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Here’s another one for ya guys: Big Mom could have the Spider Spider Fruit.


This whole Idea started from the fact that CHARLOTTE’S Web is about a spider that has the same name as BIG MOM. Then I started thinking and researching on spiders more and found some interesting connections. Let me show you them:

Spiders can lay more than 500 eggs.
-good reason why Big Mom has 35 daughters

Spiders eat insects but do not eat plants
-Big Mom, since she has massive power as a Yonko, might see humans as “insects”. And she doesnt eat “vegetables(plants)”, only sweets.

Interesting enough, i found out that female spiders eat their mates even while mating.
-It Explains why she eats her own kind. Humans.

Spiders can use VENOM
-Big Mom’s nasty ass saliva could be mixed with the venom and acid in her body. So that stuff is probably DEADLY. Watch out for the big mom. All she has to do is drool on you and you’re dead. A YONKO’s power.

Now I didnt say anything about “webs”. I just said that she has the “spider” fruit because I really don’t want her to be another doflamingo.

I don’t know much about card games, but everyone that has owned a windows xp should know the game, Spider Solitaire.
-Oda seems to be using card games in the story now. Maybe Big Mom could’ve came from this. Who knows?

Anyways, thanks for reading. Please tell me what you think down below.

*Theory by Icecream001


    I shall be going into further detail as to why devil fruit users sink in water and the secret of seastone.

    As you obviously know, devil fruit users sink in water but what you may not know is that water doesn’t neutralize devil fruit powers.

    Luffy’s stretched arm was underwater but shouldn’t it have neutralize his powers and cause his arm to retract? There is also this:

    Aokiji fell into the water but inside of his power being neutralized, he used his ice to make it to the surface.

    Here, Luffy is completely submerged in water but he cold still stretch.

    Water simply weakens devil fruits but still why? There is also the fact that seastone COMPLETELY neutralizes devil fruits powers but it has the “essence of the sea.” Also, unlike water, when DF users wear seastone, they can still move.

    What is the “essence of the sea”?

    Gravitation or more simply, Gravity.

    Kaku said he felt a “gravitational force” coming from the devil fruits.

    At first you would he meant it as an expression, but Kaku’s senses are quite good which made me think that he meant it literally. He was able to feel Zoro’s demon spirit.

    Law felt a similar force coming from seastone.

    The main reason I believe gravity is why devil fruit users sink and has their powers neutralized by seastone is none other than Marshall D. Teach, better known as Blackbeard.

    “Darkness” is gravitation and everyone knows what the special ability of the Darkness fruit is……

    Neutralizing devil fruits powers via physical contact.

    Now then, the tricky part was finding the actual relationship between water and gravity as a lot of factors fall into play such as mass, pressure and density. There is also the fact that there is less gravity underwater so get ready for a science trip.

    Blackbeard’s darkness is a black hole.

    A black hole pulls an object in and once inside, the object is crushed under the immense gravity or pressure.

    Seawater is more dense than fresh water(because of salt) so its easier for a human to float, but seawater has more pressure than fresh water as you go deeper. This is referred to as specific gravity, which is the ratio of the density of a substance to the density (mass of the same unit volume) of a reference substance.

    The devil fruits contain the souls of people who lived in space. Space has less pressure and gravity(compared to Earth or Vearth). On Earth, gravity gives weight to physical objects and causes the tides so naturally, the souls of the space people should feel extra pressure. Gravity has an infinite range, and it cannot be absorbed, transformed, or shielded against. When submerged underwater, the souls would feel even more pressure.

    It is also worth noting that the Darkness fruit was the first devil fruit to exist and it has power over gravitation and every devil fruit afterwards gave off a gravitational force. Seastone has a gravitational force similar to a black hole so like the Darkness fruit, it “sucks in ” devil fruit power and neutralizes it(cause of the immense pressure it puts on devil fruit souls).

    Lets sum up everything. The devil fruit soul is like a parasite and the devil fruit user is a host. In a way, the parasite and the host share the same body.

    Water- When in water, the host and the parasite feel pressure(the parasite even more so) but since they share the same body, the host feels the same effects of the parasite but can still use his/her abilities
    (because its only a little pressure).

    Pretty much, Blackbeard is walking seastone as they have the same effects on DF users. On the surface, they focus entirely on the parasite and uses the effects of a black hole and apply immense pressure on it. The parasite is suppressed while the host is just fine which is why they are able to move with seastone cuffs. Remember when Blackbeard black vortex against Ace? Ace felt pressure and was sucked in but when BB grabbed Acehe was fine, but the “parasite” was not. Why? Because BB’s body is still a black hole(when he uses his ability, he simply brings the black hole to the surface to affect people).

    *Theory by Vandenreich


      Alright, I would like to premise this theory first with a statement that I always thought that Luffy and his allies would ultimately clash with the World Government and the Marines at the final war (excluding the final battle with Blackbeard)

      But, some developments happened along the way and kinda made me think of possibilities so, I would get this out of the way immediately:

      The Marines (at least some of them) would breakaway from the World Government and execute a Coup d’Etat.

      Now this faction would be very different from the Revolutionaries.

      The Revolutionaries wanted to overthrow the government and got no problem affiliating themselves with outside forces like Pirates.

      But the Breakaway Marines (we will refer to them as X-Marines) are the guys who still detest pirates, the same way they detest the World Government.

      There are several instances in the manga why this thought came to my mind.

      First is the apparent disappointment of the Fleet Admiral over the decision of the World Government.

      Second is the desire of Admiral Fujitora to defy the government privateers called “Shichibukai” system and his obvious disdain for the World Government.

      Now, the other reasons I have are just a speculations, but I believe I got good grounds for it..currently in Zou arc, some parts of Sanji’s backstory had been revealed, and it was said that this “Vinsmoke Family”, which Sanji is a relative of, leads a group called “Warhouse / Germa Double Six”

      Now with the involvement of Capone “Gang” Bege, who obviously had been inspired from Al Capone, a famous Mafia Leader, it would be fair to assume that Capone was hired to bring the news to Sanji by another Mafia Group.

      Which is kinda confirmed in a way because they are said to be a “Family of Assassins”, well either way, moving on….

      With “Germa 66” name as well, I would assume that Oda used this name in order to reference a group/organization from the movie “Kill Bill”, by Quentin Tarantino (Oda loves Tarantino Films)

      The Crazy 88, which is led by a Mafia Leader / Underworld Leader.

      (wouldnt be surprised if the Vinsmokes hide their faces like this to hide the eyebrows. LOL.)

      I’ll dive into this topic in another theory (and Germa 66 connection to a card game), but lets just say, the head of Vinsmoke Family lured Sanji into doing what he wants by using someone Sanji loves as a bait.

      The point i’m trying to make (which is kinda confusing coz I rambled on) is that the Vinsmoke Family is a Mafia Family.

      I’ll just get straight to the point.

      Each of the Gorosei leads their own organizations, so that makes it 5 organizations including the Germa 66 and Cipher Pol.

      Simply said, in the game of chess, those 5 organizations are the real “guys” of the World Government.

      The Marines?: Pawns, disposable pawns who always get fronted in battle and dont know the real “identities” of the World Government, especially the Gorosei.

      So I believe some Marines would breakaway from the World Government and start a new faction.

      So in the final war, we have:

      1. The Strawhat Pirates and its Grand Fleet.
      2. The Blackbeard Pirates and its Grand Fleet.
      3. The World Government (Science Division, Germa 66, Cipher Pol etc.)
      4. X-Marines.

      And yes, I don’t believe the Red Hair Pirates and the Revolutionaries would be there for the Final War…

      *Theory by beck

        Who is allied with whom and who is against whom? Here is the Answer!!

        Are you a little confused about the recent events in the New World? You can no longer tell who is allied with whom and who is against whom? Here is the solution! Two explanatory pages from the last issue of Weekly Shonen Jump!


        *Here is the Translation:

        Kaido and Doflamingo had business dealings.

        Law and Doflamingo are connected by fate.

        Law/Luffy crushed Doflamingo.

        Law/Luffy targeting Kaido.

        Drake is under the umbrella (?) of Kaido. (Note the question mark).

        Luffy has respect/promise towards Shanks.

        Luffy and Big Mom are antagonistic towards each other.

        Capone is under the umbrella of Big Mom.

        Kid/Apoo/Hawkins targeting Shanks.

        Kid/Apoo/Hawkins battled/at war/hostile towards Kaido.

        Weevil targeting Blackbeard.

        Kuzan collaborating with Blackbeard? (Note the question mark).

        Kuzan and Sakazuki are antagonistic towards eachother.

        Sakazuki hunting/searching for Bonney.

        Blackbeard heading to Rev. HQ? (Note the question mark).


          Mihawk has never even once won a duel against Shanks – what makes Shanks the actual greatest swordsman, he just never really cared about titles, makes Mihawk really frustrated.


          Things got worse when Shanks lost his arm; to Mihawk, even though he trained so much, if he wins, it wouldn’t be fair anymore.

          That’s why he was so bored, wandering through the seas – no one was strong enough – until he found Zoro.
          He recognizes that Zoro has talent and ambition – Zoro could be the one to make him feel alive again.


            BUGGY THEORY

            Buggy The Clown, a man obsessed with gold, money ect.. He used to be in Gol D. Roger’s crew, and Shanks considered him as a friend. Though could there be something more to Buggy than we thought there would? Why was he on Gol D Roger’s ship? Why is he one of the only pirates we see who is obsessed with money?

            You see, in my opinion I think Buggy is based off The Joker from Batman. I think that he must’ve had someone, a family, a friend, or something worth protecting to him, that he wanted to provide money for. Whomever the important thing was, them/he/she must’ve passed away due to Buggy being poor.

            Joker’s Back Story(http://batman.wikia.com/wiki/The_Joker)

            Though many have been related, a definitive history of the Joker has never been established in the comics, and his true name has never been confirmed. The most widely cited back-story can be seen in Alan Moore‘s The Killing Joke. It depicts him as originally being an engineer at a chemical plant who quit his job to pursue his dream of being a stand-up comedian, only to fail miserably. Desperate to support his pregnant wife,Jeannie, the man agrees to help two criminals break into the plant where he was formerly employed. In this version of the story, the Red Hood persona is given to the inside man of every job (thus it is never the same man twice); this makes the inside man appear to be the leader, allowing the two ring-leaders to escape. During the planning, police contact him and inform him that his wife and unborn child have died in a household accident.

            Stricken with grief, he attempts to back out of the plan, but the criminals strong-arm him into keeping his promise. As soon as they enter the plant, however, they are immediately caught by security and a fatal shoot-out ensues, in which the two criminals are killed. As he tries to escape, he is confronted by Batman, who is investigating the disturbance. Terrified, the engineer leaps over a rail and plummets into a vat of chemicals. When he surfaces in the nearby reservoir, he removes the hood and sees his reflection: bleached chalk-white skin, ruby-red lips, and emerald green hair. These events, coupled with his other misfortunes that day, drive the engineer through the massive personality shift that results in the birth of the Joker.

            Buggy’s Name
            What kind of name is Buggy? And where is his last name? His real name is probably means something, Gol D. Roger probably took him in the crew and changed his name for the Buggy’s sake. Or Buggy changed it. Buggy could’ve had amnesia and forgotten who he was… there are many possible explanations for this. He could be related to Joy Boy, or at least someone important. Joker’s alias was Jack. John is another name for Jack. So, Captain John could indeed be Buggy/related to Buggy.

            I barely have evidence as of yet to prove Buggy is more important than he looks, but I want to hear your opinions on this question.

            “If Buggy IS/WAS important to the One Piece Series, what do you think would make him important? And what role would he play?”

            *Theory by Luck Gandor


              Okay, so, we all know that Luffy inherited Roger’s will, but how does inheriting will actually work? And at what point in the story did Luffy inherit Roger’s will and how?

              This is my speculation:
              Did you manage to catch what was the reason Shanks gave up an arm for Luffy and gave him his hat? It happened right after Luffy ate the Devil Fruit Shanks was carrying. After eating the fruit, Luffy showed a lot of similar traits with Roger. Before eating the Devil Fruit, Luffy never once mentioned that he wants to be the Pirate King. So, the way Luffy inherited Roger’s will is eating a Devil Fruit. But how exactly does that work?

              Well, take Sabo for instance. Upon eating Mera Mera no Mi, he said that he will now inherit Ace’s will. That could mean two things:
              1. Roger was a Gomu Gomu no Mi user (I don’t like the idea of that)
              2. There are other ways to inherit someone’s will via Devil Fruit

              In first case, it means that every Gomu Gomu no Mi user shares treats with the original Gomu Gomu no Mi user
              However, in second case, it opens up a possibility of storing one’s soul into a Devil Fruit.

              But why would Roger choose Gomu Gomu no Mi out of all Devil Fruits? I believe it is because of Goro Goro no Mi. However, all that stuff is pure guessing.

              We haven’t seen Devil Fruit eating in action a lot of time, but after some time, the Devil Fruit user’s personality changes in a way.
              Now, I don’t believe Roger had any DF because of the crew’s reaction to finding Devil Fruit, they percieved DFs as something strange, not as something they are familiar with. I believe Devil Fruits aren’t anything old – they were created in last 50 years or so. (maybe Uranus or national treasure of Mariejois, who knows)

              I’d like to see your opinions on this.

              *Theory by JewDoo


                Hi guys, this is my first theory/speculation, so please bear with me!

                As we all know that Luffy because his devil fruit powers can withstand large amount of distress and pain caused to his body and his internal organs – Second Gear and so on…

                Who else in the past have we seen withstanding very critical pain and doing stuff not possible for a normal human being even in One Piece?

                The answer would be Portgas D. Rouge, yes lover of the Pirate King and mother of our late beloved Ace!

                She held Ace inside her for nearly 20 months, which a normal woman’s body cannot withstand, but because of the powers of the Gomu Gomu no Mi she could withstand the presence of her baby inside her for nearly 2 years!

                But eventually even with the Gomu Gomu no Mi ‘s power the 20 months was little out its capabilities and she lost her life!

                And to see many theories relating Shanks and Rouge which lead to Shanks being apprentice of the Roger pirates ship, it would seem possible for Shanks having fight for the Gomu Gomu no Mi from an enemy!

                Thanks for reading it! All of your thoughts are welcomed!

                *Theory by Atul D Mittal


                  We all know that Roger Crew was disbanded and everyone was free of follow the way they want.
                  I put my eyes on the two apprentices of Roger; Buggy the Clown and [Akagami]Redhaired Shanks.

                  At the start when Roger was about to set sail he doesn’t have ship and convince Rayleigh to join in his trip.


                  This reveals one thing Roger and Reyleigh are from the East Blue.
                  This is an important fact since the East Blue is the weakest sea of the 4, and probably Roger knew something that only those who are “weak knows how is being weak” [I’ll explain this later] Roger was from Loguetown that means probably Roger go way back for all the East blue, searching for crewmates and set sail to Reverse Mountain.

                  At the start Roger and their crewmates navigate around the Four seas, Grand Line and New World for along 15 years and somehow they get out from the Grand Line and Return to the East Blue maybe for Roger Ilness, and enter from Reverse Mountain again, my reference is Crocus joins to the band and stay with Roger’s Crew for 3 or 4 years before they were disbanded.

                  In this point we know that Shanks and Buggy are apprentices in the Oro Jackson maybe they had at least 5 years or even more in the Ship that means they could be from the East Blue or from the New World or The Grand Line, I say these cause the look a little bit older than in other flashback.

                  Shanks and Buggy in the past


                  Ups! wrong image sorry :hides:

                  Backstory why Buggy hates Shanks


                  The proof maybe is in Chapter Zero were Crocus, Buggy, and Shanks are in the Ship during the war with Shiki.


                  They look more mature, that means they could join 2 years before Crocus


                  During The Battle of Edd War Buggy was crying but we can see that all the crew trust in Roger and his strengh [also in his Will]

                  This make me think that Buggy was kinda noble and he just worried for Roger and the crew; he also had fear for all the ship’s in front him.

                  After this Roger has become the King of Pirates.

                  Tears for the Pirate King

                  At this Point Buggy and Shanks were Back in East Blue [They had pass through Raftel].

                  Buggy was so affected by Roger dead, as the weakest and “noble” pirate he was, he probably stay in East Blue as a sign of respect for Roger and whatever he do for him in the Past;
                  So he took the name Buggy the Clown because one of the things that Roger likes of him were his Clown appearance, so Buggy respect and love for Roger led him to live as the Pirate Clown and stay in the East Blue.

                  In the other side we have Shanks, even as a Yonkou he pass so much time in the East Blue, because this was the sea in wich Roger born; we know that Roger gave his Strawhat to Shanks, and maybe that’s the reason why Shanks had the desire of being in the East Blue; just to remind his Captain; and maybe someday found someone weak enough to lead the next generation.

                  Whatever Roger do for Buggy and Shanks left a mark in their hearts and they show their devoution and respect for his memory, those actions gave them will to face their respective life.

                  So the East Blue the weakest sea of all, this is too important because only those who know “what is being weak” knows how is “being hopeless” and they have the will to become stronger and not get blinded by his own powers; this means compassion.
                  Probably this is why Shanks gave Luffy his Strawhat.

                  *Theory by Vivi Ornitier

                    CROCODILE THE SWORDSMAN


                    Crocodile has a number of references to Captain Hook as a part of his character; Besides his name and hook hand, there is also his bomb he set in Alabasta (which was set on a clock timer), and his weakness to blood (Blood clumps together his sand, while Captain Hook was afraid of his own blood).

                    One thing about Hook that was also fairly consistent was his skill as a swordsman. Now, what does the symbol of Baroque Works have as its “crossbones”? A pair of sabers.

                    This same symbol is also seen in a drawing of Crocodile’s former dream to be King of the Pirates, on the hat beside him. This means it was more than likely his own Jolly Roger as a pirate.

                    Jolly Rogers typically include some feature of the crew’s captain that reflects their appearence or abilities; Luffy’s straw hat, Whitebeard’s moustache, the snakes around the Kuja’s skull mark, etc.

                    So why would Crocodile’s Jolly Roger have a pair of swords?

                    My theory is that once upon a time, Crocodile was a swordsman who took great pride in his skills; enough so that he branded his crew with his signature weapon.

                    If that is the case, then why doesn’t he still use one? I have two propositions:

                    1: Crocodile was left-handed, and unlike Shanks, was unable to adapt his skills to his weaker arm after losing his dominant hand.
                    2: Crocodile wielded two swords, and couldn’t get used to only wielding one.

                    Now, despite Crocodile’s defeat at the hands of Luffy, which condemned him to Impel Down as punishment, he showed no ill will towards Luffy when they met again in Level Six. Considering that Luffy ruined a plan that Crocodile had dedicated several years to, this suggests that he isn’t the type to hold grudges.

                    This is also shown to a lesser extent when he releases Daz Bones; Crocodile saw his skills and loyalty as valuable, even though he had lost to Zoro. This, despite having tried to kill Mr. 3 for his own failures. And also, perhaps he could see the value of someone who could easily deal with the average swordsman.

                    Considering these things, and Crocodile’s own self-admittance to not trusting anyone, one may wonder why he has such a venomous grudge against Whitebeard?

                    The idea that Whitebeard is responsible for Crocodile’s missing hand is a very common theory. I believe that Crocodile’s grudge stems from the fact that Whitebeard robbed him of his ability to wield a sword.

                    Another potential hint is his brief clash with Mihawk in Marineford. Mihawk is so powerful that he was able to clash with Vista of the Whitebeard pirates without even looking at him (though neither of them were likely taking the fight seriously).

                    Despite Mihawk’s reputation as the world’s greatest swordsman, Crocodile went so far as to talk down to him, warning him that he was “having a bad day”.

                    Considering the gap in power between the Warlords of the Sea and Whitebeard, I believe that when he was still a swordsman, if this indeed true, he was one of the greatest in the world. Someone capable of holding his own against Mihawk, and maybe even give him some trouble, but still far from Whitebeard’s level.

                    And even if he was not that skilled, he would likely at least have enough knowledge about swordplay to pose a decent obstacle, considering Jimbei was struck down by Mihawk in a single strike (anime only).

                    So in summary, my theory is that Crocodile was once a swordsman very proud of his skills, and lost his ability to use them in his conflict with Whitebeard in the past.

                    *Theory by Beast of Rendall