sense.

What’s more, Sanji’s well known and obvious French theme strongly relates to ‘Vinsmock’.

Vin is French for Wine, seen as ‘the drink of the Gods’ in many cultures including: Greek, Roman, Carthaginian and Persian culture. Stronger relating to the connotations of being Tenryuubito, other Tenryuubito family names also have Godly meanings. The first part of Donquixote is Spanish for ‘Gift’ or sacrifice, common practice in these same cultures.

Extra: A Smock is a type of dress – this may relate to Sanji’s love of women? It’s also a play on the word ‘Smoke’, a reference to cigarettes and cooking.

There are lots of Godly inferences in the new reveal, and also a lot of references to food. So who were Ichiji, Niji and Sanji? Were they trainee cooks for the Tenryuubito? Were they simply regular Tenryuubitos?


  • Sanji’s brothers are Ichiji (7.5 years older) and Niji (2 years older), his dad might be called Reiji
  • Ichiji is dead
  • Niji is in captivity somewhere, although this is currently an unknown arbiter
  • Sanji escaped the threat that took Ichi’s life and captured Niji, he has since inherited their wills
  • The Vinsmock family is either a Cook family, subservient to the Tenryuubito or a Tenryuubito family themselves

*Theory by Logia


  1. I think the vinsmock family might be the one of the underground broker…

  2. Don doesn’t mean ‘gift’. It means ‘mister’, and is a formal synonym for ‘señor’. Or it is Ancient Spanish or Romance, which anybody speaks nowadays.

  3. OMFG IT’S NOT VINSMOCK… ITS VINSMOKE ffs haha people keep saying it wrong

    • Temple D. Angus

      IT’S IN THE FUCKING MANGA AS “VINSMOCK” YOU UNEDUCATED DUMBASS! Try actually reading the manga before you call bullshit

  4. Wtf, why cant u respects what the TS tried to sounds his/her speculation. So you have another good explanation, then please be our guest. My god how simple-minded you guys are. Have you seen how’s the english-spelled of ‘VINSMOCK/VINSMOKE’ by Oda before? So you spoke of MS translation? It’s good. But nobody know. The exact spelling will need to wait until Oda shows us directly. Until now people van just assume he spells are whether Vinsmock or Vinsmoke. Pfft what are u, eight?

    Uneducated people who can’t respect what other thougts should have died.

    To the theory, it’s nice to hear some thoughts. Very well done.

  5. IF they’re really tenryuubito, how come big mom has that much power to tie a marriage between her daughter and tenryuubito family?! who the fuck is big mom!?

  6. Vinsmock faimly are someone on top. No one else can have the power to take Sanji wanted poster “Only alive”

  7. i liked your theory and it make sense, but there’s no land called israel it’s Palestine since thousands of years until UK promised zionists to gave them it. israel is Prophet Jacob there was never a land called israel. thank you for your theory

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