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Why there’s no “Yonko 1st Commander Level” in One Piece

Matching crews and drawing parallels became the norme in our community and with the recent chapters people became very toxic about how certain Yonko Commanders aren’t living up to their names like King and expecting more comparing him to the likes of Katakuri or Marco.

I want to show that there’s no “Yonko First Commander (YC1) level”; it’s simplistic view that got built inside the community and it stuck but if you look deep in the story Oda has never portrayed Yonko 1st Commanders as a faction nor has he ever grouped people like Beckman, Marco, Katakuri, King, Shiryu, Sabo, Zoro etc together as equals or at same level.

I would go as far as say that some of these are leagues above others in the “YC1 level” that people use regularly.

Let’s start by the variant Crew structures and dynamics that Oda presented in the series by using the 8 strongest crews we know of. I divided them into 2 groups:

1- Very Small Compact Group with really strong top individuals like Roger PiratesRocks PiratesRed Haired Pirates and StrawHat Pirates.

Each of these crew share almost the same dynamic of having very few crew members but to compensate for that have extremely strong individuals at the helm and the difference between the Captain and his Vice-Captain is almost non-existant and is portrayed by Oda in numerous occassions as duos/partners Luffy/Zoro, Shanks/Beckman, Roger/Rayleigh (we still don’t know much about Rocks Pirates but I’m assuming the same dynamic).

2- Large Organization from top to bottom that has much less emphasis on its top combatant and there’s a clear distinct gap between the Captain and his top subordinates and these crews would be Whitebeard PiratesBlackbeard PiratesBig Mom Pirates and Beasts Pirates.

​These crews have obviously a few differences in their specific structures but all share a very close general idea but. In all these crews the Captain clearly distances himself from the rest of the crew.

Whitebeard calls Marco and the rest of his commanders as his sons, Big Mom looks down on her children and doesn’t consider Katakuri an equal to her, Blackbeard doesn’t care about crewmates and only power hungry and Kaido is clearly the guy that has most distance with his crewmates as with the general ideology of his crew being a Meritocracy.

With this being said we have 2 very different visions that Oda presents us in the story and the terms of “YC1” “YC2” “YC3” etc were never mentioned in the manga at all but just fan made and concluded off either strength or bounty and I think it’s far from the truth to say someone like Beckman who’s more close to the Emperors themselves should be compared to King or Katakuri.

For Shanks’ crew for example to make any sense as a Yonko of the sea, they need to bridge the military gap and have quality over quantity thus making Benn Beckman, Lucky Roo and Yassopp all superior to every single other First-Mate of other Yonko crews (King/Katakuri/Shiryu?).

This was put most clearly by Oda in chapter 957: when he presented each Emperor bounty he made sure to mention what made each Emperors the powerhouse they are right now and for Shanks it was his crewmates that got most of the hype like I wouldn’t be surprised if Beckman, Roo or Yasopp had higher bounty than Yonko Blackbeard himself.

*by Rocks D. Buggy


    e2cc023cd6e443618f45018ee048d0c9The Yonko are limited to sharing the New World. That is pretty much a fact since no territory outside of the New World belongs to any one of them. Know that they could easily get past the calm belt like Rayleigh (even Krieg did it with a bit of luck). Also, I bet they have the money and influence to buy seastone coated ships like the Marines have and get across that way. So why are they stuck sharing the New World, a tiny strip of the ocean that is unsafe and chaotic?

    In addition, the WG seems to ignore their crimes. Marineford was about Ace, and not Whitebeard. If the WG wanted Whitebeard gone, they could have targeted any one of his crew members; Whitebeard would have come charging in regardless. But only Ace was worth the fight. It’s already been explained that it’s because of the Pirate King’s blood. Still… isn’t it interesting that the WG cared more about stopping Ace than a Yonko?

    Look at Big Mom, Whole Cake Island is no secret. If the WG wanted, they could combine their forces and take her out at any time. Contrast that to the Revolutionaries that had to have their base hidden on a legendary island for fear of being attacked. I don’t believe that the Revolutionaries are any weaker than a Yonko, rather they are attempting something none of the Yonko have done. Take territory outside of the New World. The Yonko can get away with a lot, but not this one thing. They must be contained to the New World or risk starting a war with the government and having to find a legendary island to hide on.

    So I got to thinking, why? Why are the Yonko given a, relative, free pass? Sure, if they combined forces they would be a gigantic threat, but individually they aren’t. My guess is that the WG wants them for something; they serve a purpose. When Whitebeard fell, the Gorosei had no interest in preventing the rise of another Yonko, but rather wondered who it would be that takes the title.

    So let’s think logically for a second, what benefit does the Yonko system provide the WG? Deadlock. They are all deadlocked against each other, incapable of growing or moving anymore in such a small space. If one gets too strong, then the Marines can intervene and weaken them back to normal. If one of them attempts to take on the government directly or oversteps its bounds within the New World then its asking for war and we already saw the likely outcome at Marineford. Without Shanks stepping in, nearly everyone of those pirates, without a Sub like Law, would have been captured or found dead.

    This deadlock serves a purpose, to prevent any one of them from reaching Raftel. Raftel, the Pirate King, Ace… The World Government formed 800 years ago with one purpose, to destroy the ancient kingdom. It then spent 800 years destroying its name and history. Its purpose was never to rule the world or to establish justice. Rather, those are simply fronts like the Marines are a front to the public as mentioned in the meeting between Akainu and the Gorosei. The Ancient Kingdom is the true enemy of the WG, not the Yonko or Pirates. The balance of powers is therefore not some mathematical equation to determine who is stronger but rather a careful balance implemented by the WG to prevent anybody from reaching Raftel.

    As an example, think back to Shiki vs Roger. If Shiki were to have been apprehended then he never would have been able to attack Roger. Also, the Marines would have been weakened as a result. The WG cares more about stopping individuals from reaching Raftel than it does about preventing the crimes of a pirate like Shiki. This same concept can be applied to the Shichibukai. Their crimes are pardoned so as to prevent rookie pirates from advancing into the New World. Yonko are given a free pass so long as they stay within the New World facing off against each other.


      Let’s begin with Kizaru’s devil fruit Pika Pika no Mi. The light fruit.1-2

      What is light? Light is energy. We can have much light or few light, meaning it’s bright or it’s dark. In both cases we can see because there is light.

      Well listen to this. Light is not just energy. According to recent studies, light changes substance from energy to wave and from wave to energy.

      What can someone do if he is made of light?
      Of course he can be a human lamp.

      He can produce fire when focusing too much light in one spot. That’s how we have forest fires from pieces of glass.

      He can blind his enemy using his light in such a way.

      He can move at the speed of light(!!!)

      Plot traps:

      In Sabaody we saw Kizaru attacking Apoo. He didn’t just teleport ,but he sent a wave of light towards Apoo and when it reached him then in a split second he kicked him.
      What we learn from that. Kizaru can’t just teleport anywhere but has to throw a wave of light coming from his df power to teleport anywhere he sends it.

      Moreover, we saw Kizaru shooting beams.

      In Marineford, in contrast with Sabaody, he could just teleport anywhere he wished.(?)

      So how can a light fruit shoot beams?
      By focusing too much light (energy) in one thin line.

      Also, light can generate radioactive waves. For example, an atomic bomb can generate radioactive waves when exploding killing everything in a radius due to exposure.
      The sun creates radioactive waves that can destroy whole planets. What saves us from this is the ozon. It’s also the reason we get sunburnt in the summer,but that is only the softest form of radioactive waves.

      One more thing, Kizaru is lazy. He speaks slowly, moves slowly, doesn’t even dodge attacks (vs Marco). We all know Marco is strong but, come on you can move at the speed of light, there is literally NOTHING you can’t avoid.

      This power is so hax, as people say , that Kizaru could even kill Whitebeard. Not even the strongest man is fast enough to dodge a sword at the speed of light piercing through his skull.
      I repeat now myself that all of these happen in a plotless scenario.

      What relates to the light fruit?

      THE SUN. The world is full of light, it’s full of energy snacks for Kizaru.
      Kizaru could use the light from the sun, from lamps, from fire and electricity etc for his own sake.

      Could there be a limit?

      Yes scenario:
      His draining power Is limited and after a certain point he has major drawbacks in his health. After a certain point he dies.

      No scenario:
      He can drain so much energy that he could obliterate earth in one blast(like a Ultra huge el thor that creates a hole in earth). How? By draining energy from the sun.

      What blocks the sun?

      Black holes. Gravitational spheres. Blackbeard. He is the natural enemy of Kizaru. But there is more.

      Mirrors, block the light.

      When the dinosaurs went extinct they didn’t die because of the meteor, but because of the gas and smoke that hid the sun. Animals died because of gas, plants died because they were lacking light. After the meteor hit earth, the planet was covered with smoke and dust blocking the sunlight. Eternal grey.

      The point of this?
      In Ace vs Smoker we learned that they cancelled each others ability. Smoke comes from fire. Fire produces light. Smoke blocks light. Food for thought, because this is another subject.

      There are tons of things and examples to give about what you can do with light.

      Truth is that Kizaru is nerfed due to plot. I think there is no reason to justify this. I expect Oda to give us information about the limits of his power.

      Haki and light fruit :
      Negation of the light fruit can be done with busoshoku haki ofc. If hit with Color of Armament Haki the body is forced to solidity and takes the hit.
      But, Color of Observation Haki is useless. A person at the speed of light can attack you with a million ways, and if you try to block, can change his attack a billion times. You can’t block him in hand to hand combat. You will get hit. Color of Observation Haki can be used against his beams. When Rayleigh fought Kizaru in Sabaody, they were casing swords in normal speed, for plot reasons, because if Rayleigh was attacked at light speed he wouldn’t be able to block, and he would die. Then Luffy would die(end of One Piece). This is what I mean plot reasons.

      Countering Kizaru is synonymous to blocking his light. If he can’t use his light speed attacks, he is particularly weakened.



        This is likely a theory that has been brought up before, but I would like to stake my own case for Vivi’s potential return in the future. In the theory I will also state pros and cons of this occurring to explore both sides of the argument.Despedida_de_Vivi

        So, to begin, I would like to state this: I do not think it is guaranteed, but I believe there is a chance for Vivi to return in the future. Why is this?

        First of all story relevance. Most people always argue that a person cannot join the crew after rejecting the offer because the SHs will be too far ahead to ever catch up. Vivi has an advantage in this case. She is attending the Reverie and it is likely she will be our protagonist for the arc given our familiarity with the lovely woman in question. Most importantly however, this means she’ll be in the New World. Unlike the vast majority of potential Strawhats who missed the boat (so to speak), she has the capability to ‘catch-up’ to her friends.

        My second reason is what could happen at the Reverie itself. Now take this part with a grain of salt – this is conjecture, but at least conjecture formed through logical thought. It is clear that this event will change the world in some regard. We have the kings and queens of nations around the world meeting up in one location to discuss important political matters.

        Over the course of the story, the Strawhats have no exactly been the quietest of visitors to every land they stop by. Many a time the crew have impacted the entire lives of the populace, overthrowing oppressive regimes and foiling dastardly villainous plots. They have won the hearts and minds of many and have thus made the people question the concept of good and evil, of justice and immorality. Not all pirates are evil, so does that mean not all marines are good?

        The heads of these countries are staunch allies of the SH crew. Dalton of Sakura, Cobra of Alabasta and Riku of Dressrosa, these three support the SH crew in silent and believe that what they do is not wrong. Furthermore, these very kings have tasted the bitter stench of the darker sides of the world government. It is not illogical to assume, given their grievances that they start asking questions that nobody should be even uttering. These individuals, righteous and just kings and rulers would speak up when they shouldn’t and cause a stir amongst the Reverie’s participants.

        Let’s also consider an even greater threat to a specific royal family, the Alabasta royalty. Wapol is visiting the Reverie and he may be aware of Vivi’s own participation in the overthrowing of his tyrannical rule. It does not take a far-stretch of the imagination to assume he could pour fuel onto the fire of Cobra’s own words and get them arrested or killed.

        This offers two possibilities: Vivi gets captured and eventually sentenced to death, or Vivi escapes as a fugitive and the SH pirates rescue their friend. I do not think she is immune to the former fate, but part of me wants to explore the latter.

        Evidence and Speculation:

        So, why would Vivi join the crew again? We need evidence, at least some. Fortunately, I have some non-conclusive evidence.

        Take me with you is the name of the chapter and Vivi is on the cover staring out into the distance. In the background Carue is making a scrapbook.

        We know dreams and living without regret is a very important theme in One Piece. We saw after the SHs departed, Vivi cried in her room when she realised the crew left and she had stayed behind. Part of her clearly regretted not going with her friends. The romance of adventure is something she clearly still seeks. It is not impossible to posit that Vivi still possesses wanderlust and desires to go back out to sea with her friends.

        My next point revolves around Ace, Luffy’s departed brother. After Luffy’s message, she too construed the meaning, or at the very least understood there was symbolism behind the message of 3d2y. She keeps up with her old friend’s adventures, and this supports the idea that she has regrets or yearning for the sea.

        Yet, there is more to the Ace point. I feel that seeing as she too met Ace, she has a special connection to the Sabaody group and Jimbei in that they all had a connection to the man who died for his younger brother.

        We have established that there may be ‘regret’ and a ‘link’ for Vivi and the Strawhats. Never forget the promise. They will always be friends. She is nakama in their hearts, and they would clearly welcome her with open arms if they ever met again.

        Time and time again, Vivi has expressed a faith in Luffy, even when separated, this is shown by her understanding of Nico Robin joining the crew. Luffy has a reason, and if he made the decision, it’s going to be a good one.

        With this evidence, we must ask how it could come to be. Vivi still has Alabasta. Vivi still has her father. Sadly, chapters insinuate that Cobra does not have much longer to live. Furthermore, the events of the Reverie could throw their status into question. They may lose everything. Alabasta may get attacked for siding with pirates. Such an event would give the woman a dream. To save her country. She’d need to help of the future Pirate King. Through sailing with him she could accomplish this dream.

        The above is of course conjecture, but it is not impossible. The theory gives credence to the notion that she could join the crew. I also think, given Vivi’s comment of ‘not needing suitors’, that she too has had thoughts of leaving. (Or it could mean she has a husband to be in mind).

        Nonetheless, the opportunity is there. I believe the Reverie is the very last chance for a Vivi comeback.

        Now, what discredits this theory?

        Strength is the first issue. She is far behind the crew in terms of combat ability. However, there have been theories floating around for a long time regarding that Yuki Yuki no Mi. Whilst this is an off-shoot chance, a logia could give her the base level requirement of the New World, it would also give us the opportunity to see somebody use a logia on the crew. A devil fruit in general would greatly help her in terms of combat ability. Yet, without this, it is painfully clear that she is too weak for the SH crew.

        What role would she fulfil? I believe she could be a mediator. Her high breeding and royal status has given her an ambassadorial air to her which would enable sound negotiations for the crew.

        Would she be okay with Robin? Personally I think she would. She has shown faith in Luffy’s decisions.

        She refused the invitation! However they will always be friends, and that opens the door for a potential return.

        Her country simply wouldn’t allow it. This is true, but at the end of the day, choosing your own path is a focal point of One Piece and her choosing to be with her friends would support the story’s theme.


        In conclusion I believe there is room for argument that Vivi could rejoin the crew. She is close geographically, there may be a motive, she has regrets (something One Piece advocates against) and she has already sailed with the crew. They love her, and she loves them back.

        There are clear problems with the theory, and I believe I have adequately mentioned them and argued against them to the best of my ability.

        At the end of the day, my belief isn’t that she will join again but that there is a possibility. Nothing is absolute. I am merely arguing for the chance of this occurring.

        Whatever happens, I believe Vivi will be in the final battle on Luffy’s side, but will that be as a nakama or a supporter? Only time will tell!


          Luffy has had his fair share of separations over the course of his adventures. On every single island or country he’s visited, Luffy has made friends, enemies, and the occasional enemy-turned-friend, and in many of those cases, said friends have promised to meet up with Luffy again somewhere down the line in his quest.

          One of the most prominent examples of this is Jinbe, whom Luffy invited to join his crew at the end of the Fishman Island arc, only for Jinbe to decline.1-3

          Despite his refusal, Jinbe still promised to rejoin Luffy at a later time, maintaining the close ties of friendship they had forged along the way.

          Where we are now in the story, Jinbe has all but officially joined the Straw Hats, so for all intents and purposes most people consider him a Straw Hat already. I believe that the delay between Jinbe’s invitation and his acceptance of joining the crew set a bit of a precedent for the remainder of the recruits for this sea: all of them will either have a delay period between invitation and acceptance or they will all be people Luffy has met in earlier seas whom he has promised to meet again in the New World.

          If the former is the case, then the potential recruits may well be people we haven’t met yet. If it’s the latter, however, I have compiled a quick list of possible candidates that match all of the criteria of being on friendly terms with Luffy and promising to meet him again.

          For the sake of maintaining a sense of momentum, I’ll start from my weakest candidate and move on up from there. Fortunately for me, the presence of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet gives me a bit of a back-up plan for most of these if I’m wrong about them joining the crew proper.

          Our first candidate is Lola, who Luffy and the crew met back in Thriller Bark. After saving Lola and hers from Gecko Moria, the Straw Hats form a close bond with them and promise to meet up with them again one day.

          I don’t find Lola a particularly viable option for joining the Straw Hats proper, as a) she is the captain of her own crew who she likely wouldn’t want to leave, b) her promise to meet again isn’t presented with much gravitas and thus doesn’t seem like it’s meant to foreshadow a dramatic reunion, and c) her adventure is taking her in the complete opposite direction, so it’s unlikely that they’ll meet in circumstances that would facilitate her joining. Instead, she may be likely to become a member of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, or may even serve as foreshadowing of Pudding joining the crew/Grand Fleet. Still, this is pretty flimsy conjecture, hence she is my first example.

          Second is Gin of the Krieg Pirates, fought all the way back on the Baratie in East Blue. After Luffy defeated Don Krieg, his attitude rubbed off on Gin and gave him a new lease on life. As Gin forces Krieg to retreat, he leaves Sanji with a message for Luffy: to meet again on the Grand Line.
          Gin is also a fairly weak example, as Gin’s character is more heavily focused on his relationship with Sanji than with Luffy, and also the distinct possibility that he died within a day of saying this. Still, that one’s a much stronger promise than the one with Lola, as it was given very specific focus and clearly is meant to build to something later on. I don’t really see Gin joining the crew, but I definitely could see him being an ally, possibly even becoming a Fleet Commander. It’s not too much of a stretch to imagine that he’s been improving over the years, and he’s probably about on par with the rest of Luffy’s Commanders by now. Either way, his involvement in the Baratie arc doesn’t really give the impression that he’s Straw Hat material.

          Third is Shirahoshi, the princess of Fishman Island who was imprisoned in her own palace for protection until Luffy won her freedom into the outside world. As Luffy departs from Fishman Island, Shirahoshi asks him to return and show her even more of the world.

          This scene is given the kind of attention that just screams foreshadowing, so we can say pretty definitively that Luffy and Shirahoshi are going to meet again, and even the promise itself, to take her above the waves, would be fulfilled quite nicely with her on the crew proper. However, Shirahoshi is no fighter, and while her ability as Poseidon to control the Sea Kings is incredibly powerful, its use is also rather limited to the sea. I have no doubt that Luffy will need Shirahoshi’s power somewhere along the way to finding One Piece, but probably not as a pirate. Still, if she were to join, her role on the crew seems pretty clear; controlling the Sea Kings to act as guides.

          Fourth is Boa Hancock, the Pirate Empress who is infatuated with Luffy. After Luffy spent two years training on Rusukaina, Hancock delivers him to Sabaody Archipelago to meet back up with his crew. As they depart, Hancock asks Luffy not to say “farewell,” and Luffy replies that he has every intention on seeing her again.

          Again, the scene isn’t made a huge spectacle of, and it isn’t even totally clear who is saying “we will meet again.” It’s a pretty safe bet to say that it’s Hancock, who would definitely serve as a powerful addition to the Straw Hats, but the way it’s framed it seems more like it’s saying that Luffy will meet the Kuja Pirates as a whole again. Also, as I said with Lola, Hancock has her own crew, and more than that, she has her own kingdom to take care of. Sure, she could name someone as her successor and leave, but she doesn’t seem likely to do that given her pride and skill as a leader. She seems much more likely to become a Fleet Commander, and this scene may also serve as foreshadowing for another Kuja joining (possibly Marguerite).

          Fifth is Bentham, or Mr. 2 Bon Clay, Luffy’s enemy-turned-friend who has sacrificed himself to help Luffy escape danger twice now, and seems fairly likely to do so again. The second time, at Impel Down, he seemed confident that his life was going to end, and swore to see Luffy again in the afterlife.6-3

          Of course, Bentham did not die, so his promise for a reunion will need to be fulfilled on Earth, not Heaven. Being a close friend to Luffy with no current affiliations with any other crews, Bentham seems like a fairly strong candidate for a new crewmate. The only problem is that he uses a mostly kick-based fighting style, making him a bit too similar to Sanji. Still, if the crew can have two swordsmen with possibly more to come, there shouldn’t be too much of an issue with having multiple kick-fighters.

          Not only that, Bentham has even demonstrated in the past that he could take on the role of either a guard for the ship or a decoy as he has already done multiple times. And again, even if he doesn’t join because he’s too similar to Sanji, there’s absolutely nothing preventing him from forming a new crew and becoming a Fleet Commander.

          The main problem with Bentham is that while his scene got more than enough attention, he didn’t make a promise with Luffy directly, and as far as Luffy knows Bentham is dead. Still, I don’t see Oda allowing Luffy to think that forever, so I have no doubt that no matter what comes of it, a reunion is just about guaranteed.

          This brings us to our sixth and strongest candidate (whom you all likely saw coming), Vivi, princess of Alabasta and former temporary Straw Hat member. After Luffy saved Alabasta, he invited Vivi to join his crew (much he did with Jinbe), only for her to refuse due to personal matters (much like Jinbe did), and then ask to remain their friend should they ever meet again (also much like Jinbe did).

          Unlike everyone else on this list with vague similarities to Jinbe’s recruitment, Vivi followed the formula almost to a T; fighting alongside Luffy, being invited, declining, and asking to meet again.

          Vivi has also demonstrated her value as a crewmate, serving as a negotiator on at least one occasion, convincing Luffy to let her reason with the people of Drum Island to get a doctor for Nami.

          Vivi already has a strong personal connection with Luffy, much like Jinbe did, having earned his trust enough to be able to sway his decisions at critical moments. If she decided she wanted to come back, Luffy wouldn’t even miss a beat and would say that she’s always been a member of the crew. In fact, as many of you know, Vivi is already considered the unofficial Straw Hat 5.5 by Oda, so if circumstances allow it, I see no issue with him allowing to become the official Straw Hat 11.

            The Wano Country

            The Wano Country is a nation in the New World. It is a country not affiliated with the World Government.
            At some point during or shortly after the timeskip, the Beasts Pirates began occupying Wano Country, killing the daimyo of Kuri, Kozuki Oden and his wife, with the aid of Wano’s shogun. Oden’s son, Kozuki Momonosuke, alongside three of his retainers, Kin’emon, Kanjuro and Raizo, fled the country sometime after this, looking for assistance at Zou from two other retainers, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi.1-9
            During the Zou Arc, the Kozuki Family formed an alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates and the Heart Pirates in order to battle Kaido’s forces and liberate Wano.

            As the Poneglyphs are considered indestructible, the fact that the Kozuki Family of Wano Country was able to not only create, but also shape and carve them, gives a small insight into the potential technology and abilities they had.

            Wano Country has its own warriors, the samurai, who are swordsmen so strong that not even the Marines go near them. It was first mentioned by Hogback, as Ryuma was from there.

              Haoshoku Haki

              Haoshoku Haki is a rare form of Haki that cannot be attained through training. Only one in several million people have this ability. This type of Haki allows the user to exert their willpower over others. It is said that whoever possesses this type of Haki has the qualities of a king.

              This type of Haki grants the user the ability to dominate the wills of others. The most common usage of it shown in the series so far is using it exert the user’s willpower onto those with weak wills and rendering them unconscious.1-2
              Whilst inexperienced users are restricted to merely overpowering the will of one individual or blindly knocking out weak-willed people around them, those with more expertise can pick out weak-willed individuals in a large group and knock them out without affecting the others.
              However, those with stronger wills can resist or even ignore the effects of Haoshoku Haki. The ability to knock someone out depends on the difference in strength between the person using the Haki and the person or persons the user is trying to knock out. The greater the power gap, the easier it is to knock the victim out. According to Rayleigh, while this type of Haki cannot be attained through training, it can be improved upon through strengthening the will of the user. It seems that upon recovery, victims of Haoshoku Haki experience the sensation of chills running through their body. However, it presumably wears off after a short period. One can also use Haoshoku Haki to destroy things as seen by Shanks. When on Whitebeard’s ship Shanks was able to crack a part of the ship using his Haki.

              According to Trebol, Haoshoku Haki is proof of an individual who possesses the qualities of a king, a candidate chosen by heaven.
              Indeed, most of the people who have been shown to possess Haoshoku Haki (aside from Luffy and the non-canon Naguri) share a royal position or epithet or attained some highly respected status, which indicate their dominating role:

              • Boa Hancock, also known as the Pirate Empress, is Amazon Lily’s ruler, a member of the Oka Shichibukai(Royal Seven Warlords of the Sea) and captain of the Kuja Pirates.
              • Charlotte Linlin is Totto Land’s queen, one of the Yonko, and captain of the Big Mom Pirates. She is also the matriarch of the Charlotte Family.
              • Chinjao was a Don before passing the title to Sai. He is the leader of the Chinjao family and former 12th Admiral of the Happo Navy.
              • Donquixote Doflamingo is the former king of Dressrosa, a former member of the Oka Shichibukai and captain of the Donquixote Pirates, as well as a former World Noble and the most influential person in the Underworld.
              • Edward Newgate was one of the Yonko (Four Emperors) and captain of the Whitebeard Pirates.
              • Portgas D. Ace, being the son of the Pirate King, can metaphorically be considered a prince, and also misunderstood by the world at large that Whitebeard intended to make him the successor. He was also captain of the Spade Pirates earlier, later became commander of second division of the Whitebeard Pirates.
              • Shanks is one of the Yonko and captain of the Red Hair Pirates. He also served as an apprentice under the late Pirate King and inherited Roger’s Straw Hat which he later gave to Luffy.
              • Silvers Rayleigh has the epithet of “Dark King”. He was also the right-hand of the late Pirate King.

              While this is shown to be a very rare gift among the world as a whole, it is noted by Don Chinjao that the New World is filled with numerous others who possess the ability to use this Haki. He explains that Luffy will most certainly encounter them and fight them for the title of Pirate King.

                ‘One Piece’ New Opening Theme announced

                On Tuesday, the official One Piece website revealed that Japanese star Nami Amuro will perform a new opening theme song, titled “Hope,” for the long-running anime series.

                Here is the preview of the anime’s new theme song

                Amuro previously performed “Fight Together,” which was the 14th opening theme song for One Piece. She also provided the ending theme song, “Black Make Up,” for the 2015 two-hour One Piece special One Piece – Adventure of Nebulandia.

                The new opening theme song is set to debut with the upcoming one-hour special episode of One Piece.

                The teaser announcement was accompanied by a new piece of art for the special episode, which can be seen below.

                One Piece One Hour Special

                The one-hour special is set ot air on Sunday, October 1, 2017, at 9 a.m. in Japan. One Piece normally airs back-to-back with Dragon Ball Super, which will have its own one-hour special on October 8th. Each of these specials consists of two episodes of their respective series.

                The One Piece one-hour special is titled “Sorrowful Duel Luffy vs. Sanji.” As part of the “Whole Cake Island” arc, Luffy finally catches up with his former crewmate Sanji. However, the reunion isn’t as joyful as Luffy has hoped. While away, Sanji was forced into an arranged marriage as has come to embrace his royal lineage. When Sanji speaks poorly of the pirates he used to sail with, Luffy takes it personally and the duel is on.

                This saga has played out already in the pages of the One Piece manga, where Luffy refuses to fight back against his friend. The former chef of the Staw Hat Pirates shows no such restraint and sets about pounding on his former captain, which cause Nami to step in.

                However, despite the beating, Luffy stays loyal to his friend and awaits Sanji’s return. The show of friendship brings Sanji to tears. Meanwhile, Sanji’s family, the Vinsmoke Family, and the Charlotte Family, led by Big Mom of the Big Mom Pirates, continue to plot away in the background.

                  Parallels and Contrasts between Luffy and Blackbeard

                  I think we’ve all noticed some of the differences between Luffy and Blackbeard but I wanted to get more in depth about it. When Teach was first introduced Oda showed right off the bat that the characters are opposites with their comments about the pie in Jaya and their following argument. Here are the differences I’ve noticed other than taste in food.cf9708a3fcb223aa4fd477b0de90cf6b

                  1. Planning: Teach has been shown to be a big planner where as Luffy is is more confrontational and faces his problems head on typically without any plan. This is pretty straight forward so I don’t have much else to say
                  2. Allies: Teach makes enemies, a lot of them. Luffy may have declared war on the world government but Teach actively used and humiliated them. Teach also made enemies with all of the Whitebeard pirates by killing a member over a devil fruit and delivering Ace to the world government wich also made an enemy out of Luffy. Luffy on the other hand is really good at making allies and people are just drawn to him, he even has a few people in the navy such as Fujitora and Coby who respect and actually like him with Fujitora stalling for as long as possible over capturing Luffy, Luffy also quickly made allies with Whitebeard even to the point that he ordered his men to protect him with their lives which was surprising for everyone, he even got the man hating Hancock to fall for him. Not to mention Luffy’s friendship with Shanks. Even Mihawk commented about Luffy’s ability of turning the people around him into allies.
                  3. Recruiting: this is a more subtle one that I only noticed recently. Luffy is a very welcoming person and for the most part will let people join his crew if he likes them, irregardless of their strength. Luffy also doesn’t care about reputation and asks people to join on a case by case basis, at the very beginning when Luffy went to recruit Zoro even after hearing about how he’s a monster and a demon he disregards his fearsome reputation and say “I’m going to see if he’s a nice guy”, Luffy judges people on his own observations rather than that of others, this also shows when he tells Shirahoshi she’ll have to decide herself if he’s a bad person or not. Teach on the other hand cares much more about having a “strong” crew, going so far as to break into Impel Down’s level 6 to recruit pirates based on their reputation alone (showing he DOES care about reputation and even bases decisions on it), and had them fight to the death because he only wanted the strongest. Luffy’s crew is incredibly loyal to him, but I don’t think that Teach’s is, though I can’t say for certain if that’s true or not but I’m sure Oda will show is in time.
                  4. Age: one is old the other ain’t
                  5. Devil fruits: Teach is incredibly reliant on his devil fruit powers, going as far as not making a move until he found the one he wanted and spent the two year time skip hunting down more to gain more power even though his original is said to be the most powerful. Luffy on the other hand is strong even without his devil fruit, but he uses it with his strength and usually doesn’t really solely on it especially after the time skip since he know knows haki. Luffy’s devil fruit is also arguably one of the weakest. Luffy spent the two year time skip learning Haki growing stronger by looking inward to his own strength while Teach grew stronger looking outward to outside sources. When it comes to devil fruits Teach is a jack of all trades master of none, where as Luffy has grown with and mastered his devil fruit

                  Luffy also shares some similarities with Marshall D. Teach.

                  • They are the only captains of the Worst Generation who are referred by their epithet instead of their actual name to those who do not personally know them.
                  • They are the only known members who carries the “D” name that is publicly known by everyone.
                  • They are the only ones whose known goal is to become Pirate King and find the One Piece.

                    WHY DOES JUDGE HATE SANJI SO MUCH?

                    The denial of a rare power.

                    So as the heading suggests we will look into Judge’s hate towards Sanji and try to find a possible reason behind it.

                    What does Judge want most?
                    What we see from Sanji’s backstory and the current WCI ark we can recognize that Judge desires power most of anything – the power to rule over North blue.
                    So basically after Sanji did not develop any super human strengths he denied him the chance of a power increase. However, I think there is more to it.

                    But lets first start in a logical order that I think will be the easiest way to convince you in this theory.

                    So lets look of the Judge’s work. He is a scientist and from what we have seen about cloning and applying modifications he seems to be genetic engineer.
                    Quote from Wiki:
                    Genetic engineering, also called genetic modification, is the direct manipulation of an organism’s genome using biotechnology. It is a set of technologies used to change the genetic makeup of cells, including the transfer of genes within and across species boundaries to produce improved or novel organisms”

                    So in an experiment or research the engineer would pick two or more species and try to combine specific characteristics in one of the organisms. That would suggest that the engineer has in mind a clear picture or expectations on what the result should be.
                    So knowing that, it can be easily deducted that Judge had some specimens/objects in mind that he wants to combine and in that relation he should have pretty clear expectations on the results.

                    Taking the Vinsmoke siblings as an example they all seem to have two common features – hard exoskeleton and super strength – plus a specific unique characteristic for each of them.
                    These unique characteristics seems to be the base for their nick names related with colors:

                    • Poison Pink
                    • Sparkling Red
                    • Electric Blue
                    • Winch Green

                    So what I am trying to say is that Vinsmoke Judge knew what to expect from his kids since he knew what species he had crossed, BUT he didnt know who will develop each specification.

                    So after the kids were born and they started to show signs of their powers by the method of elimination Judge knew for sure which specific power is missing.

                    Having anticipated all the powers Judge probably had a power that he was looking forward to most. So is it possible that Sanji actually was the embryon which was supposed to have this mostly anticipated power?

                    Even after his researchers have told Judge that Sanji is nothing but human he seems like desperately mad of that fact. Even though he is a man of science he still goes to confront Sanji and scream at him that it is not an option for him to be a failure.

                    (Chapter 840)

                    After that when Judge had no option but to accept the reality provided by the data he went to such a length to even get a tear in his eye when the confirmation was endeviable.


                    The only other time when we saw Judge cry was when BM pirates were about to execute Vinsmokes and Judge realizing that his dream of ruling over North Blue is coming to an end.
                    Could this mean that Sanji failure was some what the end of one of Judges dreams to see that specific combination of powers that is missing from the list??? Could have this been the most promising combination that Judge was looking for???

                    So in my opinion Judge does not only hate Sanji because of his lack of superhuman trends but mostly because he denied him the specific power that Judge was looking forward to the most!

                    And here it comes a bit of speculations :D

                    Funny enough all the Vinsmoke kids were given a color as a representation at some point of time probably by Judge. Even though Sanji was far away from that situation he ended up having a color in his name as well. Having in mind that Judge have connections in the government and he can manipulate wanted posters (switching Sanji’s poster to only alive) could he have a role in that name? The possibility is really low but it is interesting possibility :D

                    Anyway my point is that somehow Sanji got a color in his name and comparing the names of his siblings it looks like Sanji is missing an adjective for his color. Lets see what can we deduct.

                    So thinking about the statements from above that Judge could have been looking forward to this combination, the specific unique characteristic must be something rare.
                    Combining that it must be something rare and the constant comparison of Sanji being a demon, could his undeveloped powers be a related to a Demon?
                    So if I have to come up with a adjective for Sanji’s black color I can definitely see him as a “Demonic Black