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Law And The Voice Of All Things

After last chapters, many people in OP community started speculating that the fact Momonosuke is hearing a voice makes him somewhat related to the ability of hearing Voice of All Things!

Most likely, the main hint is this panel, that may be a reference to Roger, the one we know for sure that had this ability:

Actually, way ago (December 21, 2015), I’ve done a theory video in my channel exposing my ideas that Inuarashi and Nekomamushi knew Gol D. Roger, that we would have a Poneglyph in Zou and that most likely Roger was able to “hear” it.

Seems like, maybe, some of my ideas can be proven right in the near future. If not, well, by the time it was a good theory xD, haha.

Anyway, one think that REALLY caught my attention and people aren’t commenting is Law’s expression while climbing the tree.

Why is he so uneasy? So unconfortable? And why did Oda (which clearly is trying to faster the story’s pace) make sure he showed Law’s expression to us?

Also, inside the tree, while everybody’s freaking out with Raizou, Law is still uneasy. It can be due to the awkward situation, but maybe not. Also, we can’t asure he’s looking at Raizo instead of the Poneglyph, which is supposed to be from where the “voice” comes

Anyway, if Law can “hear” the the Voice of All Things too, it open possibilities:

– Gol D Roger
– Monkey D Luffy
– Trafalgar D Water Law

So…. does it means that this ability is related to the D clan?
Anyway, Luffy never heard a Poneglyph (although he seems to have the ability to hear the Voice of All Things). Is this ability something that you awaken somehow or train, something like that?

Second interesting topic: does this mean that Momonosuke (and the rest of the Kougetsu/Kouzuki family) is a D???

Well… guess we’ll learn a little more about it all by the chapter that’s coming tomorrow.

Thanks for reading

*Theory by MarcoOPT


    After the recent chapter, many people believe that we will propably have a Jack vs Strawhats showdown and i am one of them!

    But, i still believe it’s gonna be a seperation between the strawhats!

    Luffy will take few people with him(I believe except for Pekoms, Raizou will join him as well) and Zoro with Law will prepare for the trip to Wano!

    However, there is a small obstacle… none other that Jack himself…! and i will explain why…

    We know that he went on a rescue mission to save Doflamingo from getting imprison!

    In addition, we know he is heading to Impel Down!

    Now, let’s look the map…

    As you can see,Impel Down is on the west while the strawhats are in the opposite direction(east/Zou).

    We know that Jack , managed to attack the marines before reaching Impel Down!

    Also, we know that he left the island the same day Doflamingo was defeated!That was 11 days ago…! And base on chapter 807(ten days ago) half of the strawhats reached Zou!

    So, if i have to take a guess… the distance at that time(It’s a moving island) between Dressrosa and Zou was approximately 1-2 days at most!(read chapter 807 , it will help you understand how many days has passed since entering the NW!Base on my calculations they are 14-15 days)

    Taken into consideration the analysis i just made, it’s highly possible that he managed to catch up with the navy really quick!

    If we also take into the account that the navy left Dressrosa the third day after the battle…!2

    It is beautifully adds up!

    In my opinion, Jack managed to catch up around here!

    In the proccess managed to sink two ships, but sustained some injuries and considered dead…

    However,he failed to retrieve doflamingo and base on the last chapter, he is alive and by the looks of it, he is been accompanied by a large fleet!

    So, guys let’s refresh our memory!

    What was his initial mission?
    To retrieve Raizou!
    And where he is now?
    He is on Zou!
    So, what he is going to do?
    He is going to complete, his unfinished mission!

    I think it’s a pretty logical way of thinking , don’t you think?

    Even if he wants to go somewhere else, he has to pass to Zou…!

    I think it’s very unlikely to move on , straight to Big Mom’s tea party… I doubt he even knows anything about it…

    Also, take note that the battle between him and the navy occured around 8 days ago(11-3=8…xD)!

    He had 8 whole days to rest,to heal,to prepair(fleet)and to travel back on Zou to put an end to his unfinished business!

    So, he must be pretty close to Zou!

    That means a SHOWDOWN!I can feel the hype!:)

    In my opinion, since there is the Sanji matter on one hand and the Jack matter on the other , they will have no choice but to split!

    But why split and not go all together to save Sanji?

    1.Luffy said he will go alone, although i doubt he will be completely alone… he will take at least two![Pekoms and Raizou(stealth)… they will sneak!]

    2.I think it was foreshadowed that, it’s going to be a match between Zoro vs Jack!
    a)They both are the right hand man of their captains!
    b)They both use swords as weapons
    c)When the minks were talking about Jack, Oda focused on Zoro twice for a reason!c011

    3.There is no way Zoro, will go after Sanji after making that speech1

    4.The strawhats befriended the minks and i don’t think they will leave them at their fate…Luffy will entrust Zoro with the mission to protect them any way he can!I believe Law will stay too, since his good friend Bepo is from Zou!Let’s not forget they are still many of them injured

    5.Lastly… maybe one of the biggest mysteries… the moon!
    We have yet to be relieved , what happens when the full moon is out!

    I think i gave you some solid points!

    To move on with the last part of my theory!

    The last part of this theory will be a speculation, but if you think about it , it will might make some sense!

    I think in this fight we will have a Law and Zoro vs Jack battle, like we had the Law and Luffy combination against Doflamingo!
    So, this combination could be turn out to be true!

    Also, they are similar in personalities…both badass,cool,serious and bloodthirsty when they fight!

    In my opinion, this duo will be amazing!

    To conclude, i think we will have a big revelation regarding Zoro’s past from the moment he will release his demonic spirit!
    Yes, i think this will be the fight that we will see him go all out!

    This will be the moment when Zoro will trully connect to Wano and it will ignite his desire to go to Wano even more and learn about his past and lineage!

    I don’t know how the fight will turn out… but i believe , during this fight Jack will tell him about his demonic/cursed clan or lineage and to how he might connect to one of his future enemies!

    I hope you enjoyed my theory

    *Theory by EpicListening

    You can also watch the videotheory here:


      Here’s another one for ya guys: Big Mom could have the Spider Spider Fruit.


      This whole Idea started from the fact that CHARLOTTE’S Web is about a spider that has the same name as BIG MOM. Then I started thinking and researching on spiders more and found some interesting connections. Let me show you them:

      Spiders can lay more than 500 eggs.
      -good reason why Big Mom has 35 daughters

      Spiders eat insects but do not eat plants
      -Big Mom, since she has massive power as a Yonko, might see humans as “insects”. And she doesnt eat “vegetables(plants)”, only sweets.

      Interesting enough, i found out that female spiders eat their mates even while mating.
      -It Explains why she eats her own kind. Humans.

      Spiders can use VENOM
      -Big Mom’s nasty ass saliva could be mixed with the venom and acid in her body. So that stuff is probably DEADLY. Watch out for the big mom. All she has to do is drool on you and you’re dead. A YONKO’s power.

      Now I didnt say anything about “webs”. I just said that she has the “spider” fruit because I really don’t want her to be another doflamingo.

      I don’t know much about card games, but everyone that has owned a windows xp should know the game, Spider Solitaire.
      -Oda seems to be using card games in the story now. Maybe Big Mom could’ve came from this. Who knows?

      Anyways, thanks for reading. Please tell me what you think down below.

      *Theory by Icecream001

        Kuma’s Intention

        Myth: Kuma separated the Straw Hat Pirates so they can become stronger.


        Fact: The full reason behind Kuma separating the Straw Hat Pirates is still unknown though a great deal of evidence seems to point to this myth being proven at least partially true.

        By Chapter 591, it was revealed that Kuma wished to save the Straw Hats. Sentomaru also stated that the user of the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi can control where to send people, which was also proven by the fact that Perona was sent to a dark castle like she wanted. The Straw Hats then landed on suspiciously convenient spots (like Zoro ending up on Mihawk’s island and Nami on an island dedicated to studying the weather). This evidence strongly supports the myth’s veracity. Even so, until it is confirmed, this cannot be taken as a fact.

          Destruction Of Fishman Island – Kaido And Caribou

          Okay, this is a theory about the destruction of Fishman Island, Big Mom, Caribou, Kaido and how it all connects with each other. We all know that Madam Shyarly made a prediction about Luffy destroying Fishman Island and that, so far, everyone of her prediction have come true so there’s really no real reason to doubt that this prediction won’t come true.

          Let’s start this with this theory’s key figure, if you like, Caribou. During the Fishman Island Arc we had Caribou running around all over the place, getting his ass kicked with no real meaning, he’s more or less a filler character during this arc except for stating that overconfident logias will get their ass kicked in the New World; but doesn’t he have any meaning? I believe he had one meaning and that he will play a “bigger” role if you like, in the end.

          Caribou Is Eavesdropping 

          Here we can see that he learned that the princess Shirahoshi is an ancient weapon, capable of destroying the world; later on, when he had learned about this, he also tried to kidnap the princess but was it for himself that he tried this? Apparently not.

          Caribou Wanting Treasure and Princess Back 

          Here we can see that’s he specifically talking about a person that will ” Take A Shine To Him For Sure” if he can bring both of does things to that person. Even though I’m pretty sure that the person he wanted to give these things isn’t the person that will have it in the end, but it wouldn’t surprise me if his plan was to give these things to a Yonko; in the New World you either ally yourself with the Yonko or you fight them, something like that at least. I do believe that Oda will use Caribou, there is no reason to make him eavesdrop, learning such delicate knowledge and then don’t making it affect the story.

          Caribou Meeting Kaido’s Subordinates 

          During his cover story Caribou fights and defeat Scotch, one of Kaido’s subordinates (or something like that) and later is defeated by X-Drake who is working for Kaido at the moment. Considering that Caribou messed with something of Kaido’s (Scotch and Weapon Factory (?)) he’s probably going to have to answer to Kaido; at this point he will most likely just spill the beans and tell him about Shirahoshi trying to save his life.

          Caribou is also a type of Reindeer so that would work with Kaido’s Animal Theme. Would Kaido care about something like an ancient weapon? Of course he would, Jack is using Ceasar’s poisonous weapons to defeat the Minks and then we have this panel;

          The World Might As Well Be Destroyed 

          Kaido is planning to start a war and, judging by this panel, he doesn’t care if the world is destroyed or not; the ancient weapon of Poseidon have the power to destroy the world.

          So, why isn’t Kaido aiming to take Shirahoshi yet? Well there could be several reasons but I’m thinking about two;
          – He doesn’t know about it yet
          – He does know about it but attacking Fishman Island at this point in time is attacking Big Mom, you don’t believe me?
          – Being preoccupied with other things too, like Raizo etc.

          Luffy: I’m Going To Beat You Up 

          From these panels I read it like “Fishman Island is still your territory but I will find you, beat you up and make it my own territory” so, at the moment, Fishman Island ISN’T Luffy’s territory yet; even if Kaido knows that Shirahoshi is there he will probably think twice about clashing with another Yonko and I don’t know a surprise attack is viable considering the power of knowledge the Yonko’s seem to have. Also, Big Mom would be really interested in Kaido’s reason for attacking her -> Maybe finding out about Poseidon.

          Will this change? Well, Luffy will go after Sanji soon and he said he would kick Big Mom’s butt; it wouldn’t surprise me if Big Mom is the Yonko to go down first and when she does he will put his flag to mark the island as his territory; which is my last point.

          By now Kaido will know about Shirahoshi and he will also know about Doflamingos downfall; and about the person who stopped Doflamingo and thus himself in his tracks, this person is Luffy. Kaido will go after Luffy and he have at least two reasons for attacking Fishman Island;

          – Easily getting to Luffy, punishing him.
          – Shirahoshi and poseidon will be there

          This fight between Luffy and Kaido will be the end of Fishman Island. Luffy is also the person that is responsible for both reasons Kaido does attack Fishman Island;

          – Angered Kaido, marked the Island with his flag.
          – He brought Caribou to the island and thus the secret about Poseidon leaked.

          So, what do you think? Is it farfetch’d or plausible?
          *Theory by Diamante


            When I was going through all colored cover pages, some of the pages got my attention. Those pages had “SH with Samurai costume”. So I searched all cover pages and arranged in chapter vise.

            In Chapter 70 cover page, left bottom, below Usopp, there is a face. When I see that face, suddenly I remembered “Kin’emon” face.

            Oda already designed or thought of samurai in his mind.

            After in Chapter 310 cover page, right bottom of page. I saw “SHIBARAKU” word. So I searched it. But that searched result shocked me.

            Shibaraku is among the most popular pieces in the classical Japanese dance-drama. The plot centers around the figure of Kamakura Gongorō Kagemasa, who has become the stereotypical bombastic hero of the classical Japanese dance-drama, with red-and-white striped makeup and strong, energetic movement. The historical Kamakura Kagemasa is famous for his bravery for having continued to fight after losing an eye in battle in the Gosannen War (1083-1087).

            Kamakura Kagemasa lost one eye in Gosannen War. Zoro also have scan on his Left eye. Zoro may not lost his eyes but his eye is definitely injured from someone. Oda may have taken only plot of this Shibaraku play and adding his own idea and creativity, story may be different. Or Zoro may open his left eye while battling with enemy in Wano kingdom and he may eventually lose his eyesJust my prediction according to the source of SHIBARAKU play).


            Kamakura Gongorō Kagemasa (鎌倉権五郎景政) (born 1069) was a samurai descended from the Taira clan, who fought for theMinamoto clan in the Gosannen War of Japan’s Heian period. He is famous for having continued to fight after losing an eye in battle during that war.

            We still yet to know full background of Zoro, since some people are saying, “He is the incarnation of Ryuma”. So, Zoro might have been a descended from one of the clan’s in Wano Kingdom.

            Now we will talk about Gosannen war. The Gosannen War was part of a long struggle for power within the warrior clans of the time.

            So lets assume that, “Wano kingdom will be having Power struggle between clan’s and one of the clan approached Kaido for support since wano Kingdom is not under WG. When KAIDO came to wano, he will defeat other clan members and finally he will cheat the clan which hired him. So after that Kaido will take control of Wano kingdom.”

            Let’s continue with our SHIBARAKU drama – The climactic moment of this dram takes place when a goodly samurai is being assaulted by a number of villains. Kagemasa shouts “Shibaraku!” (Stop a moment!) loudly from behind a curtain (agemaku) and then steps out onto the hanamichi (a raised platform extending through the audience to the stage) in magnificent costume and makeup. Arriving at the stage, he sits on a stool (aibiki) and, in a special kind of monologue called tsurane, explains his story. He then drives the villains off.

            We already know that, Kaido’s men’s are chasing that Kagetsu Clan members with Kin’emon, Momonoske and Kanjuru. As per current situation, SH will divide as two group and one group with Luffy will head for “Whalecake Island”. Another group having Zoro will advance to Wano kingdom.

            Oda again, foreshadow the fighting between Zoro and Wano clan members.

            In Chapter 526, We can see. Tiger and Dragon are seeing each other with killing intent.


            Through Kin’emon, Oda again foreshadow the fight in chapter 816.

            Last but not least:

            -In chapter 547 cover page. We can see all the pirates in Samurai costume, who are all escaped from Impel Down. We may expect Crocodile and Mr 1 inwano kingdom as well as Jinbe(we need new member to fight with Kaido).

            -In chapter 582 cover page. While SH are playing game, we can see a cat wearing thrown in cover page. It indicates “Master Nekomamushi”. He may eventually join SH for his revenge.

            -In Chapter 710 cover page. Usopp and Chopper are in different costume. Especially Usopp(in old man costume). Usopp may use this costume in Wano Kingdom for hiding himself, like in Water 7 how he used a mask.
            [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
            *Theory by Go D. Po

              CP0’S POWERS

              If CP0’s main trio that we saw in Dressrosa has Devil Fruit abilities, there is no doubt these will be incredibly powerful powers. Afterall, given their role and likely amount of power as the ultimate shield for the Tenryuubito and Gorosei against external threats, it would be ludicrous to think they would have less powerful Devil Fruits. Of course there is the possibility that they do not possess Devil Fruits, but I find this unlikely.

              In another theory of mine, I explain the significance of the name ‘AEGIS’, you can give that a read here:

              One important thing to note is that AEGIS is a defensive ability that the Ancient Greek Gods possessed. This and other factors considered, I will rule out Logia Devil Fruit powers for the following reasons:

              • Rokushiki is most effectively used when a users body is enhanced, Logias do not do this, however, Paramecia can and Zoans always do
              • There is a limited number of Logia fruits Oda can use at this point

              Now, as I said, as Rokushiki is a heavily body-dependent fighting style, the members of CP0 all likely have very powerful Kenbunshoku and Busoshoku Haki.

              According to One Piece trivia, Oda has namedropped another Rokushiki technique called ‘Chokkai’, it’s name means ‘to bother’, although nothing more is known, whether Oda is joking or not is also questionable. If Oda is being truthful about this, having not seen this technique before, we will likely see CP0 using this. If Chokkai is real I suspect the technique will involve after images and immense speed the same way Rokuogan involved immense strength.

              From what we know so far, this is a list of abilities they likely have:

              • Busoshoku Haki
              • Kenbunshoku Haki
              • Chokkai
              • Rokuogan
              • Kami-e
              • Geppo
              • Soru
              • Tekkai
              • Rankyaku
              • Shigan
              • Combination of Haki and Rokushiki

              As for Devil Fruits:
              Aegis to our best knowledge has three different possible source materials in Greek Mythology. There are three of these CP0 agents and therefore I believe that they each have a direct link to every singular part of Aegis.

              The first instance will relate to this man:


              Basilisk Mythical Zoan – Hebi Hebi no Mi Model: Basilisk
              This is because, in myth, the shield first contained the skin and hair of a Gorgon, granting it incredible invulnerability as it could use Stone for protection and manipulate stone as well as turn enemies into stone. Although the ability to turn people into stone is taken by the Mero Mero no Mi and the Gorgon-based character is embodied in Hancock, a Basilisk Zoan is still very likely and powerful



              • Flight
              • Turn opponent to stone upon contact (not automatic)
              • Extra speed and agility
              • Size advantages
              • Greater muscular power
              • Regenerative ability to external wounds

              Secondly, the right hand man from the long arm tribe:


              Chimera Mythical Zoan – Neko Neko no Mi Model: Chimera
              Legend also states that a Chimera-esque creature of unspecified appearance had formed a part of the Shields construction. The creature is likely strongly related to Chimera. Therefore it’s highly probable that Oda would use the actual Chimera for this guys powers



              • Flame breath
              • Poisonous bite from tail
              • Claws of incalculable strength (swords slashing?)
              • Horns of incalculable density
              • Enhanced speed
              • Enhanced strength and power

              Lastly, the tallest of the three characters:


              Iron Paramecia – Tetsu Tetsu no Mi
              There was a giant killed by Athena called Pallas, and another called Asterus, both of whom had incredibly strong hyde/skin that was resistant to any mortal damage. At the time of the Greeks, Iron was the strongest metal discovered, hence this is a good choice. This guy is huge anyway and can be considered a symbolism the giants in question, his ability will greatly enhance his ability to defend himself



              • Enhanced defence (absolute defence? +Tekkai + Busoshoku Haki)
              • Greater muscular strength
              • Power and density increased greatly
              • Ability to create and manipulate pre-existing Iron
              • Slight magnetic properties

              Well, whether I’m right or wrong, these guys are totally monstrous, but this is a little bit of fun, hope you enjoyed! Do you like these choices of Devil Fruit?

              *Theory by L o g i a

                Why is Sanji addressing Nami with “San” and Robin with “Chan”?

                D: Oda-Sensei, After I started watching One Piece, I thought of it all the time, but why is Sanji addressing Nami with “Sanand Robin with “Chan”? Yet it is Robin who’s the elder!! Is there any deep meaning behind it!?

                SBS80 2 Sanji Nami Robin

                O: Well I actually didn’t think anything of it. Before there was a staff member in our workplace who asked us something interesting. The wish to treat a woman older than you as if she was younger, and a woman younger than you as if she was more of an adult….Is Sanji acquainted with this feeling? I replied, “O, Ofcourse. That is right”



                  I would first like to state that there are a few things that make the StrawHat Grand Fleet different then most fleets we’ve seen so far

                  1- They don’t stay together the entire time, each division of Luffy’s fleet travels the New World on their own adventures which will help them develop in different ways.

                  2- They all joined Luffy not out of fear but out of respect

                  3- A lot of the individual captains/commanders have their own goals/dreams, they might not be as big or important as the straw hats but they are dreams

                  1 Cavendish wants to be a star and a great pirate known all over the world
                  2 Bartholomeo wants to be of use to Luffy and help him and the crew in every way
                  3 Sai wants to raise the happo navy to greatness
                  4 Ideo wants to be a great fighter kinda like Ussop wants to be brave warrior
                  5 Hajrudin wants to rebuild the giant pirate crew
                  6 Leo and co want to help Ussop and Luffy as much as Bartolomeo
                  7 Orlumbus seems to love adventure like Luffy

                  Now their potential growth is the main point of this theory

                  But first i want to bring up one of my theories on kings haki and haki in general. Now i believe the reason why we have not seen a Marine or any strong member of a Yonko’s crew with king haki is because they serve under someone, kings do not serve others. Also ranking systems are in almost every crew or organization in One Piece except the Straw Hats. In this way the Straw Hats are all on equal ground with Luffy, they do not shy from making their opinion known like in most crews, Luffy has been shown to take their advice when making important decisions like with Ussop on Water 7 and Sanji here on Zou.
                  With this freedom i believe that the Straw Hats and fleet members are not limited in how strong their haki can be trained and developed. I believe that the fear to constantly please and obey Yonkos like Big Mom and Kadio limits the overall power of someones haki because haki is a form of willpower and fear weakens willpower. In saying that I do not believe Yonko crew members are weak just not as strong as there maximum potential. The Straw Hats and fleet do not serve Luffy like most fleets serve there captains, they assist Luffy in his quest to become pirate king, this change in mind set can cause many of the main fighters to develop new attacks and unlock higher levels of haki like with Ussop when unlocked his coO haki.

                  Sai could improve his dragon drill tech adding the power to his staff gain kings haki like Chinjao.
                  What if Hakuba is Cavendish’s personal haki demon like the Zoro has and he learned to control him?
                  Barto could learn to crate more then one barrier and shape them into weapons animals or other shapes..
                  Others could develop spiritual power up like Sanji’s fire, Brook’s ice, Fishman Karate and unknown tech

                  Please let me know what you think below

                  *Theory by alwaysrollinup

                    BIG MOM DEVIL-FRUIT THEORY

                    There have been alot of good theories about Big Mom’s devil fruit being either related to Witch-Craft or Acid but i wanted to go a litle bit deeper and share my ideas.

                    I agree with the idea that Big Mom’s power is witch-craft related but there are a couple of things i havent seen anyone talk about. I would like to start off with Big Mom’s ship.

                    The singing head looks like a cookie in my opinion. And its something Oda has hinted at before. Take a look at this Panel from Fishman Island.

                    Now if we talk about living cookies then ofcourse we have to link that to the Gingerbread man.

                    This picture from Shrek was the best i could find.

                    I believe Big Mom’s ability lets her turn Sweets, Cookies and Candies into living objects. This is similar to how Brook’s devil fruit works.

                    His soul emits a powerful “substance”-like energy which allows him to live. I believe Big Mom can also emit a substance-like energy which is her drool.

                    With this she can turn candies alive (if it enters the candy for example) which would explain her eating her crew (which were basicly candies or cookies). If we look at the panel where she eats them we have the crunching sounds (her eating cookies) and we see small parts falling down.

                    This substance, lets say her magic drool for now, comes from her stomach, which could be a witch’s cauldron.

                    Since Big Mom’s is most likely a paramecia this would fit in nicely.

                    Now this magic drool can also function without entering something and i believe Oda drew it next to the three-eyed girl.

                    (just a small note on the side: If the three-eyed girl is pudding it might be she is a adopted daughter and gets married against her will. It would be something a evil witch would do in my opinion, kidnapping kids, forcefully adopt them and them marry them off to increase her own influence. Which would basicly make pudding a hostage and Sanji the prince on white horse which goes to save her but thats a different topic).

                    Now if we take it the Blob thing (Magic Drool) is Big Mom’s power then we could also bring Ceasar into the mix. As we know Ceasar was asked to do research for Big Mom but he blew the funds somewhere else.

                    On Punk Hazard he had multiple things going on. First the SAD which is used to make Smiley Devil Fruits. Secondly the kids who he tried to turn into giants. And at last he had the gas weapon. Now the Sad was for Doflamingo, which later went to Kaido. The kids were basicly a old research project from Vegapunk for the World Government, which Ceasar made his own to proof he was better. And we know Jack bought his gas weapon in the past. Now Ceasar said he blew the funds somewhere else which means he didnt do the research Big Mom asked him to do. So what did she want him to research? I believe Big Mom was interested in the old version of the gas weapon. Ceasar used this version to destroy Punk Hazard four years ago.

                    Smiley was also made out of Blobs (really dont have a better word for it sorry).

                    Now what if Big Mom wanted Ceasar to give her power extra functions like for example the exploding when in contact with fire. We know Big Mom’s crew watched the experiment.

                    And when Ceasar was defeated they called Big Mom. But it could also have been because they figured he had not worked on her research orders but instead improved the weapon to turn into gas. This would explain them coming after Ceasar in Dressrosa.

                    These are just my thoughts on how Big Mom’s fruit might work. There are alot of things that can be linked to witch-craft but if Big Mom is a paramecia then it should still have something to do with her body. Her being able to food into living things might explain also why she wants candy so much. She can turn them into her own litle army just how Kaido is making a Zoan army. We know Blackbeard is out there hunting devil fruits and to make up the balance i believe Shanks is recruiting powerful Haki users like for example Rocksta who we saw with Whitebeard.

                    Hope you enjoyed the read!

                    *Theory by FrankyG