Hello once again everybody and welcome back to another theory for your entertainment. This time I shall be talking about the past of everyone’s favorite ginger, Red Hair Shanks.

However, despite how simple-minded he appears at first, Shanks is a complex person with some rather difficult to understand views; for example, he believes if two people share very different views, it is better they go their separate ways

Here is a simple timeline to help you all get the jest of this topic.

28 Years Ago- Roger is diagnosed with a terminal disease, Crocus joins Roger’s crew, Shanks is 11 years old,

27 Years Ago- The Battle of Edd War, Teach joins WB crew at age 13, Shanks is 12 years old

25 Years Ago- Roger solves the history, the world dubs Roger the Pirate King, The Roger Pirates are disbanded, Shanks is 14 years old

24 Years Ago- Roger turns himself in and is executed, Shanks is 15 years old

13 Years Ago- Shanks makes Fushia Village his base in East Blue, Shanks is 26 years old

12 Years Ago- Shanks loses his arm and gives Luffy his hat, Shanks is 27 years old

2 Years Ago- Shanks stop the War of Marinford and saves the WB pirate alliance, Shanks is 37 years old

The Present- Shanks is currently 39 years old

Gol D. Roger was diagnosed with a incurable disease 28 years ago and this is around the time Shanks joined his crew. One year after Roger went on his last voyage, he was attacked by Shiki’s fleet and we saw a young Shanks with Roger’s hat.

Roger was solving the lost history of the Void Century and he knew he’d never fulfill the promise of his predecessors because of his disease. Surely Roger world pass down his will to a younger generation right? He didn’t know how long he had left after all. In West Blue(where Shanks is from). Roger meet a young Shanks and saw himself in the young lad. Not knowing if he himself will be able to fully discover the history and fulfill an ancient promise, Roger passed his will(straw hat) onto Shanks believing he was “The One.”(borrowing this line from ramenboy). I take the fact that Roger gave his hat to Shanks as a big red( no pun intended) flag that Shanks is a ‘D’.

Now this is things get interesting. As I said earlier, Roger gave his hat to Shanks believing that he was the one to solve the history and fulfill the promise, because he himself was going to die soon. As you know, Roger lasted longer than he thought and actually solved the history which means Shanks knows about the Void Century and Raftel’s location. Roger didn’t have enough time to wage war on the WG but shouldn’t Shanks who knows everything and is good at making friends try to fulfill the promise by now? Instead, he made no such attempt and passed the straw hat on to Luffy. Don’t you find that strange?

Simply put, Shanks believes that he has no such right to fulfill his captain’s dream. Why is that you ask? Because of Marshall D. Teach.

We know that Teach gave Shanks that scar on his eye but the question is when he do it? 25 years ago, the Roger pirates disbanded and an entire year later, Roger gave himself up to the marines. It was during that year of absence that Shanks got the scar. At Roger’s execution 24 years ago, we couldn’t see Shanks’ eyes.

Why did Roger disband his crew for a year? To say goodbye.

Roger was willing to tell WB how tog et to Raftel and told him the history. Why? Because obviously trusted him and they were good friends. The Roger and WB pirates probably got along with each other during that year as well.

During this year of absence, Shanks meet Marshall D. Teach(probably didn’t know he was a BB pirate) and they became good friends or even best friends. From what we’ve seen in OP, guys can become best friends in just a month(Norland and Ginger Shandian).

Know how Teach is synonymous with the number 3? 3 skulls on his jolly roger, 3 possible DFs, 3 names of the real life Blackbeard etc..? I think Shanks and Teach were a trio; there was a third person in Shanks and Teach’s group and it was the third person that was killed by Teach.

Roger was someone who would kill a man’s entire crew for insulting his friends and we know how Luffy is. Shanks is just like when it comes to friends.

Marshall D. Teach is very ambitious and has a “join my crew or die” personality. Teach probably asked the 3rd person to become apart of his plans but he refused. Upset. Teach tried to kill the 3rd person but Shanks intervened. However, the 3rd person was killed anyways and it caused Shanks to unlock the Conqueror’s Haki. Shanks tried to avenge the 3rd person but was instead scarred by Teach and he escaped.

Shanks was unable to protect his friend and was betrayed by another. The event had a major effect on the mind of Shanks. How bad was it?

When Shanks was thinking about Luffy’s lost, it seemed like he was speaking from experience.

Shanks is supposed to be “The One” when he couldn’t protect a single friend? Shanks thought he was unworthy for such a task. This caused Roger’s plan to change. The original plan was for Roger to die peacefully and Shanks will inherit Roger’s will and fulfill the promise but because Shanks felt he didn’t deserve such a task, Roger decided to give himself up and start the Great Pirate Age.

Shanks then made a new promise to Roger: He will find “The One” who will inherit Roger’s will and fulfill the promise and Shanks was 27 years old, the promise was kept.

Now lets fast forward to Shanks’ conversation with WB.

Both men were discussing how Blackbeard should be dealt with but it ended with both men exchanging blows. Obviously its because they both felt that dealing with Teach was their sole responsibility but that’s not the only reason.

Both men were trying to fulfill Roger’s will in their own way.

-Knew the history of the Void Century
-Wanted to make Ace, Roger’s son, the pirate king
-Believed Teach’s actions was his fault since he lived under his nose for 25 years

-Knows the history of the Void Century
-Wanted to make Luffy, Ace’s “Brother”, the pirate king
-Believed Teach’s actions was his fault since he failed to stop Teach 20+ years ago
-Shanks knew that if Teach attacked Ace, Luffy would go after BB as well and Shanks didn’t want that.

As you know, WB died but his “sons” were saved by Shanks who now protects the remaining WB pirates.

Shanks DOES NOT want Luffy and BB to fight each other. Shanks strongly believes that dealing with the traitor Teach is his responsibility and the promise to his captain can only be fully realized when Luffy becomes the pirate king. Shanks knows that Luffy chooses his own path and fights his own battles but Marshall D. Teach is the sole person that Shanks will make sure Luffy never encounters.

*Theory by Vandenreich

    The Whale Forest in Zou

    *Chapter 804 Spoiler

    The Whale Forest, and the Whale tree particularly caught my eye in chapter 804. It was the center of the panoramic panel and is incredibly obscure and strange, which makes me believe there is some immense significance to this strange Whale.


    I’ve had a belief for a while, following the ideas of the Great Trees in One Piece, that there are three Great Trees that produce different Devil Fruits. We already know about The Treasure Tree Adam (Strongest Tree) the Tree of Knowledge (containing the worlds greatest Library) and Sunlight Tree Eve (Providing light at the bottom of its roots in the ocean). Now, what do they all have in common?

    They’re all part of the Garden of Eden. The scene of the bible in which the first man and woman were born. Adam and Eve. The tree of knowledge was also one of the trees in the Garden of Eden. There was another tree called the Tree of Life. The tree of life is often considered to be just one tree in the One Piece world. But the Tree of Life had three distinct features:
    1. Animals were drawn to it
    2. It was immune to the elements, e.g. wind, lightning, fire etc.
    3. It supposedly represents an immaculate state of a pure humanity, free from corruption and original sin before all

    Now, the tree grew its own fruits as well. This is crucial.

    If you haven’t figured it out yet, I believe that the tree of Life is embodied in three seperate Devil Fruit trees in the One Piece world. Each feature of the tree represents or bares similarities to each type of Devil Fruit. The fact animals were drawn to the tree represents Zoan (Animal) Devil Fruits. The immunity to the elements represents Logia (Element) Devil Fruits and the representation of purer humanity represents Paramecia (Superhuman) Devil Fruits.

    So why do I think it’s the Zoan Devil Fruit tree? Several reasons:

    • It’s a Whale and a Tree at the same time
    • The residents of Zou take on animalistic features. The Mink Tribe may have developed these characteristics over 1000 years due to some weird scientific bullshit anomaly as a result of the tree being there. If Mink men originate from and only come from Zou, this isn’t just a coincidence
    • Zo means Elephant (the island is an elephant). Zoa is an animal of a specified kind. Zoanthropy is a mental illness whereby somebody thinks they are an animal. Some cases have resulted in these people having surgery to look like these animals. This may be inspiration for the Minkmen

    I also believe it could be the source of Zoan devil fruits due to plot relevance. I mean, Caesar, the leading producer and researcher of SMILE (artificial Zoans) is on the island! Kaidou, likely the worlds strongest Zoan, who has an army of Zoan fruit eaters is now getting more involved and has subordinates on the Island as well


    Let alone the fact everyone on the island, and the island itself is an animal!

    *Theory by L o g i a


      This is a theory I have been working on since chapter 801 came out and I find really interesting. It is about Sanji somehow being Satan or Oda being inspired by Satan. Moreover I will talk about Sanji’s family, his will and his relationship with Kaido!
      Reasons why I believe Sanji is the “Satan” of One Piece/or his characteristics are inspired from Satan.
      It is a widely known fact that Satan in his animal state/version is a billy goat.
      Billy goats’ horns are spiral just like Sanji’s eyebrows. Moreover in some pictures and movies Satan is depicted with curly eyebrows just like Sanji. Still not convinced?Then what about this: Satan is the lord of hell-a place filled with fire right? Sanji’s diable jump is composed of fire and after the timeskip Sanji also has a new technique called Hell’s Memories. I believe Oda had been trying to foreshadow Sanji’s connection to hell. Some other facts that can be Oda foreshadowing what I said are: Sanji turning to Devil at Thriller Bark (although it is for fun reasons).
      There second foreshadow is Sanji being a cook. Yeah Sanji being a cook has a lot to do with fire. He has been seen using fire while cooking just like every cook and that’s why I think Oda did not make Sanji “Satan” since the beginning of the series but realised afterwards that his character/appearance would be really suitable for the role.
      Moving on to the second part of this theory/speculation I am going to talk about Sanji’s Will and its former owner. Furthermore,I will talk about Sanji’s family. If Sanji really does resemble Satan , I firmly believe that he is the son of a Tenryubito. To be more specific,I believe that when the Tenryubito saw Sanji’s eyebrows (some months after being born cause babys’ heads are not completely formed when they are born)and maybe a tendency of him liking fire and approaching it , they understood/thought it was a sign from above. As most of us know, Satan protested against God and is said to have fought with him. So what the Celestial Dragons actually thought was that Sanji was going to destroy them as they are considered Gods-they thought he was a threat. Actually I believe he inherited Don Quixote Homing’s (Doffy’s father)will.
      Just like Homing, Sanji would grow sick and tired of the Celestial Dragons and would punish them in a way more brutal way than Homing did (he actually did not have enough power to ruin the Celestial Dragons,but Sanji did!). So they CD wanted to kill Sanji desperately. This is the point where Sanji and Kaido are connected.
      Sanji’s And Kaido’s Relationship
      There is a big chance of Kaido having been a slave for the CD.I believe it too. So what actually connects Sanji and Kaido is this: Kaido overhearring that the CD wanted to kill Sanji, they hated him and they called him Devil. Think of it! Kaido actually  SAW HIMSELF IN SANJI. He has obviously been wanted dead by a lot of people, hated and called the Devil too. Then Fisher Tiger arrives at Mariejoa’s setting everyone free , along with Kaido taking the little “Satan” with him before him being executed. But Kaido would never be a fitting parent right? So what I believe is that he left Sanji at someone he trusted and never saw him again. But he cared so much for Sanji. However the sea is huge and Sanji hasn’t always been at the same ship nor at the same location. So Kaido has been looking for his lost “self” and that’s why he is depressed and wants to die! Because he can’t find the only creature that actually made him happy and did not make him seem like a brutal freak!

      Other Thoughts: I believe Sanji will awaken CoC as the King of hell. And now something about Sanji’s character. Although it may seem crazy, Sanji being okay with being friend-zoned is like Baby-5’s character. I think that at the very depth of his mind he has memories (filled with “fog” and can’t really recall clearly) of being wanted dead and that’s why he is just okay with everything. That’s also why he respected and loved Zeff so much… because his is one of the few people that risked their life for Sanji!

      *Theory by Usopp Haoshoku Haki

        Hancock and Medusa relation and theories

        There are quite some similarities between Hancock and Medusa, but also the 3 gorgon sisters in general.

        First of all, there actually were 3 of them, Medusa being the oldest one.
        The 3 Gorgon sister are the children of two divine beings of the sea, namely, Phorcys and Ceto.
        Phorcys is a sea god or a god of hidden dangers in the deep. He was a chthonic god or rather, a chtonian. That means that he was a god of the underworld.
        Ceto(this name means “sea monster”) is seen as a primordial sea goddess and besides that, Phorcy’s sister. She bore by Phorcys the 3 gorgon sisters. Once, Cetos was sent by Poseidon to wipe out a whole land scape and she did. The goal was basically to immolate the daughter of Cassiopeia, Andromeda.
        However, before Ceto could fulfill this task, Perseus, the son of Zeus, fell in love with Andromeda and protected her from Cetos. In the end, he slaughtered her.

        3 Gorgon sisters = 3 Boa Sisters
        Medusa = Hancock

        Phorcys, a chthonian god of the sea. = Father of the gorgon sisters and most likely a mighty person of the One Piece world. It leads to the assumption that it was a pirate and maybe even one of the 4 emperors, since they could probably be called gods of the sea. But a former one or even someone else, yet it definitely was a very great person nontheless. Remember, Hancock resembles Chi Chi and Chi Chi’s father was a living legend as well, so it makes even more sense. His dark backround could mean something. A god of the underworld could bring him together with hell. So maybe Hancock’s father had the will of D. That would make Hancock and her sisters possessors of the will of D as well.
        Whoever he was, he also had a certain role. Also, I am prettsy sure that not all of the 4 yonkous of the golden age were mentioned or hinted yet.

        Something even different, though I’ll leave that one as a side note.
        I am pointing at Rayleigh. He would have some good reasons to be Hancock’s actual father. His ephitet is “dark king, so already something royal, close to a divine being” and he was a legend of the sea, back in his time.

        Ceto, Phorcy’s sisters and mother of the Gorogon sisters = The mother of the Boa sisters. She doesn’t necessarily has to be the sister of Hancock’s father, I mean Oda is not exactly copying everything.
        However, her name means “sea monster”, yet she also is a divine being. So maybe…a very mighty mermaid? It would explain Hancock’s beauty and maybe Hancock also gained the strengh of a fishman. Also, yes, it could be, that a human and a mermaid have childs. So what could that mean? I think the following:
        Sandersonia and Marigold are actually not looking similar to Hancock at all. That could be, because their parents were as different. The younger sisters gained more of the genes of their father and I would suppose they are real human. Their father probably was a giant beast. Hancock on the other hand could actually be amermaid. It would explain her great beauty(even under the mermaids she’s a lucky one~). We know, that at the age of 30, the tail splits into two parts and become regular legs. Fishmen are known for their abilities to talk with all the other merfol, such as fish, whales, etc. So that could be the reason why Hancock was able to know where Salome was swimming at, when she located Law’s submarine. Salome is part of a sea snake as it seems, so she might count to the merfolk.
        Also Hancock still would have human genes of her father. Wouldn’t that make sense? I think it does.

        Cetos, or Hancock’s mother, might have been involved into something and she got killed. Cetos was supposed to wipe out a landscape, but Hancock’s mother might have had another task to fulfill. Maybe she tried to wipe out Marie Jois. She would probably be able to do this. She had the will of D and as she was very mighty, maybe she was somehow the leader of the Merfolk. Back then, many fights happened. It could be the reason why Orohime wanted to have a peaceful realtion with humans, since wars wouldn’t do anything good.

        However, Cetos was killed by the son of Zeus, the mightiest god. So maybe, after the war of the fishmen was lost, it was the son of the gods in One Piece who killed Hancock’s mother? The son of one of the Gorosei and no, not Sanji, but as we can see, the possibility that another one of the Gorosei has a son is there.
        Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if the one with the sword has a son.

        It was said that Perseus killed Cetos with a magical sword of Hermes. Hermes was a messenger of the gods and for example delivered the information about Zeus’ decisions. The one who would fit to Hermes?
        Well, I think not actually someone, but the Gorosei with the sword. We don’t know much about his sword, but a freaking Gorosei wouldn’t wield a normal blade, right?
        However, the one who might represent Perseus is: Akainu.

        I am pretty sure that Akainu was shown with a sword once. Could that mean that he has some skill in swordsmanship? What if the representative of Hermes in the One Piece world, the Gorosei with the sword, gave his sword to Akainu, so Akainu could kill Hancock’s mother? It would make sense to me. Akainu was a lot younger, but still a monster in strengh. The Gorosei wanted to see Akainu’s loyality and his growth, so he decided to give him that task.
        Why would Akainu be the son of a Gorosei?
        Well, he could’ve been an adoptive son, since many of us already think that the Gorosei also raised him. If they would teach Akainu some of their techniques, he would grow to a monster pretty early.
        Also I think, that Hancock’s father would have fought together with her mother, but he would also during this useless attack.

        I think that only Hancock’s mother possessed the conqueror’s haki though and since Sandersonia and Marigold would have more genes of their father, they don’t have it.

        After Hancock’s mother was killed Hancock and her sisters, who were still babies by then, were brought to Amazon Lily, the very best place to hide a female D from the World Government.
        If the father was actually an emperor, he could have known Rayleigh, what would be the reason why Rayleigh saved Hancock and her sisters.

        Now more about Hancock being Medusa.
        In the mythology, Medusa became a snake-like appearence after Athene saw her together with Poseidon, doing sexual stuff. Medusa was known as a very beautiful woman, just like Hancock.
        So what happened is: Whoever bought Hancock, he did things to her and his wife saw that and got extremely jealous. Not only did she torture Hancock for that, she also fed her a devil fruit, because she thought it would be a huge digrace. The female Celesaital Dragon might thought something like: “Due to this fruit, everyone who will look at you will turn to stone, so you will never be able to disgrace me with your unnatural beauty!”.
        The celestial Dragons might kept her in a cellar without any light and that for all those years.

        Now you might ask, “but why doesn’t she hate women when they also tortured her?”.
        Unlike men, Hancock had already seen other women, who were different. I wouldn’t believe, that the female celestial dragons didn’t torture her.
        So Hancock became the user of the love love fruit and with that a step close to Medusa.

        Also we know about the affiliation of snakes on Amazon Lily and that they are being praised, kinda like the cats in egypt. Snakes had a certain role in conction with Medusa. Salome is kinda binded to Hancock. I think that Salome has another backround and usage, what we will know about later.

        What good would it be for Hancock to resemble Medusa? Well, maybe this will count into her abilities, but also her fate.

        For once I think that her devil fruit is kinda based on Medusa. As an ability I would consider “the awakening of Medusa’s ghost” or someting. Sounds wierd, but why not? Look at the picture I used. This would be kinda what Hancock could look like in this transformation and eventhough she looks soft, she is a real beast.
        She might get an extreme boost in physical strengh, her devil fruit power works more powerful than before and she gets even more beautiful…okay that was unnecessary, but why not? xD

        As for fate…Medusa was also killed by Perseus so…would that mean Hancock’s death in an encounter with Akainu? Or at least it could bring her into a situation where she could die, but she won’t, because a certain future Pirate King will save her life.
        As for now I want to end this theory here.

        A summary
        – Hancock’s father was one of the four emperors and a mighty man. He had the will of D.
        – Hancock’s mother also had the will of D and was mighty mermaid, who lead the merfolk into a war against the World Government.
        – Hancock’s mother was killed by Akainu, the father in another way, probably after a great battle
        – Hancock’s past and certain details brought her close to Medusa in person.
        – The Boa sisters are all possessing the will of D.
        – Hancock gains a huge power up due to something related to Medusa, such as a power up within her devil fruit
        – Hancock might face death later

        Damn, this theory became way longer than intended. xD
        I hope I don’t bore you too much. All of that seems so exagerrated, but I tried to bring logic into it as much as I could. The fact that it’s already pretty late might make it even worse. I don’t know, those are just things which came to my mind recently and I would like to know what you think, if you read it at all.
        I honestly think that the part with the war might have been unnecessary, but I didn’t knew how else I could bring Hancock’s mother in a conection with the Gorosei and Akainu and it just seemed to make sense at this point.

        *Theory by ℬoa D. ℋancock


          Hello once again everyone and welcome back to yet another theory for your entertainment. This I shall be going into further detail as to why devil fruit users sink in water and the secret of seastone.

          As you obviously know, devil fruit users sink in water but what you may not know is that water doesn’t neutralize devil fruit powers.

          Luffy’s stretched arm was underwater but shouldn’t it have neutralize his powers and cause his arm to retract? There is also this:

          Aokiji fell into the water but inside of his power being neutralized, he used his ice to make it to the surface.

          Here, Luffy is completely submerged in water but he cold still stretch.

          Water simply weakens devil fruits but still why? There is also the fact that seastone COMPLETELY neutralizes devil fruits powers but it has the “essence of the sea.” Also, unlike water, when DF users wear seastone, they can still move.

          What is the “essence of the sea”?

          Gravitation or more simply, Gravity.

          Kaku said he felt a “gravitational force” coming from the devil fruits.

          At first you would he meant it as an expression, but Kaku’s senses are quite good which made me think that he meant it literally. He was able to feel Zoro’s demon spirit.

          Law felt a similar force coming from seastone.

          The main reason I believe gravity is why devil fruit users sink and has their powers neutralized by seastone is none other than Marshall D. Teach, better known as Blackbeard.

          “Darkness” is gravitation and everyone knows what the special ability of the Darkness fruit is…

          Neutralizing devil fruits powers via physical contact.

          Now then, the tricky part was finding the actual relationship between water and gravity as a lot of factors fall into play such as mass, pressure and density. There is also the fact that there is less gravity underwater so get ready for a science trip.

          Blackbeard’s darkness is a black hole.

          A black hole pulls an object in and once inside, the object is crushed under the immense gravity or pressure.

          Seawater is more dense than fresh water(because of salt) so its easier for a human to float, but seawater has more pressure than fresh water as you go deeper. This is referred to as specific gravity, which is the ratio of the density of a substance to the density (mass of the same unit volume) of a reference substance.

          The devil fruits contain the souls of people who lived in space. Space has less pressure and gravity(compared to Earth or Vearth). On Earth, gravity gives weight to physical objects and causes the tides so naturally, the souls of the space people should feel extra pressure. Gravity has an infinite range, and it cannot be absorbed, transformed, or shielded against. When submerged underwater, the souls would feel even more pressure.

          It is also worth noting that the Darkness fruit was the first devil fruit to exist and it has power over gravitation and every devil fruit afterwards gave off a gravitational force. Seastone has a gravitational force similar to a black hole so like the Darkness fruit, it “sucks in ” devil fruit power and neutralizes it(cause of the immense pressure it puts on devil fruit souls).

          Lets sum up everything. The devil fruit soul is like a parasite and the devil fruit user is a host. In a way, the parasite and the host share the same body.

          Water- When in water, the host and the parasite feel pressure(the parasite even more so) but since they share the same body, the host feels the same effects of the parasite but can still use his/her abilities
          (because its only a little pressure).

          Pretty much, Blackbeard is walking seastone as they have the same effects on DF users. On the surface, they focus entirely on the parasite and uses the effects of a black hole and apply immense pressure on it. The parasite is suppressed while the host is just fine which is why they are able to move with seastone cuffs. Remember when Blackbeard black vortex against Ace? Ace felt pressure and was sucked in but when BB grabbed Ace he was fine, but the “parasite” was not. Why? Because BB’s body is still a black hole(when he uses his ability, he simply brings the black hole to the surface to affect people).

          *Theory by Vandenreich


            We know that Sabo is the General Officer of the Revolutionary Army. He’s famous as No.2 of the Revo Army .

            Now, in many Organizations the ranking order goes by numbers. The smaller the number, the higher the rank that member has. Baroque works had similar system ,where the agents were number given code names. (for eg., Mr.1, Mr.2 )
            I dont think that Revo army gives number code names to their officers. But it is common practice to call the top officers of a Organisation by numbers. And that is the reason, Sabo is famous as NO.2. It certainly shows that he is one of the top officers of Revo Army, which is supported by the kind of strength he has shown.

            But does being called as No.2 mean that Sabo is most powerful officer in charge after Monkey D Dragon.
            I dont think so.
            I think that Sabo is the 3rd ranked officer of Revo Army, with Dragon being the leader or better said the No.Zero. And there is another person/officer who is above Sabo & below Dragon. That unknown person might be the No.1 of Revo Army.
            We have seen, Crocodile himself being the of Baroque Works. Since zero is the smallest whole number, it is safe to consider that Dragon might too be the of Revo army.

            Similarly, Sabo has been compared to Ace, due various incients & facts like :
            1.Ace fought with marine captain to save luffy & Sabo fought fujitora to save luffy.
            2.Both theirs fight ended in a tie.
            3.Ace was the 2nd division commander of WB pirates & Sabo is the No.2 of Revo Army.

            Now, if we look the last point, we can consider Ace as No.2 of WB pirates. With Marco being the No.1 & WB the leader or

            Here’s the Hiearchy of 3 different Organizations.

            Considering all above facts i think that there is an Officer who is above Sabo. Probably Sabo is under him because he is still in-experienced & still has a long way to go .And it would be too soon to reveal the person who is under the Dragon according to me, so we might have to wait for some period before it is revealed.

            So who do you think is the No.1 of the Revo Army ??
            Here are few of my possibilities.
            1.former No.1 could be Kuma.
            2.Ivankov seems to be working with Dragon ,since very beginning, but doesnt seem that strong to be No.1
            3.If Aokiji is a Revo now, he can be the No.1 of Revo army.Since he does seems strong enought to hold that position.
            4.Unknown person, who is still to be introduced.

            Thank you for reading, give your thoughts on it

            *Theory by blaze


              As many of you guys know, One Piece is pretty notable to alluding to various real world elements, and the Christian religion is not shy of being picked at as a resource for One Piece’s story. From Kuma’s bible, the angel races, mentions of “God,” Devil Fruits themselves, and the Adam and Eve trees, One Piece has a TON of references to the Bible.

              Now, let’s break down these elements, and how it potentially could lead to some answers for some of the various mysteries of the series.

              The Bible & the Angel Race

              Introduced as Kuma’s book, many people outright presume it’s a random Biblical reference. Anime/manga tends to use Biblical elements just for their aesthetics with no real meaning behind it. But what’s interesting about this Bible isn’t the Biblical element itself, but rather what’s on the over on it. Recognize those wing patterns? No?

              It’s the wings of the three angel races! (fourth one is covered up, but what could it mean?) Sandora on the top left, Birka on the top right, and Skypeia on the bottom right.

              As we all know, the angel races come from a kingdom called Birka on the moon. This took place years before the Void Century, as Shandora was around for over 1000 years in of itself (and who knows the timespan between the two occurrences).Anyone who is familiar with the Bible or Christianity should know where I might be going with this. But basically I think it’s very viable that the Bible in One Piece having the wings of the three angel races is a BIG hint of what went on in the ancient world of One Piece. In Christianity it’s often thought that God is made up for three parts “The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.” It’s not always viewed that way, but with the idea that God being three parts of one whole is something a lot of Christians believe in, and is a very popular concept in fictional settings as well.

              What if the three angels in these wall paintings represent the three parts of God?

              Let’s take the story of Genesis and put One Piece elements into it, and you’ll see what I’m getting at:

              In the beginning, there was nothing but a Blue Sea.
              God said let there be light, and the Sky was born.
              From the Sky he created the Earth, and it was good.
              Then from the Earth He created mankind.

              Look at the above image again, and look on the platform the angels are on. On the outside, it’s very grassy, but on the inside there was weird tube-like structures with eye-like orbs in them

              The Angels terraformed the Blue Sea.
              To be specific, the Blue Plant. You know all of those strange weather anomalies in the series? The artificial design of the Red Line? The fact that a Sky Sea exists?! The existence of the Grand Line in what could be the equator of the World? Terraforming, which is something that in many science-fiction stories has ranged from gone terribly wrong to near perfect.But like all truths, in time it got twisted and changed into something completely different, and it became something of a much larger tale. One that continues with…

              Adam and Eve

              Continuing the story of Genesis, God creates the first man Adam, and creates him a wife Eve. In Genesis, Eve is tempted by a snake to eat the fruit of the forbidden tree, and she does, becoming the first sinner. Who was this snake? While it’s never specified in Genesis itself, it’s commonly thought of as being the Devil himself.How does this apply to One Piece? As far as we know, not much other than names. There’s the Adam tree which houses what’s likely the strongest wood in the entire world, and the Eve tree which provides light and air itself to the denizens of Fishman Island as well as serve as the base of Shaboady. Then there’s the Devil Fruits, which is a whole ‘nother beast one can tackle. But going off on how the possibility of the Angel races descent to the Blue Sea applies to the story of Genesis in the Bible, why can’t all of these elements be linked together?

              Let’s add a bit to this One Piece Genesis story…

              But the Earth He created was not good for mankind.
              Then God created Paradise, and in Paradise He created Adam and Eve
              so man may flourish in God’s light and live in harmony

              Basically, in consolation for doing a pretty shoddy job terraforming the planet, the Angels planted the trees Adam and Eve across the Grand Line (aka “Paradise”) to give back to them what they have lost. Adam provided wood for strong housing and sailing to deal with the weather, and Eve provided light to the people of the sea. This area became known as “Paradise” because of this, and the Grand Line became a peaceful place with multiple kingdoms developing over the course of thousands of years.

              However this didn’t last long…

              Devil Fruits

              In the story of Genesis, the Devil appears to Eve at the Forbidden Tree, and sways her into eating of the fruit to become “like gods.” Eve eats the fruit, and God gets mad at her sin and curses both Adam and Eve to a life of sin and death.Aside from “Devil Fruit” being a literal reference to this story, we know little to nothing about them to suggest this could be the origins of them. However Devil Fruits could still fit into this One Piece Genesis story quite easily. Oda likes to do things with a twist afterall, so to continue…

              However to live in peace and harmony, mankind was to
              stay away from the forbidden Devil Fruit of the Eve tree.
              But mankind’s curiosity and temptation grew, and at the
              top of the tree, they ate the fruit and became like God.
              God was angry, and punished mankind by cursing the
              Devil Fruit with hatred of the Blue Sea.

              What could a story like this imply? Well for one, the Eve tree as we know outside of being a source of life and air for Fishman Island, is also noted as being the “boss” of the Mangrove of Shaboady. Linking Eve to the Devil Fruits makes a lot of sense going by the Biblical story, and all good things tend to alternatively have a bad side to them.

              What if the Eve tree was so strong, it created these “Devil Fruits” that gave mankind demonic-like powers to give them the ability to to becomes “god-like”? Who in the series actively struts around claiming they’re gods?

              The Celestial Dragons

              What if the ancestors of the Celestial Dragons rebelled against the three Angel races? They attained great power given to them by the Angels, and they used it against them. This caused mankind to go above God himself, and they ruled over the Blue Sea. After this, the three Angel races separated to different parts of the world, with the Shandorans in particular settling on a remote island.

              But there’s one more thing, but I’d like to put this Genesis story together, with one final touch…

              In the beginning, there was nothing but a Blue Sea.
              God said let there be light, and the Sky was born.
              From the Sky he created the Earth, and it was good.
              Then from the Earth He created mankind.
              But the Earth He created was not good for mankind.
              Then God created Paradise, and in Paradise He created Adam
              and Eve so man may flourish in God’s light and live in harmony.
              However to live in peace and harmony, mankind was to
              stay away from the forbidden Devil Fruit of the Eve tree.
              But mankind’s curiosity and temptation grew, and at the
              top of the tree, they ate the fruit and became like God.
              God was angry, and punished mankind by cursing the
              Devil Fruit with hatred of the Blue Sea.
              Regardless, mankind became like God
              And He did not find this good, and secluded
              himself away in shame, never to be seen.

              Many moons later, a Kingdom appeared.
              This Kingdom inherited the will of God,
              and wanted nothing but peace and harmony in the world.
              However mankind did not see them as good,
              and punished them with their mighty power
              erasing them from history itself.

              As for the Ancient Kingdom itself, that’s an entirely different story and who knows where Oda will go with that one as well as the Will of D. I know this is a bit fanfictiony but I just wanted to propose a possibility of how something like the One Piece world came into existence.

              *Theory by Big One


                As many of us know, the samurai zombie Ryuuma is actually a character from one of Oda’s earlier manga, the oneshot “Monsters”. This story is canon to the One Piece manga and it’s events are described in Ryuuma’s legend

                Now you’re probably thinking “isn’t that a story about a dragon, what does it have to do with Mihawk?”

                This is Cyrano. The man behind the plot to use the dragon’s coming as a chance to loot villages. The resemblance is clearly uncanny, and Mihawk is most likely descended from him

                So what does this have to do with Zoro?

                Cyrano rescued one girl, Flare, from the first village he attacked in order to earn acclaim as a hero and swordsman. In this scene we see him killing her father while she remains unconcious. That father is a complete dead ringer for Zoro

                As the oneshot ends, we see that Ryuuma and Flare have gotten close. I believe that they eventually started a family, and Zoro is their descendant

                It is for these reasons that I believe Shuusui was fated to fall into Zoro’s hands, and that Zoro and Mihawk’s fight is also fated

                Now, onto Mihawk’s powers. But first, a tangent

                We know of Oda’s talent for attention to detail. Did anyone stop to consider the Kuja warrior’s arrows? They are infused with CoA even after being released by the user

                This is actually important as it demonstrates that CoA can remain in an object. A sword perhaps…?

                Mihawk’s black blade wasn’t always black. It has been altered by the frequent use of CoA, reaching a sharper, harder state and being dyed the colour of CoA. This is true of all swords labelled “black blade”. Not convinced?

                This is Ryuuma’s sword. Ignoring the minor design inconsistencies as a redesign (wouldn’t be Oda’s first), what stands out is that it’s not black. I don’t believe this was redesigned as it’s too big a detail

                Throughout Monsters, Ryuuma regularly refers to the “warrior’s soul”. This is likely an alternate name for what eventually became Haki (as with Mantra in Skypeia). Ryuuma likely mastered CoA and dyed Shuusui black himself between the end of Monsters and his death

                Mihawk has mastered this technique and taught it to Zoro

                The reason that Zoro has favoured Shuusui for one sword style since his training is that it’s harder to infuse more CoA into a black blade. Imagine it like forcing more liquid or gas into a container by pressurising it, significant force is required. This is an extension of his training

                This also applies to Mihawk’s eyes. They are enhanced with CoO. This is what Zoro is really doing with his left eye

                We know that CoO can be used to “see” or enhance vision thanks to both Fujitora and Usopp respectively, thus its not just a vague spiritual sense

                Mihawk’s mastery of the 2 basic hakis is how he is able to compete evenly with the CoC master Shanks

                Thanks for reading!

                *Theory by Go D. Usopp


                  Firstly, I would like to point out that Weeble isnt WB’s son. Its not because he looks dorky/ugly but its because WB would have at least rememebered his lost family moments before he died. Also, WB isnt the type of person to go by looks… if you genuinely want to his son, he will take you in regardless of your past and looks. Weeble being old, never met WB. So he never had the chance to proclaim his place as WB’s son.

                  Going by Weeble’s looks and behavior, he was most probably a mamma’s boy.. but wait! What are those scars? Was it done by Moria? Or maybe Hogback? Probably a fight he had with someone strong? No.
                  Those scars were inflicted by Miss Bucking herself. Why would she do that? To control Weeble. Miss Bucking designed chains and spikes and kept Weeble locked up somewhere to completely tame him and his monstrous strength.
                  I presume she had come across an abnormally strong child, kidnapped him and completely reconditioned him(Weeble). NOTE: Weeble has a monstrous strength. And as a child he was far stronger that others. Torture and brainwash was the best option Bucking had.

                  Btw, a large mustache doesnt mean he is related to WB.

                  Why did miss Bucking resort to kidnapping? Because her own child was a disappointment


                  Bucking is probably a bounty hunter and a thief. She most likely used strong people in the past to work under her and gained notoriety in the NW. After her mercenaries got old, she decided to restock on new ones, Weeble being one and the other being


                  She was also raised by Bucking and was told the same lie- she is the daughter of WB. Bucking being a smart criminal, made sure that Bonney and Weeble never mentioned anyone about this secret citing harsh punishments or external complications(Marine involvement or pirate involvement).

                  Bonney managed to escape(still oblivious to the lie) but Miss Bucking kept hold of the strong one. That is why after WB died, she surfaced again and started calling herself WB’s wife and Weeble as the son. And I presume the 480 million berry was quickly granted to him because of his lineage, albeit a lie, and also due to the fact that someone had suddenly arrived who could cut off former Admiral Zeyphr’s hand and decimate the crew.
                  Coming back to Bonney, when she confronted BB, she blurted out the lie Bucking fed to her all those years ago… thats why BB decided to use Bonney as a bargaining chip. Here is what Akainu says


                  What does he meany by “fled”? Going by the context of what I wrote, ‘fled the WG’ means the way she had managed to hide her origin and escape capture.
                  This also explains why she went out to sea: to find her father. But as fate would have it, she was denied



                  As for Weeble, who is his real father?


                  Here’s what we know

                  • he is insanely strong
                  • people get reminded of a powerhouse pirate of the past
                  • he is emotional(wants to avenge WB without even meeting him)
                  • has long mane-like hair

                  His father is none other than

                  Shiki The Golden Lion

                  Shiki was insanely strong- took Sengoku and Garp to stop his rampage, but the fight destroyed half of marineford
                  Has the spiky back hair
                  He was also emotional and outraged when he heard Roger was caught and to be executed.

                  Weeble inherited the inhuman strength and durability of Shiki. No wonder Kizaru comments that it reminds him of WB in his young days(maybe early 30s) whereas it is in fact the strength reminiscent of Shiki, rival of WB and Garp.

                  Below is the link to chapter 0 of OP. In case anyone forgot what Shiki can do, you can reread it.


                  Finally, I have a feeling BB is gonna recruit Weeble by making him his ‘son’ and make him kill his ‘mom’.

                  *Theory by AWSUMSID


                    Hello once again everyone and welcome back to yet another theory for your entertainment. This time I shall diving into the plans and ironic lives of Blackbeard and his crew.

                    This may sound generic, but Blackbeard’s plan is to take the world for himself as its most powerful being. It becomes more complex when you realize that the world of OP rightfully belongs to the Marshall D. family.
                    -Its because of the Marshall D. family that the Tenryubittos are in control
                    -Its because of the Marshall D. family that the D clan almost went extinct.
                    -Its because of the Marshall D. family that Devil Fruits exist
                    -The Yami Yami no mi was the first DF to exist and it is the treasure of the Marshall D. family
                    -Instead of being rewarded for their assistance, the Marshall D. family was betrayed by the 2o kingdoms.
                    -Marshall D. Teach is simply taking his world back

                    Oda seemingly loves the number 3; from BB having 3 skulls one his jolly roger, to 3 winged races, to 3 ancient weapons and to 3 trees.

                    Pluton is linked to Treasure Tree ADAM. It is the power to take lives. It also represents men and the wood form the Adam tree is used to make strong and durable ships.

                    Poseidon is linked to Sunlight Tree EVE. It is the only living ancient weapon and power to control life while the tree linked to it sustains life. It represents women. Also, noticed how Poseidon can seemingly only be women?

                    Uranus is linked to the DEVIL fruit tree. It is the power to give life and the power of god(it where haki and DFs came from). The fruit of the DF tree gives those who eat it god-like power. Know what else is power? Knowledge. This is obviously a reference to the Tree of Knowledge in Christianity that was created by God. Who fooled Adam and Eve into eating the fruit of the tree? The Devil. Remember when I said that the Yami Yami no mi was the first fruit to exist? The first fruit was the spawn of the devil.

                    For the Marshall Ds, D means Devil.

                    Now DFs and Haki came from the same source, which is why haki can be embedded over DF abilities and once again, the yami fruit was the fruit DF to exist so naturally, wouldn’t it have superiority over that DFs that came after it?

                    The Yami Yami no mi is a black hole and it is the power of gravitation.

                    The Yami fruit also has the power to suck in EVERYTHING including devil fruit powers.

                    Guess what? The Yami fruit can only suck in haki and also because of the Yami fruit, Blackbeard himself cannot use haki. I’ll get more into this later.

                    Blackbeard’s plans are entirely luck based and went through many changes as time went on. His original plan was a follows:
                    1-Join WB’s crew as it gave him the best chances of finding the Yami fruit. BB joined WB at age 13.

                    2. Find strong and capable crew members and have them wait until its time to rise to the top
                    3. Poison WB to make him weak so it’ll be easy to replace him.

                    Blackbeard collaborated with Doflamingo in taking out Blackbeard. Dont you find it weird that Doflamingo was so certain that a new era was approaching(this was in Mock Town before Ace was even captured)? Its a little reference to Greek mythology. Heaven(Doffy) and the Abyss(Teach) worked together to take out Gaia the Earth(WB).

                    Notice the familiar looking women and Doffy’s jolly roger on the IV to the left.

                    4. After obtaining the Yami fruit, he would join the shichibukai to gain access to Impel Down and recruit more strong people into his crew.
                    5. Kill off a weakened WB and replace him as a yonko

                    Of course, not everything goes according to plan or what BB likes to call it, fate. Thatch found the Yami fruit first so BB had to kill him and flee and BB called it a twist of fate.

                    Of course, Ace tracked down BB and thy had a duel. It was during this fight that BB realized that because of the Yami fruit, he could not uses haki. Every time we saw Teach, he got hit over n’ over n’ over again. He was just a punching bag.

                    Blackbeard was f*cked.

                    The Yami fruit removes his intangibility and increases the amount of pain he feels. Without haki, BB would be no match for the big dogs of the New World. Ace was laying unconscious by his feet and at that moment, BB thought of a new plan that depended entirely on luck/fate; stealing WB’s devil fruit. Taking WB’s fruit was a last minute decision.

                    BB tried to make Ace his nakama tell the very end; a clear indication that BB thinks of things on the fly.

                    Due to the nature of his own DF, Teach believed it stealing WB’s fruit possible but as I said before, it was gamble. However, we all know how lucky BB was.

                    With this, Blackbeard knew how to steal DFs and his and his crew engaged in DF hunts over the timeskip. Speaking of his crew…

                    The BB pirates parallels with the SH pirates. All of BB’s recruits ran into a wall and BB helped build a tunnel for them. Luffy’s recruits were doing fine and pursuing their dreams, only getting into trouble when Luffy showed up.

                    All of the BB pirates are heavy believers in fate.

                    1st ship captain

                    Burgess means “a person with municipal authority or privileges or an inhabitant of a town or borough with full rights of citizenship.” It also means castle or fort.

                    Past: Burgess has a championship belt and there are underground fighting arenas. Burgess loves to prove his strength but because his habit of getting the audience involved in his matches, Burgess was banned from the underground arenas. Such an unfortunate fate. Fortunately, Burgess meet Blackbeard who offered him a chance to show his strength off to the entire world as his subordinate.

                    Irony: Burgess is a champion who gets his ass kicked…a lot…..he looks like a wrestler but goes the audience killed during his matches as seen in Dressrosa.

                    3rd ship captain

                    ‘Auger’ is a tool used for boring holes in wood/in the ground(shooting holes in people with his gun)
                    ‘Van’ means a winnowing fan, a bird’s wing(he shot down a bird in Mock Town) and forefront.

                    Past: Van Auger was a sniper assassin. He was called “supersonic” due to his foot speed and ability to hid his presence. However, he was different from your normal/typical assassin.

                    Auger shot at Ace and SMILED because Ace LIVED.

                    Irony: Being a sniper assassin means he’ll kill his targets quickly with no hassle, but Auger loves the thrill of the hunt and hates when his hunts are boring. Seriously this guy’s skills is all about ending things quickly before it escalates….what did he expect…..such an unfortunate fate. Fortunately, Auger meet Blackbeard who offered Auger lots off fun hunts as his subordinate.

                    4th ship captain

                    Doesn’t Doc Q look like Dr. Hiliuk?


                    Past: Doc Q is from Drum Kingdom and he had some form of relationship with Dr. Hiliuk. Because of Doc’s DF ability that deals with death, Doc is always sick so he became a doctor to relieve his pain and became interested in testing the vitality and luck of others hence his apples rigged with explosives. Always being sick despite being a doctor is such an unfortunate fate. Fortunately, Fortunately, Doc Q meet Blackbeard who offered him a chance to test the true fate and luck of the world and relive himself of his pain as BB’s subordinate.

                    Irony: He is a doctor who is always sick…..his nickname is the grim reaper when he should be more of an angel being a doctor n’ all…..

                    Blackbeard Pirate’s Navigator
                    “Demon Sheriff” Lafitte
                    5th ship captain

                    ‘Lafitte’ means “a dweller at a boundary point or marker.”

                    Lafitte is a mythical Siren zoan.


                    A Siren can uses many different types of songs which includes hypnosis and removing sound. It also explains Lafitte’s giant wings in Impel Down and using hypnosis on its guards.

                    Past: Lafitte was a former police officer in West Blue who was exiled for torturing criminals which gave him the epithet “Demon Sheriff.” Why was Lafitte torturing criminals? Because he is a criminal thief who hates those who disgraced the way of the thief.

                    Lafitte was exiled from his kingdom and lost his motivation to pull of heists. Such an unfortunate fate. Fortunately, Lafitte meet Blackbeard who offered him a chance to perform the ultimate theft as his subordinate; stealing the world itself.

                    Irony: He was a criminal who had a job as an officer, who tortured criminals for being bad criminals and was exiled for punishing criminals……damn….

                    2nd ship captain

                    ‘Shiryu’ means “Death Dragon”

                    Past: Shiryu was a samurai from Wano who got his hands on a cursed sword and only wanted to spill blood.

                    Irony: Shiryu was imprisoned for killing low-life prisoners on death row by someone with the authority to kill off any prisoner whenever he wants….such an unfortunate fate. Fortunately, Shiryu meet Blackbeard who gave him the opuurtinity to slaughter anyone he wants with no consequences.

                    BB Pirate’s Shipwright
                    “Corrupt King” Avalo Pizarro
                    6th ship captain

                    Avalo is short for avalon(means apple in Welsh) and it means 2 things:
                    1-(in Arthurian legend) the place to which Arthur was conveyed after death.
                    2-the Chinese Azure Dragon of the East

                    Past: Avalo was a king with an ambition of cybernizing his people.

                    Irony: Avalo was a king who lost his prestige and was ent to prison as dog, but lived like a king anyways.

                    “Crescent Moon Hunter” Catarina Devon
                    7th ship captain

                    Catarina means Pure
                    Devon is a breed of red beef cattle
                    The Crescent moon is a holy symbol and it is believed to be where monsters and witches are at their weakest.

                    Past: Catarina was a holy hunter punishing sinners. So brutality was so great that she was deemed the most evil woman in piracy.

                    Irony: She killed in the name of all that is holy but was imprisoned for being an evil sinner……

                    “Heavy Drinker” Vasco Shot
                    8th ship captain

                    Vasco is name taken from Vasco de Gama
                    Shot refers to a gun(which Vasco used against WB) and to take a shot(alcohol).
                    Trivia: Vasco da Gama(Vasco Shot) married Catarina de Ataíde(Catarina Devon), daughter of Álvaro de Ataíde(Avalo Pizzaro)

                    Past: Vasco is a fishman who only cared about drinking. Without his booze, he would go on murder sprees(withdrawal symptoms) and the murders he commited were so gruesome that his existence was erased when imprisoned.

                    Irony: Vasco can only function properly and ne rational when he is drunk. When he is sober, he is very irrational and violent.

                    “Great Battleship” San Juan Wolf
                    9 ship captain(he probably IS a ship….)

                    Oda said Wolf is the same kind of giant like other giants we’ve seen but just abnormally large.

                    Juan is a Spanish/manx version of John, means the lord is gracious and means beautiful and graceful in chinese.
                    San is an honorific and also means three, sun, to cut down, acid, the last one and direction.

                    Honor? Elbaf giants believe in honor. The last one? Saul is probably the last of his kind. To cut down? Elbaf giants are warriors. Lord? Elbaf giants believe in a god that watches over Elbaf.

                    Past: Many have speculated that Wolf is an Elbaf giant who was defeated by the leader of Elbaf with the shrink shrink fruit.

                    Irony: Wolf was the largest creature where seemingly no cage could was big enough for him, yet he was actually shrunk and put n a cage…..maybe…..probably….I dont know…..

                    The Blackbeard Pirates are relying on DFs to be big dogs and are the very opposite of the Red Hair Pirates who are all non-DF users. Each BB pirate will represent “the strongest.”
                    BB- strongest man
                    Shiryu- strongest swordsman
                    Burgess- strongest hand to hand fighter
                    Van Auger- strongest sniper
                    Doc Q- strongest doctor
                    Lafitte- strongest navigator
                    Avalo- strongest king/royalty
                    Catarina- strongest woman
                    Vasco- strongest fishman
                    Wolf- strongest giant

                    Who will be their opponents?

                    *Theory by Vandenreich