I’ve noticed a pattern here, I’ll just get to it.
One of Kaido’s elite 3 executives (The Calamities, which there is a boardgame with the same name) is Jack, many of us theorized that Jack has a card theme, named after the card.

But what about others? Well, Sheepshead is apparently also a card game, and his power is a pun of his name.

Even Ginrummy is named after the card game of the same name.

We’ve also seen other references, including Doflamingo, an ally of Kaido being called Joker (Because perhaps he is a key card of Kaido’s?).

So due to that I think that the other 2 calamities will be “Queen” and “King”, even though it’s possible that Kaido himself is “King” due to his epithet.

So that means that perhaps the third calamity would have a different name, that’s because I doubt “Ace” will be used.

Among the interesting names that might be used by Oda (And therefore might dictate their characters) includes:
*Napoleon (No need to explain)
*Bacon (Perhaps a Pig Zoan fighting with a frying pan lol)

But one of the most interesting details I’ve noticed is the game Pedro.
So, will Pedro betray the Mink Tribe? Does he have anything to do with Kaido?
Also, remember that somehow Jack knew Raizo was supposed to be in Zou and somehow got it it (Which is nearly impossible because no log pose points there), so is Pedro on Jack’s and Kaido’s side?
He does seem to be particularly hostile towards the Strawhats so it’s not that farfetched in my opinion.

So, what do you think?

*Theory by Jewish Kaizoku