‘One Piece’ New Opening Theme announced

On Tuesday, the official One Piece website revealed that Japanese star Nami Amuro will perform a new opening theme song, titled “Hope,” for the long-running anime series.

Here is the preview of the anime’s new theme song

Amuro previously performed “Fight Together,” which was the 14th opening theme song for One Piece. She also provided the ending theme song, “Black Make Up,” for the 2015 two-hour One Piece special One Piece – Adventure of Nebulandia.

The new opening theme song is set to debut with the upcoming one-hour special episode of One Piece.

The teaser announcement was accompanied by a new piece of art for the special episode, which can be seen below.

One Piece One Hour Special

The one-hour special is set ot air on Sunday, October 1, 2017, at 9 a.m. in Japan. One Piece normally airs back-to-back with Dragon Ball Super, which will have its own one-hour special on October 8th. Each of these specials consists of two episodes of their respective series.

The One Piece one-hour special is titled “Sorrowful Duel Luffy vs. Sanji.” As part of the “Whole Cake Island” arc, Luffy finally catches up with his former crewmate Sanji. However, the reunion isn’t as joyful as Luffy has hoped. While away, Sanji was forced into an arranged marriage as has come to embrace his royal lineage. When Sanji speaks poorly of the pirates he used to sail with, Luffy takes it personally and the duel is on.

This saga has played out already in the pages of the One Piece manga, where Luffy refuses to fight back against his friend. The former chef of the Staw Hat Pirates shows no such restraint and sets about pounding on his former captain, which cause Nami to step in.

However, despite the beating, Luffy stays loyal to his friend and awaits Sanji’s return. The show of friendship brings Sanji to tears. Meanwhile, Sanji’s family, the Vinsmoke Family, and the Charlotte Family, led by Big Mom of the Big Mom Pirates, continue to plot away in the background.

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