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Big Mom’s financial problems and her connection to Whitebeard

Hello once again everyone and welcome back to yet another theory for your entertainment. This time I shall be discussing the money problems of Big Mom and her connection to WB.

Before I start, have you noticed that Big Mom is the only yonko who seemingly has no quarrels with other yonko? So far in the series, Whitebeard, Blackbeard, Shanks and Kaido all has quarrels with each other. Not only that, Whitebeard and Shanks don’t care about pillaging, Blackbeard and Kaido wants to turn the world upside down and Big Mom is completely gray; she seems to be pure business. Even the islands she protects is a matter of business.

Back to the main topic, money seems to be a key theme with Big Mam. She lent money to Caesar for his research.

Two of Big Mom’s ships has been destroyed and apparently she and her crew needed alot of cash to get them fixed, directly hinting struggling finances.

And no we have Miss Bakking who only looks at money……do I even need to explain her similarities to Big Mam and her crew? If you do, I’m seriously questioning your perception….

Same sunglasses

Same hat as Lola

Now then, Miss Bakking is obviously apart or was apart of Big Mam’s crew, but why is she traveling around with Edward Weeble? This brings up 3 questions:

1. Why is Miss Bakking and Weeble playing off as WB’s son and spouse?

Because WB and Big Mam had an alliance due to marriage. Pay attention to rings on Big Mam’s and Bakking’s fingers(and bracelets…lots of Jewelry)

Now look at the jewelry and hat that one of WB’s pirate allies is wearing.

This elderly woman’s name is Elmy and she is an infamous NW captain and was in an alliance with WB. Not a member, just an ally. She was loyal enough to help WB rescue Ace and attend their funerals. Now does it makes sense that both Big Mam and WB are called “mama and papa” by their crew members? Not only that, have you noticed that there are no female fighters in WB’s main crew? Could just be his overprotective nature(daddy’s little girl).

Anyways, why would Big Mom have a marriage alliance with WB? Who knows….maybe because she wanted Fishman Island sweets but because it was WB’s territory, she couldn’t strong-arm them to a satisfactory degree unless she made an alliance with WB? After WB died, Big Mam took control of Fishman Island for them sweets.

2. Why is Miss Bakking obsessed with money?

I have 2 reasons why: either Miss Bakking is in charge of collecting Big Mom’s funds(Bakking means “fine” or “penalty”) or she has her own agenda. I’m more inclined to believe in the latter because why would Big Mom target the WB remnants for money? Sure she may spend alot but she can just raid a town for cash.

3. Who IS Edward Weevil?

For starters, Weevil only became known to the world during the two years the SHs were absent. Weevil’s 480 million bounty is the result of defeating WB allies and causing civilian casualties. Also, WB allies were only defeated because their disputes with Weevil got out of hand. Miss Bakking never planned on Weevil becoming a shichibukai, but

The day Weevil was revealed, I said Weevil was a modified human due to his stitches similar to Absalom. The only person we know of that can modify human bodies is Doctor Hogback so did Weevil come from Thriller Bark? Did Miss Bakking give Moriah Lola in exchange for Weevil? Did Moriah and Bakking plan everything from the get go? Does this explain why Moriah was so pressed about WB in Marineford?

-I believe Miss Bakking and Weevil will show up at the tea party
-Big Mom seems to have problems with money and the SHs have a member who is very good with that

-WB and Big Mom were in an alliance but since WB is dead, Miss Bakking is collecting the payment and is currently after Luffy to find Marco.

-I think Moriah would return sometime during the tea party

-Nami has Big Mam’s vivre card so will that play a role in the future?

-Lastly, Big Mom is after Luffy because he owes her candy. Big Mom is all business and hates people who doesn’t keep their end of the deal.

-Lastly, I think Weevil is going to become an ally of Luffy. Doesn’t Miss Bakking and Weevil seem familiar?

And who stopped them?

*Theory by Vandenreich



    I think everyone knows the answer to this one. Yes, obviously. He disappeared from Doflamingo’s sight when he was about to kill him. Obvious Absalom intervention is obvious. Just for the sake of completeness, I will put the particular manga panel that describes the event here.

    Moria vanished

    Oda also basically confirmed this in the SBS, so it’s just a matter of when Moria returns.

    Just to make a point, about the not-so-subtle foreshadowing by Doflamingo of Moria resurrecting himself somehow AS a Zombie. It could happen, but I’m not that worried about it because I don’t think it influences his impact on the story much, just a new powerup. Now unto why I made this thread.


    Theoretically, he could be anywhere, but this is where I think Moria is.

    Hiding in and out of Plain sight

    Yes, I believe Moria managed to hide himself by turning a portion of an island invisible. And yes, the implication I’m making is that Absalom, somehow awakened after his defeat by Sanji and is now capable of turning much larger areas invisible with his fruit and maybe even leaving them invisible whether he is there or not. He is sheltering Moria and working alongside him.



    Before, Moria was making a zombie army with the intention to use their power to take over the New World. But really, Moria’s army was pretty weak. Dead bodies, just don’t hack it. What if Moria, found a way to use shadows to push into a living person AND take over their consciousness at the same time. Almost like rewriting who they are as people. Then Moria could take strong people, make augmentations on them and control them. The first victim of this has been revealed. He is…

    Moria’s first calamity.

    Now notably about Edward Weevil, he does share a lot of prominent similarities to a zombie, namely the visible stitch marks. A full ring around his neck and left arm, make me believe that he has been in some kind of body augmentation surgery recently. However, Moria isn’t making his new army out of dead bodies. Rotting muscles and flesh are limited in what they can do and I believe Moria realizes this now.

    I believe Edward Weevil is just as he seems. A retard, with a really strong body who through a Shadow possession and Hogback surgery, Moria has made strong enough to earn 480 million bounty. In other words, Edward Weevil is one of Moria’s new weapons and the world doesn’t know it. And I don’t think Weevil knows it either. It’s probably easier to control the person if their willpower or general cognitive function is highly impaired. It can’t be perfect though because their soul is still inside which is why we have Miss Bakkin.


    Her job is to reinforce the brain washing and keep the living zombie on mission and not let the old personality resurface. In other words, these beings will move in pairs. One for power, one for guidance.
    The clue comes from Miss Bakkin’. Money. You need funds to secure infantry, weaponry and supplies. I believe Moria created Weevil but he’s also not foolish enough this time to think one secret weapon will take over the world. He needs an army of super powerful individuals and he’s building towards that. The remnants of the Whitebeard pirates are easy pickings comparatively speaking to an active Younkou’s ally. Not speaking of course about Marco as they are gonna be difficult, but the many allied crew, all 47 of them, should be significantly more exposed. But I think there is another reason why Weevil is “Whitebeard’s son”.I believe that is the personality that was put into him. Yes, Weevil was possessed by the shadow of the REAL Son of Whitebeard, who Moria has managed to capture and keep prisoner while he uses his zombie to wreak havoc on the New World.
    Now there are some interesting similarities between another characters just introduced. Namely Weevil and Jack. I believe this is intentional. We know Moria is connected to Kaidou. He lost against him and he definitely must know who Jack and the other calamities are. Basically, I believe Weeble’s body structure is based on Jack’s. Moria is basically creating his own group of disasters like Kaidou has.
    The whole point of this strategy is to keep the Government and the other NW Pirates off Moria’s scent. By constantly revealing big information of the movement of pirates around the NW, he makes sure everyone’s attention is focused on the latest big thing that happened, not on what he might be doing. A genius idea really.

    I also believe with Absalom’s awakening, he might have an army of people armed with invisible cloaks or something he created that allows them to shadow the movements of the big pirates. It’s how he managed to get info on the PH alliance so easily. As for the Kidd Alliance, I believe Kidd’s alliance has a mole, who is already working with Moria.


    His name is Scratchmen Apoo. I believe Apoo will play a big role in the Return of Moria arc. For two reason. It was he after all who was seen coming across that invisible island. But also, Brooke is heavily tied to Moria. He was introduced there so if we have a return of Moria arc, it would make sense for Brooke to have his time to shine during that arc, and what better way than to put music based antagonists in Brooke’s way.

    Kidd wanted to know how the information leaked. Recall this panel.

    Moria’s moves

    Now we see the dialogue boxes pointing to the island and not the ship, so what random ship is that? It’s a Thriller Bark ship, leaving Kidd’s hideout. With Absa and his followers behind, after gathering information. It was Apoo who led them to Kidd’s base. He’s working with Moria, I assume to eventually double cross them if they do succeed in taking down Shanks. That’s the idea anyways.

    What’s more important is Absalom is probably using his articles to get a little closer to the government. And get more information on them as well. I’m sure Moria isn’t pleased they tried to kill him. He’d be after them too.


    Moria, in a stroke of genius, has erased himself from the world, while simultaneously pulling strings and making moves. And he’s only just beginning. When we see Moria again, he will have a formidable fighting unit and tonnes of information on both the New World and the Government to help him.

    You ask the question, who is most poised to take over the Black Market after Doflamingo’s defeat? Buggy? Or has Moria already made the moves and no one has realized yet. Wouldn’t that be something for Moria to rise to such power?

    *Theory by TheConqueror