What happened to Sanji?

At the end of the last manga chapter, Chopper and Nami were shown and they appeared to be safe and in good hands. The fate of Sanji, Brook, Momonosuke and Caesar are still unknown but Nami seems to have grave news. He hugged Luffy as soon as he saw him and she was crying. Zoro was shown to notice something on Nami before all of this happened but the chapter ended at that moment.


A lot of people seem to agree that something bad has happened to Sanji and that whatever happened involved a fight against Jack of some sort. Some of the theories predict that Sanji was captured by Jack and subsequently the Marines or that after a tough battle his life is now so close to death that not even Chopper can save him. What do you think? What happened to Sanji? And where are Brook, Momonosuke and Caesar?


  1. they were captured by big mom before coming to zou, sanji counter attacked so that sunny go may escape.

  2. I’m not managa reader,but what breaking news!!

  3. On top of that, no manga for next week. 🙁

  4. I think Sanji is a celestial dragon and Jack learned that such as marine so Jack captured him because Jack wants to exchange Doflamingo between Sanji.

  5. Sanji leaving the crew so that he can stay at the island with hot animal chicks

  6. Possiblity 1: sanji is dead ( i personaly don’t think he’s dead)
    Possiblity 2 : sanji is captured
    Possiblity 3 : nami ran away when she saw someone very strong while sanji fought him and the chances of him winning are very small.

    • 1. Sanji is dead (30%)
      2. Sanji is captured (Either by Big Mom / Jack – 50%)
      3. Sanji is in coma because of the nosebleed he get from hot animal-woman in zou (20%)

  7. it’s oda guys. expect the unexpected :))

  8. Sanji Cant be Dead without Fulfilling his Dream ” ALL BLUE”

  9. I m pretty sure about this :

    – Sanji is alive. He cant be dead. Only Alive Mystery.
    – Sanji is not close to death. There was no fight. Its just obvious.
    – Jack has nothing to do with what happened to Sanji. Too easy. It’s not Oda.
    – Sanji is not with Brook and the others.

    The reason i m sure about all this is Nami’s behaviour. She ‘s not acting like she would in those cases.
    Besides Nami is responsible for Momonosuke she wouldn’t wait for Luffy and the others to try something if momo was in trouble too. Thats why i say Sanji is not with the others.

    Momo must be playing somewhere. Brook must be watching ceaser.

    sorry for my english 🙂

  10. most probably caught by big mom

  11. I think sanji somehow turned to a mink … Or he is dead

  12. I’m actually bothered by the Wanted poster of Sanji. They want him alive, I’m thinking that it is connected to Nami’s bad news about him.

  13. Sanji left crew and go live at amazon lyly XD

  14. I agree with alexa, for some reason they want him alive. They’ll probably add a plot that he’s connected to an important or powerful people. Then the crew will have to save him and they’ll all cry again hahaha.

  15. I think sanji met the rebel army at zou and he is with them and thus the only alive because the marines can find out information about dragon.

  16. You can see sanji in chapter 803 at page 7

  17. i suppose brook and momonoske and ceaser were captured by big mom
    sanji tried to save them but he couldn’t cause big mom crew ran away (not like they are afraid)
    and then when nami and sanji … arrived to zou they found it under attack, so they tried to defend it, lord jack recognized sanji as ????, so he captured him, i made this theory cause luffy will never ever try to find kaidu if he doesn’t have a big motive, also, he had a deal with big mom so he has now a bigger motive to kick her ass

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